Chapter 263: Turning Back!

Chapter 263: Turning Back!

Song Tingyu floated in the air above the city clad in rainbow light, various bright and colorful ribbons twisting from her sleeves like serpents.

The bright, divine lights contained a tremendous amount of energy. Like colorful rings of light, they shined through the dark, gray sky to the city below her.

Not a single intact building, wooden or bone, could be seen in the city that had been devastated by the three Terminator Profound Bombs.

The Soul Devouring Beast crouched amidst the ruins. Its soul fragments transformed into numerous demonic beings and vile souls. They continuously formed mind blasts that could corrupt one’s soul.

The Horned Demon warrior with five horns lifted a long, thick club in his hands and let out one earthshaking roar after another.

The body of the club was covered in countless ugly thorns. They exuded a thick aura of blood, violence, and hatred. The aura danced around his hands like wisps of black demonic energy, like black clouds that spread toward the sky.

The colorful rings of light that descended from Song Tingyu’s body clashed against the surging demonic energy. A terrifying shockwave instantly erupted from the impact. The discharged energy ruined the city even further, as if it had been struck by a meteor.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The Soul Devouring Beast’s soul fragments continuously writhed and reformed in midair, slowly transforming into a pure soul state.

This soul confronted Song Tingyu in the air and unleashed an evil consciousness capable of smothering one’s soul. It cooperated with the Horned Demon warrior on the ground to suppress Song Tingyu.


The roar of the Horned Demon warrior with five horns grew more and more intense as he discovered that Song Tingyu still had not fallen from their attacks.

He flung his club into the air. It spun, stirring the air around it, and formed a black, abyssal whirlpool.

At the center of the whirlpool, the club spun non-stop and caused the abyss inside of it to absorb a huge amount of nether demonic energy from the surroundings and wildly increase the speed of its rotation.

The thick nether demonic energy gathered from every direction and poured into the center of the black abyss inside the whirlpool. This caused the abyss to release an evil so pure that it threatened to extinguish all traces of life.

The Horned Demon warrior suddenly sat atop the Soul Devouring Beast’s true body. The five demonic horns at the back of his neck let out clumps of black flames. The moment these flames appeared, they consumed the faint light of the dark sky causing it to slowly fade.

The black flames flew into the air, devouring the light of the dark sky little by little, making the surroundings to grow dimmer and dimmer.

On the other hand, the abyss grew larger at a terrifying rate, continuously taking in the nether demonic energy around it. It was as if the black flame’s appearance sped up its growth by leaps and bounds.

The rainbow light shining from Song Tingyu’s body swiftly dimmed after the appearance of the black flames.

Even that divine light seemed like it would be swallowed up, as if the rainbow light’s energy was being exhausted by the flames little by little...

The pitch black abyss moved slowly through the sky, lurching in Song Tingyu’s direction.

It threatened to devour Song Tingyu whole!

The Soul Devouring Beast’s soul let out an evil mind wave that would blot out the sky and cover the earth. It sought to entangle with Song Tingyu’s soul to prevent her from concentrating and channeling her spirit art.

At this moment, Song Tingyu appeared to err on the side of caution. Her entire mind, body, and soul seemed to be corroded by the nether demonic energy, instilling a feeling of helplessness.

Her left hand subconsciously gripped her spatial ring. A deathly determined look appeared on her exquisite face—it seemed like she still had something to rely on.

She still had one last trump card!

However, just when she was about to activate her final trump card, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

She immediately turned around.

The footsteps belonged to Qin Lie who was actually returning from the way he went, his appearance insane with violence.

“Are you insane?!” Song Tingyu yelled out angrily.

In her eyes, Qin Lie’s irrational return was simply an act of suicide. He wouldn’t be able to help at all.

Qin Lie, who had suddenly lost his calm rationality and turned insane at a critical moment, did not touch her heart. She only saw him as extremely stupid.

In reality, she still hoped to escape from this situation. As the sole daughter of Alliance Chief Song Yu of the Profound Heaven Alliance, a woman who could contend with the other great forces and always have the upper hand, she had a lot of cards to play.

Even if Qin Lie did not return, her death was not necessarily guaranteed.

Yet, now that Qin Lie had suddenly returned, not only could he not be any assistance, he had even disrupted her tempo.

Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes shone with sparkling rainbow light. Her expression grew dark and uncertain. She hesitated, unable to decide whether to sacrifice Qin Lie and activate her final counterattack...

The moment that her counterattack was unleashed, the Soul Devouring Beast and the Horned Demon warrior with five horns would be severely injured even if they managed to survive. Qin Lie would definitely perish. Even Song Tingyu would suffer severe injuries and be forced lay low for a while.

The reason she asked Qin Lie to escape first was a part of her plan. In the hopes that she would be able to draw out the fight until the very last minute and activate her final counterattack, severely injuring or even killing the Horned Demon warrior and the Soul Devouring Beast then look for Qin Lie while heavily wounded. She would then find Qin Lie, who would have escaped the bloody battle, and have him to carry her and escape this place immediately.

A huge flaw had appeared in her plan due to Qin Lie’s return. The moment she activated her final counterattack, her opponent would either be severely damaged or killed, but Qin Lie would perish for sure. As for her, who would be severely injured… no one would be there to help her escape.

This was the Nether Realm after all.

If no one could hide and shelter her, who would be severely injured, then how could she possibly escape the Horned Demon Race’s pursuit?

At this moment, she was not moved by Qin Lie’s courageous return. Instead, she was angry at Qin Lie’s irrational disobedience.

“Zzzt zzt zzzt! Pak pak pak!”

Bolts of dark blue lightning shot out from all over Qin Lie’s body and surged towards the souls of the Soul Devouring Beast.

The waves of thunder energy contained within the lightning were incredibly powerful.

Even the Soul Devouring Beast had no choice but to avoid the brunt of its natural enemy. Its souls instantly shrank back into its main body.


Upon the return of its souls, the Soul Devouring Beast let out an angry howl and suddenly dove towards Qin Lie who was still on the ground. He had yet to be brought into the sky by Song Tingyu.

Qin Lie raised his head and saw a humongous shadow pressing down from above.

It was like the descent of a mountain!

A thick, terrible stench and an openly violent aura poured out of the Soul Devouring Beast’s true body. Its momentum alone was enough to cause every hair on Qin Lie to stand on end.

A rank four Soul Devouring Beast could rival a Netherpassage Realm expert. Moreover, a Horned Demon warrior with five horns stood atop it. How could he possibly fight against these foes?

Naturally, it would be with the Terminator Profound Bomb!


Qin Lie threw all five remaining Terminator Profound Bombs into the air and detonated them at the same time.

“Boom boom boom boom boom!”

The five Terminator Profound Bombs exploded at once, instantly forming a shockwave that compressed space itself and caused it to visibly collapse.

At this moment, it was as if the world had gone silent. Qin Lie could only watch as terrifying folds of space rippled in midair and the narrow gaps between them tore apart little by little.

He could not hear any voices at all.

Back at Armament Sect, the six Terminator Profound Bombs that exploded at the same time caused space itself to collapse. Its might was endless.

Today he exploded five Terminator Profound Bombs together and, although its might was weaker, it was just as terrifying.

Beneath the collapsing sky, Qin Lie feared that the sky might actually fall and shatter.

He saw the pitch black abyss that the Horned Demon warrior with five horns had struggled to create magically vanish into the gaps of space torn by the Terminator Profound Bombs.

He saw the Horned Demon warrior suddenly spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

He saw countless wounds abruptly appearing on the Soul Devouring Beast’s mountain-like body, as if it had been cut by sharp blades. The wounds were deep, clearly exposing bone to the open air. Blood flowed profusely.

Qin Lie saw everything above him, but could not hear a single sound until the gaps in space began to shrink upon themselves once more.

“Boom! Boooom!”

As if held at bay until that moment, only then did terrifying rumbles of thunder explode wildly.

He saw the Soul Devouring Beast’s humongous body being blasted away before landing heavily dozens of meters in the distance.

He saw the Horned Demon warrior with five horns roaring angrily at the repairing gaps of space. His roar was earthshaking—his club had been lost within the folds of space and had vanished entirely!

Song Tingyu’s eyes lit up.

The might of the five Terminator Profound Bombs exploding at once was far more terrifying than that of three Terminator Profound Bombs. It had truly dealt a grievous injury to the Soul Devouring Beast.

Suddenly, she realized that the explosions of the Terminator Profound Bombs could build off of each other. At the same time, she grew furious and yelled at Qin Lie. “Why hadn’t you detonated all eight Terminator Profound Bombs at once?”

If the might of five Terminator Profound Bombs could be multiplied to such a degree, then what about eight?

Wouldn’t it be able to kill the Soul Devouring Beast once and for all and severely damage the Horned Demon with five horns, possibly even killing him outright?

“Detonating eight of them at once…” Covered in dust, Qin Lie turned to look at Song Tingyu and said, “You and I would probably be dead as well.”

Song Tingyu shuddered on the inside.

“Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!”

The angry roars of the Soul Devouring Beast’s souls resounded from afar. The Soul Devouring Beast’s main soul and its other soul fragments had gathered together to form a complete soul which floated into the air.

Its corporeal body had been severely injured by the Terminator Profound Bombs and lost all combat capability. It could only gather its soul to soar into the air, trying to murder Qin Lie at all costs.

The Horned Demon warrior with five horns also howled madly and rushed with the Soul Devouring Beast after losing his club.

He and the Soul Devouring Beast locked onto Qin Lie immediately. This time, Qin Lie was their only target!

“Even with this they still did not die…”

A feeling of helplessness grew inside him after seeing the Soul Devouring Beast and the Horned Demon elite rush toward him. After losing the Terminator Profound Bombs, he truly had no other way to fight.

“Go!” Song Tingyu softly exclaimed once more.

Qin Lie stood his ground and frowned. He said solemnly, “I’m not leaving.”

Sucking in a deep breath and preparing to sacrifice his life, he gathered all the energy within his three thunder Natal Palaces. He planned to utterly eliminate the Soul Devouring Beast’s souls with thunder and lightning!

As if detecting his suicidal intentions, the python tattoo hidden at the back of Qin Lie’s neck suddenly faded into existence.

Tiny bits of lightning swiftly gathered in the ancient and small, icy eyes of the python.

An oppressive aura flared out from Qin Lie’s body. That aura gave off a deep and immeasurable feeling, one that was incredibly ancient and had been refined through the countless ages of time.


The dull rumble of thunder from the Ninth Heaven resounded from inside Qin Lie’s body. The rumble increased in intensity, growing louder and more terrifying!

The python tattoo on Qin Lie’s neck became life-like along with the angry, rumbling thunder.

Not long after, its head shook slightly and separated from Qin Lie’s neck.

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