Chapter 261: Destroy!

Chapter 261: Destroy!

According to the memories Qin Lie had analyzed, he knew that the Horned Demon Race was just one of the evil races in the Nether Realm. They did not make up all of them.

The size of the Nether Realm exceeded Qin Lie’s imagination. This part of the Nether Realm that connected to Scarlet Tide Continent was but a small portion of the entire Nether Realm.

He learned from the few Horned Demon warriors’ memories that this particular clan of the Horned Demon Race consisted of dozens of towns and cities. Yet this clan was just a single offshoot of the Horned Demon Race. The entire Horned Demon Race was made up of dozens of similar clans.

Song Tingyu and Qin Lie had temporarily changed directions and readied themselves—not to return to Nether Battlefield immediately but to do their best in attacking and destroying Horned Demon cities and towns, crippling their offense on the Scarlet Tide Continent.

Qin Lie had analyzed the memories and had a clear understanding of the surrounding Horned Demon cities. With him leading the way, the two of them began to attack one such city.

The Terminator Profound Bomb had a clear effect when used in sieging cities. As the Terminator Profound Bombs exploded one after another, seven Horned Demon cities were flattened. The Horned Demon warriors inside the city were killed by either the Terminator Profound Bombs or Song Tingyu.

Everywhere they went, Horned Demon cities were destroyed and many Horned Demon warriors were eliminated.

Among these cities, they had encountered many other captured humans.

These people had been imprisoned for many years. The human women were used by the male Horned Demons to release their carnal desires. The human men were used as hatcheries to raise the demonic insects of Nether Realm. The blood of both were sacrificed to the Demon God...

In the Nether Realm, these captured humans had experienced the darkest part of their lives. They could not even die as they lived a life worse than cattle.

These people had all chosen to die painlessly after Qin Lie and Song Tingyu had destroyed the Horned Demon cities.

Not a single one of them wanted to live in pain any longer.

As a result, Song Tingyu had thrown down pills to help them along their way.

Every time this happened, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu hardened their resolve to destroy the Horned Demons.


The outer world, Armament City.

The decrepit city walls were crawling with all sorts of ugly Nether Realm plants. The sky was perpetually dark and nether demonic energy hung overhead like thick black clouds, preventing sunlight from shining down.

Inside a cellar, Gao Yu still cultivated singlemindedly, borrowing the thick nether demonic energy to cultivate the Nine Hell Wandering Soul Record and familiarizing himself with the remnant soul of the Demon God inside the Ogre-faced Rings, merging with it little by little.

That day, Gao Yu’s body suddenly shuddered as wisps of wraiths and ghosts lurked within his eyes.

There was a Soul Lake as black as ink inside his mind, seemingly formed from those wraiths and ghosts, reflecting all sorts of evil within people’s hearts.

His body released an extremely dark and evil aura. The terrifying shadow of the Demon God could be faintly seen deep within his pupils.


Gao Yu suddenly lifted his head and howled.

Seething black demonic energy wildly surged out from within his Ogre-faced Rings. As if the energy had turned into a pair of demonic wings, it suddenly pulled him into the skies.

The demonic energy seethed, flying through the dark sky, towards the evil nether passageway.

Many nether beasts in Armament Sect and the Horned Demon clansmen in the caves of Flame Volcano sensed an aura of pure evil and darkness that reached straight into their souls.

They walked out into the open and looked in the direction of the evil nether passageway, watching the dark energy of the demonic phantom surrounding Gao Yu suddenly descend into it.

A Horned Demon with six horns sprouting from the back of his head and an appearance as stalwart as a black stone, emerged from a cave within the remnants of Flame Volcano.

This man was the Horned Demon elite that Song Tingyu and Qin Lie had passed by in the evil nether passageway.

He stood at the cave entrance, his eyes dark and ice cold. He stared at the demonic phantom diving into the evil nether passageway and yelled in the language of the Nether Realm with excitement.

Many Horned Demon elites heard his cries and also grew excited. They lifted their arms and cried out as if they had gone insane.

If Qin Lie was here, he would understand the meaning behind their cheers: The son of the Demon God had descended!

Gao Yu was the son that they spoke of!

Under the cover of the dark demonic energy, Gao Yu went through the evil nether passageway and reached the Nether Realm, appearing at the gathering place of the many nether beasts and Horned Demon martial practitioners.

The moment he appeared, the nether beasts and Horned Demon clansmen who were waiting to enter evil nether passageway wore looks of pleasant surprise.

The Demon God’s shadow that had appeared in the natural stone forest now formed in the dark skies of the Nether Realm. This shadow wrapped around Gao Yu and shot into the distance like a beam of black light.

Beneath him, all of the Horned Demon clansmen and nether beasts were howling madly, shivering with excitement.

The Demon God’s shadow dragged Gao Yu, flying extremely fast until they reached a place incredibly rich with nether demonic energy—a cluster of mountains.

At close range, one would realize that these mountains were all carved in the shape of ancient Demon Gods. They appeared to be tearing and biting at the sky, howling as if in wild combat...

A total of five mountains carved into the awe-inspiring shapes of the ancient Demon Gods. One of those shapes resembled the Demon God’s shadow that surrounded Gao Yu.

The objective of the Demon God’s shadow was to lead Gao Yu to these five mountains as quickly as possible. It carried Gao Yu straight into the mountain where they vanished without a trace.


At the entrance of a Horned Demon city.

With the dark sky looming overhead, Qin Lie and Song Tingyu snuck all the way to the city’s entrance before Song Tingyu slowed to a stop.

She gestured for Qin Lie to keep silent before suddenly closing her eyes. An incredibly palpable soul energy fluctuation emanated from her body.

Qin Lie watched her, knowing that she was using her soul’s perception abilities to ascertain the situation inside the city before to deciding whether or not they should act.

They had always done this before they attacking. Song Tingyu would first confirm the number of elites inside the city and determine if there were any extraordinary warriors that were out of their league.

Qin Lie saw Song Tingyu suddenly frown.

“Something’s wrong…” Song Tingyu opened her eyes with doubt and confusion. “There are no Horned Demon martial practitioners in the city but there are a few human captives. Could they have known we were coming and evacuated beforehand?”

Qin Lie frowned. “If they really wanted to evacuate, they would either kill or bring the captives with them. Why did they leave them behind?”

“That’s why I said that something’s wrong.” Song Tingyu said softly.

“Did you sense any Horned Demon elites at all?” Qin Lie grew cautious.

“No, there isn’t even the slightest hint of a Horned Demon clansmen. This is incredibly strange.” The doubt in Song Tingyu’s eyes grew. She pondered for a moment before suddenly saying, “Let’s go in and have a look. We should be able to handle anyone we come across as long as they aren’t a five Horned Demon clansman. In such a small city, at this point of time, there should not be a five horned elite in the area. Let’s go take a look.”

Although Qin Lie felt that something was off as well, he did not think to object her words and nodded. “Alright. Let’s be careful.”

He took out five Terminator Profound Bombs just in case.

Having destroyed so many Horned Demon cities and killing their Horned Demon warriors, he only had eight Terminator Profound Bombs remaining.

These eight Terminator Profound Bombs were the last of his trump cards. It was also the reason why he and Song Tingyu still dared to attack Horned Demon cities.

The two of them hid their auras and slowly entered this city with serious expressions. They passed through many simple buildings built from bone and gradually headed to the largest white bone structure to the south.

The aura of the humans came from inside this structure. This was their objective.

White bones had been placed one by one to form a huge house that covered an area of almost two acres. From afar, this house was like the crouching skeleton of a gigantic nether beast, emanating a dark and evil aura.

The duo pushed open a bone door and entered the huge structure. They discovered that there were eight human girls imprisoned inside white bone cages at its center.

These girls were different from the thin bony humans they had come across earlier. These human girls had plump bodies and skin that glowed with a healthy and seductive sheen. Additionally, they were not naked. They were wearing sultry see-through gowns that wrapped around their voluptuous curves leaving very little to the imagination.

They wore silver collars around their necks. Drool dripped from the corner of their lusciously full lips, their eyes appearing blank and dim. They posed like dogs inside the bone cages, their butts jutting into the air slightly. Incredibly obvious bite marks covered their butts.

The entire room gave off an obscene odor, affecting anyone who entered.

“Go!” Song Tingyu barely glanced at the scene before a look of shock appeared on her exquisite face. She grabbed Qin Lie’s arm and dragged him outside immediately.

She knew very well that a Horned Demon warrior that could train these human girls into sex slaves was definitely the most terrifying of them all.

Only a powerful Horned Demon clansman would have the peculiar interest of toying with human girls and the leisure to do so.

She immediately understood that this was a trap—a trap specifically aimed at them.

She also knew that their recent destruction of the Horned Demon cities had attracted the attention of high rank Horned Demon elites. Their opponents had predicted their approximate location and chose this town to lure them in.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

A Soul Devouring Beast that resembled mountain of flesh covered in disgusting pimples appeared. Wisps of smoke escaped from its pimples to form many savage, vile souls.

A round table made of white bone sat atop of this Soul Devouring Beast. A stalwart Horned Demon man stood atop this table. His long tail flickered through the air with earsplitting sounds.

There was an obscene look in his icy cold eyes. He stared at Song Tingyu from afar, his gaze like a wet and slippery poisonous snake exploring Song Tingyu’s shapely body.

Five horns ran down his spine!

This was a Horned Demon elite who could rival a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner!

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