Chapter 257: Analyzing Memories

Chapter 257: Analyzing Memories

“He has been waiting for us for a very long time.”

Qin Lie said softly to Song Tingyu. His expression was stern as he stared at this Horned Demon elite.

Song Tingyu frowned slightly and looked at him, then at the three Spirit Hunting Beasts, before saying in a small voice, “Can you kill him directly with the Terminator Profound Bomb?”

“I’ll give it a try.” He took out a Terminator Profound Bomb and looked at the Horned Demon elite from afar, calculating the distance between them in his head.

However, the Horned Demon elite seemed to recognize the Terminator Profound Bomb, and the moment he saw him taking it out, a trace of fear appeared in his dark and deep pupils.

The three Spirit Hunting Beasts kneeling beneath him suddenly let out a long howl before flying into the air simultaneously.

The Horned Demon elite also jumped up into the air, landing on one of the Spirit Hunting Beasts. He lifted his giant hammer and stared coldly at Qin Lie and Song Tingyu in midair.

“I can’t easily attack him while he’s in the air like this. I can’t accurately throw the Terminator Profound Bomb at him.” The moment Qin Lie saw that the Horned Demon elite had retreated, his expression changed and he gave up almost immediately.

“You mean to say that your Terminator Profound Bomb is useless now?” Song Tingyu cast a glance at him and appeared slightly frustrated. “I guess I have to do this myself…”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

To this day he still had not figured out this woman’s true realm. He did not know exactly which level of power she belonged to, but he did know that she was extremely dangerous and that her biomagnetic field was incredibly powerful.

He was sure that this Song Tingyu must be incredibly scary. Her ability was most definitely not confined to just being a fairy who seduces men.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The Horned Demon elite suddenly began to spin his giant hammer while on top of the Spirit Hunting Beast.

His hammer was forged from the skull of a giant beast. It was like a giant millstone adorned with sharp and bloody thorns. It was obvious that the weapon had many kills under its belt.

The Horned Demon elite swung his hammer, arcing it toward them like a meteor. Three fearsome wraiths of vicious beasts appeared from within the hammer and howled.

Half of the three beast wraiths were connected to the giant hammer, and the other half howled as if their bodies had been stretched and pulled. They bit and tore in the direction of Qin Lie and Song Tingyu.

The dark, maddening, oppressive, bloodthirsty, violent and cold mind blast from the giant hammer felt like sharp blades that came down, like the sky was falling on them. It formed an evil consciousness that stabbed into the hearts and minds of Qin Lie and Song Tingyu.

This was the same as the Soul Devouring Beast’s method of attack back then.

“Be careful of his evil mind attack!” Song Tingyu cried out.

Qin Lie could not hear what she said. The torrent of evil consciousness swirled with all sorts of maddening negativity and had already stabbed into his mind like a sword.

He immediately hugged his head and cried out in pain.

Qin Lie had the terrifying feeling that someone was stirring his brain with a sharp knife to the point where it was turning to goo. He felt as if his mind was about to shatter into countless pieces and be absorbed into the giant hammer.

However, this terrifying feeling only lasted for an instant.

A warm, soft purifying light was unleashed from the Soul Suppressing Orb at the center of his forehead. It seemed capable of purifying all evil thoughts that invaded his mind. In a short amount of time, it dispersed all the negative, cold, evil, maddening and bloodthirsty thoughts from his mind.

Qin Lie immediately recovered.

His previous fear had vanished from his heart and he was able to observe calmly from the sidelines.

He saw Song Tingyu extending her slender white hands, lifting them gracefully to grab at the three beast wraiths.

Prismatic light flew out of her soft clean hands and slashed at the three beast wraiths like indestructibly sharp swords.

The three wraiths shattered into countless pieces, their souls suffering the same fate and disappearing like dust.

“Pop pop pop!”

Three crisp sounds came from inside the descending giant hammer. It seemed that the vicious beasts’ souls had exploded.

However, the giant hammer carried with it a tidal wave of evil, hurtling towards Song Tingyu’s skull with unstoppable force and momentum. The person planned to kill her first.

“A Horned Demon with four horns is about as strong as a Netherpassage Realm expert. However, that fourth horn of yours must have sprouted not too long ago.” Song Tingyu lifted her head and laughed softly at the Horned Demon elite. She raised her hand again, as if to grab at the descending giant hammer.

The hammer was about the size of a millstone and was covered with ugly thorns. Those thorns were as sharp as needles and, at first glance, they could be mistaken for an oversized porcupine.

“Watch out!” Qin Lie cried out subconsciously.

Song Tingyu smiled lightly. Her hands were covered in layers of rainbow light and, in an instant, it was as if she wore a rainbow glove.

Then she clenched her fingers into a fist and swung towards the giant hammer. Her cute little fist shone with terrific rainbow light!


The hammer forged from the skull of a giant beast smashed against her tiny fists and instantly disappeared in a burst of dust. The giant hammer was blasted into smithereens by an impossibly terrifying force!

Qin Lie was so shocked he could faint.

The Horned Demon elite also paled as he screamed out, slapping the Spirit Hunting Beast beneath him in terror.

—He was urging the Spirit Hunting Beast to leave this place immediately.

“It’s too late.” Song Tingyu smiled beautifully.

The rainbow wings beneath her arms extended once more, and like a ray of colorful rainbow she shot into the sky.

Many colorful ribbons flew out of her sleeves. The ribbons were like rays of rainbow, binding the three Spirit Hunting Beasts and the Horned Demon elite with four horns tightly.

“Get over here!” Song Tingyu pulled strongly.

The six or seven meter long Spirit Hunting Beasts should be flying high up in the sky like enormous eagles. At this moment, however, they were all crying out in fear as a strong force brought them hurtling towards the ground.

The Horned Demon elite with four horns also fell along with them. He plummeted from the air, spinning and crying out in panic.

While Qin Lie was staring like a wooden chicken, Song Tingyu dove from her position in the air and a longsword suddenly appeared in her hand.

She swung the sword through the air as vicious sword beams the color of rainbows criss crossed onto the Spirit Hunting Beasts and the Horned Demon clansman, striking fatal blows on their bodies.

She killed the three Spirit Hunting Beasts and the Horned Demon elite with four horns, who was equal to a Netherpassage Realm expert, all too easily.

Qin Lie’s face suddenly twitched.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared?” Song Tingyu looked at him with bright eyes and a smile before saying somewhat helplessly, “I don’t like to kill or fight either; I prefer to make my enemies retreat without fighting. But I do not know how to speak the language of the Nether Realm and… I can’t charm this ugly bastard of a Horned Demon with my beauty either. Since you’re useless, the only choice I have left is to do this.”

“Useless…” Qin Lie smiled bitterly.

Compared to Song Tingyu, who appeared as strong as a vicious ancient beast, he did seem somewhat useless at this moment.

Without being able to borrow the Terminator Profound Bomb’s might, he was just a puny martial practitioner at the pinnacle of the Natal Opening Realm. In this Nether Realm, there were far too many nether beasts and evil races that could kill him.

Even a portion of the Nether Realm plants’ power could strangle him alive if he was unprepared.

“I dislike it when people don’t see my graceful and courteous side,” Song Tingyu cast a glance at him and said quietly. “The men who saw me like this in the past mostly had bad endings…”

Qin Lie’s face paled slightly.

“Hehe, look at yourself. I’m just playing with you.” Song Tingyu waved the sharp sword in her hands, stabbing the corpses of the Spirit Hunting Beasts and Horned Demon elite a couple of times while giggling.

Then she took out a hexagonal jade crystal that had murky yellow spots in it. The bright spots on it blinked continuously as she pressed it into the Horned Demon elite’s mouth.

Incredibly weak waves of soul energy came from the dead Horned Demon elite. Tiny, scattered lights seemed to be attracted by the hexagonal jade crystal and were quickly absorbed by it.

The jade crystal became even murkier. The yellow spots inside it slowly increased in size.

“What is this thing?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“A Memory Fragment Crystal,” Song Tingyu answered carelessly.

“What’s it for?” Qin Lie continued.

“When a living being dies, their soul would be dispersed throughout the world. But, if it only died recently, then the soul’s memories won’t disperse right away. This Memory Fragment Crystal is able to absorb and store those memories before they dissipate…” Song Tingyu looked at him. “When Mo He said that he would extract your memories to acquire the forging method of the Terminator Profound Bomb and understand the secrets of the twelve spirit pattern pillars, he planned to use this Memory Fragment Crystal.”

Qin Lie’s eyebrows furrowed.

Soon the Memory Fragment Crystal grew brighter and the yellow spots inside it grew incredibly huge, as if many memories inhabited it.

“Come. You will analyze the memories inside it and see this Horned Demon elite’s life experiences for yourself.” Song Tingyu suddenly passed the Memory Fragment Crystal to him.

The Memory Fragment Crystal still had saliva, blood, and some kind of sticky fluid on it. It made one nauseous.

“Take it quickly.” Seeing him refuse to accept it, Song Tingyu forced it into his hands before taking out a handkerchief and wiping the filth from her hands. “You understand the language of the Nether Realm so it will be easier for you to analyze the memories inside it. I need you to determine the direction of the Nether Battlefield.”

“We need to return to the Scarlet Tide Continent and we can either go through the evil nether passageway or the Nether Battlefield. There are too many elites of the evil races gathered at evil nether passageway right now, not to mention the reverse gravity field that was activated. Therefore we have no choice but to return through the Nether Battlefield.” Song Tingyu wiped her hands while explaining. “I may have a goal but I do not know the direction or exact location of the Nether Battlefield. That’s why I needed to extract his memories and have you analyze it. This guy’s a four horned elite of the Horned Demon Race. He must know the way to enter the Nether Battlefield from the Nether Realm.”

Holding the Memory Fragment Crystal covered with traces of blood, saliva, and sticky fluids, Qin Lie bared ugly expression. “A pure soul memory has no language boundaries, right? Any living being’s soul would be able to interact with another and memories are formed from the fragments of one’s soul. Even if you don’t understand the language of the Nether Realm, it does not keep you from analyzing his memories, does it?”

A high rank living being could interact with a soul, and the interactions would not be limited by one’s language at all.

That was to say, there was no difficulty whatsoever for Song Tingyu to analyze the memories within Memory Fragment Crystal.

Seeing that Qin Lie wasn’t fooled, Song Tingyu stuck out her tongue before saying with a pitiful look, “You wouldn’t let me hold such a disgusting thing just to analyze the memories, would you?”

Qin Lie grunted and said, “I’ll do it, but just tell me the truth next time. I hate it when people lie to me.”

“Alright, alright, I won’t lie next time.” Song Tingyu said gently.

Qin Lie nodded. He let his mind consciousness slip into the Memory Fragment Crystal in his hand, delving into the Horned Demon martial practitioner’s entire life history.

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