Chapter 255: Blast out a Bloody Route!

Chapter 255: Blast out a Bloody Route!

Underneath the dark sky, the densely packed nether beasts howled as many experts of the Horned Demon race pointed at Qin Lie and Song Tingyu, seemingly yelling something in the language of Nether Realm.

Song Tingyu grabbed Qin Lie tightly as the rainbow wings beneath her arms flapped swiftly towards a faraway forest.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Thump thump thump!”

The nether beasts howled angrily and charged towards the duo. Countless evil and icy consciousnesses were also floating in mid-air, locking down their location.

“Blast them!” Song Tingyu suddenly cried out. “Use the Terminator Profound Bombs and blast them to death! This is the Nether Realm—even if this place is turned upside-down, it has nothing to do with us!”

She also seemed to be feeling restless due to the circumstances. She knew that it would be incredibly difficult to survive after falling into Nether Realm. If they could severely damage the evil races of the Nether Realm before they were killed, then in her eyes it was worth it.


Qin Lie did not hesitate at all as a Terminator Profound Bomb appeared in his palm with a thought.

Seeing that more and more nether beasts were gathering and getting closer to them, he aimed at the place with the most nether beasts and threw out the first Terminator Profound Bomb.

The Terminator Profound Bomb was like a bolt of faint blue lightning that fell onto the crowded nether beasts, accompanied by the dull rumble of thunder.

A wisp of Qin Lie’s mind was remotely connected to the Terminator Profound Bomb like a bolt of lightning. Once the Terminator Profound Bomb was in position, his thoughts abruptly shifted.

A bolt of blazing lightning flashed deep inside his pupils.


A thunderous explosion instantly rippled from the center of the nether beasts. A spatial distortion was abruptly formed, accompanied by lightning that crashed towards its center.

“Bang bang bang! Prak prak prak!”

Heavenly thunder rumbled and snakes made of lightning danced. At the center of the nether beasts, the two kinds of immeasurably violent power exploded like they would sunder mountains and split the earth.

Many nether beasts were instantly blasted into pieces, flesh and blood splattering everywhere as heads separated from bodies...

The smoke was thick, and dust was flying. Within that small gray space the nether beasts cried out in terrible pain. Some of the nether beasts charged out into the open covered in blood.

There were a few Nether Giant Tail Lizards and a Bloodthirsty Blade Demons as well. These were all high ranking nether beasts whose bodies were as tough as mountains. It was as if they were forged by black iron stones and tough metal. They actually survived the Terminator Profound Bomb’s explosion.

They pursued Qin Lie and Song Tingyu with an even more terrifying aura than before. A cold, maddening color radiated from their bestial eyes, causing Qin Lie to feel cold in his heart just looking at it.

“Do you have any left?” Song Tingyu asked hurriedly.

“Yes! I have a lot!” Qin Lie took out another three Terminator Profound Bombs.

“Dead ahead, open up a path dead ahead! There are nether beasts gathering behind us at the evil nether passageway and approaching us from the front! Throw the Terminator Profound Bombs there and blast open a bloody path!” Song Tingyu cried out loudly.

Qin Lie turned around and saw a group headed toward them from the direction they were traveling in.

The few people from the Horned Demon Race were clad in bestial armor and posessed cold eyes. They sat high above the nether beasts, and they looked at them suspiciously—they seemed curious about the people of Spirit Realm that entered their land.

“Capture them alive!” A person of the Horned Demon Race with four curved horns on the back of his neck ordered in a Nether Realm language.

“They want to capture us alive.” Qin Lie waved his hands. The Terminator Profound Bomb in his palm was already ignited, ready to explode at a moment’s thought.

“Y-you can understand what they’re speaking?” Song Tingyu suddenly appeared incredibly surprised. Her eyes flashed with a beautiful and wondrous light, “Do you really understand their words, or did you see through their actions and understand their intentions?”

The moment she said this, Qin Lie suddenly froze as well.

He really did understand their words. He could hear loud and clear what the evil races of the Nether Realm were saying!

How could he understand what they said?

Qin Lie’s expression was dumbfounded and confused, “I understand their language…”

Song Tingyu was obviously shocked. She stared deeply at Qin Lie as a strange light shone from the bottomless depths of her eyes, “No time to be dazed. Let’s blast them first. We may be in the sky, but their throwing spears will be enough to take us down!”

Qin Lie glanced downward and discovered that it was as Song Tingyu said. The people of the Horned Demon Race were holding white bone spears carved from beast bones and huge nets knitted from beast tendons. Once they got close enough they would be ready to strike.

And so Qin Lie did not hesitate in the slightest to throw out yet another two Terminator Profound Bombs.

A sharp howl came from the Horned Demon Race expert chasing after them. He screamed out with the language of the Nether Realm, “Avoid it! Avoid that devil’s fruit!”

The martial practitioners holding the great net also hurriedly ordered when they heard his cries, “Get away! All of you, dodge it!”

The two Terminator Profound Bombs still fell in the center of their group.

“Booom! Booom!”

Mixed with thunder and wide, arcing lightning bolts, two earthshaking explosions erupted within the group of nether beasts and men; they bloomed with terrifying shockwaves that caused the surrounding space to collapse.

The shockwaves of the Terminator Profound Bombs that were ignited at the same time pressed against each other, causing an incredible distortion within the space.

The distortion caused the nether beasts and Horned Demon clansmen to be twisted to death, as if by a great, invisible hand. Even their bones were twisted to bits.

“Let’s get out of here before their bird-type nether beasts show up! Qin Lie, the moment you see a nether beast or foreign race approach, blast them immediately with the Terminator Profound Bombs! Blast out a bloody path!” Song Tingyu shouted with a steely note.

“Okay!” Qin Lie took out a few more Terminator Profound Bombs.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

The explosions of the Terminator Profound Bombs rumbled continuously within this evil land of the Nether Realm.

Each explosion was always accompanied by a huge pit in the ground. Every deep pit in the ground would contain the dead bodies of dozens of nether beasts and the dismembered limbs of Horned Demon men.

Along the way, the moment he saw nether beasts pursuing them or Horned Demon men blocking their way, Qin Lie would immediately throw out a Terminator Profound Bomb without a word.

What followed after was always a terrific explosion. Those who were chasing after them or blocking their way would be immediately torn to shreds along with their so-called encirclement.

Relying on the Terminator Profound Bombs, the continuous explosions, and Song Tingyu’s rainbow wings, the duo literally blasted out a blood path and charged towards the dense forest in the distance.

There were dozens of huge pits wherever they went, all the way to the evil nether passageway. They had blasted hundreds of nether beasts and tens of Horned Demon clansmen into pieces.

“Heh… this Terminator Profound Bomb… is really something impressive. Can I have a few to play with?” Song Tingyu turned around and looked at him. Her beautiful face brimmed with a seductive smile, “I want to blast some enemies too…”

Right at that moment, they could no longer see any groups of nether beasts or evil races before them. Behind them were dozens of giant pits; the people of the Horned Demon Race had been blasted so much that they completely lost their courage. They did not dare to pursue them any longer.

They were safe for the moment. At the very least, they would not need to worry about being attacked for a short while.

Therefore Song Tingyu took the chance to express her interest in the Terminator Profound Bomb.

“You do not cultivate a thunder and lightning spirit art. Even if you held the Terminator Profound Bomb, you would not be able to ignite them.” Gripping two Terminator Profound Bombs in his hand, Qin Lie frowned and rejected her request in a straightforward manner.

“How stingy.” Song Tingyu rolled her eyes seductively at him, but she did not insist any longer.

However, after flying for a short while, she suddenly let go of his hands.

Qin Lie fell straight into the forest filled with densely packed savage plants.

These plants had branches like sharp saw teeth. Seeing prey falling towards them, they actually appeared excited and began swinging their teeth-like branches, ready to entangle Qin Lie and consume him the moment he hit the ground.

Qin Lie was shocked. While inwardly cursing at the woman’s revenge, he hurriedly channeled his Heavenly Thunder Eradication and covered his entire body in blue lightning.

Blue lightning balls swiftly formed in each of his hands. Like little blue suns they fell towards the thicker parts of the plants.

“Bang bang bang!”

Qin Lie protected his life with lightning that was many times weaker than the Terminator Profound Bomb. Lightning as thick as a finger streaked out and exploded within those man-eating plants, frying them until they were charred black.

Qin Lie’s body slammed against tree branches until his head spun.

Meanwhile, Song Tingyu had descended gracefully from the sky with the help of her rainbow wings.

She resembled a saintly fairy who had descended to earth.

A smile played across her lips. Her eyes danced with satisfaction as she said quietly while still in mid-air, “I gave you my hand to hold and allowed you to take advantage of me for such a long time, carrying you all this way to escape the nether beasts and Horned Demon men, yet you’re not willing to lend me a few Terminator Profound Bombs to play with. You deserve to be thrown down… So? How’s your butt?” She couldn’t help but giggle.

At this moment, Qin Lie was rubbing his bottom indecently, baring his teeth and staring angrily at her.

“Alright, alright.” She pursed her lips and smiled lightly. She landed steadily beside Qin Lie like a celestial being covered in rainbow light. “We have escaped one danger, but there’s no telling how long we can keep this up. This is the Nether Realm. Every nether beast and evil race will see us as their sworn enemies. They will do everything they can to kill us…

“Just like how you and Xie Jingxuan had pursued the Soul Devouring Beast, our presence here is just like the Soul Devouring Beast that had entered the Scarlet Tide Continent. We have become public enemies.” Song Tingyu sighed slightly.

“Is there any way to return to the Scarlet Tide Continent?” Qin Lie stifled his anger and began to consider this question seriously.

“We will leave the way we came from, of course. However, it will be difficult to do so at the moment.” Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes gazed in the direction of evil nether passageway, “For the moment, there will be nether beasts and experts from the Horned Demon Race gathered around the evil nether passageway’s entrance. It won’t be possible to enter the evil nether passageway while they’re still around. If the reverse gravity field is still active, we would not be able to pass through the evil nether passageway even if we tried.”

“An extremely powerful nether beast and elite of an evil race seemed to have entered the Scarlet Tide Continent through the evil nether passageway just now.” Qin Lie said.

A hint of fear appeared inside Song Tingyu’s eyes as she nodded, “Yes, he is the one who created the reverse gravity field. I brought you into Nether Realm because he was about to come out with his nether beast. If we were still trapped when he came out and could not escape, then we would easily be killed by him. In that case, we might as well take the risk to fall into the Nether Realm and bypass him altogether. Even he would not be able to do anything inside the evil nether passageway!”

“We are still alive. This proves that your decision was correct.” Qin Lie praised.

“But of course. I very seldom make mistakes.” Song Tingyu smiled and exclaimed arrogantly. “If I had been the one to lead you to kill the Soul Devouring Beast and learned of your ability to summon lightning from the heavens, you would’ve been absorbed into the Song Family a long time ago. If that had happened, hehe, you would’ve already been one of us.”

Light flashed across her eyes. There seemed to be great meaning behind her words. It was as if she had made up her mind and firmly believed that Qin Lie would fall into her grasp sooner or later.

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