Chapter 254: Falling into the Nether Realm

Chapter 254: Falling into the Nether Realm

The Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly’s flying speed was clearly affected in the area covered by nether demonic energy. Under Song Tingyu’s orders, the butterfly’s lithe movements were no longer as graceful and free as before.

At the moment, the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly was above the holes where the twelve spirit pattern pillars once stood.

Just as it was about to fly back towards Flame Volcano, a loud, shrill howl suddenly came from inside the evil nether passageway.

That howl contained an extremely murderous desire. It was as if the most vicious nether beast was swiftly passing through the evil nether passageway.

At the same time, a terrifying force field was abruptly unleashed from the mouth of the passageway.

Gravity instantly increased by a hundred times!


Qin Lie and Song Tingyu instantly felt that it was difficult to breathe. They suddenly felt as if an iron mountain had pressed down on their bodies. They could not help but fall towards the evil nether passageway.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s expressions abruptly changed as a tinge of fear flashed through their eyes. They immediately panicked.

“Flap! Flap!”

The Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly was also affected as it flapped its wings intensely, attempting to carry Song Tingyu and Qin Lie away from this place.

However, the terrifying gravity field coming from beneath the evil nether passageway was like a giant magnet pulling at it, stopping it from escaping.


An angry howl mixed with madness and evil came from inside the evil nether passageway. The howl shook the earth and a terrifying energy poured towards them like a tidal wave.

The nether beasts roaming around Armament City grew excited, howling and roaring in response when they heard it.

“Not good!”

Song Tingyu’s exquisite face was now completely filled with fear. She cried out, “Reverse gravity field! It’s a reverse gravity field!”

Qin Lie looked at her in shock.

“Under the influence of the reverse gravity field, the Nether Realm will generate a terrifying attraction force that pulls at all life forms with spirit energy! In contrast, the evil race of the Nether Realm would also be pulled by the reverse gravity field and our attraction force, bringing it in our direction with all of the field’s power!” Song Tingyu exclaimed, “It must be a high ranking evil race. Since their power is too strong and they were afraid that the evil nether passageway would not be able to withstand it, it activated the reverse gravity field to use the powerful attraction force formed at our place to help it escape Nether Realm and appear on Scarlet Tide Continent! This is bad!”

Qin Lie did not immediately understand.

Song Tingyu did not have time to explain either. Instead, she made a snap decision and said, “Qin Lie, use all of your power to protect yourself!”

Qin Lie said nothing and immediately activated all nine Natal palaces, covering himself in lightning, frost, and geocentric magnetism. He formed three layers of defense on his body’s surface.

Then, Song Tingyu said something that shocked him to the core.

“There’s no other choice. Let’s go, we will descend to Nether Realm!” Song Tingyu grasped his hand and jumped down from the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly with a resolute look.

Without the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly’s body supporting them, they were pulled by the powerful attraction of the reverse gravity field and fell straight down the evil nether passageway.

Before they entered the passageway, Qin Lie could hear the sad cries of the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly. Then, he saw countless lightning-like meteors streaking ten thousand miles past him in an instant.

A tinge of terror towards this twisted time and space was born in his heart.

He knew that he was falling at an unimaginable speed towards the other end of the evil nether passageway—Nether Realm!

Inside this strange passageway filled with flashing lightning and criss-crossing lights, he could occasionally catch a glimpse of the blurry figures of ferocious beasts and evil races. Their direction was opposite to Qin Lie’s descent, flying up towards Scarlet Tide Continent!

When the vicious beasts passed him, he could even smell a terrible stench and feel dark and evil intent.


Almost shattering the evil nether passageway itself, a brutal roar came from beneath him.

Before long, a humongous creature comparable to the ancient beasts beneath the Arctic Mountain Range passed by him and flew towards Scarlet Tide Continent like a blurry mountain.

He could barely make out a person from a humanoid evil race standing on that giant creature. They moved too quickly, however, so Qin Lie could see neither the shape of the nether beast nor the appearance of the person riding it.

He could only feel a thick evil life energy that could smother the entire world.

This life energy could summon all the evil in his heart and cause him to instantly fall into the abyss of evil, never to return.

While inside the evil nether passageway filled with streaking lights, Song Tingyu and Qin Lie held each other’s hands and fell towards the motherland of the evil races—Nether Realm.

He gradually became numb to the blurs of vicious beasts that streaked past him. He simply squeezed Song Tingyu’s hand tightly.

He could feel warmth and peace from this jade-like hand...

The length of their fall was unexpectedly long. He thought it would be over in an instant but, contrary to his expectations, the falling did not stop.

“...Nether Realm, Nether Realm. Will we find any hope of survival entering the homeland of the evil races?” He smiled bitterly on the inside and felt despair and weakness grow within his heart.

Time passed.

After an indescribably long period of falling, a powerful uplifting force suddenly came from beneath him, causing his descent to greatly slow.

Then, Qin Lie smelled an extremely pungent stench. It was the smell of a beast, an unbelievably thick smell.

“We’re here!”

Song Tingyu exclaimed as two rainbow wings suddenly appeared from beneath her arms. The two wings were the same as the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly’s wings, shining with colorful light.

Her falling figure swiftly came to a stop due to the appearance of the rainbow wings.

She stopped in midair!

Qin Lie and her held each other’s hands and stopped steadily in midair in a dark world.

This was an evil world with a sky that was forever gray without a single celestial body to be found.

Across the horizon, endless mountain ranges and vast forests could be seen. The plants that grew there were just like the ones they had seen at Armament City; they were ugly and filled with thorns, resembling claws that possessed an inherent evil.

Nether demonic energy filled this land. An extremely oppressive atmosphere covered the entire world!

The Nether Realm, which lacked day and night, was icy cold. The ugly plants covered the entire landscape and the whole world was filled with a twisted and evil life force.

“Hrm! Hrm!”

The sounds of animalistic breathing came from beneath their feet.

When the duo looked down the color drained from their faces. Great shock and fear appeared inside their eyes.

There were countless nether beasts, Spirit Corroding Beasts, Demon Armor Insects, Nether Giant Tail Lizards, Soul Devouring Beasts, even Bloodthirsty Blade Demons and all kinds of other nether beasts!

There were beasts as far as the eye could see. They were all gathered here, waiting for the time they would enter the evil nether passageway—waiting for the time to rush into Scarlet Tide Continent!

There were many people of the evil races of the Nether Realm sitting on top of those high rank Nether Giant Tail Lizards, Soul Devouring Beasts, and Bloodthirsty Blade Demons. These people were at least two meters tall. Their wrinkled, gray skin looked as ugly as a toad’s. Their faces were unspeakably savage.

They wore bestial armor and stood atop nether beasts. A lizard-like tail extended from their lower backs and their necks were covered with thin, tight scales.

There were also strange, curved horns growing from the back of their necks. Some had more than one horn, lined one by one along their spine as if they had mountains sprouting from their backs.

“Horned Demon Race! This is the Nether Realm’s Horned Demon Race!” Song Tingyu cried out!


All the nether beasts and evil races of the Nether Realm were looking toward her and Qin Lie from below. The nether beasts let out earthshaking roars.

“The evil nether passageway is above us?” Qin Lie looked up and could not help but cry out.

A huge, black whirlpool was spinning in the air above their heads. Its rapid rotation constantly let out a terrifying attraction force—one that was aimed only at the nether beasts and evil races.

Once the whirlpool moved directly above the nether beasts and evil races, the suction force at the heart of the whirlpool would swallow them, pulling them deep into the evil nether passageway and straight to Scarlet Tide Continent.

“Let’s go!” Song Tingyu appeared shocked. “Hold on tight, we are leaving this place immediately! These nether beasts and people of the Horned Demon Race are gathered here in order to enter our Scarlet Tide Continent! Let's go quickly!"

The rainbow wings beneath her arms began to flap rapidly as she hurriedly led Qin Lie towards the forest in the distance. She wanted to escape the location of the evil nether passageway as soon as possible.

A horde of nether beasts and many elites of the Horned Demon Race had gathered here. She didn't wish to stay for even a moment longer!

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