Chapter 251: The Nether Demonic Energy Spreads

Chapter 251: The Nether Demonic Energy Spreads

Song Tingyu stepped onto the Rainbow Butterfly, which then turned into a shining rainbow as it flew away.

However, her fragrance had remained...

Smelling her faint fragrance, Qin Lie actually felt a little reluctance in his heart as he looked in the direction in which she had flown away.

Her charm could indeed only be described as terrifying. As long as one was an ordinary man, then they would not be immune to the terrifying charm which emanated from her body.

Of course, Qin Lie was no exception.

“She only got close to me and said those things to force Mo He to leave…”

Qin Lie was not dumb. He knew very well what Song Tingyu was aiming for, and clearly understood why Song Tingyu wanted to defend his life. After all, Profound Heaven Alliance was after the same things Mo He was.

However, in comparison to Eight Extreme Temple’s method, Profound Heaven Alliance’s method wasn’t as extreme.

“The Terminator Profound Bomb. They have all come for the Terminator Profound Bomb!”

He frowned and recalled the words Song Tingyu had said before she left. Afterwards, Qin Lie sighed once and then gradually came to a decision.

—He was afraid that he could possibly have to make a trade with Song Tingyu for real and sell a portion of the Terminator Profound Bombs. Otherwise, Mo He would definitely not give up.

Only by demonstrating that Armament Sect and Profound Heaven Alliance were working together would he be able to cause Mo He to believe that he truly had an engagement with Song Tingyu, and that their acting today was real.

“My strength still isn’t enough…” Qin Lie looked helpless.

For the next few days, Qin Lie focused on inscribing the spirit diagrams of the Terminator Profound Bomb to swiftly increase Armament Sect’s strength.

Six days later, Qin Lie already had fifty three Terminator Profound Bombs!

However, all the spirit materials needed for forging the Terminator Profound Bomb had finally been completely exhausted. There was no longer enough spirit materials to forge another Terminator Profound Bomb.

“Fifty three Terminator Profound Bombs should be enough for now.” Luo Zhichang looked at the round metallic balls and appeared satisfied, “It is unfortunate that we didn’t manage to carry out all of our spirit materials. Otherwise we could have forged even more Terminator Profound Bombs. This item is of the utmost importance for our sect which is lacking in strength.”

“Mn, with this in our hands, even Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple will have to think again before harming us.” Fang Qi smiled.

“Qin Lie, if this many Terminator Profound Bombs were to explode all at once at Profound Heaven Alliance or Eight Extreme Temple, could it possibly…?” Tang Siqi said in high spirits.

The moment she said this, everyone’s eyes excitedly lit up.

“It should be enough to deal a severe blow to Profound Heaven Alliance or Eight Extreme Temple. However, it isn’t enough to wipe either of them off the map completely.” Jiang Hao shook his head and said, “A Copper force will have strange formations to protect the sect, and will also be covered in all kinds of barriers and restrictions. It will definitely not be so easy to wipe out an entire Copper rank force in one blow.”

“Heh, Siqi is just kidding. Naturally, we can’t act so recklessly.” Luo Zhichang chuckled.

Qin Lie did not say anything and instead stared deeply at the three great reverends’ eyes.

Suddenly, he grew cautious.

He could see great ambition and madness hidden within their eyes.

He suddenly realized that although the trio was able to maintain a peaceful outlook while Armament Sect was weak, if Armament Sect was strong enough one day, if enough Terminator Profound Bombs could be forged to the point that they could destroy Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple, they would definitely do so.

If that day came, these three would most probably ignite the Terminator Profound Bombs and cause Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple to vanish from Scarlet Tide Continent.

On one hand, it was due to how Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple had always been plotting against and trying to eliminate Armament Sect during these last few years. That was why they contained hatred inside their hearts.

On the other hand, if Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple were to be destroyed, then there would be no one left on Scarlet Tide Continent who would be able to control Armament Sect. Armament Sect would seize this momentum to rise to the top and replace Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple to become a Copper rank force. They would possibly be able to lord over this land.

All men were ambitious and selfish. However, they would suppress their ambition when they weren’t strong enough. But once their strength became enough, then their ambition would leap out into the open and begin to influence their actions.

“The forging methods for the Terminator Profound Bomb must not be learned by them. These three are not good people either,” Qin Lie decided inwardly.


Armament City.

In just half a month, Armament City and Armament Sect had experienced a tremendous change. Thick layers of demonic clouds were now present in the sky above Armament City, blocking any sunlight from entering and casting Armament City into a gray world.

Dark, evil nether demonic energy permeated through the entirety of Armament City and Armament Sect, growing stronger with each passing day.

If one were to enter Armament City right now, they would discover a multitude of new strange plants in Armament City. These plants were bizarre and had thick horizontal growing roots and sharp thorns. They were just as fear-inducing as fangs.

These were all plants that were unique only to the Nether Realm that were tainted with nether demonic energy. These plants could contaminate the air and allow many nether beasts from the Nether Realm to move freely.

These ugly-looking plants were like a line of defense by themselves. They could unleash crazy and fearsome attacks towards any Scarlet Tide Continent martial practitioner.

Any living being which entered the current Armament Sect would be attacked by these plants if they did not have any nether demonic energy on them. They would be entangled to death.

There were also countless nameless nether beasts. Some were incredibly long, some were covered in thick gray brown scale armor, and some had all kinds of strange thorns on their body. They roamed within Armament City, looking for any signs of life.

Gao Yu had hid himself in an underground cellar at the corner of the now ruined city and was absorbing nether demonic energy every day for cultivation.

His body also released a thick evil aura, so the ugly plants and the nether beasts which roamed through the city treated him as a friend.

Gao Yu was the only human martial practitioner who was currently within Armament Sect. He was trying his best to absorb nether demonic energy to cultivate his Nine Hell Wandering Soul Record.

Like a bottomless pond, the Ogre-faced Rings on his fingers were similarly absorbing a tremendous amount of nether demonic energy.

The interior of the Ogre-faced Rings gradually turned into a little world filled with nether energy and various strange environments filled with evil, madness, irritation, oppression, and the like.

The broken soul fragments of the Demon God’s Shadow and the many shattered light spots of memory were like fish swimming inside the tiny world as they began to gradually gather together by the day.

It was as if an ancient demon god was gradually awakening and trying to reemerge on this land through Gao Yu.

Meanwhile, Gao Yu was also experiencing change as those memories recondensed and were absorbed into his soul.

His body began to release an incredibly evil aura. His already twisted personality also seemed to be headed towards an even greater extreme.


On top of some tall hills outside of Armament City stood a group of martial practitioners from Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple.

Among them were Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, and Zhan Tianyi. They were all looking at the former Armament City from afar.

Numerous spirit beasts and spirit birds knelt behind these people. Many of them were clad in heavy armor, and all of them released auras which were as fierce as the sea and hell. A ruthless light flickered in their eyes as they all stared at Armament City from behind Song Siyuan and Zhan Tianyi.

They were the true elites of Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple.

From their position, all they could see were vague shadows as Armament City had been enveloped within the nether demonic energy. They could only see blurry gray darkness and were completely unable to look into the situation within Armament City.

Even their soul consciousness felt as if it had sank into thick mud when they used it to probe closer to Armament City. Their wisps of consciousness seemed to become entangled by some kind of evil energy, and thus became unable to function.

“The evil races of the Nether Realm are preparing to gradually devour the Scarlet Tide Continent. They plan to root themselves at Armament Sect and slowly corrode the land around them with Demon Armor Insects and Spirit Corroding Beasts.” Song Siyuan’s expression was solemn as he said seriously, “They are planning long term. They want to gradually turn Scarlet Tide Continent into the Nether Battlefield!”

The moment he said this, everyone’s expressions became horrified as traces of extreme worry emerged on all of their faces.

“Brother Zhan, why haven’t you transported the goods over yet?” Xie Zhizhang asked somewhat impatiently.

“There has been a change at Nether Battlefield. The evil races of the Nether Realm at that place have also suddenly turned crazy. They are probably coordinating with the forces here to buy as much time as possible for these forces to convert this land so that the evil races on this side can invade through here first.” Zhan Tianyi explained.

Hearing his words, the group’s expression grew more and more serious, “You’re saying that the goods cannot be sent over in a short time?” Song Siyuan frowned.

“We really need more time.” Zhan Tianyi answered.

“Time. The Nether Realm’s evil races are also fighting for time!” Song Siyuan’s expression was incredibly heavy, “We all know that once the veins of the earth have changed, once this land had turned into another Nether Battlefield, it will be very difficult to change it back again. When that happens, the high rank experts of Nether Realm’s evil races could all step into Scarlet Tide Continent without any worries whatsoever!”

“We do not have a better way.” Zhan Tianyi’s expression looked helpless.

“What about Armament Sect’s Terminator Profound Bombs? If we are able to procure enough of them and mass explode them over there right now, we should be able to stall the enemies’ progress ,” Xie Zhizhang suddenly said.

“The Terminator Profound Bomb!”

Everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up as they realized that this was a possible plan.

“Let’s go! Together, we will go around the city and enter the poisonous bog to meet Armament Sect’s new sect master, Qin Lie!” Song Siyuan exclaimed softly.

“That girl Tingyu should be at Armament Sect already,” Xie Zhizhang said.

“Then the matter should be resolved then. With her present, there is nothing that can’t be done.” Song Siyuan smiled with a relaxed expression.

He was filled with confidence towards Song Tingyu. He knew that Song Tingyu had never failed, and he was sure that an insignificant Qin Lie would never be able to resist Song Tingyu’s terrifying charm.

He glanced at Xie Zhizhang and suddenly smiled, saying, “If only Jingxuan was just as capable as Tingyu in this aspect, then Armament Sect would not have caused us so much trouble. Qin Lie would not have pulled out the spirit pattern pillars and opened the evil nether passageway. This Qin Lie, and perhaps Armament Sect itself, could have become the Xie Family’s loyal servant and be working tirelessly for the Xie Family.”

Xie Zhizhang’s expression was a little ugly as he hmphed and said, “I don’t think it will be that easy.”

“Hehe, naturally this won’t be easy for Jingxuan, but for Tingyu, this is not a challenge.” Song Siyuan smiled.

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