Chapter 250: Snuggle

Chapter 250: Snuggle

A trace of oddness appeared in Song Tingyu’s eyes.

Other than her parents, no one else had ever dared to call her so intimately before. Even the uncles at Profound Heaven Alliance only called her “Tingyu."

It was obvious that the “Yu’er” coming from Qin Lie’s mouth was meant to be frivolous. She should have gotten riled up and angry… but she wasn’t.

It felt slightly weird at first, but she very quickly became accustomed to it and began to feel like there should be a man in this world who could call her this intimately.

And this man, was none other than Qin Lie...

“What terrifying influence!”

Song Tingyu snapped out of her reverie. She knew that the reason she felt like this was completely due to the mark of Qin Lie’s figure which had been deeply imprinted within her heart.

When she was hit by the rebounding charm concept earlier, a charm seed had gushed into her mind. In such a short period of time, the charm seed had already unleashed a great amount of power.

Now, she finally began to understand why those men who had been charmed by her charm concept were forever enthralled by her. She began to realize why these men who had been implanted with charm seeds and deep imprints of her were so deeply in love with her, and why they could easily accept any unreasonable requests from her.

—She finally began to vaguely understand a little of those people’s feelings.

As long as the charm seed was imprinted within one’s heart, it would slowly flourish and grow stronger, gradually increasing its influence.

As time passed, the influence of this charm seed would only grow stronger and stronger, causing her view of Qin Lie to experience an immeasurable change. In the end she would become completely obsessed with Qin Lie and be unable to pull herself away. She would finally succumb completely to Qin Lie’s charm.

“Oh, the ninth Natal Palace. So you’re almost stepping into the Manifestation Realm. That’s great. However, your current realm is too weak, so you should really put more effort into cultivating.” Song Tingyu quickly reacted as her beautiful eyes turned and a charming smile appeared on her peerless face.

She arrived beside Qin Lie and stared at the center surrounded by Thunderblitz Trees, saying most naturally, “Don’t worry. If Eight Extreme Temple dares to harm you, my father will not let them off easy.”

The closer she got to Qin Lie, the stranger Song Tingyu felt—she felt increasingly at ease.

It was as if she would feel very relaxed as long as she stood near to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was like a huge magnet which was releasing a huge magnetic field, and she… was easily attracted over by him.

Indeed, she had taken the initiative and walked towards Qin Lie herself. She had approached him, and was now standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Their shoulders were only two fingers apart.

It was all because of the influence of the charm seed.

For the longest time, Song Tingyu had relied on the charm seed to make men submit to her. She had used it to force them to go through life and death and risk everything for her. Now that she was suffering the effects of the charm seed backfiring on her, she was finally experiencing the terror of the charm seed herself.

“Mo He. What cultivation realm is he in?” Qin Lie asked casually.

At this moment, Song Tingyu was standing right next to him. She was no longer releasing her charm concept, nor was she deliberately making any moves. However, he was still strongly impacted by her.

Being so close to her, he could smell the nice fragrance released from Song Tingyu body. It was an incredibly faint scent, yet it seemed to slip into the depths of one’s soul, causing them to feel very comfortable and to want to immerse. It caused one to want to sniff a few more times and move closer to Song Tingyu… This was not the effects of the charm concept, but Song Tingyu’s natural charm.

Taking in the nice aroma radiating from her body, Qin Lie turned around and glanced at this terrific beauty who could make an emperor skip his court. He couldn’t help but silently praise her beauty—this woman did indeed have the proud ability to make any man submit to her.

“Senior Mo He, you say…” Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes looked about before glancing at a faraway swamp land and said respectfully, “He has just entered the Fragmentation Realm not long ago and is one of the strongest martial practitioners in Eight Extreme Temple. Even that Senior Xue Li of yours may not necessarily be able to beat him.”

“Fragmentation Realm!” Qin Lie was shocked.

The Natal Opening Realm, Manifestation Realm, Netherpassage Realm, Fulfillment Realm, and Fragmentation Realm. Each realm had thick barriers between them and a difference in power that was as wide as the sea itself.

If Song Tingyu had not come to his aid, if the backbone known as Profound Heaven Alliance did not exist, how many people in the entire Scarlet Tide Continent could stop this Mo He from killing him?

Even the current Xue Li might not necessarily be able to stop Mo He since his strength hadn’t recovered.

Not to mention that he wasn’t here in the first place.

Qin Lie experienced a great shock in his heart. He already knew where Mo He was from Song Tingyu’s gaze. Almost immediately he adjusted himself to the highest alert to deal with Mo He, the most terrifying danger at the moment.

“Yu’er, you have waited for long. Once I’ve forged a few more Terminator Profound Bombs in the future, I will accompany you to Profound Heaven Alliance and meet your father…” Under Mo He’s tremendous pressure, Qin Lie focused his mind into high concentration and thought quickly. He let out a regretful look on his face and naturally hugged Song Tingyu’s shoulders at his side, pulling her into his lap.

Song Tingyu’s rather perfect bodice was obviously a bit stiff. It seemed that she had never been treated this way by a man before. She was very uncomfortable with it.

Rays of rainbow light flowed inside her beautiful eyes until even her body was overflowing with many colorful lights. It was as if she was covered in rainbows and appeared shockingly beautiful.

She did not struggle nor push him away. Stiffly, she allowed Qin Lie to hug her shoulders and press her body tightly against Qin Lie...

She could feel Qin Lie’s anxiety and hear the powerful beating of his heart. She could detect that Qin Lie was carefully facing everything under Mo He’s great pressure, and could feel a round icy artifact inside his left sleeve.

That was the Eye of Frost. The moment Mo He appeared and did anything, Qin Lie would immediately borrow the Eye of Frost’s power and slip beneath the Arctic Mountain Range immediately.

Qin Lie could not raise even the slightest thoughts of resistance against a monster of the Fragmentation Realm. He knew that he was no different from the ants beneath his feet in Mo He’s eyes. He could kill a huge group of him just by stomping carelessly.

At the center of the Thunderblitz Trees.

Qin Lie gently hugged Song Tingyu and pressed their bodies against each other. They had suddenly grown quiet.

Slowly, a wonderful atmosphere began to grow between the duo...

Mo He was hidden beneath the swamp of a swamp land. A blue light covered his body, preventing the swamp from dirtying him in the slightest.

He had his eyes closed and used a mind consciousness that not even Song Tingyu could detect to lock down the duo’s location. He could see every bit of their movements.

After a long time, he realized that Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were just hugging each other, seemingly enjoying this wonderful atmosphere that was even better when silent. It seemed like they had no intention of speaking any longer.

After waiting for a long time and seeing that the duo was still just hugging each other, Mo He exclaimed from the bottom of his heart, “This shitty little kid has quite the love affair…”

He did not plan to waste his time any longer. He had already believed Song Tingyu’s explanation after he realized that they were hugging each other. He believed that there was an engagement between Song Tingyu and Qin Lie—he had seen it from her eyes.

He realized that when Song Tingyu was looking at Qin Lie, her eyes did let out a faint sense of love.

What he didn’t know was that it was due to Song Tingyu suffering from the backfire of her charm concept which caused Qin Lie’s figure to be implanted inside her heart. That was why she was affected by the seed when she was together with Qin Lie.

Song Tingyu had purposely delayed the cleansing of the charm seed to handle and confuse him.

He fell for it. Therefore he quietly went away from beneath the swamp and slowly slipped away from this region.

Mo He left. But Qin Lie and Song Tingyu were still hugging each other, quietly enjoying the wonderful atmosphere...

They did not know when Mo He left.

Qin Lie felt as if every hair on his body had become stimulated from hugging a beauty that could fell entire countries. His blood felt like it was boiling, and he grew even more restless when scenting the faint aroma from her body.

He had never thought that there was a woman in this world who could have such a terrifying charm.

Even without unleashing her charm concept, Song Tingyu could entrance a man completely just by standing beside them, causing them to lose control—she was just born with such an amazing charm.

This was a natural talent, an amazing ability given to her by the gods. It was as if she was the spirit specifically created by the heavens to charm all men in this world, causing them all to willingly bow to her infinite charm.

“A terrifying woman!” Qin Lie labeled her as such in his mind.

Song Tingyu’s feelings were completely different from his...

She did not feel uncomfortable when being hugged by Qin Lie other than the initial awkwardness.

In fact, after getting through the initial awkwardness, she actually felt extremely safe, feeling joyful and relaxed in both body and mind to be hugged by Qin Lie.

Before today, no one could give her such a feeling. No one.

Even though she knew that it was the influence of the charm seed, she still enjoyed it very much. She wanted very much to just stay in Qin Lie’s lap in this pose forever with Qin Lie...

It was as if there was something on Qin Lie that caused her to feel extremely comfortable. It was as if Qin Lie was a warm pond that she could relax every inch of her body and soak inside. She could forget all her troubles and be free of all worries when she was inside… she could obtain true peace of the mind.

After a very, very long time...

Song Tingyu grew more and more relaxed amidst the strange peace of mind. She was experiencing a wondrous feeling that she had never experienced in a lifetime.

Suddenly, a jade bracelet on her arm that was as white as the moon suddenly emanated with a strange energy. The energy was like a green light that slowly rippled in the air, spreading little by little towards the surrounding… almost as if it was sensing for something.

Song Tingyu gradually awakened and stared at her bracelet. She used her heart to sense the energy waves sent out by the bracelet.

—The energy that detected a soul’s magnetic field.

After a while, she gently pushed Qin Lie away and opened some distance between him and her. With an odd tone she said, “Mo He is gone.”

When she pushed Qin Lie away from her, she actually felt a faint disappointment inside her heart. She actually felt incredibly reluctant, and this caused Song Tingyu to feel a gradual sense of fear—the influence of the charm seed seemed to be growing stronger and stronger.

She was slightly afraid now.

Before she had cleaned away the charm seed completely, she would not dare to be together with Qin Lie any longer. She was afraid that she would succumb completely.

“Qin Lie, I will come look for you again.” Song Tingyu stared at him with complicated eyes and said, “Please consider the cooperation between Armament Sect and Profound Heaven Alliance seriously. If we do not appear to be working together at all, I’m afraid that Mo He will not let it go just like that.”

She turned around and jumped on the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly. Like a rainbow cloud she went away once again atop the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly.

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