Chapter 249: Acting

Chapter 249: Acting

Song Tingyu knew very well just how terrifying Mo He was. For Mo He to have stated his intentions so openly, he must have been very confident.

As one of the few gold robed envoys of Eight Extreme Sanctuary, it was already rather easy for Mo He to destroy Armament Sect. If he wanted to kill Qin Lie, extract Qin Lie's memories, and steal the spatial spirit artifact and the Terminator Profound Bomb, it would be a walk in the park.

From Song Tingyu’s point of view, even that old demon called Xue Li was probably unable to stop Mo He. Moreover, based on the intel that she had received, that senior had already left Qin Lie and Armament Sect.

In that case, who was there to stop Mo He?

Even she did not have the strength to prevent Mo He from killing Qin Lie.

She could only lie and say that Qin Lie was her fiancé so that she could use Profound Heaven Alliance to force Mo He to retreat.

This was the only method she could come up with to save Qin Lie's life.

"Your fiancé?" Mo He smiled coldly. "Song girl, do you think that I am easy to fool? With your status in Profound Heaven Alliance, would you ever lower yourself to marry the sect master of a Black Iron force? Moreover, this boy is only in the Natal Opening Realm, and probably isn't even as strong as your guards. With your pride, would you be attracted to him?”

"His cultivation is slightly weak but he has potential. I assume that you also know that Qin Lie has been able to comprehend a concept. Furthermore, his talent in the martial way is also not lacking. He was also able to cause changes in the twelve spirit pattern pillars which have stood in Armament Sect for nine hundred years, and his skill in artifact forging is even more extraordinary.”

Song Tingyu's beautiful eyes moved as she said rationally, "Moreover, he has the Terminator Profound Bomb, and is able to order around an old demon of immeasurable power. He is also the sect master of Armament Sect. If Armament Sect can develop well, it may well become a Copper force..."

"Let me put it this way, this boy does indeed have endless potential, but in the end, potential is just potential. He cannot instantly cause any great change for Profound Heaven Alliance." Mo He shook his head and was still unwilling to believe it. "With your pride and intelligence, you wouldn’t just be attracted to his potential. You must want to save this boy so that you can swallow everything that he has. I’m afraid I cannot allow this to happen.”

"Why can't senior believe me?" Song Tingyu's eyes moved rapidly as a strange light flashed in her eyes. “To be honest, he is not actually someone from Scarlet Tide Continent. In fact, his actual birth and background... is the real reason why my father has consented. Your Eight Extreme Temple must have also investigated his background. You do not know anything about him before he suddenly appeared in Ling Town.”

"Your Profound Heaven Alliance knows?" Mo He's expression finally changed.

Before he had come, he had investigated Qin Lie using the channels available to Eight Extreme Temple.

He had gone over every single action that Qin Lie and Qin Shan had made ever since their appearance in Ling Town in great detail.

He had also guessed that Qin Lie's origins were not ordinary. Moreover, he speculated that Qin Shan, who had disappeared for a long time, was probably someone who had come to Ling Town from another continent—as for Xue Li, he believed that Xue Li was someone that Qin Shan had arranged to be by Qin Lie’s side to protect him.

However, he did not care about this.

Because he was a gold robed envoy from Eight Extreme Temple, he had enough confidence in himself to face everything.

However, Song Tingyu's words had caused him to waver slightly. If Profound Heaven Alliance really knew Qin Lie’s true identity and engaged Song Tingyu to Qin Lie because of his extraordinary origins, wouldn’t Profound Heaven Alliance retaliate if he killed Qin Lie now?

"Of course we know his background.” Song Tingyu smiled mysteriously. "Otherwise, why would my father nod his head, why would I... agree? Oh, right, I'll also remind you of this as well. Your Eight Extreme Temple cannot afford to provoke what is behind him. I urge you to not make any trouble for Eight Extreme Temple. You can tell my words to the Holy Master. With how brilliant the Holy Master is, I believe he will definitely change his mind.”

Mo He's brow creased deeply. He smiled at Song Tingyu for a while and then suddenly smiled faintly. "Then Eight Extreme Temple will be the first to congratulate Miss Song and Sect Master Qin's joyful event.”

Finished, Mo He turned and disappeared in a plume of thick poisonous miasma.

After he left, Song Tingyu's smile did not decrease. Her eyes glowed with an extremely beautiful and moving rainbow light.

"You hope to hide and expose my lie. You hope to wait until I meet with Qin Lie and see me slip up... then you will immediately kill him. Did you think that I wouldn’t know?" Song Tingyu quickly saw through Mo He's intentions, and then silently laughed on the inside. "I'm more skilled than anyone else at acting. You have wasted your efforts.”

She knew that Mo He had hidden somewhere and had not given up on killing Qin Lie. She also knew that she could not stop Mo He from wanting to kill Qin Lie with just her words.

If Mo He saw that she and Qin Lie did not have a relationship, if he ever became certain that what she said was a lie, Mo He would not hesitate to carry out an attack right in front of her to fulfill the order the Holy Master had given to kill Qin Lie.

Upon encountering Mo He and learning his intentions, Song Tingyu, who had been in a hurry to erase Qin Lie's imprint on her mind, stopped trying to do so.

Instead, she rode the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly back to Armament sect. Upon learning that Qin Lie was cultivating alone within the poisonous bog, she started to roam through the poisonous bog like Mo He in search of any trace of Qin Lie.

Another five days passed.

Today, Song Tingyu was currently resting on the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly with her eyes closed. Suddenly, a tremor came from deep within her mind—that heart shaking imprint of Qin Lie in her mind.

An odd light surfaced in Song Tingyu's eyes as she thought, "You’ve finally appeared.”

The Flowing Cloud Rainbow butterfly turned to a streak of rainbow light and rapidly flew in one direction like a wondrous light of sunset.

At the same time, in a bog several thousands of meters away from Song Tingyu, a figure covered in blue light slowly rose out from within the bog.

It was none other than Gold Robed Envoy Mo He.

Mo He had been hiding near Song Tingyu. With his great cultivation level, he was able to avoid Song Tingyu's perception and prevent her from knowing of his presence.

Song Tingyu's guess was right. There was no way he would scrap his mission just based on Song Tingyu’s words.

He had to see it with his own eyes. He had to be certain that there was an engagement between Song Tingyu and Qin Lie. He had to see the intimacy between the two before he would believe what Song Tingyu had said.

He rushed after Song Tingyu.

In a deep part of the poisonous bog.

In the area surrounded by Thunderblitz Trees, Qin Lie's body released an icy light as his figure gradually appeared.

His body emanated with coldness, and an emotionless, glittering, and icy light flashed in his eyes.

Using the fierce cold energy of the icy world, he had successfully formed his ninth Natal Palace. He finally stepped onto the peak of the Natal Opening Realm and reached the qualification needed to break into the Manifestation Realm!

"I've waited here a long time for you.”

Song Tingyu's soft voice suddenly sounded from a distance. The Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly came like a rainbow and flashed right in front of Qin Lie.

"Why did you cultivate for so long?”

Song Tingyu came off the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly and walked towards Qin Lie. Her eyes held great emotion, as well as a thread of anger.

—She was like a beautiful wife that had been waiting a long time for her husband.

Qin Lie stilled. In a daze, he seemed to go back into the illusion which Song Tingyu had cast. He began to see Song Tingyu as his wife again, one who had been waiting and longing for his return.

"Two days ago, Gold Robed Envoy Mo He of Eight Extreme Temple came. He doesn't believe that we’re engaged and said he'll kill you..." Song Tingyu pouted and snorted. "If he dares to act against my fiancé, my Profound Heaven Alliance will kill him even if we have to ignore the invasion of the Nether Realm!”

She was like a wife who would defend her husband to the death.

Qin Lie looked deeply at her, light flashing through his eyes as he quickly understood.

"Does Eight Extreme Temple still not know about the invasion of the Nether Realm evil races yet? At this time, why do they still want to kill me? Do they really want Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple to become enemies right now?" Qin Lie’s expression was cold as he followed along and also complained. He then showed gentleness as he said, "Yu'er, I’ve made you wait for a long time. I just formed my ninth Natal Palace, so it took some time."

"Yu-Yu'er..." Song TIngyu's body suddenly froze.

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