Chapter 247: Sinking into Two Lifetimes of Love

Chapter 247: Sinking into Two Lifetimes of Love

Before he met Song Tingyu, Qin Lie would never have believed that a woman could cause him to sink into depravity with just a pair of eyes.

Now he believed it.

If he hadn’t learned the frost concept, if he hadn’t managed to freeze his body and mind with the frost concept and affect the surroundings as well, he might have succumb to Song Tingyu’s terrifying charm already.

However, even as he resisted with difficulty with the frost concept now, he knew that he wasn’t completely immune to this woman’s terrifying charm.

Layer after layer of invisible ripples rammed continuously against his frost concept field as she walked towards him.

When Song Tingyu’s infinitely loving eyes stared at him, a passion and love as deep as the sea threatened to flood over him. Like a bottomless abyss, she threatened to suck him in and cause him to lose himself forever...

“Sect Master Qin, I simply admire you and wish to get closer to you. Are you truly that ruthless? Are you not willing to see me even once? Oh, how can such a cruel man as you exist in this world?” Song Tingyu’s voice rippled with an irresistible magic that was like a warm spirit floating into the bottom of Qin Lie’s heart.

Qin Lie actually lost control of the frost concept field he had gathered with such difficulty in an instant!

The melting, gentle voice and eyes filled with deep love flowed into his heart and mind like a warm stream.

The coldness in Qin Lie’s eyes was instantly melted, as lost and confusion appeared in his eyes.

He had succumbed deep into Song Tingyu’s charm field. His mind and body was led step by step by the other party to sink into an abyss that was as warm as the sea…

“My dear husband, please come back soon, okay? Your wife will be waiting for you, always. You must be safe. You must remember that your wife wishes you to come home…”

Inside a simple and crude stone house, a woman who was as gentle as water clad in a simple white skirt let out a thick color of worry on her impossibly beautiful face.

While tidying his clothes and fussing over him endlessly, the unfading love in her eyes was one that could melt even frigid ice and iron stone.

This woman, was none other than Song Tingyu.

On the other hand, Qin Lie, clad in leather armor while wearing a quiver at his back and a sword in his hand was ready to depart for a war and clash against the enemy on the battlefield.

Song Tingyu, was none other than his beloved wife. Before he left she had fussed over him with gentle words against and again, tell him how worried she was and expressed the reluctance in her heart.

Qin Lie’s heart was filled with regrets. They had married for only a few days, and he already had to leave his beloved because of an invasion by the enemy country. As a soldier, he had to go to the battlefield.

This departure might be several years long. He would have to leave his beloved alone in an empty house, thinking of him and worrying for him everyday, fearful that he would die in war and be separated forever.

He felt a terribly deep regret in his heart. He felt that he owed his beloved far too much, and made up his decision in his mind. When he came back from the war, he would definitely repay this debt as best he could.

And if he unfortunately perished in battle, then he would repay this lifetime debt even on his next life as well...

The scene changed.

Qin Lie sat in a luxurious carriage. There were handsome stallions opening the way at the front, and government escorts protecting his safety as they headed towards a secluded alley with bright lights and colorful decorations.

Many commoners congratulated him loudly along the way while wearing excited looks on their faces, as they welcomed him on both sides of the road.

The luxurious carriage stopped right in front of a shabby house. A beautiful woman clad in a green skirt with many sewn patches waited almost unbearably in front of the door.

“The Top Scholar is back, the Top Scholar is back! It’s been three years; he finally scored first on the rank and came back.”

“His poor beloved wife had to skimp here and there and wait him for three years, praying that he would be home everyday.”

“Their love has finally became whole.”

The people around them yelled loudly.

Qin Lie walked down from the carriage and saw his wife who had waited for him for three years at first glance. He felt a terrible regret in his heart and swore on the inside that he would repay her for a lifetime.

That woman was Song Tingyu again. She stood right by the door with a look of deep love and passion.

“My beloved, I will repay you for all that I’ve owe you with a lifetime!” Qin Lie walked forwards and hugged her right in front of everyone’s gazes. He swore silently in a low tone.

“Not just this lifetime. For the next life, and the life after that, you must remember what you owe me, and remember to repay me…” Song Tingyu said word by word with a voice full of magic.

That voice reached straight into Qin Lie’s heart and mind, and resonated deeply within his soul. Like an imprint or a seed, it wanted to imprint itself deep into Qin Lie’s heart and mind so he would not forget forever.


A loud rumble resounded inside Qin Lie’s mind. Like deeply rooted seed, it bloomed inside his head and grew bigger.

“This is what I owe her. I owe her two lifetimes of love, two lifetimes of debt!” Qin Lie exclaimed softly inside his heart.

A seed bloomed inside his heart, causing his mind to be imprinted with a figure that could never be wiped out.

That, was Song Tingyu’s figure.

“It’s good that you know that you owe me two lifetimes of love. Now then, you should return your debt for this lifetime now…” Song Tingyu smiled beautifully.

She had already walked in front of Qin Lie and stood at the opposite side of him. Two pairs of eyes gazed into each other.

She extended a jade finger and pointed smilingly at Qin Lie’s forehead, “My dear husband, this lifetime has arrived, so you should wake up and take a look around now. What you’ve owed me should be returned to me this lifetime…”

Her crystalline fingertip touched gently once at Qin Lie’s forehead. She had touched… where the Soul Suppressing Orb was right beneath his flesh and skin.


Surprise flashed across Song Tingyu’s beautiful eyes. A hint of fear appeared deep within her pupils.

The torrent of memories had rewinded from Qin Lie’s forehead and flowed back to her like rays of rainbow instead.

Those lights of memory imprinted with her mind seeds were the fruits of love she had spent much effort to cultivate. She had originally planned to implant this deep inside Qin Lie’s mind.

But at this moment, it had suddenly uncontrollably flowed back to her mind and consciousness from Qin Lie’s body, rushing through the door of her heart and soul...

Suddenly, the two scenes Qin Lie had seen earlier were displayed inside her mind.

Qin Lie had worn a soldier’s outfit, ready to attend his duty on the battlefield. Filled with regret, worry and sadness, she helped Qin Lie to tidy his clothes...

Her heart was filled to the brim with thick bitterness. They had gotten married for only a few days and enjoyed a few days of deep passion, and her husband was already going to war and would not return for several years.

She was very worried; worried that Qin Lie would encounter an accident; worried that Qin Lie would die on the battlefield.

After Qin Lie had left, she was left alone inside the house, thinking and crying for him day and night, missing Qin Lie.

After the scene changed, Qin Lie was now hurrying for the exam at the capital, and she was left alone at the house feeling anxious and worried for him.

She was worried that Qin Lie would not pass the imperial exams, wasting his many years of hard effort in studies and the money they had accumulated with much hardship. She then worried about Qin Lie not returning home after becoming an official, living abroad and marrying a new wife at the capital...

She thought of him for three years day and night. Her mind was filled with Qin Lie’s figure, hoping everyday for him to get on the honor roll and come home.

Two lifetimes of love, two lifetimes of endless waiting for the day her husband came home.

She waited all the way until today, this lifetime, the third lifetime.

She watched Qin Lie in front of her and suddenly realized that his figure had been deeply imprinted inside her heart. It was as if his figure had became rooted inside her heart and could never be wiped away...

She suddenly realized that she had suffered a backfire from her concept.

This was the first time she had failed in her whole life.

A stream of blood flowed down from the corner of her red lips. Her charm concept had finally shattered after the trickle of blood had appeared.

She stared deeply at Qin Lie with impossibly complex colors dancing inside her eyes. Then, she cried out softly.

The colorful figure of a Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly suddenly appeared high on the sky. It flew towards her like a rainbow meteor.

When the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly had closed in, she jumped once and fell on top of the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly. She was carried by the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly into the sky and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Deep within the clouds, she took out an exquisite-looking handkerchief and gently wiped the blood at the corner of her lips. Suddenly, she shook her head and laughed bitterly, “I can’t believe I actually failed. My concept actually backfired going up against a guy who hasn’t even reached the Fulfillment Realm. I’m the one who had his figure implanted deep inside my heart instead.”

She knew very well that the moment the magical spirit art she cultivated had backfired, she must wipe away the other party’s imprint from the bottom of her heart as soon as possible.

Otherwise, she would float between the lines of illusion and reality. Her emotions would become unstable when facing Qin Lie, and it would affect her cool judgement as well.

—As long as that seed belonging to Qin Lie inside her head was not eliminated, she would treat Qin Lie as her most intimate companion. She would even experience the the terrifying feeling that Qin Lie was her husband of two lifetimes.

She, who had never failed, was terrified for the first time. She was in a hurry to eliminate that terrifying influence immediately.

That was why she didn’t even dare speak an additional sentence and ran away from Qin Lie at top speed.

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