Chapter 246: Terrifying Charm

Chapter 246: Terrifying Charm

“Are you not willing to meet me, Sect Master Qin?”

A pleasant and seductive voice rang out of the little wooden house. A beautiful woman wearing colorful clothing and adorned with equally colorful crystals walked out of it.

It was as if that heart melting gaze could soften any man’s heart and cause them to feel protective and willing to sacrifice everything for her.

Qin Lie frowned. He also looked towards the direction the voice came from; towards Song Tingyu standing in front of the wooden door.

“What a beautiful woman!”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up. His expression was also somewhat surprised, praising the flawless beauty that was Song Tingyu.

When his gaze met Song Tingyu’s eyes, even he felt moved and subconsciously willing to agree to any of this woman’s demands; wanting to bow willingly before the straight and beautiful legs of this woman and gift her even his own life.

“This is…”

Cold energy rushed out from the bottom of his heart as Qin Lie forcefully entered his frost concept, forcefully freezing the fire that had appeared in his heart with ice.

Traces of mind-freezing, consciousness stopping frost aura wrapped inside his body, slowly dispersing all of the passion.

The hint of confusion in his eyes was gradually replaced by a thin layer of white ice. Only coldness was left in his pupils.

He had broken out of the opponent’s concept!

It was only then he finally saw that Song Tingyu’s glittering eyes and perfectly curved bodice was emanating out a mind-drugging and soul-intoxicating aura.

The aura was like waves rippling the surface of a lake that gradually spread outward in circular patterns. It was like a magnetic field that could suck in everyone’s soul and pull a man’s attention and heart completely to her side!

It was an incredibly rare and unique concept!

He now understood how formidable she was.

Not only was this woman from Profound Heaven Alliance born exceedingly beautiful with a peerless face, she was also very good at employing her natural advantage–she had specifically cultivated a magical spirit art that would enhance her own charm!

This spirit art caused her charm, already irresistible to males, to be magnified severalfold!

She had even enhanced her spirit art to the point where her concept had turned into a magnetic field that surrounded the perimeter to cover an entire area, causing all the men within a specific range to be unable to escape the allure of her attractive charm. She would cause even a person’s soul to succumb to her.

“What a formidable woman! What a terrifying concept!” Qin Lie exclaimed in great shock inside his heart as his expression gradually turned serious. He was now viewing this woman in another light. He now considered her his strongest opponent.

“Haven’t we met, just now?” Qin Lie’s eyes were cold as his entire body was brimming with a kind of bone deep chilliness. He was barely resisting his opponent with the frost concept; holding back her terrifying concept magnetic field from overwhelming him. He had focused all of his mind and consciousness on preventing his heart from being corrupted.

“Crack crack crack!”

Suddenly, the air within a ten meter radius around Qin Lie seemed to have suddenly frozen, as his surroundings emitted cracking sounds caused by the dry ground slowly freezing.

A terribly cold aura covered the everything within that ten meter radius, causing everyone within the area to feel cold all over.

A few tiny green grass stalks were covered in ice and became crystalline and translucent. Lian Rou and Tang Siqi’s hair were gradually covered in white snow.

“You’re unwilling to see me, so I have no choice but to come out myself. Why do you need to act so cold, Sect Master Qin? I have traveled quite a distance to come here out of true sincerity. I wish to grow closer to Armament Sect and you. To send your guest away is against customs, don’t you know?”

Song Tingyu wore a beatific smile as her eyes brimmed with indignation and blame. It was as if she was a woman deeply in love complaining to a distant lover for not returning soon enough.

It was as if that gaze could move a man with a heart of ice, and make even the most ruthless man submit obediently.

This was the first time they have seen each other, and they already were locked in combat, using their respective concepts to pressure the opponent’s heart’s defense line and to force them into submission!

This was a war between concepts!

Tong Jihua abruptly shuddered and woke up. He stared at Song Tingyu first, then at Qin Lie as his expression abruptly changed.

He had actually lost himself temporarily while he looked into Song Tingyu’s eyes.

If it wasn’t for Qin Lie unleashing the frost concept and spreading it to his surroundings, awakening him with ice cold chilliness… he would still be trapped inside Song Tinguyu’s concept.

“What a formidable woman. Her charm that could cause a soul to unknowingly succumb is at least dozens of times stronger than before!” Tong Jihua immediately understood that Song Tingyu did not unleash this magical concept when she had faced them earlier at all. She didn’t take them seriously.

When Tong Jihua had awakened, he suddenly felt cold to the bone, and when he looked at Song Tingyu once more his eyes actually shone with a hint of deep fear and worry.

“Let us back away first.” Tong Jihua exclaimed in a soft tone, asking for Lian Rou and Tang Siqi to retreat with him together out of Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s zone.

However, he did not hear a reply from both of them.

When he turned around to look, he realized that both Lian Rou and Tang Siqi were staring blankly at Song Tingyu with empty eyes. It was as if they were trapped inside an illusion and could not break free.

Tong Jihua was dismayed, “This woman’s charm and concept area works on both men and women?”

He was shocked once more, recognizing just how terrifying and formidable this only daughter of Profound Heaven Alliance’s Alliance Chief Song Yu was.

A charm that could capture both men and women, and a concept field that could cause a person’s very soul to submit willingly to her orders… With her working for Profound Heaven Alliance, just how many people in the entire Scarlet Tide Continent could resist her advances; just how many people could remain themselves in front of her?

Tong Jihua was deeply worried for Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was still young after all. He was hot-blooded and vigorous, and a man his age had the least resistance against the allure of a beautiful woman, not to mention that his opponent was Song Tingyu, a disaster-level beauty who was well-versed in the concept of seduction.

Even he had fallen for her trick. Tong Jihua did not think the odds were in favor of Qin Lie. Actually, he did not believe Qin Lie had any chance of victory.

“Siqi! Lian Rou!

He yelled beside the two women’s ears and woke them from their trance. Then he said seriously, “Follow me!”

The emptiness in Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s eyes faded slightly. They shuddered once and suddenly stared somewhat fearfully at Song Tingyu. A great fear was born inside their hearts.

They understood what had just happened.

They had fallen into an illusion earlier, and within that illusion they saw Song Tingyu as an empress—an empress ruling over a nation made up of women alone.

They were Song Tingyu’s guards. They had sworn their lives to defend Song Tingyu, to sacrifice their lives for her at any moment, to listen to her orders, to do their absolute best to serve her, to dedicate everything they were to her...

Everything had appeared so real in that illusion. Even after they had awakened they still doubted themselves; doubted if the world around them was fake and they were bewitched to feel doubt towards their empress.

“Bite your own finger!” Tong Jihua yelled in a low tone.

Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s expressions abruptly shuddered as they hurriedly put their jade fingers into their beautiful lips and bit themselves.

In the next moment, they cried out in uncontrollable pain, and finally came to realization which world was truly real.

They stared fearfully at Song Tingyu, realizing that Song Tingyu was smiling at them, seemingly ridiculing them for their unruly appearances and finger biting act...

Great fear appeared inside their hearts as they swiftly retreated under Tong Jihua’s shouts, until they were at least a hundred meters away from Qin Lie and Song Tingyu, beside Armament Sect comrades. Only then did they stop while breathing heavily.

“That woman is practically a devil!” Lian Rou pressed her rapidly beating heart with a slightly pale face, exclaiming in shock, “I’ve never met such a person. I’ve never seen someone who can cause us to succumb to the point where we didn’t even know who we are in just a few glances! Does she hail from Nether Realm to be this terrifying?”

These were exactly the same thoughts Tang Siqi had.

She also stared fearfully at Song Tingyu, and as she watched Song Tingyu slowly approaching Qin Lie, she cried out, “Qin Lie, Qin Lie is still inside!”

“This is the war between concepts. It is… incredibly difficult for others to interfere unless one is well-versed in some concept and can disrupt them with it.. Otherwise... otherwise we will have to kill Song Tingyu, but…” Tong Jihua smiled bitterly.

Kill Song Tingyu?

Who would dare?

Lian Rou and Tang Siqi had also turned silent. They knew that there were probably no one who dared to kill Song Tingyu on this continent.

Even Eight Extreme Temple would never dare to commit such an act unless they had made up their minds to start an all-out war against Profound Heaven Alliance.

Much less Armament Sect.

Therefore, the crowd could only smile bitterly as they watched Song Tingyu taking step after step towards Qin Lie. They could only watch her beautiful eyes brimming with expressions as deep as the sea as she stood amorously in front of Qin Lie...

No one could help him.

This was a war between him and Song Tingyu alone. This was the unique war between concepts.

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