Chapter 244: Song Tingyu

Chapter 244: Song Tingyu

"A Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly! A rank five spirit beast!" Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang’s expression suddenly shifted.

"The legendary Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly! A terrifying spirit beast from the Flowing Cloud Continent, how come it is here?" Fang Qi shouted in surprise.

Flowing Cloud Continent was very close to Scarlet Tide Continent. In previous generations, there had been artificers from Armament Sect who had traveled to Flowing Cloud Continent and recorded down many of the precious fauna on that continent.

The rank five Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly was the most famous spirit beast of Flowing Cloud Continent. This spirit beast was an enormous and extremely beautiful butterfly. When it flew, rainbow light would flow around its wings, causing it to look like a rainbow cloud. Thus it was called a Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly.

The Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly could fly extremely quickly. Supposedly, it would at most take it ten days to go from Flowing Cloud Continent to Scarlet Tide Continent.

In comparison, normal martial practitioners who traveled to Flowing Cloud Continent by boat had to spend one to two years. Even if it was by some other flying animal, they would need at least several months.

Even on the Eight Extreme Temple’s Green Hunting Bat, it would take at least two months to travel to Flowing Cloud Continent.

That stood as testament to the speed at which Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly flew.

"I am Song Tingyu of Profound Heaven Alliance and am here on a special visit. Greetings to the uncles of Armament Sect, please allow me to come down and have a chat." A pleasing and soft voice came down from the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly, one so pleasant, it caused the nervous expressions of whoever listened to it to subconsciously relax.

Many of the Armament Sect disciples, including Pan Xuan, Tian Jianhao and their group, showed intoxicated expressions just from hearing the voice which floated down from the sky.

"Profound Heaven Alliance’s Song Tingyu! Are you the only daughter of Alliance Master Song Yu?" Luo Zhichang's expression was greatly shocked.

"Haha, that's me." Song Tingyu's voice resounded slowly.

"Armament Sect’s main sect no longer exists. As this place has just started to be built, it is still very crude here. Miss Song, please don’t take offense." Luo Zhichang thought for a moment and looked at the two other reverends. The three said together, "It is an honor for Armament Sect to have Miss Song come. We respectfully welcome your arrival.”

Under the scolding of the inner sect elders, a group of outer sect disciples scattered, making space for her.

"Uncles are too courteous..."

A beautiful girl wearing a multi-colored robe which was embellished with rainbow crystal jewelry slowly appeared atop the Flowing Cloud Rainbow Butterfly. She had a pair of bright eyes along a mesmerizing smile, and her hair was piled high atop her head.

As the men of Armament Sect raised their heads to look up from below, their bodies stiffened.

The girl had a devastatingly enchanting figure, and her eyes were like crescent moons. Moreover, the exquisite beauty of her face was enough to bring ruin to countries. Her looks were simply too destructive, like femme fatales of legend. It was as if the description had been specifically created to describe her extreme beauty...

But it wasn't simply just the inner and outer sect disciples. Even the three great reverends and six inner sect elders fell into a momentary daze when they saw her. As their gazes landed on her body, they began to show extremely obvious signs of deep infatuation.

"Profound Heaven Alliance was really in the wrong this time. We should not have attacked Armament Sect. I have personally come today in hope that I can reimburse you for your losses. I hope to I can receive your forgiveness." Song Tingyu showed a pitiful expression, causing all of the men around her to feel a desire to protect her. As if all of her words were said with the utmost sincerity, they couldn’t help but subconsciously believe her.

“All the members of Armament Sect who worked in the Armament Pavilions of Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, and Dark Shadow Tower and who were imprisoned have all been released as of now. As long as you say words, they can leave at any time and come meet up with you here.”

Song Tingyu looked at the crowd and said with a serious expression,"Profound Heaven Alliance did not touch them. These people who sold spirit artifacts in those Armament Pavilions are all alive and well. I guarantee you that none of them have been injured, and that they can leave at any time.”

When Luo Zhichang and the others heard this, their expressions turned joyful as excitement silently bubbled up inside their hearts.

They had constantly been worried about the shop attendants of the Armament Pavilions which were scattered across the land, afraid that they had been killed by the five forces before the war had even began

Hearing Song Tingyu’s words, it sounded like those people had only been imprisoned, and that their lives had never been threatened. This caused everyone to become excited.

After all, those people were also the disciples of Armament Sect. They too were members of Armament Sect. Moreover, there was a huge number of them. If they were still alive and well, then it would become much easier for Armament Sect to rebuild.

"...Still, some people of Armament Sect have died. Thus, Profound Heaven Alliance would like to extend our apologies and offer reparations." Song Tingyu bowed slightly. "Profound Heaven Alliance is willing to pay ten thousand Earth Grade One spirit stones. If Armament Sect does not believe it is enough, then we can further negotiate ..."

"Earth Grade One spirit stones! Ten thousand pieces!" Pan Xuan inhaled a breath of cold air.

The expressions of Tian Jianhao and the other outer sect disciples changed as their eyes began to fervently glow.

Even the expressions of the three great reverends and the six inner sect elders quietly shifted, as their eyes also began to shine.

Earth Grade spirit stones were usually something that only Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners could use. The spirit energy contained in one piece of Earth Grade One spirit stone was multiple times higher than a Profound Grade Seven spirit stone.

Earth Grade spirit stones were commonly used as currency by Copper rank factions. They were the materials which Fulfillment and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners generally used to assist their cultivation.

Armament Sect, along with nearby Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Cloud Sky Mountain, Purple Mist Sea, and Dark Shadow Tower were all only able to store Profound Grade spirit stones and thus only used them during cultivation. They would rarely have the chance to come into contact with Earth Grade spirit stones.

The total value of ten thousand Earth Grade spirit stones was probably worth as much as a third of Seven Fiends Valley. It was enough to purchase ten mines or exchange for several cities like Icestone CIty.

The reparations offered by Profound Heaven Alliance greatly surpassed the expectations of Luo Zhichang and the others, causing them to feel greatly moved.

"Is Profound Heaven Alliance really planning to resolve this peacefully? Are they really not preparing to finish off Armament Sect?" Everyone was currently thinking the same thing.

"So, so what does Armament Sect need to do?" asked Luo Zhichang in a deep voice as he suppressed his excitement and tried to not get carried away.

"You do not need to do anything. Just being willing to continue business with Profound Heaven Alliance is enough. My Profound Heaven Alliance plans to order some things from Armament Sect. We will use additional spirit stones to pay." Song Tingyu smiled docilely.

"What kind of transactions? What are you preparing to order?" Luo Zhichang shouted lightly.

"...That object called the Terminator Profound Bomb. One hundred Earth Grade One spirit stones for each one. We will buy as many as you can make." Song Tingyu finally stated her true intentions, "The fighting between Scarlet Tide Continent and the evil races of the Nether Realm will start soon. This time, we are not fighting atop the Nether Battlefield, but atop the land on which we reside. If we lose this fight, Scarlet Tide Continent will become Nether Realm’s playground. It’s even possible that Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple will disappear. That’s why we need something that can reverse the situation. The Terminator Profound Bomb is exactly the thing that we need.”

After she had said this, all the people of Armament Sect knew what Song Tingyu had really come for. They also knew why Profound Heaven Alliance’s terms were so generous, and why they had come to ask for peace.

—They had come for the Terminator Profound Bomb.

The evil races of the Nether Realm were extremely afraid of thunder and lightning. The Terminator Profound Bomb was precisely the bane of their existence!

The Terminator Profound Bomb had almost killed all the troops of the five forces. Considering that it could possibly be even more effective when used against a force of similar size and power of evil races from the Nether Realm, perhaps it could completely obliterate them!

Thus, after realizing that Armament Sect was the only one to have such a wondrous object, Profound Heaven Alliance instantly made a decision—to obtain the Terminator Profound Bomb at any cost!

Their original goal had been to obtain the method to make the Terminator Profound Bomb, but Song Tingyu knew that Armament Sect would definitely not give up the forging method. Thus, in order to avoid creating enmity with Armament Sect, she had never mentioned buying the method.

In this regard, she was extremely smart and crafty. .

"Only Sect Master Qin knows the method for forging the Terminator Profound Bomb, and only he can forge it." Luo Zhichang thought for a moment and then said calmly, "Moreover, we cannot make the decision as to whether we sell Terminator Profound Bombs or not. Only the sect master can make this decision.”

Song Tingyu's smile did not fade as she sincerely asked, "Can I see your honored Sect Master Qin? I would like to talk about this face to face with him. After all, I have come a long ways to demonstrate my sincerity. Uncles, please guide me to meet him.”

Hearing her say that, a similar, yet strange thought emerged within the minds of all the males of Armament Sect—if you talked face to face with someone, who could possibly refuse your suggestion?

As long as it was a man, how could they possibly refuse her? Furthermore, the conditions she gave were so benevolent, just how could Qin Lie refuse?

This was what everyone thought.

Even Luo Zhichang thought so. He assumed that if Song Tingyu met with Qin Lie, Qin Lie would definitely be unable to refuse her and thus quickly form a partnership agreement with Profound Heaven Alliance.

"The sect master is temporarily absent. He is cultivating inside the poisonous bog. It may be some time before he comes out," said Luo Zhichang.

"Then why don't I go find him?" Song Tingyu suggested.

"Don’t, the sect master is currently cultivating. Miss Song, please do not disturb him," lightly shouted Fang Qi.

Song Tingyu wasn’t angry. Instead, she smiled and then said with a nod, "Alright, I will wait here for him to return then.”

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