Chapter 243: Lightning Field

Chapter 243: Lightning Field

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the layer of clouds above the poisonous bog. The thick bolts of lightning moved like dragons and roiled in the thick clouds.

The multi-colored poisonous miasma slowly dispersed as it was struck by lightning. As the firmament howled, it gradually disappeared.

On the dry ground at the center of the bog, Qin Lie raised his head to look at the thunder and lightning in the black clouds. He suddenly felt a strong urge to cultivate Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

Hearing the cracks of the thunder, the blood and cells inside his body seemed to be boiling.

"Take care of the smelting furnace, I'm going out for a walk in the poisonous bog. You only need to keep the fire source going and add a portion of cold spirit materials so that the Terminator Profound Bomb can precipitate and form into a sphere. We did this together last time, so you should be familiar with the process.”

Qin Lie gradually couldn’t control the restlessness inside. He also wanted to use the thunder from the Ninth Heaven to test his most recent cultivation progress, so he had Tang Siqi keep an eye on smelting furnace.

"I'll be fine. When it comes to forging... I'm not less skilled than you." Tang Siqi wore a confident smile on her beautiful face. "Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to manage it properly. Oh, you should be careful. The poisonous bog is very dangerous, and we have yet to explore many strongly poisonous areas. Do not get bitten by poisonous organisms.”

"I have the detoxification pills that Senior Sister Lian Rou made, there shouldn't be any problems." Subsequently, Qin Lie moved towards the depths of the poisonous bog.

At that time, the python tattoo on his neck disappeared inside his body.

"Sect Master Qin!" A Blood Spear blood guard shouted.

"Don’t follow me. I'm going inside the poisonous bog. I want to use the thunder to cultivate." Qin Lie continued his advance.

"Will Sect Master Qin be alright?" a blood guard said worriedly.

"Alright?" another blood guard grinned. "With Sect Master Qin's mysterious skills, I think that there is nothing in the poisonous bog that can pose a threat to him. In the sect, he had killed people from the five forces with the Terminator Profound Bombs, was able to manipulate the twelve spirit pattern pillars, and even killed Jiu Liuyu... what could possibly happen to him?”

"That's true. Sect Master Qin is different from the old sect master, he is not only an artificer." The guard's mind was put to rest.

After this calamity, everyone in Armament Sect truly accepted Qin Lie as the sect master.

In the eyes of many people, Qin Lie was a better sect master than Ying Xingran, because it had been Qin Lie who had given them hope and life. Even if Ying Xingran was present, he could not have done what Qin Lie did.

"If the sect was given ten more years to develop, Armament Sect would rule over Scarlet Tide Continent with Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple! We would truly become a Copper rank force!" someone shouted lowly.

The blood guards from Blood Spear that were around wore excited expressions; their minds stirred as though they were seeing a vast scene of the future.



Suddenly, a spear of lightning shot down from the sky and caused an old tree to become unusually bright.The lightning quickly passed through the tree branches.

Qin Lie's body suddenly stopped.

He stood in a muddy bog which glowed with dark green poisonous light. On the surface, bubbles of poisonous water could be seen, constantly releasing corrosive acid.

"Boom boom boom!”

The sound of thunder was exceptionally intense here. The streaks of lightning seemed to be alive and were gathering in this area.

Qin Lie had also come here after following rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning. He approached the green water poisonous bog and headed towards an area with old, gray-brown trees.

There was a circle of strange ten-meter-tall trees around the green-colored poisonous water bog. Not a single leaf could be found on these trees. The tree branches were grayish-brown, and the patterns on the trees seemed ancient and mysterious.

Under the illumination of lightning, those patterns flashed like tiny arcs of electricity.


As the lightning came down and struck an old tree, the old tree did not turn into ash under lightning’s destructive might. Instead, the sound of thunder seemed to come from within it.

Looking closely, one would find that the tree patterns of this ancient tree were constantly flashing with light.

A kind of restless lightning field slowly spread around the old trees, causing the rumbles of thunder in the area to intensify.

"These old trees..."

Qin Lie's expression shifted slightly, surprised joy rising in his eyes. "Thunderblitz Tree! It’s able to tolerate the repeated attacks of thunder and lightning and is even capable of absorbing their power! Thunderblitz Tree, Profound Grade Six spirit material!”

The Thunderblitz Tree was a rare wood-type spirit material. Only areas plagued with frequent thunderstorms could give birth to a Thunderblitz Tree.

It was different from other trees. When other trees encountered the strikes of lightning, they would quickly wither and die or burn becoming burnt black ash.

Thunderblitz Trees, however, did not fear lightning strikes. On the contrary, if they were not stuck by lightning for a long period of time, they would slowly wither and then die.

The thunder and lightning that came from the Ninth Heaven was the power that kept it alive and also the source of its existence.

Profound Grade Six Thunderblitz Trees were great for forging many thunder-type spirit artifacts. Even the forging method of Terminator Profound Bomb that Li Mu had given to Qin Lie had mentioned the Thunderblitz Tree. If he could use the Thunderblitz Tree to replace the Thundersky Rock, the power of the Terminator Profound Bomb could increase by another level.

"The poisonous bog has Thunderblitz Trees and more than ten of them. I have pretty good luck." Qin Lie's eyes gradually brightened up.

"Eh, that's not right, it seems... like I had known beforehand that there were Thunderblitz Trees here. It feels like I’ve come here before." Qin Lie rubbed his head, his expression slightly puzzled, as he spoke to himself with his brows creased.

When he had been forging with Tang Siqi, he had heard the roars of thunder. At that time, his blood had burned and he had a strong impulse to cultivate Heavenly Thunder Eradication. This impulse couldn’t be suppressed no matter how hard he tried...

Then he had come searching this entire way, following density of thunder and lightning according to... a mysterious intuition which led him here.

Which lead him to find this wondrous land that contained Thunderblitz Trees.

"There are enough Thunderblitz Trees that when the storm comes, it can form a strong lightning field. This lightning field can take in the thunder and lightning from the Ninth Heaven and gather their power... The strange formations I made inside Herb Mountain had copied the lightning field that Thunderblitz Trees naturally form to help you cultivate Heavenly Thunder Eradication.”

He suddenly remember Qin Shan’s words, as the blurry memories became clear.

Qin Lie raised his head to look at the lightning crashing down. He looked at the dazzling dragons of lightning, looked at the glittering Thunderblitz Tree, then his expression trembled.

"This is a great place to cultivate!”

Bolts of lightning came out of his body like electrical snakes. They wrapped around his arms and waist like chains and formed layers of flickering lightning barriers. They were meant to protect the vulnerable parts of his body.

Subsequently, he sat down on a relatively dry part of the ground.

He started to channel Heavenly Thunder Eradication at full power!


A roar of thunder that could tear the earth apart came from the depths of his mind, shaking his mind until both his vision and consciousness became blurry.

"Zzt zzt zzt!”

The lightning flashed as it condensed on his neck. The python tattoo became clearer. Under the illumination of the lightning, it seemed to have come alive, moving slightly.

That python's little eye which had been condensed from that light contained an ancient and desolate aura. It was like an existence that had slept for tens of thousands of years that slowly awakened. The ancient soul used a puzzled gaze to size up the world that had become so unfamiliar...

"Pah pah pah!”

Bolts of lightning and the loud rumblings of thunder fell from the void and landed on lightning field created by the Thunderblitz Trees.

Qin Lie was like a whirlpool that was able to absorb thunder and lightning. He sat at the center of the field, as the fluctuations emanating out of his body became stronger!

As he was cultivating Heavenly Thunder Eradication, the python on his neck moved, making swallowing motions.

The thunder and lightning power that entered Qin Lie's body turned into streams of light that poured into its mouth in the form of a long river of lightning.

The tiny body of the python seemed to slowly grow a bit as it swallowed more and more of thunder and lightning power...

Its body that seemed illusory became more real and slowly gained an intimidating aura.

Such a high-level being was undergoing its first metamorphosis. It was evolving to a state that would suit it best in the present world!

It was using Qin Lie's body, the Heavenly Thunder Eradication that Qin Lie cultivated, and the lightning field produced by the Thunderblitz Trees to finish its own evolution.

And Qin Lie was benefitting from its existence as it caused even more lightning to fall down, letting it temper his body.

"Strange, there’s something wrong with my body today, how is so much lightning entering my body directly? And how could this body of mine withstand it until now? Why do the thunder Natal Palaces inside my body not feel as though they are going to explode..."

Qin Lie did not know what was currently happening on his neck. He felt that the rate of absorption of thunder and lightning into his body was extremely high this time, yet he did not have the feeling he would explode.

After being puzzled for a while, he decided it must have been due to the lightning field and didn’t think about it any more.

He still focused on cultivating Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

The place where the people of Armament Sect were situated.

The three reverends and the seven inner sect elders felt uneasy when they learned that Qin Lie had headed deep into the poisonous bog to cultivate. They were afraid an accident would happen to Qin Lie.

They had sent Lian Rou out. They had Lian Rou go with Tang Siqi deep into the poisonous bog to make sure that Qin Lie would not get bitten by the poisonous insects or get his body corroded by the poisonous water.

Lang Xie and the martial practitioners of Blood Spear were also roaming around another part of the poisonous bog under the leadership of Mo Hai. They needed to find the most suitable place for Blood Spear to cultivate.

Having found a large piece of dry ground, the three reverends arranged for the sect disciples to cut down the surrounding trees and use the wood to construct some simple buildings.

Everyone was working hard.

"Look at the sky!" Pan Xuan, inner sect's senior disciple, suddenly pointed at the grey sky and hollered.

The inner sect disciples that were busy and all the elders raised their faces to the sky.

Elegantly dancing among the clouds was an extremely beautiful butterfly that was around the size of an enormous eagle. Woven with a rainbow of fluid colors, it was around seven or eight meters long.

On the bright and vivid butterfly was a beautiful figure that flickered in and out of view dressed in multicolored clothing. She looked like a goddess riding on a rainbow, shocking anyone who laid their eyes on her.

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