Chapter 237: Reaching an Agreement

Chapter 237: Reaching an Agreement

As Xue Li glided away, Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance finally threw out the olive branch as they took initiative to plead with Qin Lie...

Qin Lie stood on the fragmented stone ground and observed the expectant gazes of all the Armament Sect elders and disciples as they all came to the sudden realization that Armament Sect’s calamity had already passed.

Because the opening of the evil nether passageway meant that the Nether Battlefield between the Nether Realm and Scarlet Tide Continent would no longer be able to contain the evil races of the Nether Realm. Before long, a great wave of evil beings from the Nether Realm would set foot onto their continent.

A great war between Scarlet Tide Continent and the Nether Realm could break out at any time.

At this time, Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple had to band together; they had to muster every last bit of combat strength possible to defend against the invasion of the evil races.

As for Qin Lie, he would be of great use during that time. The spirit artifacts and Terminator Profound Bombs forged by Armament Sect’s artificers and his control over the twelve spirit pattern pillars would provide a flicker of hope for the continent as they clash against the invaders.

Only thus were Song Siyuan and Zhan Tianyi able to decisively suspend the grudges held between the five great forces and Armament Sect.

“Boom boom!”

The earth tremored as long, narrow fissures began to emerge under everyone’s feet.

Amidst the sounds of explosion, another spirit pattern pillar was harshly ejected from the ground up into the air.

“Sect Master Qin!” screeched elder Tong Jihua.

Qin Lie’s mind quivered, and he immediately reacted, saying, “Everyone, try your best to evacuate from this area. I will try to see if I can delay the arrival of the incoming evil beings!”

Finished, he promptly sat down.

Closing his eyes, he began to circulate all the power within his body, inciting the spirit energy within his dantian’s spirit sea to flow like a stream through his four limbs and bones as it converged towards his muscles, veins, and organs.

Following his mind’s guidance, the spirit energy he possessed surged out of the top of his head into the sky towards the spirit pattern pillars suspended in midair.

Each spirit pattern pillar was like a glowing cylindrical galaxy and shined with various colors of brilliant light. Each of the spirit diagrams inscribed atop the pillars once again began to emerge as if they were alive.

One long, white river of energy after another surged down from within the Nine Winding River Diagram and flowed into the hole from which the pillar had escaped from. The intense tremoring of the hole was gradually being suppressed.

Chunks of starlight, which glowed as brightly as diamonds, fell into another hole. The heaven-shaking earth-moving howls from within the hole were seemingly sealed.

The giant birds, spirit birds, and golden eagles were like a group of swallows returning to their nest as they descended into the next hole, dissipating the clouds of grayish-white smoke while also forcefully stabilizing the ground below.

“Everyone, immediately retreat out of Armament Sect and Armament City. Evacuate this entire area!” decisively ordered Song Siyuan.

“Evacuate now! The faster the better! The farther the better!” similarly shouted Zhan Tianyi.

“Leave!” also screamed Feng Rong.

Thus, the martial practitioners of the five great forces, along with the people of Armament Sect, all began to withdraw as quickly as possible.

“Qin Lie, how long can you hold out?” asked Liang Zhong.

“At most, at most two hours…” replied Qin Lie as he wildly circulated his spirit energy.

“Within two hours, everyone must evacuate. Otherwise you shall die!” Xie Zhizhang’s face was extremely serious as he ordered, “Jingxuan, you leave too! You are responsible for keeping a close eye on the people of the five forces. They are not allowed to come into conflict with the people of Armament Sect again during this time!”

Xie Jingxuan solemnly nodded and subsequently looked in the direction of Fu Zhuohui and Tu Shixiong’s people, saying, “From now on, the hatred between the five forces and Armament Sect must be forcefully suppressed!”

“Rest assured,” promised Fu Zhuohui.

“Us three, along with Qin Lie, will stay behind. Everyone else leave this instant!” urged Song Siyuan.

The people of the five forces and Armament Sect all quickly withdrew in terror.

When the mountain had begun to violently tremble, Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan had also quickly rushed down the mountain along with numerous fleeing martial practitioners from Armament Sect and had regrouped with the martial practitioners from Dark Fiend Valley.

The entire city was evacuated.

Within the natural stone forest between Icestone City, Water Moon City, and Crimson Flame City.

“Old man, just who are you?” Gao Yu’s expression was dark and cold. His gloomy eyes were filled with impatience. “It was indeed wrong of me to make a move to kill you, but the matter has already passed. Must you follow after me like a lingering ghost?”

“Brat, I was really injured last time. I had finally escaped from that accursed place and was preparing to rest for a while in this remote place, but somehow I ended up encountering you, you evil brat. You could clearly see that I was severely injured, but not only did you not reach out and help me, you suddenly tried to kill me instead. If not for my quick reaction, I’m afraid I would have directly been killed by you!” A short, skinny old man, who was wearing loose gray robes, coldly stared at Gao Yu, his body covered with sharp killing intent.

This old man was none other than Di Shijiu, the tower lord of Dark Shadow Tower’s Dark Tower.

Earlier he had chased Lang Xie through Armament City all the way out of the city as he and Tu Xi joined hands in an attempt to kill Lang Xie.

They hadn’t expected that Lang Xie was hiding a secret technique. By burning the blood essence he had bitterly cultivated, Lang Xie had been able to explosively increase his strength in but a moment. Not only did he manage to kill Tu Xi on the spot, he had almost killed Di Shijiu as well.

At the time, Di Shijiu saw Tu Xi’s tragic death and immediately realized at that Lang Xie had gone crazy at that moment. Thus, he had decisively run away.

He had fled to this natural stone forest.

Within this forest, his blood-covered, extremely weak body sat itself within an exceptionally deep valley.

Afterwards, he had encountered Gao Yu, who had come to the stone forest to cultivate...

As soon as Gao Yu saw him, even before any words were even exchanged and without delay, he had instigated his Ogre-faced Rings and summoned his Demon God’s shadow. Without asking any questions, Gao Yu had attempted to murder him straightaway.

If not for his cultivation being much higher than Gao Yu’s, in addition to him being significantly faster, he might have really fallen at the hands of Gao Yu.

After having escaped, he needed to spend several days to recover. However, during these several days, he had been constantly hunted down by Gao Yu, who was intent on killing him, through this stone forest. He had almost been driven into dead ends several times.

But now, he had finally recovered a bit of his strength. Thus, he had promptly gone and found Gao Yu.

He stood in front of Gao Yu, blocking Gao Yu’s way as he demanded, “Brat, you’d better clearly explain why you tried to kill me on sight. Moreover, why have you chased for so long?”

“Ever since the Soul Devouring Beast died, no other person has come to this accursed place. Thus, I have recently started coming here to cultivate. This place is my own personal domain!” Gao Yu’s face became colder, his eyes narrowing as he said, “You suddenly appeared out of nowhere, both covered in blood and exuding extremely dense killing intent. How was I supposed to know whether or not you held any ill intent towards me? I didn’t care about your birth or origins considering you were already severely injured at the time. In order to prevent you from possibly killing me, I could only make the first move and take advantage of your injuries to kill you before you could recover.”

Gao Yu had constantly been bitterly cultivating his Nine Hell Wandering Soul Record, and thus, his cultivation had rapidly sped up. He had currently already broken through into the late stage of the Natal Opening Realm.

The cultivation of Nine Hell Wandering Soul Record caused one to be accompanied by dark ghost energy because it required one to be able to control evil spirits and communicate with the Demon God’s shadow...

Thus, he had to find a remote place devoid of people. That was how the stone forest had become his primary cultivation spot.

“Just because you thought I could cause you harm you tried to kill me without saying a word? Brat, your heart is so vicious!” Di Shijiu’s face was cold as he asked, “What about afterwards? I had clearly escaped, so why did you keep chasing me for several days?”

“I had already made my move, so you would definitely harbor resentment in your heart. After you have recovered, you would definitely come find me to repay this debt.” Gao Yu’s eyes were cold, “In order to prevent any future trouble, it was best for me to kill you before you were able to recover!”

Listening to Gao Yu’s explanation, Di Shijiu’s face began to twitch. He realized that this kid named Gao Yu was even more vicious than the assassins of his Dark Tower.

“Brat, you have two choices. Either I kill you here, or you follow me,” shouted Di Shijiu after thinking for a while.

“I will go with you,” immediately replied Gao Yu without asking a single question.

Di Shijiu’s face stiffened, “You…”

“You have recovered now. If you wanted to kill me, I would have no way of stopping you.” Gao Yu’s voice was as cold as ice, “That being the case, I can only follow you.”

The expression within Di Shijiu’s eyes was extremely weird. He profoundly stared at Gao Yu for a while, then suddenly thought that this brat was extraordinarily similar to him when he was younger. Whether it was the youth’s temper or viciousness, it all surprised him.

“Then come with me.” Di Shijiu nodded and lead him in the direction of Armament Sect.

Gao Yu very sensibly followed.

After who knew how long had passed, Gao Yu’s footsteps abruptly halted. A look of astonishment flashed through his eyes as he looked at the Ogre-faced Rings on his hands.

The fragmented memories of the remnant soul of the demon within the ring had become extremely unrestful. It was as if they were urging him, urging him to go forward—in the direction of Armament Sect!

“Brat, are you daydreaming?” asked Di Shijiu, turning his head.

Gao Yu didn’t respond. His fingers gently caressed the Ogre-faced Rings as he continued to sense the internal fluctuations and tried to piece together the numerous memory fragments.

Within the mountain forest at the rear of Flame Volcano.

Bloodwater gurgled within the blood pool. Lang Xie’s entire body soaked within as his pores braved the tiny bubbles.

A bloody mist suffused through the forest. Only Lang Xie was present; not a single other member of Blood Spear was there.

A ray of bloody light descended, revealing the relaxed and extraordinary body of Xue Li. His body was clothed in dark red blood clothes. His aura was quite feminine as each of his motions contained a special charm.

He simply stood beside the pool Lang Xie was soaking in.

“Why aren’t you participating in the vanguard for this conflict?” asked Xue Li, chuckling.

Lang Xie glanced at him, then looked at his own body. He said, “My severely injured body is unable to affect the outcome. Furthermore, they still have you.”

“I’m not someone from Armament Sect, and thus, I don’t care about the life and death of the sect.” Xue Li giggled, then profoundly looked at Lang Xie, saying, “In your heart, have you truly sworn to defend this sect to your death?”

“If I can protect it, then I shall. If I can’t, then I shall not die to show my sincerity,” replied Lang Xie after thinking for a period of time.

Xue Li laughed, then nodded. He said, “Those who are flexible will generally live longer. I shall give this scripture to you. It will lead you along the right path of cultivation of the Blood Fiend Sect. I hope you will manage to always retain control yourself and not follow in the steps of You Hongzhi. Otherwise, as long as I am alive, I will personally kill you myself.”

Lang Xie received the thin book. Narrowing his brows, he looked at Xue Li, then asked, “Is it your hope that I will pass down the teachings of Blood Fiend Sect in your place?”

“Good boy,” Xue Li grinned.

“Even if I pass it down, it will be Blood Spear, not some Blood Fiend Sect,” stated Lang Xie, looking directly into Xue Li’s eyes.

“I don’t care what it’s called as long as you stick to the right path and don’t become controlled by fresh blood.” After saying these last words, Xue Li once again turned into a ray of blood and left, leaving only Lang Xie in his trance.

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