Chapter 235: Stunning Change

Chapter 235: Stunning Change

Zhan Tianyi's guess was on the mark. Song Siyuan and Xie Zhichang, the two experts from Profound Heaven Alliance, saw the value of the Terminator Profound Bomb.

They had personally witnessed the power of those six Terminator Profound Bombs. Even as Fulfillment Realm experts, they didn't dare to claim that they would escape unscathed if they suffered the full brunt of a Terminator Profound Bomb’s explosion.

This terrifying object that could obliterate a sect and wipe out a force was something that Profound Heaven Alliance had to pay attention to!

Compared to the Terminator Profound Bomb, Mo Hai and all the spirit materials and secret recipes Armament Sect possessed now seemed insignificant.

Zhan Tianyi might not be a martial practitioner who focused on strategy, but he was not stupid. He saw that Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang placed great importance on the Terminator Profound Bomb, so his eyes flickered and he said with a smile, "I can't let your Profound Heaven Alliance take all the good stuff.”

He glanced at Qin Lie and said, "Eight Extreme Temple will not allow you to take what this boy has. Let's first capture him alive and then discuss what to do.”

Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang knew that it wouldn’t be so easy to have everything go their way, so they nodded, agreeing to Zhan Tianyi’s proposal.

"Senior..." Zhan Tianyi turned away away from Qin Lie and bowed apologetically towards Xue Li. He said, "Senior, please, forgive us. Senior… Senior??”

He discovered that Xue Li had closed his eyes at some point while they were talking.

With his eyes closed, Xue Li did not emit any strong blood energy fluctuations. He was like a dried corpse that had weathered thousands of years with only the ability to make others uncomfortable, completely unable to intimidate anyone.

Since Xue Li did not open his eyes or speak, Zhan Tianyi did not continue. He even withdrew the Holy Spirit God.

At this time, all of the demons, great birds, golden eagles, and galaxies of stars had already returned to the spirit pattern pillars after being herded by the platinum divine light of the Holy Spirit God.

The three Sky Obelisks were still suspended above Qin Lie's head but no longer gave off any shocking vibrations.

One after another, the three unusually large picture scrolls shrunk, all the way down to small wisps of light before disappearing into the diagram on top of the spirit pattern pillar.

Under the three stone pillars, Qin Lie was positioned similar to Xue Li, seated with his eyes closed.

"Lord Song, Lord Xie..." Fu Zhuohui bowed from a distance.

"Envoy." Jiang Yuan paid his respects to Zhan Tianyi.

A group of people, including Fu Zhuohui, Jiang Yuan, Ji Liu,Fu Chang, and Feng Lin, whose men had died,...once again gathered at the edges of the plaza.

Dark Asura Hall, Dark Shadow Tower, Cloud Sky Mountain, Purple Mist Sea, and almost a thousand martial practitioners from the five forces had attacked Armament Sect.

Up to this point, Yuan Tianya and Liang Yangzu were the first to die, and were soon followed by Jiu Liuyu, Cao Yuanrui, and Yu Dai.

They had been wiped out, one group after another.

Now, only a few dozen remained…

Tu Shixiong, Xie Jingxuan, Liang Zhong, Yi Yuan, Cang Li, and the others also walked in fromoutside.

They looked at the people from Armament Sect who had also suffered heavy casualties and were in a similarly terrible state. They looked at Feng Rong and Tong Jihua, then at the three reverends and the seven inner sect elders. Next, they looked at Xue Li...

Everyone suddenly became silent.

However, as if they were in agreement, all the gazes swept towards Qin Lie!

All of the people from the five forces were now absolutely clear that the reason why Armament Sect was able to survive until now and make them pay such a heavy price was due to Qin Lie's existence!

If Qin Lie was not present, Armament Sect would have been destroyed by the first wave that included Yuan Tianya, Liang Yangzu, Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, and Su Ziying.

It was Qin Lie who released Xue Li and pulled Armament Sect from the abyss of death. Not only that, Qin Lie was also the one who killed Yuan Tianya, Blood Shadow, and Liang Yangzu. Furthermore, he had captured Shi Jingyu, Wu Tuo, and Su Ziying.

Without Qin Lie's order to cut off the fingers of the captured trio, Armament City, along with Armament Sect, would have perished long ago.

Without Qin Lie, how could Armament Sect withstand the attack led by Yu Dai and Jiang Yuan?

Without Qin Lie…

After carefully considering the situation, everyone found, to their great shock, that this martial practitioner who was just in the Natal Opening Realm had dealt the five forces an unimaginable blow!

So from this, the longer they looked at Qin Lie, the colder their hearts grew.

"This brat is a genius, but he has spilled too much blood. Otherwise..." Zhan Tianyi shook his head in regret.

He suddenly felt some admiration for Qin Lie.

Xie Zhizhang reflexively looked at Xie Jingxuan and sighed. "... Jingxuan is not as good as Song Tingyu in this aspect. If it were Song Tingyu, Qin Lie would have already submitted, willingly becoming the fangs and claws of the Song Family. It is such a pity.”

"Lord?" Jiang Yuan called lightly.

Zhan Tianyi waved his hand and signaled for everyone to settle down and not to act rashly.

Song Siyuan had Dark Asura Hall, Dark Shadow Tower, Seven Fiends Valley, and the others wait.

The three Fulfillment martial practitioners looked at Xue Li and wanted to get a clear signal from him.

—They recognized Xue Li’s great strength.

"Kid, I said that unless you reach the Manifestation Realm, it would be impossible to turn the situation around." At this point in time, the voice of Xue Li echoed in Qin Lie's Soul Suppressing Orb.

"The twelve spirit pattern pillars can imprison me, so naturally they can also easily imprison Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners. I have already told you how to manipulate the spirit pattern pillars. It is a pity that you cannot pull the twelve spirit pattern pillars out of the ground. You are not strong enough, so you cannot set the twelve spirit pattern pillars into the Great Seal Formation nor seal these three Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners. Therefore, you will fail.

"It is not that I am not willing to help you, but your cultivation is too low. You cannot even form the most basic defensive formation.”

"Is there really no way?" Qin Lie focused his mind and conversed with Xue Li. "Even you do not have any way to reverse this situation?”

"Hehehe, there actually is a solution." Xue Li laughed like a demon in the Soul Suppressing Orb.

"What solution?" Qin Lie pressed.

"Give me back the other half of my soul. I will kill all the offenders and these three Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners. Also, I can guarantee you that I will help you resolve the problem of the two Copper forces within a decade." Xue Li started to laugh.

He had planned each step and set up traps at each step. Moreover, he had dug holes for Qin Lie to jump over in order to reach his goal: regaining his freedom.

Half of his soul was in the Soul Suppressing Orb, so he knew that Qin Lie had a wondrous treasure that could teleport him. He could leave the battlefield at any time and could easily abandon Armament Sect to escape.

He did not tell Qin Lie that the combined might of six Terminator Profound Bombs would cause space to compress and collapse, causing ripples in its layers. Qin Lie being unable to escape with the Eye of Frost was part of his plan.

He and Zhan Tianyi had reached a silent agreement and were not willing to interfere. This was all to force Qin Lie dead end!

Step by step, he forced Qin Lie into the present situation, eliminating all the possibilities that Qin Lie had of turning the situation around. He even told Qin Lie about the spirit pattern pillars in order to give Qin Lie hope, and then, he used Zhan Tianyi, who was in late stage of the Fulfillment Realm to destroy it!

He wanted Qin Lie to taste despair!

He wanted Qin Lie to have to rely on him to survive so Qin Lie would willingly give up that half of his soul!

Currently, Qin Lie was only able to get three of the twelve spirit pattern pillars to fly. Unable to to form the Great Seal Formation, Qin Lie didn't have a chance of turning the situation around.

"Does the other half of your soul not have any way of taking me away from this place?" Qin Lie asked.

"Facing three Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners and taking you away along with two women? Hah, sorry, I do not have the ability to do that," Xue Li replied.

"What about me only?" Qin Lie asked again.

"I myself might not be able to escape. With only half of a soul and my strength greatly damaged, I most likely cannot fight against these three." Xue Li gradually grew impatient. He said coldly, "You give me that half of my soul and I will help you get rid of all this trouble, guarantee that I will eliminate the two Copper forces within a decade, and allow Armament Sect to rule this land. Otherwise, take half of my soul and walk towards death. You choose!”

Qin Lie's heart tightened.

He had a feeling that—Xue Li was not giving his all. Xue Li was forcing him to give up that half of his soul.

But right now, he couldn't find any way out of this situation. He had to be extra careful, and he had to make a transaction with Xue Li!

Just like Xue Li said, with the situation like this, he had no other choice.

He could refuse and die together with that half of Xue Li's soul or he could choose to believe Xue Li's promise, give up that half of his soul, and gamble that Xue Li was willing to uphold his end of the bargain.

If he did not work together with this old demon, he would not be able to overcome this obstacle and would undoubtedly die.

If he worked with this old demon, he could be killed right after, but there was the chance the old demon might let him live…

A string of thoughts flew through his head. He slowly sorted them out and gradually came to a decision.

He was going to give his answer.

Yet at this time, he felt a dark and terrifying vibration.

He suddenly opened his eyes.

Xue Li opened his as well.

The three Fulfillment Realm experts, Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, and Zhan Tianyi, also shifted and looked at three spots.

—The three gaps where the three pillars had been pulled out from!

At this moment, grayish-white smoke slowly floated out of the three empty holes. A dark and horrifyingly evil aura was gradually being emitted.

"Awoo! Aooo!”

The sounds of otherworldly vicious beasts seemed to echo out from the three holes as though there were layers of space and a thick barrier between them.

Flame Volcano started to shake violently. This mountain that had always erupted with earth fire for many years shook, and rocks rolled as though the mountain was about to collapse.

"Krrk, krrrk, krrrk!”

Enormous rocks appeared on the body of the mountain, and this volcano seemed like it was going to be torn apart by the violent shakes!

"Booooom! Boom boom boom!”

The remaining nine spirit pattern pillars shook violently as they stood on the plaza. It seemed that something was trying to push them out of the ground.

"Heavens! This is the Nether Realm’s aura!" Xie Zhizhang shouted in fear.

Everyone looked towards the three gaps, exactly where the three spirit pattern pillars once stood!

"Flame Volcano, the volcano, the earth fire! To use the heat of the earth fire to seal the dark nether, to suppress the evil nether passageway!" Xue Li's expression also changed. "Motherf*cker, these twelve spirit pattern pillars sealed me inside, and on the outside, they were suppressing the evil nether passageway!”

"Now I know why that senior who had protected Armament Sect and disappeared long ago never allowed Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple to move against Armament Sect." Song Siyuan's expression became extremely ugly. "So the twelve spirit pattern pillars that have stood for nine hundred years at Armament Sect were at the base of Flame Volcano because they are supposed to suppress the entrance to the Nether Realm!”

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