Chapter 234: Yet Another Miracle!

Chapter 234: Yet Another Miracle!

The two towering spirit pattern pillars suspended themselves in the air high above Qin Lie’s head as if they were two giant spears which were about to pierce holes in the heavens.

Armament Sect had built itself around the twelve spirit pattern pillars for nine hundred years. It was their symbol of glory and was the core foundation of their sect. The area was also considered the sect’s spiritual sanctuary.

As of right now, of the pillars which acted as the foundation of everything Armament Sect had accomplished in its nine hundred years of existence and allowed it to remain standing for that period of time, two of them had flown into the sky!

No one knew that these spirit pattern pillars could move, nor had anyone ever been able to pull a spirit pattern pillar out of the earth. Obviously, absolutely no one had been able to cause them to fly!

Qin Lie was currently creating one miracle after another!

The glow of dazzling stars formed a vast, profound, and mysterious shining sea of light. It was as if the heavens had been painted across the sky.

One ten-meter-long giant monster and demon after another silently howled. As if they were going to kill all that possessed the breath of life, they began to release harrowing, evil energies.

Jiu Liuyu’s tragic cries had long since stopped.

The demons and monsters which had rushed towards her like demonic clouds dispersed, similar to a colony of giant bats, as they shrieked and roared. They followed Qin Lie’s eyes as they pounced on even more practitioners of the five forces.

“Good kills! Good kills! Hahahaha!”

Xue Li’s loud cackles and cries echoed across the square, entering the ears of each and every practitioner.

He had gone mad from excitement.

“Good heavens!”

“The spirit pattern pillars can actually fly!”

“The spirit pattern pillars actually have such terrifying power!”

All of the people of Armament Sect, from disciple to elder, all arched their necks and gazed into the sky with the occasional tear running down their cheeks.

“The heavens have opened their eyes!” Feng Rong’s mouth was covered by her hand. Amid her lustrous fingers, traces of scarlet blood could be seen.

However, her eyes had become extremely bright as a reddish color emerged atop her face, showing her extreme excitement.

“Sis, sis!” At the halfway point of the volcano, Ling Xuanxuan’s feminine figure froze as she blankly stared at the enormous spirit pattern pillars and the two shockingly majestic yet mysterious pictures.

She also watched as Jiu Liuyu was being covered up by the giant monsters and demons!

“Master, master has disappeared…” Ling Xuanxuan sobbed.

Not a trace of Jiu Liuyu was left. She had been completely torn to pieces and devoured by the demons and monsters. Not even a single drop of blood had spurted out.

Ling Yushi blankly stood atop the cliff, completely frozen as if she had lost her soul. Her beautiful figure seemed incredibly helpless.

She realized that she had been unable to do anything.

She had been unable to prevent her master from trying to kill Qin Lie and had also failed in preventing Qin Lie from killing her master. All she had been able to do was cry, shout, and accept everything that had happened.

Her entire body suddenly seemed to have become devoid of energy.

“The third spirit pattern pillar! Rise!” Qin Lie roared like an primeval beast.

Another spirit pattern pillar began to vibrate and shake, causing the earth to rumble. It rose from the earth one bit at a time and then flew high into the sky, similarly suspending itself above Qin Lie’s head like the other two.

One giant bird, including giant golden colored eagles, after another flew out screeching from within this spirit pattern pillar. These magical birds of prey were ten or so meters in length.

The Soaring Sky Birds Diagram!

Ten or so strange, fierce, and never before seen spirit birds gracefully flew in the sky, drawing arc after arc with their bodies as they tore flesh off the bodies of the practitioners of the five forces.

Even more sharp, mournful cries emanated out from within the group of people. Upon being attacked by the talons of a giant golden eagle, even practitioners such as Ji Liu and Fu Chang, whose flesh was extremely tough, would see their bodies become bloody.

There was not a single person left who could still attack the people of Armament Sect.

The practitioners of the five forces within the area between the three towering spirit pattern pillars suspended in midair were all almost instantaneously turned into corpses.

Much quicker than when they entered, they began to desperately run outside Armament Sect’s gate, trying to flee from this terrifying area.

Even Jiang Yuan was amongst the ranks of those who fled!

“Kill him! Kill him for me!” Su Ziying screamed uncontrollably, “Take revenge for Old Yu!”

Qin Lie had originally forgotten about them. But now, upon hearing the cries and shouts of Su Ziying, he turned his head to look behind him.

He looked at Su Ziying and the other two.

Two fifteen-meter-tall winged demons with curved horns on their heads turned into streaks of demonic light as they appeared above Su Ziying and the other two in a flash.

The two vicious, murderous evil energies soon locked onto Su Ziying, Wu Tuo, and Shi Jingyun, and as the demons roared, they then violently bit down.

“Lord, Lord Song, save me!” shrieked Shi Jingyun.

“Envoy, save me!” screamed Su Ziying.

Atop the square, the expressions of the three martial practitioners from Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple all became increasingly heavy as they looked towards the sky.

They looked at the three spirit pattern pillars, then at the situation which had taken a complete one eighty. Their gazes covered the immense fluctuations of energy in the sky and watched as the fluctuations materialized into numerous demons, monsters, and spirit birds.

With their cultivation, these three could naturally see that those falling stars, biting and clawing demons and monsters, and giant avian spirit birds were not living creatures.

Those evil demons and monsters which were ravaging the entire area were all formed through the condensation of a special energy with a remnant soul as the core.

All of the demons, monsters, and spirit birds were actually not physical beings. Instead, they were all remnant souls which had fused with the strange energy within the spirit pattern pillar. The result were these strange creatures which were neither real nor illusory.

“Brother Song?” Zhan Tianyi lowly said.

Song Siyuan furrowed his brows, then gently nodded, saying, “We cannot sit here and do nothing.”

Thus, Zhan Tianyi stood up.

He first glanced at Xue Li, slightly bowing in apology, before turning around, his body now releasing a white holy light.

Rays of that light, like giant platinum dragons, condensed atop his head, forming the powerful figure of the Holy Spirit God. The Holy Spirit God reappeared in midair, its entire body shining with a boundless radiance.

“Die demons!” Zhan Tianyi shouted.

The Holy Spirit God was like the blinding sun as it began to act. Ray after ray of holy platinum-colored light began to rain down from the sky.

Upon colliding with the holy platinum colored light, the demons, monsters, giant birds, giant eagles, and falling stars all dissipated into plumes of colorful smoke and disappeared back into the three spirit pattern pillars.

The late stage Fulfillment Realm practitioner, Zhan Tianyi, relied on his clear cultivation advantage to clear the entire sky of demonic figures in one move.

Upon seeing Zhan Tianyi make a move, the expressions of Jiang Yuan and the rest of the people who were frantically fleeing all subsequently shifted, completely stopping in their tracks.

Tu Shixiong and the group which included Tu Mo and Tu Ze had still yet to enter Armament Sect. They had constantly been observing from outside of the gate, watching the strange series of events with ever-changing expressions.

At this time, when Song Siyuan nodded his head, Tu Shixiong suddenly said, “You all stay here, I must go in.”

“Why, father?” Tu Mo asked, unable to understand.

Tu Shixiong looked at the distant Song Siyuan, his expression complex. Unexpectedly, he sighed.

“Because he is backed by Profound Heaven Alliance’s Song Family. Because five years ago atop the Nether Battlefield, he constantly assisted Song Siyuan.”

Xie Jingxuan’s cold, clear voice resonated over from somewhere close by. She and Liang Zhong were both mounted on Profound Nether Beasts as they arrived beside Tu Shixiong. She continued to explain, “Since Song Siyuan is about to move, he naturally has to move as well, unable to simply sit here in the distance and observe any longer.”

She and Liang Zhong all knew that Qin Lie was in possession of powerful artifacts like the Terminator Profound Bomb. Moreover, they had also previously seen Du Haitian blown to pieces and, more importantly, were extremely clear on what fate had befallen Blood Shadow.

Thus, while the situation was unclear and before Qin Lie had thrown out his Terminator Profound Bombs, they, like Tu Shixiong, had not shown themselves.

As of now, the Terminator Profound Bombs had exploded, and Qin Lie had incited miraculous changes in the spirit pattern pillars, causing three pillars to take to the sky one after another...

From Xie Jingxuan’s point of view, all of Qin Lie’s cards and hidden tricks had been used.

Thus, she had finally appeared.

“Heh. Girl of the Xie Family, you finally came out. Are you also preparing to help your uncle wrap things up?” Tu Shixiong grinned, revealing his white teeth, “I heard that when you went to Nebula Pavilion in the past, you personally asked my son about Qin Lie and brought him with you to the stone forest to deal with the Soul Devouring Beast. Hei, with your insight, how come you weren’t able to see Qin Lie’s wisdom? How come you didn’t recruit and monopolize such a gem?”

Confusion emerged within Xie Jingxuan’s eyes.

“That year, in the stone forest, Qin Lie used heavenly thunder to kill the Soul Devouring Beast. Back then, you should have recruited him into the Department of Internal Affairs and made him your subordinate.” Tu Shixiong laughed, “If your vision was a little bit sharper and you acted more decisively, would we encounter this many problems today?”

Liang Zhong’s expression was bitter.

At that time, he had reasoned with Xie Jingxuan and tried to get her to recruit Qin Lie into the Department of Internal Affairs; he had tried to persuade her to make an exception and recommend Qin Lie to enter Dark Asura Hall.

Unfortunately, Xie Jingxuan hadn’t agreed with his suggestion. He had no clue as to what had happened between Xie Jingxuan and Qin Lie.

Only afterwards, when Qin Lie had fought with Du Haitian in front of everyone, had Xie Jingxuan recognized Qin Lie’s courage and thought of recruiting him

It was very unfortunate that Qin Lie’s consecutive murders caused Yuan Tianya to become furious and chase him throughout Icestone City to kill him.

At that time, if she had been willing to offend Yuan Tianya and protect Qin Lie at all costs, then using her identity as Xie Jingxuan of the Xie Family, she could have also safely induced Qin Lie into the Department of Internal Affairs without problem.

But Xie Jingxuan hadn’t done that, and thus, she had lost yet another opportunity.

“Girl of the Xie Family, you actually don’t have an eye for people,” rudely said Tu Shixiong, “Comparing you with the young miss of the Song Family, you are a full level lower. If it had been Song Tingyu who had brought Qin Lie into the stone forest and had killed the Soul Devouring Beast with him, haha, this brat Qin Lie would long since have obediently followed in her footsteps. I bet one wouldn’t have even been able to chase him away. He would have been hell-bent on selling his soul to the Song Family.

“If this had happened, the series of troubling matters which followed wouldn’t have happened. Nor would Armament Sect have become so difficult to destroy, much less cause such great casualties to the five forces!”

Xie Jingxuan’s expression froze. She looked Tu Shixiong in the eye, then indifferently said, “I am indeed not her match in this aspect.”

Tu Shixiong chuckled, but didn’t continue speaking. He gave some instructions to Tu Mo and Tu Ze, then gathered his subordinates and entered Armament Sect.

Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong followed them in, also entering the ruined Armament Sect. They walked forward, following the increasing chaos.


A ray of holy platinum colored light shot at Qin Lie’s chest. Qin Lie’s body tingled, and all of a sudden he became unable to move.

“Eh?” Zhan Tianyi said in astonishment, “He’s actually not dead?”

He thought that upon being hit, Qin Lie would immediately explode and die. Afterwards, he would be able to easily end this long battle which had dragged on for far too long.

“We hope for him to live. He has too many secrets on his body. For him, my Profound Heaven Alliance is willing to give up Mo Hai,” suddenly said Song Siyuan.

As Song Siyuan’s words fell, a mirror about the size of a palm emerged over the area on Qin Lie’s chest where he had been attacked by the platinum colored light. It was because of the presence of this mirror that Qin Lie had been able to block a blow that had been meant to take his life.

The mirror was clearly Song Siyuan’s.

“Not just simply Mo Hai, but all of Armament Sect’s wealth, books, and forging manuscripts can also be given to Eight Extreme Palace to divide amongst themselves as well,” interrupted Xie Zhizhang.

Zhan Tianyi was a Green Robed Envoy of Eight Extreme Temple and was purely a wild fighter that wasn’t good at strategy.

However, even upon hearing Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang’s most generous concessions, in which they gave up all benefits, he was still able to sense Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang’s intentions. He shouted, “You all have set your eyes on that strange explosive artifact, right?”

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