Chapter 233: The Spirit Pattern Pillar That Soared to the Sky!

Chapter 233: The Spirit Pattern Pillar That Soared to the Sky!

Halfway up Flame Volcano, a cave closed from the inside suddenly opened.

Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan walked together to the cave entrance.

The six Terminator Profound Bombs’ earth shattering explosions had caused an intense earthquake to shake Flame Volcano, causing the cave’s stones to fall uncontrollably.

The two sisters were worried that the cave might fall and that the stones might crush them. Therefore, they had hurriedly exited without waiting for the people from Seven Fiends Valley to greet them.

At this moment, there were no longer any Blood Spear martial practitioners who were watching over this place. All of Armament Sect’s martial practitioners had gathered at the plaza.

No one was watching over them any longer.

The two sisters walked to an open cliff side-by-side and looked down at the plaza from above. Suddenly, they heard Jiu Liuyu’s ghastly and terrifying howl.

“It’s master!”

Ling Xuanxuan cried out and hurriedly scanned the foot of the mountain. Then, they subsequently found out the remnants of Armament Sect and the six, giant, glaring, abyss-like pits.

With this, they laid their eyes on the hellish, harrowing scene.

“Good heavens! What happened just now? How did it turn out like this? How did it turn out like this?” Ling Yushi’s beautiful face was covered in deep fear. Her body quivered slightly. She didn’t know what exactly had happened.

“So many people died. So many people from the valley died. I-I can see their bodies. Heavens, they’re all dead…” Ling Xuanxuan shivered as deep fear and worry appeared on her beautiful face.

“Master! Where’s master?”

The two sisters began searching for some sign of Jiu Liyu from the cliff.

“Qin Lie! This old body shall hack you to pieces! I shall pluck your sinews and skin you alive!” Jiu Liuyu’s fear inducing voice suddenly rang out.

In the next moment, the two sisters who were searching for Jiu Liuyu, dedicating all their attention, finally found her.

—They found a disheveled and ghastly looking Jiu Liuyu.

“Sister, ma-master wants to kill Qin Lie!” Ling Xuanxuan lost control and screamed.

Ling Yushi’s entire body turned weak as she nearly fell off the steep cliff. The deep fear that already covered her beautiful face turned even more extreme.

“Capture him alive! Dole him the cruelest of punishments!” Ji Liu was also howling madly.

It was only then when the sisters realized that Qin Lie had become everyone’s target.

“What do we do? What do we do? What do we do?!” Ling Xuanxuan exclaimed loudly.

“Master! Please let Qin Lie go!” Ling Yushi face was covered in tears. Her expression was one of heartache as she cried out with the loudest voice she could manage.

Her heartbreaking cry came down from halfway up the mountain, and many of the people there had heard it.

However, Jiu Liuyu’s expression only turned increasingly hideous. Her gaze was deep, quiet, and terrible, like a wraith from the nine hells as she charged at Qin Lie with increased delirium!

Jiu Liu, Fu Chang, and many other survivors of the five forces also ignored Ling Yushi’s cry. They were like bloodthirsty beasts who looked like they would chew Qin Lie to bits and swallow him alive.

Armament Sect’s three great reverends and seven great inner sect elders seemed like they could not bear to see what was going to happen next. They seemed to know that Qin Lie was about face the most terrifying moment of his life.

“Kill them all!” Feng Rong’s voice suddenly came up.

The remaining Blood Spear martial practitioners and other outer sect survivors surrounded Qin Lie at this moment, all forming a tight formation to guard him!

Of the remaining Armament Sect and Blood Spear martial practitioners who had the fortune to survive, even after experiencing two blood slaughters, less than twenty percent of them remained.

However, it was at this moment that they had all gathered around Qin Lie under Feng Rong’s orders!

“Die before Qin Lie! Go and surrender your lives first!” Gritting her teeth so hard that her bottom lip was bleeding, Feng Rong ordered them all sternly.

“We obey Instructor Feng’s orders!” All of the Blood Spear martial practitioners howled with terrifying murderous intent.

“Kill! Kill them all!” Jiang Yuan ordered.

“Everyone, go,” Fu Zhuohui also nodded.

The remaining experts of the five forces crossed the six giant, deep pits and arrived outside the plaza. They cooperated with Jiu Liuyu, Ji Liu and Fu Chang, and began their slaughter.

The true reign of terror officially began at this very moment!

There was a lake, numerous two-story stone buildings, and vast areas built from bluestone bricks at the plaza where the twelve spirit pattern pillars were built at the foot of the Flame Volcano.

At this moment, the three great reverends, the seven great inner sect elders, Zhan Tianyi, Song Siyuan, Xie Zhizhang, Su Ziying, and Xue Li were all on the plaza.

Besides them, all other Armament Sect disciples, including Qin Lie, the Blood Spear martial practitioners, and everyone else that had escaped to this place by luck, were at the edges of the plaza.

They used their flesh and blood to form a defensive line, swearing to die protecting Qin Lie, the three great reverends, the seven great inner sect elders, and the twelve spirit pattern pillars that had protected Armament Sect for more than nine hundred years!

“Profound Yin Earth Ghost Banner!”

Jiu Liuyu sternly screeched as deep purple banners flew out from her sleeves.

The banner burned with deep purple flames while waves of soul-extinguishing, profound, evil yin energy was unleashed from the banner, falling at the center of the Armament Sect defenders.

The moment the deep purple flames touched an Armament Sect martial practitioner, they would immediately grip their head and scream horrifically. Shortly after, deep purple flames would flow out of the seven orifices of their heads.

“Old demonic bitch! I’ll kill you!”

Feng Rong rushed out from the crowd and spat out a clump of fresh, scarlet blood from her mouth. The fresh blood spun like a large ruby while unleashing an earth-shattering blood aura before running into the deep purple banner.

“Out of the way!” Cloud Sky Mountain’s Ji Liu rushed over with an irritated expression.

His stone-like body ran toward Feng Rong in that manner. As he continued forward, his distorting, golden-gray fist rammed Feng Rong’s clump of blood like a falling meteor.

One of the Three Stones of Cloud Sky Mountain, Fu Chang, laughed coldly before five silver longswords abruptly flew out of his body. The longswords dragged a shocking rainbow behind them before also stabbing towards Feng Rong.


The golden gray meteor rammed into that clump of blood whereupon the clump promptly exploded.

Droplets of finger-sized blood littered the ground like broken stars.

Feng Rong snorted dully. She had not recovered from her severe injuries earlier, growing sluggish once more.

The two outer sect elders, Tong Jihua and Cheng Ping, put their lives on the line and threw out the spirit artifacts in their spatial rings to defend against the five silver long swords in order to help Feng Rong escape death.


Cheng Ping was not able to completely stop them, ending up with a silver sword in his chest.

He breathed his last breath.

“Old Cheng!” Tong Jihua’s eyes turned red.

“Kill!” Jiang Yuan ordered.

Those who survived the Terminator Profound Bombs’ explosion were the elites among the elites. They were all the most ruthless and vicious of the five forces!

These people now surrounded the Armament Sect martial practitioners at the outer edges of the plaza, swinging their butcher knives and slaughtering Armament Sect’s people without end.

Jiu Liuyu ghastly figure was the first one to break through the defensive line. Numerous banners, which burned a deep purple, were waved continuously, incinerating all Armament Sect martial practitioners that they came into contact with.

No one could stop her advance!

Every man in Armament Sect who rushed forward was set alight with purple flames coming from their heads the moment they made contact with her banners.

Her vicious eyes stared straight at Qin Lie while wearing a cruel and mad expression.

Whereas Qin Lie’s eyes were expressionless as if he had lost his soul.

It was as if he had been shocked silly by the great scene around him.

“Tong Jihua! Go and join Cheng Ping!” Ji Liu laughed madly and crushed dozens of Armament Sect practitioners into chunks of bloody flesh and bones like a steel tank.

He had forced his way in front of Tong Jihua before attempting to grab Tong Jihua’s neck with a savage expression on his face. He wanted to crush Tong Jihua’s bones with his own hands.

At this moment, all of the vicious people of the five forces who had survived were brutally murdering Armament Sect’s practitioners after their insane, murderous intent inside their hearts had been ignited by the Terminator Profound Bombs.

With each passing second, more and more of Armament Sect’s people were being eliminated!

From the moment they acted, Xue Li had closed his eyes and said nothing. He adhered to the promise between him and the trio.

He did not even look at them.

—He was explaining the magics of the twelve spirit pattern pillars to Qin Lie.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and began chuckling strangely under Zhan Tianyi and the others’ uncomfortable and worried gazes.

All three of them were confused by Xue Li’s laughter.

It was also at this moment when the still-eyed Qin Lie unexpectedly shivered before a brilliant light shot out of his eyes.

He looked at the spirit pattern pillar closest to him.

It was the spirit pattern pillar inscribed with the Radiant Galaxy Diagram!


Qin Lie suddenly made a lifting motion.

“Rrrmb! Rrrmb!”

From the depths of the earth, an earthshaking rumble came from below at once! It quaked until everyone there was shaking!

The spirit patter pillar began to shake intensely as well as the Radiant Galaxy Diagram above it exploded into countless specks of bright starlight!

The Radiant Galaxy Diagram came alive as a brilliant and gigantic diagram of the galaxy suddenly appeared on top of everyone’s heads like a projection!


The terrifying, quaking energy grew increasingly intense until the entire Flame Volcano itself was violently shaking. Countless gigantic stones fell from the mountain peak and mountainside. Its aura was shocking to the extreme.


Qin Lie yelled once more.


The stone pillar that was dozens of meters tall rose to the air, and under the reflection of the vast sea of stars, emitted a brilliant light!

The very next moment, many eye-catching, star-like lights actually rushed out of the humongous galaxy diagram and rammed the invading five forces martial practitioners, exactly like shooting stars.


A Manifestation Realm martial practitioner from Cloud Sky Mountain was struck by the starlight, and his body actually shattered from the impact like jade stones. He was dead before his body even touched the ground.


Qin Lie angrily roared with bloodshot eyes.

The numerous dazzling star fell from the vast sea of stars and thrust into the incoming five forces practitioners!

Countless terrifying cries of pain and death rang out from among the five forces yet again. Every time a cry came out, it meant that another person had been eliminated by the stars!

“One more!” Qin Lie howled madly.

The spirit pattern diagram inscribed with the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram also shot out of the ground from amidst the earthshaking rumble!

After the spirit pattern pillar had risen into the sky, the terrifying image of demons and monsters, struggling and howling with everything they had but unable to escape the shackles of a humongous, sky-locking web, appeared midair.

“Temporary seal release!” Bloodthirst appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes.

The giant web that had trapped the demons and monsters for god knows how long loosened that very moment.

Then, the terrifying demons and monsters that seemed to hail from the nine hells entered a state of frenzy after sniffing fresh blood.

Qin Lie suddenly looked towards Jiu Liuyu.

The great demons and monsters that had just been released immediately had a target as they rushed towards Jiu Liuyu like thick, demonic clouds!

They immediately flooded over Jiu Liuyu!

And Jiu Liuyu immediately cried out in mad pain!

As if her flesh and blood were being consumed and her soul was being gnawed apart, those terrifying cries caused a hair-raising, bone-chilling, violent shudder to wrack the bodies of anyone who heard it!

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