Chapter 232: Nowhere Left to Run!

Chapter 232: Nowhere Left to Run!

When the six Terminator Profound Bombs exploded, they really did “terminate” the entirety of Armament Sect in an instant.

Armament Sect’s outer sect that had stood for many years was wiped out immediately. Not only that, but the numerous tall buildings which had once existed there had also been utterly destroyed.

The six great, abyss-like pits had replaced the buildings, sinking into the land filled with bits of flesh and blood. Inside each and every one of these huge pits, there were also tiny sparks of lightning and thick, black smoke rising up from the very bottom.

Jiang Yuan, Fu Zhuohui, Ji Liu, and dozens of others stood beside the scorched great pits expressionlessly, bowing their heads while seemingly looking for something.

On the plaza.

The three great reverends and seven inner sect elders’ mouths were all wide open, releasing some obscure and unrecognizable sound.

—They were all completely dumbstruck.

When the six Terminator Profound Bombs had exploded almost simultaneously, their instantaneous might was like the harbinger of the end of the world. Compared to the explosion they had seen at the poisonous bog, this one was at least ten times more powerful.

When the Terminator Profound Bombs had all exploded together, the violent, thunderous shockwaves pressing against one another could cause even space itself to collapse. This elevation in explosive power was definitely not as simple as just one plus one!

Even the perpetrator himself, Qin Lie, was shocked when he saw just what kind of destruction was brought about by these six Terminator Profound Bombs.

Even he did not expect that the shockwave caused by the six Terminator Profound Bombs exploding at the same time could multiply their destructive might!

“Hehehe! Hehehe!” Xue Li, who was seated beneath a spirit pattern pillar, was laughing most comfortably, pleased with his shoulders shaking.

It was as if he was the only one who knew just what kind of devastating power would be produced from the synergistic effect of the bombs exploding together. It was as if this was exactly what he was hoping Qin Lie would achieve.

The other half of his soul trapped inside the Soul Suppressing Orb also let loose a faint wave of joy. This caused Qin Lie to react as he questioned Xue Li closely, “From the very start, you knew about how the explosions in unison would multiply its power?”

“Of course I knew about it!” The strange chuckle from Xue Li’s soul resonated inside the Soul Suppressing Orb endlessly, “Kid, you did well, you did very well! You should feel satisfied, shouldn’t you? The six Terminator Profound Bombs’ explosions resulted in the loss of three quarters of the five forces’ elites. Even if Armament Sect ends up being destroyed, you could count this as taking revenge for them in advance. You’re no longer in the red now!”

Xue Li’s true body glanced at Qin Lie with his bloody eyes before grinning and laughing out loud.

Of the three Fulfillment Realm experts, Zhan Tianyi, Song Siyuan, and Xie Zhizhang, who scattered to the edges of the plaza, each one’s faces was more shocked than the last.

“Th-this is…” Xue Zhizhang could not find the words to express the shock in his heart.

Zhan Tianyi and Song Siyuan’s faces turned incomparably hideous as they watched the outer sect vanish, the six pits pop into existence out of nowhere, and the cruel scene that could be compared to a bloody purgatory from afar.

They turned their attention to Qin Lie in unison.

“Old Yu. Old Yu…” Su Ziying was still whispering like she had lost her soul.

Shu Jingyun and Wu Tuo’s bodies shook greatly with livid looks. It was as if they could explode at any moment.

The nearby Blood Spear martial practitioners, Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, and all other Armament Sect inner and outer sect disciples all opened their eyes wide while wearing looks of extreme disbelief.

Today’s explosion was the biggest disaster they had ever seen in their lives. It was so deeply imprinted into their minds that they might never be able to forget this shocking event for the rest of their lives.

“Ah! Aaaaah!”

Suddenly, a crazy yell came from the bottom of one of the huge pits.

Beneath the blackish pit, where many scorched corpses laid, a disheveled, charred, and smoking figure jumped out while baring her fangs like a ghost.

“Qin Lie! I will hack you into a thousand pieces, peel off your skin, pluck out your sinews, and use your blood to make wine to drink everyday!” A horrendous voice exited her mouth and pierced through the sky. Then she pounced towards Qin Lie!

“The old hag lived through that!?” Qin Lie’s expression shifted.

The ghastly figure that was Jiu Liuyu actually survived the explosion. She was blasted to the very bottom of the deep pit and buried beneath many corpses.

“Move, all of you! Capture this brat alive! I’m going to chew his bones into bits and swallow them all!” Ji Liu howled like an animal.

“Capture this kid alive! Forge him to death with the cruelest torture!” Jiang Yuan ordered.

All the remaining martial practitioners of the five forces instantly turned crazy and rushed at Qin Lie from all directions. Every single one of them wore eyes that burned with mad killing intent.

The explosion of six Terminator Profound Bombs had destroyed three quarters of the five forces’ elites. These Black Iron forces suffered a devastating blow and might not be able to recover even after a few decades just because of these six explosions.

Now, regardless of whether or not Armament Sect will perish in the end or how much wealth they robbed from Armament Sect, they could no longer recoup their losses.

It could be said that they had lost horribly in this war. Even if they murdered every last person in Armament Sect, this outcome still could not be changed.

All of this was due to Qin Lie!

It was all because of the explosion of the six devastating Terminator Profound Bombs that their hard work had all gone to waste. It was because of those very bombs that they had swallowed the most bitter fruit of defeat in advance!

If they could not torture Qin Lie to death, then how were they going to eliminate the hate in their hearts? How were they going to face their dead brothers and sisters?

While they were rushing at Qin Lie from every direction, they did not notice that the fresh blood from all the corpses had swiftly gone underground without a trace left behind. Nor did they notice the smile growing on Xue Li’s face.

“Let’s go!”

Seeing that everyone was rushing at him, Qin Lie’s expression changed as he gripped the Eye of Frost and prepared to retreat.

His true realm was just at the late stage of the Natal Opening Realm after all. Any of the oncoming attackers had sufficient strength to kill him. If he remained where he was, then he would really be a fool who did not value his life.

“Grab my shoulders!” Qin Lie yelled.

While the crowd viciously rushed at them, Tang Siqi and Lian Rou grew shocked as they instinctively grabbed his shoulders as soon as they heard his voice.

Qin Lie activated the Eye of Frost!

The icy, crystalline light wrapped around him, Tang Siqi, and Lian Rou as the bone-deep chill continuously climbed up their bodies, instantly freezing them all.

However, their bodies did not turn invisible. The strange energy that could twist space itself did not form.

The Eye of Frost had failed for the first time!

After having appeared calm and collected for so long, a light of shock abruptly appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes. He actually could not escape with the Eye of Frost!

“Kid, it seems that you have a spirit treasure that can instantly teleport you thousand of miles away.” The voice of Xue Li’s soul appeared in his head again, “But you may have miscalculated this time. All treasures of this kind can only work on the basis that the space is stable…

“However, the six Terminator Profound Bombs that you just ignited have completely destroyed and twisted the space in this area, destabilizing it. From my experience, it will take at least half a month before the space within a hundred-mile radius can fully stabilize. Therefore, I advise you to abandon your pretty plans sometime soon,” Xue Li said quietly.

Qin Lie was frightened beyond speech by Xue Li’s words.

How could he possibly escape the horrible fate of being skinned alive and having his sinews plucked out after losing the Eye of Frost’s instant teleportation ability?

“Take the three of us and evacuate Armament Sect immediately!” he yelled inside the Soul Suppression Orb.

“With three Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners guarding this place, it would be hard enough for just me to escape, much less bringing the three of you together.” Xue Li’s soul swiftly transmitted the message inside his head, “Stop thinking about escaping. Stay here and fight to the bitter end.”

The giant pits that extended from the outer sect to the foot of Flame Volcano were neither too far or too close. Therefore, the vicious martial practitioners rushing in their direction would not reach them immediately.

Even Jiu Liuyu, who was the fastest, was still a kilometer away from Qin Lie. However, there was an eerie aura of profound yin on her body that had already surrounded him like the sky pressing down on him, causing even his soul to feel like it was being suppressed.

“I’m going to kill him!” Su Ziying screamed over and over.

However, a demonic, bloody plant appeared out of nowhere from below and tightly entangled her legs, immobilizing her.

The other two, Shi Jingyun and Wu Tuo, were facing the same problem. Their legs had also been rooted by the bloody, vine-like plants.

“Senior, what is the meaning of this? Zhan Tianyi frowned.

“I shackled the three of them a while back. The reason they became like this was because the remaining Blood Arts: Shackle inside their bodies activated. You only got rid of the chains on the outside, not the ones inside them. Therefore, I have nothing to do with their current predicament.” Xue Li absolved himself from responsibility.

“I hope that you can keep your promise. As long as the three of us stay put, you will not interfere!” Zhan Tianyi said solemnly.

Xue Li chuckled oddly, “Relax, trust is my second name! As long as you don’t move, then I will definitely not move either.”

While he was speaking, the thoughts of his other soul resonated inside the Soul Suppressing Orb inside Qin Lie’s head again, “Originally, I was not planning on telling you the secrets behind the twelve spirit pattern pillars since you hadn’t broken through to the Manifestation Realm yet. But after considering that the explosive sounds of your six Terminator Profound Bombs were so pleasing to my ears, I’ve decided to tell you this in advance! Listen well!”

Qin Lie’s body tightened as he instantly gathered all of his attention and listened to Xue Li’s voice inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

“Qin Lie! Qin Lie! What should we do? They’re charging at us!” Lian Rou’s delicate face was wrought with desperation and worry as she continuously exclaimed in a low tone beside him.

Meanwhile, Tang Siqi tightly gripped Qin Lie’s shoulders. A resolute look appeared on her beautiful face.

At this time, she actually even looked at one of the caves halfway up the mountain—Qin Lie’s cavern.

Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan were right inside that cave right now!

Tang Siqi gripped Qin Lie’s shoulders even more tightly and looked at that cave from afar. As more and more vicious people closed in on them, she actually felt a tiny hint of pleasure inside her heart. “At the very least, it is me who is together with him right now. For us to be able to die together... means that I've already beaten you.”

“Qin Lie!”

The three great reverends and seven great elders cried out in unison.

In their eyes, as if he had been stunned silly, Qin Lie stood there motionlessly with vacant eyes, looking like he had lost his soul.

“He hadn’t experienced such a huge scene after all. He was still a little too young.” Xie Zhizhang withdrew his gaze after glancing at him.

He also thought that Qin Lie had been shocked silly.

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