Chapter 231: Six Loud Explosions!

Chapter 231: Six Loud Explosions!

At Armament Sect’s entrance.

The leaders of the five forces led their respective subordinate experts and went in.

The scar-faced Tu Shixiong suddenly held out his hand, signalling everyone under his command to stop. Immediately after, all of the Dark Asura Hall martial practitioners nearby halted.

The group looked at him, wondering why he had stopped them.

“Do not enter this entrance,” Tu Shixiong exclaimed in a low tone.

“But everyone else has gone in,” Zhuo Qian commented in surprise.

“Before that thing in Qin Lie’s hands has blown up, none of you are allowed to take even a single step into Armament Sect.” Tu Shixiong glared.

The group was all deathly silent.

Tu Mo was the only one who dared to speak his doubts, “Father, why did you kill Lian Dong?”

“Because I’ve broken through to the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm, so Cao Xuanrui can’t hold me back anymore. The reason he kept Lian Dong by your side means that he has already grown wary of me.” Tu Shixiong’s eyes shone with a violent light. “Don’t worry. I have warred all over the continent since the day I was born. My whole life has been composed of killing all sorts foreign species and evil beasts other than human themselves. Plus, I’ve never revealed my true power. A mere Cao Xuanrui? Hmph, he is no longer someone I need to concern myself with!”

The moment he said this, Tu Mo, Tu Ze, Zhuo Qian, and many more of his subordinates all grew incredibly excited.

“The position of hall master is probably… probably not that easy,” Zhuo Qian softly exclaimed.

“Relax, I’m taking this position for sure!” Tu Shixiong’s face was filled with mad arrogance. “Don’t worry. I planned this long in advance, and now the matter is set!”

“Father, why did you not stop them when Lian Dong wanted to kill Uncle Han and the others then?” Tu Ze asked.

“Because Old Han had entered Armament Sect. Even I cannot absolve them without a good reason.” Tu Shixiong frowned, continuing, “But since Qin Lie had arrived, bringing that item with him, I then had a reason to let them escape. I will have a solid enough reason to defend myself with even in front of the grand hall master without being affected by rumors.”

“Father, if the item in Qin Lie’s hand is so terrifying, why didn’t you remind the grand hall master or the other four forces?” Tu Ze asked again.

Tu Shixiong chuckled brutally, “Why would I care for anyone else besides my own sons? Forget the four forces, even if it was the grand hall master himself… if he’s dead, he’s dead. If Dark Asura Hall suffers a great loss and loses all their leaders, then perhaps Dark Asura Hall may follow after the name Tu in the future!”

The two brothers looked at each other while, their bodies shaking. They felt a sense of worship towards their own father.

“Now that's what you f*cking call an ambitious man!!” Tu Shixiong’s subordinates all cried out in silence.

On the plaza.

Qin Lie beckoned Tang Siqi and Lian Rou, asking for them to come over.

Tang Siqi and Lian Rou appeared forlorn as they sighed inside their hearts. They walked away from Blood Spear martial practitioners and came to his side.

“Why have you come back?” Tang Siqi complained in a low tone.

“You shouldn’t have come,” Lian Rou also sighed quietly.

“Brat, you’re Armament Sect’s new sect master?” Zhan Tianyi looked at him. “A mere Natal Opening Realm martial practitioner dares to cause such a commotion. You really don’t know how the word death is written, do you?”

“Your biggest mistake was allowing this kid to become your sect master!” Shi Jingyun hmphed, “Without his reckless actions, you artificers would have lived even though Armament Sect still would face its end. But now? Hmph!”

“You will all die alongside his recklessness!” Su Ziying looked at her broken finger and cried out somewhat hysterically.

The three great reverends and seven inner sect elders’ who had their eyes on Qin Lie all had rather complicated expressions on their faces.

At this moment, they too had begun to wonder if it was really a mistake to have Qin Lie replace Ying Xingran.


The three great reverends and seven great inner sect elders sitting under ten spirit pillars sighed deeply in their hearts at this moment.

At this point, there was no longer any use for regrets. They would watch their sect head towards its downfall with their very own eyes, going down with it as well.

“Yu Dai visits the sect!”

“Jiang Yuan visits the sect!”

“Ou Yangsheng visits the sect!”

“Fu Zhuohui visits the sect!”

“Jiu Liuyu visits the sect!”

“Cao Xuanrui visits the sect!”

Suddenly, the loud calls came from Armament Sect’s entrance one after another.

It was just like when Yuan Tianya, Liang Yangzu, Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, and Su Ziying had arrived.

At the center of the plaza, Su Ziying’s eyes turned joyful, growing excited. “Damn you Old Yu, come over and kill this lowly bastard Qin Lie right now!”

“Qin Lie!” Jiu Liuyu’s voice came coldly from outside, “I will have Yushi herself cut that boastful tongue of yours. Your tongue will be minced to tiny pieces and fed to the dogs!”

“This brat has stirred up countless troubles everywhere. He will definitely not be allowed to die comfortably!” Yu Dai laughed coldly.

Qin Lie, who was just about to take Tang Siqi and Lian Rou away from this land of conflict, heard Jiu Liuyu’s threatening voice. Then, a violent nature hidden inside his heart uncontrollably exploded outwards!

His eyes turned violent as his face turned savage. “You want to mince my tongue and feed it to the dogs? You even want Yushi to do it with her own hands? Jiu Liuyu! I will have you die right now!”

Multiple fist-sized, metallic balls suddenly appeared on his palm and were tightly surrounded with electricity. The very instant after they appeared, they were then thrown towards the outer sect entrance at the foot of the mountain.

It fell in the direction of the six voices that announced their visit.

Chuckling, Xue Li didn’t hide the joy in his heart as soon as he saw the Terminator Profound Bombs fly outside. He cried out madly in his heart, “Good! Very good! Extremely good!”

It was as if he had been waiting for Qin Lie to explode, for Qin Lie to throw out the Terminator Profound Bomb, for more blood to be shed, and for more deaths to occur within the city.

“What’s that?”

It wasn’t long after the elites of the five forces entered the sect before they raised their heads and saw the metallic balls shining with lightning falling down on them from six different directions. They all instinctively looked towards the sky.

Yi Yuan was among them.

Terror—as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight—appeared on Yi Yuan’s face as he screamed crazily, “AVOID THAT METALLIC BALL!”

Regardless of the other’s reactions, Yi Yuan decisively called upon a secret art and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Yi Yuan’s body turned into a purple stream and slipped outside the sect midair while still stained in blood.

“Purple River Destruction Escape!” Cang Li screamed.

She hesitated for only an instant before feeling a chill run through her entire body. She also used the same method and unleashed the escape art, turning into a purple stream and escaping outside while drenched in blood.

She actually unconditionally trusted Yi Yuan’s judgement!

“What the hell is that thing?!” Jiang Yuan yelled.

His yell barely ended before a metallic ball, with coiled lightning descended down upon him.



The six Terminator Profound Bombs exploded in quick succession.

Six shockwaves that could shatter the earth and stun the sky exploded almost simultaneously. The thunderous shockwave spread out, causing the space in this area to experience an obvious collapse as black paths appeared midair out of nowhere while flying out in every direction.

Like the surface of a mirror, space shattered inch by inch!

The flying spatial energy reaped the lives of all within this space like the humongous scythe of the grim reaper!

Armament Sect’s outer sect entrance was instantly destroyed under this world-ending shockwave!

Every single buildings and structures promptly shattered into billions of tiny fragments!

The rocks actually weren’t affected by gravity at all as they floated in the middle of the air and filled every corner of the collapsed space!

This eerie scene paused for only an instant!

In the next moment, hundreds of lengthy, thick threads of lightning shot out like pythons, violent serpents, or lightning dragons!

It was only then that the mad howls of death finally came out.

“Rrrmb! Clap clap clap! Zzzt zzt zzt!”

The sound of thunder exploding, the sound of lightning streaking through the air, the sound of bodies shattering, the screams, the shouts, the wails...

All sorts of sounds mingled together and resounded throughout Armament Sect, exploding in this hellish area!

The collapsed space had now formed into an unnamed abyss. Countless black tunnels appeared and disappeared like illusions within the abyss, as if they would reach the end of the world or the limits of the sky.

This scene had persevered for only a split second before the collapsed space automatically repaired itself. It was like a gaping, magical mouth that had shut up once more, swiftly returning to normal.

“Great explosion! Well blasted! Hahaha!” Xue Li cried out madly.

No one knew why he was so excited.

However, Armament Sect’s outer sect, including all its structures, had already disappeared.

The six deep pits were like bottomless lakes that were hundred of meters wide, replacing the original Armament Sect with smoke coming from the foot of Flame Volcano.

“Zzzt zzt zzt!”

There were even small flashes of lightning within the six pits. The thick smell of burnt flesh permeated the air.

A few scattered people stood beside the six deep pits. They seemed to have lost their souls as they blankly stared at the six deep pits, trying to find their companions who didn’t even leave behind a corpse.

It was as if these people’s souls were directly shattered by the six great booms and became the walking dead...

Only facing the most extreme despair and shock would a martial practitioner who cultivated turn out like this.

Jiu Liuyu was gone. Cao Xuanrui was gone. Yu Dai was gone. Ouyang Sheng was also gone...

Jiang Yuan, Fu Zhuohui, Ji Liu, and a few dozen or so people scattered around the six great pits had soulless expressions on their faces. They were still looking into the pits, looking for any sign of anyone they knew...

Unfortunately, there was nothing.

“Well done! Well blasted! Truly the Terminator Profound Bomb!” Only Xue Li’s mad laughter still filled the air.

Outside Armament Sect.

Tu Shixiong’s body violently shook as he opened his eyes and attempted to speak. However, he soon realized that he actually couldn’t utter a single word. What came out of his mouth was only a round of unconscious groans.

From their point of view, Armament Sect’s outer sect had been eliminated in its entirety. They could see the plaza where the twelve spirit pattern pillars were situated without anything blocking their view.

The dozens of Armament Sect buildings that were supposed to stand between them and the plaza were gone!

They had all turned to dust.

“Cough cough cough!” From the other side, Yi Yuan spat blood, his face completely pale, while holding himself against the wall. He looked in utter shock at the once standing sect entrance.

In his eyes, the sect entrance had already disappeared. Now, only six hellish great pits remained—and of course the countless burned corpses which belonged to the five great forces.

Beside him, Cang Li, who had gotten used to seeing all sorts of bloody scenes, was vomiting intensely to the point where she had gone completely pale.

“Butcher, this butcher named Qin Lie! H-how dare he act so crazy and ruthlessly!!”

Cang Li had never feared someone this badly before.

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