Chapter 229: All I Can!

Chapter 229: All I Can!

Qin Lie arrived at Tang Siqi’s cavern.

“Miss Tang is not inside,” another blood guard appeared and said respectfully.

Qin Lie frowned when he heard that, asking, “Where did she and Senior Sister Lian go?”

“The plaza,” the blood guard answered softly.

Qin Lie was shocked.

The reason he came out of the land of absolute zero and rushed over from the poisonous bog was to preserve one or two seeds of hope for Armament Sect, and Tang Siqi and Lian Rou were the seeds he had chosen.

These seeds would one day grow up in the future and become a large, lush tree once more.

As for the inheritance and growth of Armament Sect, he personally wasn’t too interested. However, he did owe Armament Sect their kindness.

Tang Siqi and Lian Rou had even saved his life once before!

The reason he came back was to witness Armament Sect’s destruction with his own eyes. His other objective was to preserve as much of Armament Sect as possible.

When he had reached halfway up the mountain, he frowned and stood still for a moment. He first turned to look at the peak , then looked towards the foot of the mountain. In the end, after weighing it for a moment in his heart, he walked towards the plaza.

“Sect Master Qin has returned to the sect!” He hadn’t left for long before a blood guard had reported his appearance to the three great reverends at the mountain peak.

“What is the point of him coming back now?” Meng Chen exclaimed in despair.

Luo Zhichang’s expression managed to twist into one of shock. “He should not have come back!”

“Where did he go?” Fang Qi said in a low tone.

“He went to the plaza,” the blood guard answered.

“We will go to the plaza! That is the land where our sect was first founded. Even if our sect is to perish, we should stand with it!” Luo Zhichang started down the mountain.

Fang Qi and Jiang Hao nodded before quietly following suit.

The inner sect’s seven great elders looked at each other and saw both the despair and determination in their eyes.

Therefore, the inner sect’s seven elders walked to the plaza at the foot of the mountain together, towards the place where the twelve spirit pillars stood.

At the same time, the Armament Sect elders and disciples who hadn’t been killed and were scattered at the corners of Armament Sect had received Lang Xie’s notification. With dark and despairing expressions on their faces, they returned to the sect, all headed towards the place where Armament Sect was first founded.

“Mountain Master, the remaining Armament Sect members are headed towards the sect,” Ji Liu arrived beside Jiang Yuan and told him the latest news.

“Don’t obstruct them too much. Give them a chance to breathe so they can return to the founding land of Armament Sect.” Jiang Yuan and Yu Dai decided after discussing, “It’ll save us the trouble of hunting them down anyway. Just let them gather so we can take them out all at once. This way we won’t have to waste time running around.”

“That is what I thought as well!” Yu Dai too gave out the order.

Meanwhile, Dark Asura Hall’s Fu Zhuohui and Seven Fiends Valley’s Ouyang Sheng quickly reached a tacit understanding also—to allow those who had slipped through the net to gather at Armament Sect.

Right now, the entrances of the four districts of earth, fire, water and wind were completely under the control of the five forces.

Armament City had been sealed as well, also under their control.

As of this moment, Armament Sect was no longer Armament City’s ruler. It was now near impossible for any of Armament Sect’s martial practitioners to escape the city.

The scattered personnel gradually returned to Armament Sect from wherever they were in the city. There were quite a few outer sect foreign delegates who were mixed in with them as well.

Han Qingrui, Kang Zhi, Han Feng, and the rest of their group were sneakily moving along a quiet street, also heading to Armament Sect.

“If I had known that a day like this would come, I would not have come to Armament Sect back then. Sigh.” Kang Zhi’s father, Kang Hui, sighed deeply and felt such a strong sense of defeat that he was at his wit’s end.

He was originally the vice pavilion master of Nebula Pavilion. He was originally of high status, and after he lost the competition against Liu Yuntao, he wasn’t willing to bow his head and submit. Therefore, under Pan Jueming’s recommendation, they had arrived at Armament City and became foreign delegates.

At first, their lives went pretty well. Armament Sect treated them very generously. As long as they completed a mission, they would receive a generous reward in return.

Moreover, once they had accumulated enough merits, they could even apply to have one of the inner sect elders personally forge them an artifact.

They quietly worked for Armament Sect, waiting for that day they accumulated enough merits so that they could request an inner sect elder like Mo Hai or Tan Dongling to personally forge them a perfectly matching artifact.

Unfortunately, judging from the current situation, they might never see that day.

“Hey, I heard... I heard a rumor that the current sect master seems to be Qin Lie…” Han Qingrui told them what he had just heard recently.

Han Feng and Kang Zhi shook their heads in great disbelief before looking at him with incredulous expressions on their faces.

“Old Han?” Kang Zhi was also shocked.

Han Qingrui smiled bitterly, “There should not be any mistake. If it wasn’t for him, we would’ve been sacrificed as cannon fodder when Armament Sect and Dark Shadow Tower came into conflict.”

“Qin Lie! How can it be that kid Qin Lie?!” Kang Zhi exclaimed in an odd tone. He just couldn’t believe it.

“There’s a voice over there!” Not far away there was a stern shout, “Go check it out!”

When Han Qingrui, Kang Hui, and the rest of the group heard the voice coming from afar, all their expressions changed as they sternly glared at Kang Hui.

“This way! This way!” Many yells came from afar, and one of them was a powerful and masculine voice.

While listening to that man’s voice, Han Qingrui and Kang Hui suddenly shuddered as an odd light shone out of their eyes.

“Mo’er, take someone over there and check it out,” Tu Shixiong’s voice came from afar.

Han Qingrui, Kang Hui, and the rest stood perfectly still behind the walls of a shadowy corner. They expressions had turned incredibly odd.

Before long, Tu Mo had brought Tu Ze, Zhuo Qian, and a few Dark Asura Hall martial practitioners and appeared in this quiet street.

The moment they entered this place, Tu Mo swept his gaze about, and his face abruptly froze.

Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian’s expressions changed greatly too, and they became frozen with shock when they saw little fatty Kang Zhi and Han Feng.

“Pavilion Master…” Han Qingrui and Kang Hui cupped their hands and saluted towards Tu Mo.

“Big Brother Tu, Sister Qian…” Han Feng and Kang Zhi looked pitifully at Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian.

“You guys know each other?” Another Dark Asura Hall martial practitioner frowned and looked to Tu Mo, asking, “Who are they?”

His name was Lian Dong, a subordinate under another commander. Just like Tu Mo, he was a martial practitioner at the early stage of the Manifestation Realm. He was a normal Dark Asura Hall general.

“Brother Lian Dong, these are my companions from the past and my father’s old subordinates. Can you pretend that you haven’t seen this and show them mercy?” Tu Mo bowed and said very sincerely, “When this is over, I will thank you greatly for the favor once we return to the hall!”

Lian Dong glanced once at Han Qingrui’s group with a cool expression before shaking his head. He said, “The reason the hall master had specifically asked me to come with you all was to watch over you in case you couldn’t act when you met an old acquaintance. Before I came over, the hall master had specifically instructed me to do what you guys could not.”

He took out a long, snake-like spear and walked towards Han Qingrui and the rest of their group. His eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“Brother Lian Dong!” Tu Mo yelled loudly.

Lian Dong’s footsteps did not stop. His tone was cold, “Brother Tu, don’t put trouble onto yourself. It will bring trouble onto your father as well, and you must not trouble the hall master. Yuan Tianya is dead. Grand Hall Master will soon enter Profound Heaven Alliance, and our Hall Master Cao is the most best person to sit at that position. We cannot leave even a trace of a black mark behind and allow the others to catch hold of our weakness!

“That’s why these people must die!”

Tu Mo, Tu Ze, and Zhuo Qian abruptly froze. Great shock and terror appeared in their eyes.

It was only now did they realize that the reason Lian Dong was with them was to prevent such a thing from happening, to eliminate all accidents from happening!

This was even ordered by Cao Xuanrui!

And this Cao Xuanrui was the hall master their fathers were loyal to. He was also one of their backers!

If they went against Cao Xuanrui’s orders, they and their fathers might be faced with a murderous crisis.

Han Qingrui, Han Yu, and Kang Zhi had thought that they might be able to escape a crisis after seeing Tu Mo. But in the end, they still had to die.

They would even die at the hands of their close friends and brothers. This caused the four to feel forlorn and immensely bitter.

“Brother Lian!” Tu Mo yelled furiously once more.

Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian’s eyes suddenly turned red. They appeared like they were about to lose control.

It was at this moment when Tu Shixiong’s voice came from not too far away, “Mo’er, Ze’er, Little Qian, don’t meddle in this matter.”

“Great commander is truly courageous,” Lian Dong smiled.

“Father!” Tu Mo exclaimed.

“Sigh. Old Han, Old Kang, please don’t blame us for not showing you mercy. There is really nothing we can do to help you.” Tu Shixiong’s voice came from afar again, “Even if we let you go this time, you will not be able to leave Armament City alive. It’s not that we refuse to help you, it’s that it’s useless even if we did. Lian Dong! Finish them quickly!”

“Don’t worry, great commander. This Lian Dong knows what to do. I will definitely not let these people suffer too much before their deaths!” Lian Dong answered.

He lifted his snake spear and began channeling his spirit arts. The dark green light glowing on his snake spear was swiftly unleashed.

“Kid, I’ve found the few people you asked me to pay attention to. But one group is just about to die …” While Qin Lie walked down the foot of the mountain, Xue Li’s soul fluctuated and spoke from inside the Soul Suppressing Orb inside his head.

A clear image was displayed directly inside his head—it was exactly the scene where Han Qingrui, Han Feng, and Kang Zhi was about to be killed!

“Stop that person wielding that snake spear!” Qin Lie screamed.

“Heh, I’m not going to do everything by myself. If you want to save them, I can send you over right now,” Xue Li said.

“Then send me over right now!” Qin Lie exclaimed angrily.


Qin Lie’s figure, about to reach the plaza, suddenly came to a pause. A blood pond had appeared out of nowhere beneath his feet on top of the green stone floor and wrapped directly around him. Then, it pulled him underground.

All of a sudden, he felt faint. He could sense clearly that the blood pond was travelling a thousand meters in an instant underground.

Han Qingrui, Han Yu, and Kang Zhi’s group watched the light forming on the snake spear and watched Lian Dong, the Manifestation Realm martial practitioner. They felt as cold as ice facing against the might he had unleashed.

They knew very well that they might not be able to reach Armament Sect. They might not survive this crisis.

“Father!” Tu Ze howled.

“Keep him down!” Tu Shixiong’s voice came over again.

A Dark Asura Hall martial practitioner that was standing right beside Tu Ze extended a hand and pressed onto Tu Ze’s shoulders, preventing him from moving even one step.

“Little Qian as well! I will not allow them to act recklessly!” Tu Shixiong said again.

Another person pressed down on Zhuo Qian as well. And so, she could only watch little fatty Kang Hui and Han Yu walk towards their deaths in tears.

They could not do anything...

It was at this moment, the blood pond surrounding Qin Lie suddenly appeared between Lian Dong and Han Qingrui. Qin Lie stepped onto the ground as the blood pond vanished back underground.

“Qin Lie!”

“Qin Lie!”

“Qin Lie!”

Everyone cried out in shock.

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