Chapter 227: Wailing and Despair Abound

Chapter 227: Wailing and Despair Abound

Long before the five great forces had planned to attack Armament City, they had been quietly transferring their personnel out of the city.

When the five great forces actually began to clean up the city, even more scattered martial practitioners left and evacuated this dangerous place.

Armament City of the past was a core portion of the surrounding five forces’ territory. It was their trading center. Not only did Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Dark Shadow Tower, Cloud Sky Mountain, and Purple Mist Sea’s martial practitioners gather here, this was even somewhere where their subordinate forces had set up bases.

Without exaggerating in the slightest, before the attack happened, Armament City was most definitely the most flourishing city in the area.

However, there were few people who walked the streets of Armament City today. Once in a while, there would occasionally be a figure or two walking through its open Streets.

Though those figures would only be Armament Sect’s own martial practitioners rushing by.

The extremely busy Armament City had gone downhill and become desolate in a short period of time, as if it had been abandoned completely.

But today, the Armament City that had been deserted for an extended period of time became lively once more.

However, blood, robbery, slaughter, and destruction was what was pushing forward this liveliness!

The five great forces were officially entering the city to begin a destructive cleansing operation of Armament Sect. They wanted to slaughter Armament City to the last man!

“Every Armament Sect martial practitioner that you see, be it elders, disciples, or whether they are a part of the inner sect or outer sect, slaughter every last one of them!” Yu Dai’s pleasant voice had turned cold and dark at this point. His words caused a chill to run up people’s backs.

“Destroy the sect! Slaughter every man alive!” Cloud Sky Mountain’s Mountain Master Jiang Yuan also ordered.

“Kill kill kill!”

“Take revenge for Boss Shi!”

“Take revenge for Big Boss Wu!”

“Take revenge for Second Mistress!”

Countless, murderous figures began to sweep the city, slaughtering every living man alive.

With the Fire District city entrance as their starting point, the invading five forces’ martial practitioners flooded each city’s area like swarms of locusts.

Terrible, anguished cries rang out from time to time from certain districts and the mouths of Armament Sect’s martial practitioners.

The Armament Sect martial practitioners scattered at the four great city districts had escaped the last crisis, but they were not able to escape this slaughter. They were captured, decapitated, and had their bones cut into pieces by the sharp blades of those who had rushed into hidden rooms, secret passageways, and the gap between the fake hill...

Wailing and despair filled the city to the brim. No matter where one looked, there were Armament Sect martial practitioners who died in a horrific manner, and coinciding with these deaths were terrified screams.

“Yi Yuan, you don’t look too good. What’s wrong? Could it be that you’ve really developed some feelings for this sect?” Inside a manor of Wind District, a young, sexy girl with a beauty mark at the corner of her lips and who was wearing a rose-colored dress teased him.

There were six Armament Sect outer sect foreign delegates inside this manor. They had all been captured from the cellar.

These six people had already been beheaded and mutilated into many pieces.

Blood could be seen everywhere one looked. The entire manor was completely stained red, and the terrible stench would cause all who smelled it to feel like vomiting.

The dozen or so Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners who conducted this bloody slaughter just now were led by this young woman. They were now wiping off the blood stains on their spirit artifacts.

Yi Yuan’s usual gentle smile was gone even before he entered the city. He had become unusually silent and had not said a word after walking into the city.

Facing the girl’s teasing, Yi Yuan sighed inside his heart and said not a word.

“Yi Yuan, since when did you become so sentimental? Didn’t you come to Armament Sect for a woman? Why haven’t you gotten her yet?” A brawny man with a thick beard grinned and began chuckling oddly like a bear, “In my opinion, you should just capture her, push her to the ground, and be done with it. If it felt really satisfying, then just imprison her and slowly enjoy her. Why do you need to develop any feelings?”

“Shut up Tie Xiong, what the hell do you know about feelings!” the young girl with a beauty mark scolded him angrily.

“Heh, it’s not like old me knows what feelings are anyway.” The brawny man known as Tie Xiong with a greatsword on his shoulder said with the voice of a huge bell, “Sister Cang Li, do you know what feelings are?”

“Of course I understand! It’s just, it’s just that I haven’t met the right person!” Cang Li glanced at Yi Yuan. There was unconcealed light hidden within her passionate eyes.

The surrounding Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners all chuckled oddly at her words.

It was as if everyone knew that she had deep feelings for Yi Yuan.

“Tie Xiong, this Sky Flame Sword of yours was forged by Armament Sect’s Tang Siqi.” Yi Yuan, who had been silent for a long time calmly continued, “I still remember that the sea had commissioned Armament Sect to forge a batch of spirit artifacts three years ago. Your Sky Flame Sword was one of them. I still remember that it was made by Tang Siqi herself and how excited and happy you are after receiving it. You even hugged the sword as you slept…”

“The Sky Flame Sword feels great in my hands. I treat it as my second life. Armament Sect sucks at a lot of things, but it definitely is first grade when it comes to artifact forging!” Tie Xiong laughed loudly.

Yi Yuan then looked at the people around him one after another and continued, “Huang Nan, your Crescent Hook was forged by my Lian Rou. Liu Tang, your Flowing Cloud Butterfly was forged by first inner sect disciple, Pan Xuan…

“All of your spirit artifacts came from Armament Sect. They are also the people you are about to slaughter.” Yi Yuan frowned. “But you seem to feel neither a twinge of concern nor pity at all. Have you ever thought about who is going to fix your spirit artifacts when they’re broken once they are all dead? Who is going to forge a higher grade spirit artifact for you once you’ve broken through to a higher realm?”

When he finished, the group of Purple Mist Sea martial practitioners had a short moment of silence.

But soon, Cang Li broke the silence and said uncaringly, “Armament Sect may be gone, but there are still other artificers. From what I know, Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance’s spirit artifacts did not come from Armament Sect. Armament Sect may be rather famous on this continent, but that is all. There are plenty of artificers out there, and there are plenty of people who are better than those of Armament Sect as well.”

After a pause, Cang Li looked somewhat strangely at him before sneering, “Yi Yuan, you changed a lot after staying in Armament Sect for a year. You became sentimental and merciful. Can a single woman really turn that cold-blooded Yi Yuan of the past around?”

Yi Yuan snorted coldly.

“I will find that woman, hehe, and I will kill her. I will kill her right in before your very eyes. Yi Yuan, I want you to turn back to who you were before!” Cang Li laughed somewhat maniacally.

“If you dare touch her, I will definitely kill you!” Yi Yuan’s pupils shone with light as sharp as blades.

“The old you can kill me. I wonder if the current you still has that ability? I’m actually looking forward to it now!” Cang Li exclaimed coldly.

On the street of a district.

Jiu Liuyu watched as an Armament Sect foreign delegate slowly drew his last breath. Her expression was dark as she coldly mocked, “A mere Natal Opening Realm brat dares to act so ostentiously. He wants me to personally beg him for Old Shi and Lu Li’s release? What fantastic nonsense!”

From the mouth of this foreign delegate, she knew that Qin Lie had boasted on the plaza that he wanted her to meet him personally and her to beg him for Shi Jingyun and Lu Li.

“Cut this man’s tongue off,” Jiu Liuyu ordered in disgust.

“But valley master, he’s… he’s already dead…” the lady from Dark Fiend Valley said in slight surprise.

“Do I look like I don’t know he’s dead?” Jiu Liuyu said with a dark face, “Do you have a problem understanding my words?”

The lady shuddered and did not dare to say another word. She hurriedly lifted a short sword and cut that outer sect foreign delegate’s tongue.

“Mince it!” Jiu Liuyu ordered again.

The lady grew more and more terrified, but she did not dare to ignore her orders. She hurriedly minced that tongue into smithereens.

“A brat who didn’t even have the qualification to see me four years ago dares to ask me to beg before him? This is the funniest joke I’ve heard in my life!” Jiu Liuyu laughed fiercely.

“Valley master, Yushi and him…” someone reminded her softly.

Jiu Liuyu’s eyes were cold as she let out a terrifyingly cold laugh, “I will make Yushi do it with her own hands. I will have her help me cut that brat’s tongue to pieces. I will allow the person he loves to end his lowly life!”

The numerous Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners who heard her words felt frigid cold from the bottom of their heart while unconcealed fear appeared in their eyes.

The rank four Green Hunting Bat landed on the plaza beside Song Siyuan and Xie Zhizhang like a demonic shadow under the dark sky.

Zhan Tianyi dismounted and looked at Xue Li, asking, “Are you that old demon, You Hongzhi’s master?”

Xue Li’s eyebrows jumped as a bloody light flashed across his eyes. He humphed, “Junior, has your sect never taught you about manners? Did they not tell you what kind of etiquette you should use when facing your elders?”

“If it is an elder deserving of my respect, then naturally I will treat them so. As for you…” Zhan Tianyi sneered, “Heh, you’re not worthy.”

Xue Li grinned and chuckled twice in a low tone. He nodded and did not say anything.

However, a terrific killing intent appeared abruptly from his body before vanishing into nothingness.

“Brother Song, Brother Xie, why haven’t you guys taken action yet?” Zhan Tianyi said in surprise.

“The reason I’m here is just to guarantee Armament Sect’s destruction. I’m here to make sure this person will not interfere with Armament Sect’s fall,” Song Siyuan said with a collected expression while holding an ancient book. “As long as he doesn’t act, I will not act either. I do not want to cause unnecessary trouble.”

He had an emergency discussion with the patriarchs of Profound Heaven Alliance’s three great families before he came.

All three of them agreed in unison that a person who can shackle Xie Zhizhang must have an unusual background. They could be an expert from another continent.

Since they could not confirm Xue Li’s identity, they did not want to provoke unnecessary trouble either. They simply hoped to eliminate Armament Sect so that they would not ascend into a Copper force in the future and split their cultivation resources.

In comparison to Eight Extreme Temple, Profound Heaven Alliance was a far more cautious force. They requested for stability in their work and would not easily provoke trouble.

“We of Eight Extreme Temple are not as peaceful as you are. Anyone who stands in our way must be slaughtered completely.” Zhan Tianyi’s expression straightened as he said seriously, “Old demon, I am going to kill you now.”

Xue Li was so angry that he smiled instead and nodded continuously, “Good! Very good! Let’s see how you can kill me!”

“I’ll kill you like this.” Zhan Tianyi’s bones creaked endlessly as his body became incredibly brawny and layers of clear, white light appeared on his face. The light was vast and boundless as if it was released from a god.

A set of armor formed from white light covered his body, causing him to instantly gain a sacred, inviolable dignity.

The sacred and majestic energy rippled continuously around him, causing space itself to distort.

At this moment, it was as if Zhan Tianyi had transformed into a god. His aura had grown incredibly shocking.

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