Chapter 222: The Eighth Natal Palace!

Chapter 222: The Eighth Natal Palace!

It was naturally impossible for Xue Li to not feel any hatred towards Qin Lie considering half of his soul had been imprisoned.

While he felt hatred, he didn't dare to truly kill Qin Lie. He didn’t dare to die together with Qin Lie.

So he could only bear it.

For him, it undoubtedly was a pleasing matter to find chances to make things difficult for Qin Lie.

The thunder and lightning power inside the Dark Moon Thunder Snake's beast core was ignited and flooded Qin Lie's body. Letting Qin Lie experience the pain of being attacked by thunder and lightning... he was clearly taking the chance to retaliate.

"Kid, you cannot form a Natal Palace just by slowly absorbing it. Only by infusing a vast amount of power into your body all at once will you accomplish your goal." Xue Li grinned and laughed his strange laugh, "You cannot afford to waste time. Do not blame me, I am helping you.”

"Will Qin Lie suffer a backlash from the thunder energy?" In the blood pool next to them, Feng Rong was inwardly astounded as worry flashed through her eyes.

The burning lightning resembled thick electrical chains which restrained Qin Lie's body. Roars of thunder emanated from his bones.

The lightning in that rank four spirit beast core was like a little sun that stuck to his heart and released wild and brutal thunder and lightning power.

"Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

In Qin Lie's mind, thunder and lightning from the Ninth Heaven roared. He felt as though he was in a apocalyptic storm, and his mental world was being destroyed by the thunder and lightning.

Threads of fine electricity, similar to needles, shot chaotically through his muscles, blood, and flesh, vibrating in the cracks of his bones.

The pain spread to every bit of flesh. Every cell, every drop of blood.

This pain was multiple times more excruciating than being struck by lightning in a storm.


He could not suppress his roar. In this silent forest, it caused the expressions of all the Blood Spear martial practitioners to change.

The sound was like a vicious beast giving out its last reluctant howl as it was about to die.

It robbed people of their courage!

The lightning arced around Qin Lie as a net of dense electricity, dozens of meters in diameter, was formed.

Xue Li and Feng Rong were within its range.

"Heh, when the energy of a rank four spirit beast's power source is released in a single instant, the power is concentrated enough to be seen." Under the cover of the lightning, strands of bloody mist came out of Xue Li's body. When the bloody mist came out, the lightning was scattered and unable to approach his thin body.

"Senior, is this... a bit too intense? The release of a rank four spirit beast core is akin to a Netherpassage martial practitioner exploding their spirit sea. He's also in the Natal Opening Realm." Feng Rong was worried.

She was inside a pool of blood and was unaffected by the lightning. But when she reached out with one of her fingers and lightly touched a blue bolt of lightning, her fingertip instantly turned black. This caused her to realize that every bolt of lightning held a significant amount of lightning power.

As the source, Qin Lie was shrouded by thunder and lightning, how could he tolerate it?

"It's true he'll have some hardship. But he won't die." Xue Li glanced at her and said indifferently. "You should be able to see the strength of his body. The boy's body refinement surpasses most of the martial practitioners at his level. Also, he has soaked in the blood pools before and has extremely abundant energy. His vitality is also very strong. If a body as strong as his cannot tolerate this, it would be extremely strange.”

"Senior, with your great strength, how did you come to be imprisoned inside the spirit pattern pillars?" Feng Rong asked.

A light flashed through Xue Li's eyes, and his face suddenly became twisted like a old, bloodthirsty demon. He hatefully stared at Feng Rong and viciously said, "Lowly servant! The next time you dare to ask this question, I'll forge you into a blood demon!”

Being imprisoned was a shameful event that would remain forever within his heart. It was restricted, and he wasn't even willing for others to mention a word about it.

Feng Rong's face paled and she instantly went silent. She didn't dare to speak even one more word.

She could only look at Qin Lie.

At this time, she found that Qin Lie was sitting with dignity on the ground, and his expression had turned to one of calm. Even the scalp-tingling howls had stopped.

Qin Lie seemed to have adjusted to the corrosion of the furious thunder and lightning.

What she didn't know was that the power from the Dark Moon Thunder Snake's beast core had gradually moved from Qin Lie's body into his spirit sea's dantian.

Within the spirit sea world of Qin Lie’s dantian.

Thick bolts of lightning were like flying dragons that twisted through the spirit sea. They descended from the heavens like countless beaded curtains, seemingly connecting the spirit sea to the firmament above as they filled the world with the vibrations of destructive thunder.

In the dantian that was filled with spirit mist, the seven Natal Palaces were seven eye-catching suns that released yellow, white, and blue light illuminating the entire spirit sea.

"Zzt zzzt zzt! Clap clap clap!”

The electrical dragons rampaged, striking the yellow suns and wrapping around the ice suns which caused these five Natal Palaces to tremble and become brighter.

The other two blue suns seemed to be the core of the thunder and lightning. They also released burning lightning, roared with thunder, and merged with the already wild spirit sea.

Qin Lie's soul consciousness came into this world like a god, gathering the enormous lightning dragons and twisting them together.

"Lightning dragons gather!”

A blurry soul shadow floated like it was an enormous god in the sky above. The mental vibrations it released spread towards every corner of the spirit sea.

All of the lightning dragons that rampaged without regard for direction and all the pure lightning power seemed to hear the summons of the lightning god and proactively popped out of the corners of this world to gather in one location.

"Zzt zzt zzt!”

The long lightning dragons twisted. In Qin Lie's world, the world of his spirit sea, they were controlled by Qin Lie who was akin to the creator, restrained by the rules of the supreme principles. They were like long electrical rivers—

—that slowly gathered between the two hands of the blurry figure!

"Clap clap clap! Boom boom boom!”

The lightning dragons gathered on the enormous palm of Qin Lie's enormous soul figure, and a burning ball of lightning slowly condensed like the birth of a new world.

A completely new world with the thunder and lightning as its laws, with thunder and lightning as its core power, slowly took form between his hands.

"Zzt zzt zzt!”

As the lightning arced, this world of thunder and lightning became even more condensed. It gradually compressed and shrank.

In the end, it shrank into the stable form of a lightning ball.

His eighth Natal Palace had formed!

"Refine it again!" The enormous godly soul figure released a tide of mental power.

There were still many lightning dragons in the spirit sea that coiled around the other two thunder Natal Palaces as though they were increasing the light of the sun, and refined the two thunder and lightning balls.

In the forest shrouded by blood mist.

The enormous lightning net that was woven around Qin Lie slowly shrank. All the strands of lightning retreated into his roaring body.

The Dark Moon Thunder Snake beast core glued to his chest became dim. Many gray-white marks appeared on the glowing beast core. It became a normal stone and cracks started to appear.


The beast core suddenly exploded. Before the fragments landed on the ground, they turned to powder and dissipated in the wind.

This meant that all the power inside the beast core had been extracted. The beast core that lost all power finally became stone powder that was worth even less than normal stone.

A day and night had passed. Lightning and thunder vibrations no longer came from Qin Lie's body, and the aura of his soul had become extremely calm.

Xue Li had stopped paying attention to him long ago. His entire person was immersed in the blood pool. The pool of blood was boiling and gave off a great number of bubbles as the blood energy inside moved even more violently.

Only Feng Rong would occasionally open her eyes to look at Qin Lie, worrying that something would happen.

At the gates to Fire District in Armament City.

More and more people were gathering. People had arrived from the five forces and didn't even dare to attack Armament Sect after a full day had passed.

They were waiting, waiting for strong reinforcements. Waiting to take the city in one wave with an attack that would sink Armament Sect in its entirety.

Half a day ago, the Grand Hall Master of Dark Asura Hall, Fu Zhuohui, had arrived with his experts. Four hours ago, the mountain master of Cloud Sky Mountain, Jiang Heng, had come with Fu Chang of the "Three Stones." Two hours ago, the other valley masters of Seven Fiends Valley had arrived as well.

Right now, the master of Purple Mist Sea, Yu Dai, who was furthest from Armament Sect finally arrived.

Other than the tower lord of Dark Tower, Di Shijiu, all leaders of the five forces had arrived and come to the gates of Fire District.

"This is Ziying's finger." Feng Lin handed Yu Dai a jade bottle.

The jade bottle was made from Mystical Cold Jade and held a white finger. A finger that Yu Dai was very familiar with.

When Yu Dai had been young, he had been one famed for being a playboy. Now that he was a middle-aged man, his handsomeness had not decreased, and he had the charisma of a mature man.

Due to this, Yu Dai at this age was still very handsome and popular, and he still had lovers everywhere. He was still a lover of many.

"Ying'er, Ying'er...” Yu Dai caressed the jade bottle, his handsome face gradually becoming dark and fearsome.

After a while, Yu Dai looked at Cloud Sky Mountain’s Mountain Master Jiang Heng, and at Dark Asura Hall’s Grand Hall Master Fu Zhuohui. He said, "No matter what your Dark Asura Hall and Cloud Sky Mountain think, my Purple Mist Sea will kill all the elders and disciples of Armament Sect! I will leave nothing behind!”

"Wu Tuo's finger was also cut off, my Cloud Sky Mountain will use all of our strength to help Brother Yu achieve his desire!" Jiang Heng said coldly.

"Seven Fiends Valley also is the same!" Mystical Fiend Valley’s Valley Master Ouyang Sheng also expressed his position.

"Liang Yangzu has died, Di Shijiu has also disappeared, Dark Shadow Tower will not rest." Yu Dai nodded in satisfaction and then looked at Fu Zhuohui. "Brother Fu, what is your position?”

"You can make the decision." Fu Zuohui smiled faintly.

Therefore, the five sides reached an agreement on their attitude towards Armament Sect—to kill all of them.

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