Chapter 221: Creating Another Natal Palace!

Chapter 221: Creating Another Natal Palace!

In the forest shrouded by blood colored smoke and mist.

There were bubbling blood pools of various sizes scattered across the area. The bloodwater seemed to boil under the heat from the flames underground.

There were exhausted Blood Spear martial practitioners in many of the pools. Some were naked with clear wounds, and some of those wounds had cut straight to the bone.

These were the Blood Spear martial practitioners who participated in the recent battles. They had come to the blood pools to heal.

The spirit blood inside the blood pools could help heal their wounds, could quickly replenish their energies, and would allow them to return to a battle-ready state more quickly.

In the deep part of the forest, Feng Rong wore black leather clothing and was soaking in one of the pools.

At this moment, shock became visible in here eyes as she looked at a blood pool near her that was filled with spirit blood of the highest concentration.

Blood Essence Stones, Enlivening Blood Grass, the berserker blood of the Bloodthirsty Blade Demon, the divine blood pills made from multiple types of spirit beast blood, and all kinds of rare items were thrown into the blood pool by Xue Li.

An extremely unstable blood fiend aura emerged from the blood pool and caused the blood inside Feng Rong to become uncontrollably restless. Her blood seemed as though it was going to combust and would start boiling any moment now.

"Hehe, not bad, your sect actually has some usable materials," Xue Li laughed strangely. His entire body was immersed in the restless blood pool of two people's fresh blood and with only his head exposed, carrying a pleased expression on his face..

"What percentage of senior's peak strength is senior at now?" Qin Lie walked over and stood next to Xue Li as he looked at that blood pool.

The blood inside his body also started to shift uncontrollably even though he was just standing at the edge. The franticness of his blood had almost become uncontrollable.

"Kid, be more concerned for yourself." Xue Li grinned, and his gleaming white teeth caused people to shudder. "You want to rely on me to defend against two Copper forces? You should quash those thoughts immediately. It’ll take at least ten years to reach eighty percent of my original strength, I cannot help you overcome this obstacle.”

"If I can break through to the Manifestation Realm, with the addition of the Terminator Profound Bombs, can I really turn the tides?" Qin Lie's expression was grave.

"You do not believe my words?" Xue Li snorted coldly.

"Qin Lie!" Feng Rong shouted lightly.

Qin Lie's brow creased, and he glanced at Xue Li. He did not speak and found a place to sit down.

He took out the Dark Moon Thunder Snake’s beast core.

A complete beast core would have six corners. Right now, there were only five left. There was a corner that he had cut down to try to forge higher grade Terminator Profound Bombs. However, he had failed horrifically.

The beast core possessing five corners now seemed to be a white, opaque watery crystal. It was warm in his hand and smooth to the touch.

When he channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication, the opaque Dark Moon Thunder Snake beast core suddenly became clear!

When one looked closely, they would find that the source of the opaqueness had gathered into little bits of light. Each little bit of light contained a shocking amount of thunder energy.

That was pure thunder power!

What he needed to do now was to slowly extract the bits of thunder energy from the beast core and merge it into his Natal Palace.

There were seven Natal Palaces in his dantian’s spirit sea. Three yellow earth balls that were formed from the power of the geocentric magnetism, two glowing balls of ice formed from frost power, and two burning thunder and lightning balls condensed from the power of thunder and lightning.

If he wanted to break through into the Manifestation Realm, he needed to first reach the peak of the Natal Opening Realm, which meant that he had to possess nine Natal Palaces in his spirit sea.

—He still lacked two Natal Palaces.

The beast core of the Dark Moon Thunder Snake was, in his eyes, a treasure that could help him make another thunder Natal Palace.

In the forest where the bloody mist spread and was shrouded in the tang of blood, Xue Li, Feng Rong, and Qin Lie cultivated by themselves in its depths.

They knew that the five forces would not move rashly before Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple sent more experts. They would not dare to attack Armament Sect.

Because Tu Xi had died and because Xie Zhizhang had been captured alive. The defeat of the two Fulfillment Realm experts was enough to intimidate the five forces!

So they still had time. They could try to recover and strengthen themselves before the stronger enemies arrived.

"Zzt zzzt zzt!”

Strands of blue electricity wrapped around his body like thin intelligent snakes. Accompanied by waves of muffled thunder, the lightning became even denser.

The thunder energy inside the Dark Moon Thunder Snake's beast cores flowed as threads into his body and slowly gathered in his spirit sea.

Yet the thunder energy that didn't enter his spirit sea directly entered his two thunder Natal Palaces.

When the two thunder Natal Palaces were filled up, the thunder energy spread to his bones, flesh, blood, acupoints, muscles, and veins but did not form a new Natal Palace in his spirit sea.

"Kid, if you want to make a new Natal Palace, you need to accumulate enough power in a short period of time. Slowly absorbing the power inside that beast core will probably not be enough to help you quickly form a Natal Palace. Do you want me to help you?" Xue Li laughed from the blood pool.

Qin Lie looked at him. "How can you help me?”

"Give the beast core to me." Xue Li reached a hand up from the blood pool.

Qin Lie creased his brow and thought for a moment before throwing the beast core over. "rank four Dark Moon Thunder Snake's beast core, be careful, don't shatter it.”

"Don't worry, just a rank four beast core, not much at all." Light flashed through Xue Li's eyes. Grabbing the beast core, his fingers that seemed like withered claws suddenly started dripping with blood.

A furious and twisted power shot out of his fingertip and fused into the beast core.

"Clap clap clap! Boom boom boom!”

Lightning spilled from his fingertips, and the roar of thunder also came from the center of his hand.

"I have activated all the thunder power inside this beast core for you. It will save you from having to slowly absorb it over time!" Xue Li grinned. "However, you will have some hardship in absorbing it. I hope you can withstand it! Heh, sometimes, overeating is a good experience. Kid, savor it well!”

The beast core that was as bright as a sun released burning lightning and gave off deafening roars of thunder as it rolled towards Qin Lie.

rank four spirit beasts could compare to Netherpassage martial practitioners. The beast core was also the source of power for spirit beasts and was akin to the spirit sea of martial practitioners.

At this moment, all the power inside the beast core had been released. The astounding vibrations it gave off caused Qin Lie to pale.

"Martial practitioners that do not cultivate thunder power probably cannot withstand the destructive power of this beast core. But since you cultivate thunder and lightning energy, you should be able to tolerate it." Xue Li laughed his strange laugh as though he was getting revenge.

The beast core that seemed like a sun landed at the center of Qin Lie's chest. It was being pushed by a burst of bloody power and attached itself onto Qin Lie's chest.


Qin Lie seemed to be struck by a large hammer. His vision blurred and his body shuddered uncontrollably.

The furious and domineering thunder and lighting energy was like the thunder from the nine levels of hell. The thunder and lightning energy furiously charged into every corner of his body.

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