Chapter 218: You Are Not Qualified!

Chapter 218: You Are Not Qualified!

Deep in the night and on a vast, expansive bog, threads of multi-colored poisonous miasma floated lightly on the horizon.

Under the light of the bright moon, the colors of the miasma dyed this bog with all sorts of bright colors.

This was the Poisonous Bog that was always shrouded in poisonous mist all year round. Much of the water inside the bog contained powerful poisons. Moreover, those poisons were ones that even martial practitioners of power could not withstand.

If a person did not cultivate a poison art or was special and could accurately recognize all kinds of poisonous objects, they would not dare to enter this place.

The balls of dark green, poisonous miasma seemed to be an eerie, green flower that floated above a bog that was filled with Poisonous Mucus Grass.

A spinning metal ball that seemed to echo with thunder suddenly shot into this bog.

It rolled into the inner parts of the bog.


A terrifying shock wave that seemed to flatten the entire bog suddenly came from deep within the earth!

The bog in front of them roiled and rippled, with dragons of earth shooting up into the sky ferociously.

Poisonous liquid fell down like rain and filled the entire space.

The dark green poisonous miasma that remained regardless of the circumstances over the years slowly and miraculously dissipated after the shocking explosion.

The shallow bog became a wondrous deep lake, a lake multiple meters deep!

Numerous unnameable poisonous insects and other such beings surfaced from the moving mud. Every poisonous insect and animal was clearly dead without any signs of life.

Five hundred meters out.

Qin Lie, Luo Zhichang, Mo Hai, and the others looked at the impact area beside Xue Li in complete shock.

Luo Zhichang, Mo Hai, Tang Siqi, Lian Rou were inwardly astounded, unable to hide their shock. "This strength is something that even Netherpassage martial practitioners cannot endure!" Luo Zhichang said excitedly.

"Compared to the one that heavily wounded Blood Shadow, this is a step up in strength!" Feng Rong said confidently.

Qin Lie's eyes narrowed. He was also extremely excited inside, having also been frightened by the destructive power of this Profound Terminator Bomb.

The power of this Profound Terminator Bomb far surpassed the three he had forged before. It definitely could kill Manifestation Realm martial practitioners and could teach Netherpassage martial practitioners a lesson they would not forget their for the rest of their lives!

Just as Xue Li had said, the materials to forge this Terminator Profound Bomb needed to be of a higher grade.

Especially the primary material!

The beast core of a Thunder Sky Beast was definitely higher than that of a rank two Ice Soul Python, so it had drastically increased the power of the Terminator Profound Bomb.

"The primary material is the beast core of a rank three thunder-type spirit beast?" Xue Li asked to confirm.

"Mn, the beast core of a rank three Thunder Sky Beast. And it was not a complete piece either." Qin Lie said honestly, "It is just one third of the Thunder Sky Beast's beast core.”

"Then you are not wrong, it should be the Terminator Profound Bomb!" Xue Li's expression changed. "If this Terminator Profound Bomb explodes near a Netherpassage martial practitioner, it should be able to heavily injure and may even kill them. If the primary material is higher, your skill in artifact forging is high enough, and you can merge a rank four or rank fix thunder-type spirit beast core into the Terminator Profound Bomb..."

Xue Li paused, then said, "Then with just the Terminator Profound Bomb, you can destroy the soul of a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner. If you can successfully forge a Terminator Profound Bomb with rank six thunder-type spirit beast cores, then you can flatten a Copper force!”

Qin Lie's eyes immediately lit up as soon as he heard this.

Luo Zhichang and the others also were excited as they saw the light of hope.

"Usually, a Terminator Profound Bomb that uses a rank three beast core as its primary material can kill a rank four spirit beast or a Netherpassage martial practitioner. A Terminator Profound Bomb made using a rank four beast core as its primary material can kill rank fix spirit beasts or Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners and so on," Xue Li said with great certainty. "Of course, this is assuming that the Terminator Profound Bomb explodes right next to them.”

Qin Lie suddenly started to chuckle.

"With your forging skills, you can at most forge this kind of Terminator Profound Bomb, do not be too optimistic," Xue Li criticized.

Qin Lie continued to laugh. "If I can see hope, I will not worry. There will be a day when I am able to forge Terminator Profound Bombs that can exterminate a Copper force!”

"I'm afraid you won't ever reach that day," Xue Li grinned. "They will not give you so much time. After that Xie Zhizhang was captured, even I will most likely have to avoid the people who come in the next wave.”

Once this was spoken, everyone's expressions darkened after their excitement.

"I will first go back to the cavern to continue forging Terminator Profound Bombs. Senior Xue Li, you can directly ask them for the spirit medicines and materials you need to recover your strength." Qin Lie pointed at Luo Zhichang.

Luo Zhichang bowed slightly and then respectfully spoke, "Senior, please speak. You can use whatever Armament Sect has in the spirit material stores!"”

Gratitude flashed through Xue Li's bloody eyes. He nodded and said, "Good!”

Before Qin Lie left, Xue Li said, "After you forge the Terminator Profound Bombs, you should try to increase your strength. If you can step into the Manifestation Realm soon, maybe the danger to Armament Sect will be resolved..."

"Senior, what do you mean? What does the danger to Armament Sect have to do with reaching the Manifestation Realm?" Qin Lie was puzzled.

Xue Li snickered, "I said I will tell you a secret, a secret about the twelve spirit pattern pillars. Mn, do not be impatient. If you want to use those spirit pattern pillars, you should be at least in Manifestation Realm!”

Hearing this, everyone looked in shock at Xue Li.

"Those twelve spirit pattern pillars can resolve the danger threatening Armament Sect?" Qin Lie's expression was one of excitement.

"With the Terminator Profound Bombs and the twelve spirit pattern pillars, it can make Armament Sect infallible. The condition is that you need to first be in the Manifestation Realm. You are the only one in your entire sect that can light up all twelve spirit pattern pillars. Only you can utilize its true wonders," Xue Li nodded.

"Qin Lie!" Luo Zhichang shouted excitedly.

Qin Lie nodded and then turned to walk towards Flame Volcano. "I'm going back to the cavern!”

"Take me to your Armament Sect’s spirit material stores, let me see if there is anything good. Ha, if I can recover to eighty percent of my full power, I guarantee that your Armament Sect will come out of this unharmed!" Xue Li said arrogantly.

"Take the senior to the spirit material stores!" Luo Zhichang spoke.


At the city gates of Fire District.

Xie Jingxuan played with the decoration in her hand as she tried to communicate with Xie Zhichang and get a hold of the situation.

The people of Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Cloud Sky Mountain, Dark Shadow Tower, and Purple Mist Sea had gathered in Fire District next to Xie Jingxuan. They were waiting for her information.

At this time, everyone knew that Tu Xi of Eight Extreme Temple had died horrifically by Lang Xie's hands.

When Xie Zhizhang did not answer back, everyone's mood darkened. They suddenly felt as though Armament Sect became mysterious.

—Li Mu was in the city!

That was what everyone was thinking at the same time.

Feng Lin, Ji Liu, Jiu Liuyu, and the others all assumed that since Qin Lie had appeared, Li Mu, who had disappeared along with him definitely was in Armament City.

One year ago, Li Mu had shocked everyone at Icestone City, and Yuan Tianya could only swallow his anger, not daring to move. At that time, a large number of people speculated that Li Mu was a powerful person above the Netherpassage Realm.

The rumor was that the Icestone Snow Wolfking, that was a rank fix spirit beast, chose to follow Li Mu. This meant Li Mu was definitely very powerful!

This was everyone's judgement.

"We have already sent a message to Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple. They are having an emergency meeting and should take action soon," Ji Liu said.

"Li Mu is in Armament Sect, everyone, do not mess around. This person is definitely very powerful. If he also has the Icestone Snow Wolfking with him... experts from Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple have to start their assault before we can continue ours," Dark Asura Hall's Cao Yuanrui said.

The night passed without words.

The second day, a Ghost Bird landed on Liang Zhong's shoulder. Liang Zhong closed his eyes and listened for a while before his expression changed. He shouted at Xie Jingxuan, "Your Second Uncle has also been imprisoned in the plaza of Armament Sect. His entire body is wrapped in blood, and only his head is exposed!”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked and even more sure that Li Mu was in the city. Their bravery decreased even further.

A hint of anger suddenly descended upon Xie Jingxuan's cold face. She thought and then said, "I will go to Armament Sect.”

"Miss!" Liang Zhong exclaimed.

"If Qin Lie is in charge of the present Armament Sect, I think he will not do anything to me." Xie Jingxuan's expression was complicated. "Speaking of this, I already owe him twice..."

In the stone woods outside Icestone City, Qin Lie had helped her kill the Soul Devouring Beast. Then, half a year ago he had helped her kill Liang Shaoyang.

"I will go meet Qin Lie," she said.

She then jumped off the Profound Nether Beast and walked straight towards the gates. At the gates, she said, "This is Xie Jingxuan of Dark Asura Hall’s Department of Internal Affairs requesting to enter the city to see Qin Lie of Armament Sect. Please send a message.”

"Hall Master, we..." Zhuo Qian and Tu Ze looked hopefully at Cao Yuanrui.

Cao Yuanrui stilled and then nodded slightly. He said, "The present Qin Lie may not be the Qin Lie that you know. Be careful.”

"I thank Hall Master, for the concern." Tu Ze bowed and came next to Xie Jingxuan. He shouted, "Tu Ze requests to meet Qin Lie! Please pass a message!”

"Just say that I, Zhuo Qian, also want to see him!”

"Sect Master Qin is in charge of our Armament Sect, who are you people? Is he someone you can meet at your whim?" Tong Jihua moved from the gates to Wind District to this place. At this time, he showed himself at the wall and said with a cold expression, "If you want to meet him, that's not possible unless Yu Dai, the grand hall master of Dark Asura Hall, and the mountain master of Cloud Sky Mountain are all here!”

Tong Jihua snorted coldly. "As for you guys? You are not qualified!”

"Se-Sect Master Qin..."

Under the city walls, everyone who heard these words were utterly shocked.

One year ago, Qin Lie had been a normal martial practitioner in Icestone City's Nebula Pavilion. Now, in just a year, he had become the next sect master of Armament Sect, the true leader of a Black Iron force?

Upon hearing this, everyone felt a complex feeling well up in their hearts.

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