Chapter 217: An Object Which Could Turn the Tide!

Chapter 217: An Object Which Could Turn the Tide!

Seven metal balls that glowed with blue light were placed on the table in Tang Siqi’s cavern. They gave off very obvious waves of thunder power.

Inside the cavern, Tang Siqi sweated. After her rose-red silk robes were soaked, it adhered onto her voluptuous body, causing her tempting curves to be revealed.

Her eyes were bright as she stared at the seven metal balls. Greatly interested, she inquired, “These are the Terminator Profound Bombs?”

Lian Rou was guarding the entrance to the cavern and also had an expression of interest on her face. “This little ball is what turned Blood Shadow into meat paste?”

Qin Lie’s finger moved on the metal balls as he felt the ripples of thunder inside them. He replied, “Only after the spirit diagrams are engraved will they truly become Terminator Profound Bombs. Right now, they are still incomplete.”

The intimidating ripples of thunder and lightning were sealed inside. With just the ignition from a bit of a spark, the lightning and thunder power inside would explode and release an astounding amount of force.

Qin Lie’s eyes were slightly bright.

As expected of Armament Sect. They didn’t just deliver a stream of materials needed for the Terminator Profound Bombs, they also managed to get many precious thunder-oriented beast cores.

The beast cores of six Thunder Sky Beasts and four Silver Winged Thunder Eagles were piled up beside him. Thunder Sky Beasts and Silver Winged Thunder Eagles were all rank three spirit beasts and even higher leveled than the variant Ice Soul Python.

Most importantly was that Thunder Sky Beasts and Silver Winged Thunder Eagles were spirit beasts that were truly thunder-oriented, and their power of thunder was much purer than the Ice Soul Python’s who only attained the power of thunder after it mutated.

They were naturally more suited to being the primary materials for making Terminator Profound Bombs.

Other than this, he even saw the beast core of a Dark Moon Thunder Snake among the thunder-type materials that had been delivered!

The Dark Moon Thunder Snake was almost exactly as thick as three fingers and was about two meters long. Its entire body was covered in strange, crescent like patterns that could release shocking thunder and lightning!

It was a rank four spirit beast!

The Dark Moon Thunder Snake possessed power equivalent to a Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner. Furthermore, its beast core was extremely rare.

Even Qin Lie, who was in a hurry to forge the Terminator Profound Bomb, jumped in fright when he saw that beast core.

For him, using this beast core to forge Terminator Profound Bombs was too much of a waste.

Instead, he prepared to use it to further his own cultivation.

“Are there enough spirit materials?” Lian Rou looked outside and said, “First Reverend said that there are still a lot of spirit materials remaining in the storage room. If you need more, he will have people deliver more.”

“It’s enough! The materials that have already been delivered are enough for me to forge thirty Terminator Profound Bombs, there’s no need for anymore.” Qin Lie was astounded inside.

He finally realized that Armament Sect truly matched its rank of being a Black Iron force. As expected of a powerful sect which was famed for its wealth. Just a portion of its spirit materials was already far more than necessary.

He also realized that if he was willing to stay in Armament Sect, he could use its resources to increase his skill in both the martial way and artifact forging!

“I will inscribe the spirit diagram. After it is imprinted inside the spheres, the Terminator Profound Bombs will be truly complete.” Taking a deep breath, Qin Lie said, “Senior Sisters, please leave and guard the door for me. Do not allow anyone to disturb me at this time.”

“Alright, just focus on inscribing.” Tang Siqi smiled and then headed to the entrance of the cave. She exchanged a look with Lian Rou before standing at the door to guard the entrance for Qin Lie.

Qin Lie closed the entrance from the inside. Terminator Profound Bomb in hand and his fingertip bright with the light of spirit energy, he pointed above the thunder ball.

Anything that one had a lot of experience with would be simple to execute once more.

At Icestone City he had successfully made the Terminator Profound Bomb. With his accumulated experience, everything seemed so simple when he inscribed the spirit diagrams this time.

“Where is Qin Lie at?” Under the moonlight, the three reverends personally came. They were all curious about Qin Lie’s progress.

“The objects have already been forged, and he is in the process of inscribing now,” Tang Siqi said as she bowed.

“Inscription…” Luo Zhichang nodded lightly. “The inscription of spirit diagrams is the most important. Just the slightest flaw can cause all effort to be wasted. According to him, he has already forged Terminator Profound Bomb before. It seems he also has experience in inscribing spirit diagrams.”

“Mn, I just don’t know if this Terminator Profound Bomb is the one that Senior Xue Li spoke of. If it is true, then its true power will be extraordinary,” said Jiang Hao, speaking up.

“Ah, our perspectives need to shift. We should pay more attention to powerful one-use objects like this. If it can increase the power of the sect, we will also need to forge them in the future to increase the combat power of our disciples in all areas!” Fang Qi shouted.

The artificers of Armament Sect were usually profound and disdained making little one-time use consumables. They felt that it was a waste of their time and could not increase their forging experience.

“Purple Mist Sea, Cloud Sky Mountain, and Seven Fiends Valley have stopped their attacks.” Cheng Ping popped out like a ghost. He said, “These three are afraid, they are afraid that we will go crazy, so they have stopped.”

Luo Zhichang and the others exchanged looks, the expressions on their faces all changing.

“As expected, being a bit more vicious can intimidate those who come. Tolerating and moving aside will only make them demand more!” Fang Qi shouted.

“It seems that Qin Lie is right. His method is a bit bloody but effective,” Jiang Hao nodded.

“I just don’t know how that Xie Zhizhang is,” Luo Zhichang said worriedly.

“Where is Qin Lie?” Xue Li’s dark voice came from the plaza at the base of the mountain.

Everyone looked down, and from this angle, they found that Xue Li was carrying a ball of blood as he stood in the center of the spirit pattern pillars and asked the inner sect elders.

“He is forging the Terminator Profound Bombs,” Second Elder Tan Dongling answered.

“Hehe, if that really is the Terminator Profound Bomb, then it will be quite interesting,” Xue Li grinned. “If something like Terminator Profound Bombs can be made en masse, even if you want to take on two Copper forces, at the very least, they will come out with few benefits. Heh, there is even a possibility you can take them down with you.”

In Xue Li’s eyes, Armament Sect didn’t have any hope of defending against the two Copper powers if they did not obtain anything new to use.

Even if he was added into the equation, Armament Sect didn’t have a high possibility of victory when facing two Copper forces.

In his view, the Terminator Profound Bomb was a great weapon that could potentially turn the tide!

The condition was that the Terminator Profound Bomb Qin Lie was forging was really that thing that Forefather Terminator had invented.

Xue Li turned to a streak of bloody light and charged up Flame Volcano from the plaza. He also came to the entrance of Qin Lie’s cave, seemingly showing a great interest in the Terminator Profound Bombs.

“I captured the martial practitioner sent by a Copper force,” Xue Li looked at the bloody ball at the base of the mountain and explained.

Luo Zhichang and the two reverends bowed slightly with restrained expressions to express their gratefulness.

Xue Li did not care. He didn’t spare them another glanced and only gazed at the sealed entrance.

“He does have some mannerisms of a great artificer…” A bloody light flashed through Xue Li’s eyes. His gaze seemed to almost penetrate the stone door, and it almost seemed like he could see Qin Lie inside.

“Senior, the Terminator Profound Bomb you speak of can really help Armament Sect?” Lian Rou suddenly asked.

“Girl, you are not afraid of me?’ Xue Li looked sideways at her.

“I’m slightly afraid, but… it’s alright,” Lian Rou laughed lightly.

Xue Li nodded and answered her question, “If Terminator Profound Bombs can be produced in large quantities, it definitely has the potential deal heavy damage to the enemy. However, the power of Terminator Profound Bombs are closely connected to the grade of the spirit materials, how much thunder power the primary materials contain, the spirit diagrams inside, as well as the skill of the artificer. Even if these are the true Terminator Profound Bombs, the power would vary greatly because of these differences.”

“How weak is weak, and how strong is strong?” Lian Rou asked.

“The weakest can only kill Natal Opening martial practitioners, the strongest…” a thread of terror flashed through Xue Li’s eyes as he finished in a deep voice, “can destroy the souls of Nirvana Realm martial practitioners!”

“Nirvana Realm!”

The three reverends paled and exclaimed at almost the same time. They didn’t quite believe Xue Li’s words.

There almost wasn’t even the existence of someone in Nirvana Realm in the enormous Scarlet Tide Continent. Could the strongest Terminator Profound Bomb really destroy the soul of one at the Nirvana Realm?

The three were thoroughly shocked.

“Let’s talk about it this way. If it was a Terminator Profound Bomb personally made by Forefather Terminator, just one can turn those two so-called Copper forces into nothingness! The explosion of a single Terminator Profound Bomb can erase two Copper forces on its own!” Xue Li exclaimed in a somewhat casual manner. “All martial practitioners inside would be destroyed, and they wouldn’t have a chance to be reborn! The heavenly thunder of that explosion will destroy every remaining shred of their soul, eradiating it in its entirety. If a person cannot gather the threads of their soul, they will not have the chance to reform it!”

At the doorway to the cavern, all the martial practitioners of Armament Sect were frightened by Xue Li’s speech.

The very moment he finished, Qin Lie opened the stone door to the cavern. He came out with the Terminator Profound Bombs that he had just inscribed spirit diagrams onto. “Just finished making them. I don’t know if they are the true Terminator Profound Bombs. Senior Xue Li, do you want to confirm?”

“Confirm?” Xue Li shook his head. “I am not an artificer, I cannot see its wonders. With my eyes and perception, I cannot confirm if they really are true Terminator Profound Bombs.”

“Then how will you confirm it?” Qin Lie was shocked.

“Through the power of its explosion of course!” Xue Li said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“The power of its explosion…” Qin Lie nodded and then glanced at Xue Li. He said, “That’s good, then we’ll have it explode and see if this really is the Terminator Profound Bomb you speak of.”

“The back! Go to the back! Try to stay far away from the sect!” Luo Zhichang suddenly shouted.

“Then let’s go to the back.” Qin Lie grabbed a Terminator Profound Bomb, and under Luo Zhichang’s ushering, he walked further past where Blood Spear trained.

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