Chapter 213: Taking Over Armament Sect!

Chapter 213: Taking Over Armament Sect!

The sky gradually darkened.

“Qin Lie, Sect Master has requested that these three spatial rings be passed on to you,” Cheng Ping spoke respectfully halfway up Flame Volcano at Qin Lie’s personal cavern.

Inside the cave, Qin Lie was still discussing about artifact forging with Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan.

Qin Lie stood up and opened the stone door sealing the cave. Watching Cheng Ping’s pale face, he said, “Elder Cheng, your injuries haven’t stabilized yet. It’s not good for you to run around like this.”

Cheng Ping’s stomach was pierced by Blood Shadow, and he suffered a grievous injury. Right now, the wound had only received simple treatment. If the wound reopened again because he was walking around, then it would be even more troublesome to treat.

“Thank you for your concern, I’m okay. I can handle it.” Cheng Ping respectfully passed the three spatial rings to Qin Lie.

Inside the cave, strange light circled in Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan’s eyes. They looked intently at the three spatial rings.

They knew what these three spatial rings represented...

Qin Lie did not extend his hand to accept them. Instead, he frowned and said solemnly, “Sect Master is still here, and the sect has not been destroyed yet. I will not receive these three spatial rings just yet.”

These three spatial rings definitely contained the wealth Armament Sect had accumulated over more than nine hundred years: the accumulation of spirit diagrams, spirit materials, spirit artifacts, spirit medicine, and all kinds of secrets!

Only the future sect master had the qualification to receive these three spatial rings. Those who had received them would definitely take over and become the next sect master of Armament Sect.

This was a responsibility. Once he received it, he had to bear the responsibility of revitalizing Armament Sect, and aim to grow it and have it make a comeback.

—He was not ready yet.

“This is the joint decision between the sect master and three great reverends after their discussion. They are the ones who asked me to pass this ring to you.” Cheng Ping’s expression was solemn. “Sect Master’s physical condition is extremely weak. He may not last more than a few days. Moreover, the sect may not be able to survive the attack of both Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance. Therefore, Sect Master and three great reverends believe that it is best if you can carry the three spatial rings and leave.”

Qin Lie’s expression was extremely ugly as he asked, “Do they lack this much confidence?”

Cheng Ping sighed, “Right now, the entrances to the four city districts of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind are being sieged. Blood Spear has lost seventy percent of their men, and the outer sect elders, disciples, and foreign delegates have suffered similar devastating losses. It’s really just too difficult to hold out against the five great forces by ourselves… there is almost no hope of victory.”

“We still have Senior Xue Li,” Qin Lie yelled.

“The experts of Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance haven’t truly arrived yet…” Cheng Ping’s expression was bitter.

After keeping silent for a moment, Qin Lie said, “Return these three spatial rings to the sect master. Tell them that as long as the sect stands, I will never receive them!”

He turned back to look at Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan before saying softly, “I’ll be leaving for a moment. You stay here. Try not to roam around as much as possible.”

“Qin Lie, promise me you won’t kill Senior Sister Lu!” Ling Yushi begged.

“Alright, I will let her live.” Qin Lie nodded and left the cave. Under Cheng Ping’s gaze, he went alone to Blood Spear’s training area behind the mountain.

Cheng Ping was stunned for a moment. Later on he returned to the peak of Flame Volcano and explained the situation to Ying Xingran and the three great reverends.

He also ended up returning the three spatial rings to Ying Xingran.

Ying Xingran had lost all color on his face. He appeared incredibly cold and covered himself in thick animal fur, but he still couldn’t stop himself from shivering.

“Xingran…” Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang’s voice shuddered slightly.

“I can’t hold out much longer.” Ying Xingran’s voice was weak and lifeless, “Perhaps, if I die right away, Qin Lie would not have a reason to reject this. If my death can start a new chapter for Armament Sect… I wish to depart right away.”

“Why isn’t he willing to receive these three spatial rings?” Jiang Hao could not understand. “It’s not like we’re asking him to live and die together with Armament Sect. He just needs to receive these three spatial rings and leave Armament Sect. As long as he comes back and remakes Armament Sect, everything will be fine. Why is he unwilling?”

“Even if he took the items and didn’t revitalize Armament Sect, what can we do to him? When that happens, we may already all be dead. No one will be restricting him. Why doesn’t he want to?” Fang Qi was also perplexed.

“This Qin Lie... he is truly a responsible person!” Luo Zhichang exclaimed solemnly.

Everyone inside the room looked at him.

“It is because he is a responsible man that he would not easily make promises or assume a responsibility without thoroughly considering the situation!” Luo Zhichang’s continued, maintaining his solemn tone, “If it was someone like Liang Shaoyang, then they would accept the spatial rings right away and claim Armament Sect’s nine hundred years of wealth! The reason Liang Shaoyang had come to Armament Sect was to take all the items inside these three spatial rings!

“Qin Lie is different. He did not dare to casually accept this because he has truly thought this matter over. For him, accepting those three spatial rings means accepting the burden of revitalizing Armament Sect!”

Everyone’s expressions become ones of deep thought.

“Only a person like Qin Lie can truly be trusted! I believe that when he is willing to accept the three spatial rings, he will definitely assume the revitalization of Armament Sect as something he is obligated to carry out in the future!” Luo Zhichang exclaimed.

The crowd quietly nodded, inwardly agreeing with his explanation.

“If he is unwilling to accept it now, then we will wait. We will wait until he accepts it!” Luo Zhichang expressed his opinion.

“Armament Sect can only regain their glory in his hands!” Ying Xingran said while coughing loudly.

“This is Qin Lie, requesting for a meeting!”

It was at this moment Qin Lie’s soft exclamation came from outside the Procedural Hall at Flame Volcano’s peak.

Luo Zhichang and Ying Xingran matched each other’s eyes before saying in unison, “Come in!”

Inside the great hall, the sect master, the three great reverends, and the seven inner sect elders were gathered together.

Qin Lie entered the great hall with a solemn look, and of course, the mummy-like Xue Li followed in tow.

The moment Xue Li appeared, everyone’s faces changed as they subconsciously retreated, wanting to avoid Xue Li.

“First things first, check out his condition,” Qin Lie said.

Xue Li chuckled and crossed a dozen-odd meters with a single step. He arrived directly in front of Ying Xingran.

Under the crowd’s shocked gaze, he pressed a hand on Ying Xingran’s head. With it, wisps of blood energy suddenly slipped from his palm and into Ying Xingran’s body.

“Qin Lie, what are you making him do?” Luo Zhichang cried out.

“I am fine.” Ying Xingran motioned for them to calm down. While he sensed the wisps of blood energy that had entered his body, he could feel that the almost depleted biomagnetic field seemed to have recovered a bit.

But he knew that it was an illusion. His mind and soul was what was damaged. It wasn’t something that could be healed through the mere replenishment of blood energy. If that were the case, the condition of his body wouldn’t have suffered such a state.

At this moment, they could more or less guess the reason Qin Lie had come over. That was why they had quieted down and looked expectantly at Xue Li.

After a while, Xue Li withdrew his hands and frowned for a moment. He said, “The depletion of his body’s biomagnetic field is due to the severe damage his mind and soul have incurred. It may be somewhat difficult to save him.”

“He can still be saved?” Luo Zhichang was overjoyed.

Even Ying Xingran himself greatly shivered as a heated desire appeared in his eyes.

“Can you start right away?” Qin Lie said solemnly.

“A period of time and some preparation is needed to save him. There are some ingredients that are required for the process as well, but won’t last that long.” Xue Li thought for a while and said, “I can use my blood energy to stabilize his biomagnetic field, then you can freeze him with your frost energy so that his body will not deteriorate and the collapse of his soul can be delayed. When you have overcome this crisis and made the preparations, I can heal him after he is unfrozen.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Let’s do it now then!” Qin Lie nodded.

Xue Li’s shriveled, claw-like right hand suddenly turned bloody as drops of fresh blood fell down from his fingertips.

It dripped right on top of Ying Xingran’s head!

Ying Xingran’s body violently shook as wisps of bloody mist seeped out of every pore on his body. His white-as-paper face gradually regained some color.

A slow strengthening life force was gradually being released inside of Ying Xingran’s body. Everybody could see that Ying Xingran’s condition was slowly becoming better.

“Alright, your turn.” Xue Li withdrew his hand, closed his eyes, and sat down to the side.

And so, Qin Lie went forward and began channeling Frost Arts. He combined the frost concept and frost energy to seep into Ying Xingran and slowly turn him into ice.

Two hours later, Ying Xingran had turned into a translucent ice sculpture. His entire aura had been frozen by ice, and his life and soul energy seemed to have vanished completely.

“Kid, I have expended some lifeblood essence again, and my combat capability will be lessened for a short time. Have you thought how to defend against the enemy’s assault?” When Qin Lie had frozen Ying Xingran, Xue Li’s eyes opened slightly as he coldly stared at Qin Lie.

“Reporting to the sect master and all seniors, the main four entrances of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water are under heavy siege. The situation, the situation is looking extremely grim!”

“Where is Lang Xie?” Luo Zhichang yelled.

“Lo-Lord Lang Xie has been suppressed by a person called Xie Zhizhang. From the looks of it, Lord Lang Xie may... he may not be able to win against him!”

“Xie Zhizhang! Xie Zhizhang from Profound Heaven Alliance’s Xie Family! Middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm!” Luo Zhichang was shocked.

The crowd looked at Ying Xingran, but right now, Ying Xingran was currently a block of ice. There was no way he could lend anyone his opinion.

“What should we do?” was the thought currently on everyone’s minds.

The five forces were sieging rabidly, and Armament City was about to be broken apart. Lang Xie, who everyone had placed their expectations on, was being pushed back by Profound Heaven Alliance’s Xie Zhizhang.

How could Lang Xie possibly contend with Xie Zhizhang, who was at the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm? Furthermore, if Lang Xie couldn’t beat him, then how could Armament Sect possibly survive?

Everyone subconsciously looked to Xue Li.

While closing his eyes, Xue Li hmphed once and ignored everyone’s gazes.

“Xingran is unable to lead us in our defense. We must choose a new leader right now, and this leader will make the decisions temporarily in Xingran’s place!” Jiang Hao suddenly said.

Everyone followed his words and looked towards Luo Zhichang.

However, Luo Zhichang suddenly exclaimed, “Qin Lie will temporarily take over the sect master’s position and make decisions for Armament Sect!”

“I agree!” Jiang Hao said.

“Agreed!” Fang Qi said.

“I concur,” Mo Hai nodded.

The remaining six great outer sect elders were dumbfounded for only a moment before they nodded unison and said, “Agreed!”

“Qin Lie! The sect is now at its darkest hour, and we are old and have lost our sharpness. Right now, Armament Sect needs a man like you to stand up! Since we have all elected you, please don’t turn us down any longer. Please take over Xingran’s position temporarily and make decisions for Armament Sect!” Luo Zhichang said.

“We believe in you!” Jiang Hao and Fang Qi said.

“Be it right or wrong, we will not hold you accountable!” the outer sect elders yelled.

Xue Li grinned and chuckled while looking tauntingly at Qin Lie. “Kid, do you dare to accept this responsibility? Your decision may lead Armament Sect past the point of no return. You may lead Armament Sect right into a dead end. Is this something you dare to take on?”

“Qin Lie!” Luo Zhichang yelled.

Qin Lie frowned deeply. After pondering for an extended period of time, he gradually nodded.

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