Chapter 210: Things Are Different Now

Chapter 210: Things Are Different Now

Liang Yangzu and Yuan Tianya were eliminated. Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, and Su Ziying were chained to the spirit pattern pillars. All the leaders of the five factions that entered Armament City had terrible outcomes.

Without the leaders present, Xue Li did not need to act. Just Blood Spear and Lang Xie, as well the blood man formed from Liang Yangzu’s lifeblood essence was enough to dominate them all.

On the spirit pattern pillar plaza at the base of Flame Volcano, threads of fire criss-crossed as wails rose into the sky and living bodies became corpses…

“We need Pang Feng alive!” Ying Xingran shouted.

Lang Xie nodded in affirmation.

Xue Li sat down under a spirit pattern pillar. His original body did not manipulate the chains nor pursue the people from the five forces in the plaza.

He looked at Qin Lie and said, “The last seal!”

Qin Lie thought for a while and then waved his hand at Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan to motion for them to come over.

“Senior Sister Lu…” Ling Xuanxuan said lightly.

Lu Li stood in the middle of the crowd. She watched as the martial practitioners from Seven Fiends Valley die as they were massacred by Blood Knives, with weakness spreading to every inch of her body.

Even though those people were not from Dark Fiend Valley, Lu Li still couldn’t accept watching them die before her!

So, Lu Li raised her sword.

“Rest!” Tong Jihua shouted coldly. He threw out a blue circle of light with his left hand, covering Lu Li with layers of light.

With this, Lu Li became unable to move at all.

“You can take her away.” Tong Jihua glanced at Ling Xuanxuan.

Ling Xuanxuan’s expression shook. She and Ling Yushi hurriedly supported Lu Li and dragged her out of the battlefield.

Under the strange gazes of everyone around, the sisters carried the restrained Lu Li to Qin Lie’s side.

The coldness on Qin Lie’s face disappeared. His expression became extremely complex, looking at the two sisters and saying, “It’s been almost four years…”

“Qin Lie…” Ling Yushi could only somewhat reign in her emotions. Her tears flowed, and she wanted to throw herself into Qin Lie’s arms, but she could only suppress the urge with everyone else’s watchful eyes.

“It is really good to see you again,” Ling Xuanxuan murmured.

“It’s best if you kill me!” Lu Li’s body was restrained, but her tone was still cold, just like her eyes.

Qin Lie’s brow creased. He looked at Lu Li, and after a moment of silence, he said, “Four years ago at Ling Town, you urged me to forget Yushi. You said from that day forward, she and I would be people of two different worlds. That year, I wasn’t even qualified to meet your master, and she never even stepped out of the carriage nor noticed such a small character like me.”

Lu Li snorted coldly.

“That year, I said that you and your master do not qualify to decide our matter. I said you do not have the qualifications,” Qin Lie’s eyes narrowed as he said lightly.

“What you rely on is the power of others!” Lu Li argued.

“Power of others?” Qin Lie faintly smiled and calmly said, “You dare to step into Armament Sect today, was what you relied on not the power of a valley of Seven Fiends Valley? Would you dare to act against Armament Sect without the power of others, dare to come here without the instruction of Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple?”

Lu Li was unable to come up with an answer.

“Your master will come and beg before me. I want her to personally come to Armament Sect. I want her to come beg, beg for me to let you leave Armament Sect, beg me to spare Shi Jingyun’s life.” Qin Lie grinned, “Do you think she will come? Do you think… she will beg me for that?”

Lu Li’s expression became extremely ugly.

Before Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan spoke, Qin Lie suddenly closed his eyes and said, “I still need to do something.”

He gathered his mind consciousness and once again entered the world inside the spirit pattern pillars to break the last seal.

On the plaza, Lang Xie led Blood Spear and the martial practitioners of the outer sect to kill the five forces’ retinue.

There wasn’t a large number of people that really stepped into the doors of Armament Sect. The only ones that did were just Liang Yangzu, Yuan Tianya, Su Ziying, Wu Tuo, and Shi Jingyun’s closest subordinates or juniors from the sect that had special identities.

These people, after having lost their five leaders, were unable to stand up to Lang Xie and Blood Spear.

They continued to fall, and wails rang out of the plaza while corpses piled up, one after another...

Outside of Armament Sect, on top of a tower, Yi Yuan jumped up high and gazed at the base of Flame Volcano.

He could see blurry figures, could the streaks of blood, and guess the situation within the plaza.

Especially half an hour ago when a bloody and fiendish aura suddenly exploded. Yi Yuan’s heart shuddered when he felt it.

He didn’t know the details of the situation, but he knew something had dramatically changed inside Armament Sect. He knew that the five forces had been defeated.

Therefore, Yi Yuan became silent, silent for a long time, so silent that Lian Rou felt uncomfortable.

Before, Yi Yuan had always been full of words when he faced her. The words would just spew out, greatly irritating her. Now however, him being silent to such an extent was just so awkward for her.

—He had tied her up with a silver rope, so she didn’t know what was happening in Armament Sect nearby.

A long while later, Yi Yuan suddenly untied her, and under her puzzled gaze, he said, “You can return to the sect now.”

Lian Rou was shocked. “Why are you suddenly letting me go?”

Yi Yuan bitterly smiled and explained, “Because the situation has changed. Starting now, you should be safe, and I will possibly be hunted down by Armament Sect…”

As soon as those words were spoken, he jumped off the tower and headed off. As he moved, he said, “Forgive my nonsense. Everything I did was for you to live. Now though, I am leaving, I need to return to Purple Mist Sea. Please remember me, even if it it’s only because you hate me… please remember.”

Gradually, Yi Yuan’s figure faded into the distance.

The moment he recognized the situation had changed, he adjusted himself and decisively made the wisest choice.

He needed to quickly leave Armament City before Blood Spear retook the city. He need to prioritize his own life.

Left on the tower by herself, Lian Rou was in a daze as she stared at Yi Yuan’s figuring growing further and further away. She felt conflicted. Considering what Yi Yuan had done, she wanted to hate him, but for some reason, she just couldn’t bring herself to.

“Armament Sect’s danger has been resolved? Is it as Yi Yuan says?” A long time later, Lian Rou silently descended the tower and walked to Armament Sect.

Dark Asura Hall, Seven Fiends Valley, Dark Shadow Tower, Cloud Sky Mountain, and Purple Mist Sea had all sent their experts to deal with Armament Sect together. How did the sect overturn such a situation?

Lian Rou didn’t dare believe it.

On the plaza.

Corpses could be seen lying in every direction. Those people were from the five forces and were the subordinates and closest confidants of Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, and Su Ziying.

And those three were chained to the spirit pattern pillars. They could only watch as their subordinates were killed, sprouting a deep fire within their eyes.

“There are still many people from the five forces in Armament City. Those people need to be killed as well!” Feng Rong gritted out.

Lang Xie nodded and said with a dark expression, “I will take care of it now.”

He turned to Qin Lie. At this time, Qin Lie’s eyes were closed as he was helping Xue Li break through the final seal.

Lang Xie froze and then looked at Xue Li. He asked with a creased brow, “Is there going to be problem here?”

Xue Li snickered. He snuck a look at Qin Lie, and said, “He said there is no problem, so there is no problem.”

So Lang Xie said nothing more; instead, he held his blood spear as he started to walk to the gates of the sect.

The remaining Blood Spear martial practitioners silently followed behind him without a word, brimming with murderous intent.

A short while later, Lang Xie came to the gate of the sect and saw Lian Rou.

Lian Rou was slightly shocked and hurriedly bowed, exclaiming, “Lord Lang Xie.”

Lang Xie nodded indifferently. “How come you are here?”

“I…” Lian Rou gave a brief narration of her encounter and then asked, “The sect, is the sect alright?”

“It is fine, you can go in.” Lang Xie walked past Lian Rou with a creased brow and then ordered, “Put everything into our counterattack! If you find that boy called Yi Yuan, do not kill him immediately, I want him alive!”

To save Lian Rou, Yi Yuan betrayed Armament Sect, took him, Feng Rong, and Qin Lie into a place of certain death, and almost killed them all.

He would not spare Yi Yuan.

When Lian Rou heard the anger within Lang Xie’s voice, her heart sank. She strangely started to worry for Yi Yuan and silently prayed that he could quickly leave Armament City and avoid being captured by Blood Spear.

At this time, a vicious and terrifying omnipresent aura suddenly could be felt from within Armament Sect.

The fiendish, bloody aura instantly spread to cover even the outermost corners of Armament Sect. Everyone who could sense it found it difficult to breathe and found their souls had started to tremble.

A crazy and strange laughter came from the bottom of Flame Volcano. Along with the thick, bloody and fiendish aura, this laughter echoed all throughout Armament City.

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