Chapter 209: I Am Qin Lie!

Chapter 209: I Am Qin Lie!

Ling Yushi’s vision grew blurry as tears gathered in her eyes.

She just looked at Qin Lie, looking at his no longer unfamiliar face and at his extremely cold and decisive eyes. She watched as Qin Lie protected her once again...

At this point, all of the confusion in her heart completely disappeared.

At long last, she finally understood why she and her sister were able to receive preferential treatment from Armament Sect. She finally understood why this “Qin Bing” of Armament Sect was willing to supply all of the spirit materials without taking a single spirit stone and why he insisted on forging artifacts for her and her sister. She finally understood why he wouldn’t stop until he succeeded!

She finally understood why Lu Li had been stopped outside the gate and why Lu Li wasn’t allowed to take even a single step into Armament Sect!

She also now understood why she had constantly felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity when she had faced him.

…From the start, it had been the person she loved, her lover that she had dreamed of and searched so long for—it was the person who she had wanted to meet all this time!

So he was actually Qin Lie.

Ling Yushi pursed her lips, her fragrant shoulders trembling. Her beautiful,tear-filled eyes were both tightly fixated on Qin Lie.

Ling Xuanxuan’s body incessantly quivered as an intense glow emerged within her clear eyes as she too stared at Qin Lie.

“It’s him again, it’s him again…” she thought in her mind.

During their time in Ling Town, when their family suffered the persecution of Du Haitian, it was Qin Lie who had come forward during their time of distress and helped their Ling Family escape from calamity.

After her father and family members had been killed, it had been Qin Lie once again as he, unafraid of death, stepped onto the street and, under everyone’s gazes, killed Du Haitian. He then even eliminated Du Fei, Du Jiaolan, and Du Heng, taking revenge that not even the two sisters would have been able to carry out.

And today, as they were about to die, Qin Lie, who had mysteriously disappeared so long ago, was actually miraculously standing in front of them!

Qin Lie just stood there in front of everyone, not afraid at all of inciting the displeasure of Armament Sect, as he protected their lives!

As Ling Xuanxuan looked at Qin Lie, her eyes also gradually began to redden as tears started to fall from the corners of her eyes.

“The Ling Family, it owes you so much, so so much…” silently thought Ling Xuanxuan.

At the plaza, the Blood Spear martial practitioners who had originally desired to killed Lu Li, Ling Yushi, and their group immediately paused, their bodies becoming still as they didn’t dare act rashly.

Ying Xingran and the rest were also stunned.

Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, and Su Ziying were also baffled as they all subconsciously looked towards Qin Lie. They couldn’t understand why he would act so perversely.

The plaza had become completely silent in an instant.

“Crack crack crack! Swish swish swish!”

Only the long, blood speckled chains were left as they drifted around in the sky and on the ground, striking fear into everyone’s minds.

“Qin Bing, why do you want them to live? Could it be that between you and them…” asked Sect Master Ying Xingran, breaking the moment of silence. His brows were deeply furrowed, and his eyes were full of confusion.

He believed that Qin Lie had set his sights on the two sisters, and that Qin Lie was going to lock them up to vent his anger on them with obscene intentions in mind.

There were several others who had the same thoughts. For example, Wu Tuo, Su Ziying, and Shi Jingyun...

Upon realizing the meaning in Ying Xingran’s words, Shi Jingyun’s face immediately became frosty as he sternly shouted, “Brat, if you dare do anything reckless to Yushi and Xuanxuan, the forces of Seven Fiends Valley won’t stop until you die!”

As he said those words, all of the gazes towards Qin Lie suddenly became weird.

Even the expressions of the Blood Spear practitioners, Tong Jihua’s people, as well as Lang Xie, sunk.

Just so that he could indulge in his selfish desires, so that he could fulfill his evil desires, he was willing to ignore the great losses of the sect and not take revenge for the sect? Furthermore, he was even willing to impede their revenge?

The expressions of many of the Armament Sect members all became ugly as their gazes towards Qin Lie gradually became filled with traces of coldness.

“Qin Bing, must you insist on protecting their lives? Are you actually going to ignore the hatred and animosity of the sect?” Lang Xie’s face was solemn as he walked out from beside Ying Xingran and moved closer to Qin Lie. “Blood Spear has lost a great deal, and even more outer sect foreign delegates have died. Many outer sect disciples also tragically died within the city. As for you, even though you are the future sect master, you actually don’t care about the losses and only care for your own selfish desires? Are you actually going to clash with the sect?”

Armament Sect had indeed suffered heavy losses. During this war, the outer sect had suffered a great number of casualties amongst its foreign delegates, elders, and disciples. Blood Spear had also lost a great number of practitioners.

Lang Xie wanted the enemy to pay a great price. He wanted to take the fresh blood of all of the young generations and retinues of the five forces to pay homage to the deceased. It was completely understandable.

At this time, even Ying Xingran and the three great reverends, who were originally not willing to truly offend Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple all silently agreed.

Did Qin Lie have to have an opposing opinion?

Lang Xie was unable to accept it!

“If I didn’t care about the sect, Armament Sect wouldn’t have survived till you returned,” silently thought Qin Lie for a moment. Then, he coldly said, “If I didn’t care for the sect, I wouldn’t have returned. If I didn’t care for the sect, Sect Master and the three great reverends would have died long ago. If I didn’t care for the sect, Liang Yangzu and Yuan Tianya wouldn’t have died!”

As he turned to Lang Xie and the sect master, as well as the three great reverends and the practitioners of Blood Spear, he continued, “What I have done is even more than what you have, Lang Xie. The reason that Armament Sect still hasn’t been exterminated is not due to you, Lang Xie, but because of me!”

As he made his remark, profound expressions emerged atop the faces of everyone within the plaza.

Even Ying Xingran and the three great reverends, along with the elders and disciples of the inner and outer sects, were all silenced.

At this time, their gazes, which had looked at Qin Lie so perversely before, all gradually returned back to normal.

Indeed, the person who had allowed Armament Sect to stand until now wasn’t Lang Xie, but Qin Lie!

As long as one wasn’t a fool, one would observe that Xue Li only listened to Qin Lie. If not for Qin Lie’s orders, Xue Li wouldn’t have killed Blood Shadow, Liang Yangzu, or Yuan Tianya.

If Blood Shadow hadn’t died, Ying Xingran and the three great reverends would have already been turned into corpses, and the blood flowing atop the plaza would have long since become a river!

The ones who died should have been the people of Armament Sect, but now, it was different. Instead, the ones who were dying were the practitioners of the five great forces!

This was entirely due to Qin Lie!

“You could have done better.” Lang Xie was silent for a very long time, but didn’t deny that Qin Lie had done a lot for the sect. Finally, he said, “You are the future sect master. For the sect, you could have done a lot more. If you can put down your selfish desires, our brothers who have died will be able to rest more peacefully down below!”

“To be honest, I am not quite enticed by the position of sect master of Armament Sect.” Qin Lie furrowed his brows.

Under the intent stares of everyone in the plaza, he reached out with one of his hands and touched his left cheek. Afterwards, he suddenly pulled, pulling off a beautiful, skin-like mask.

A delicate, handsome face which was unfamiliar to the vast majority of the people atop the plaza unexpectedly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, one which was also reflected into their minds!

“I am Qin Lie.” He looked calmly at everyone within the plaza.


A shrill cry suddenly pierced through the empty air.

—The cry’s origin was Lu Li.

At this moment, upon seeing Qin Lie after he removed his mask, Lu Li, whose expression had been indifferent even at the time when her death seemed imminent, had actually begun involuntarily screaming.

“Qin Lie!”

“Icestone City’s Qin Lie! The Qin Lie who killed Du Haitian!”

“It’s actually Qin Lie! It’s actually him!”

“Heavens. To think that it was Qin Lie! No wonder, no wonder he wants to protect the Ling Family sisters. So that’s why, so that’s why!”


At the plaza, it was as if everyone had been placed into a deep frying pan as each and every one of them began to shout out in shock. They all looked at Qin Lie, utterly flabbergasted.

At this moment, Qin Lie’s perverse intentions suddenly became clear. Everyone instantly understood.

Even Lang Xie, upon recovering from shock, was no longer acting aggressively as he nodded and said, “I no longer have any complaints.”

“This... this is how it should be.” All of the Armament Sect’s members inwardly nodded as the doubts within their minds were all completely cleared.

To protect one’s own fiancee, to protect one’s loved ones, who could say anything about that?

Thus, all of the people of Armament Sect calmly accepted this matter.

Everyone except one person—Tang Siqi.

Tang Siqi stood below one of the spirit pattern pillars. From the moment Qin Lie had made his request to protect Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan, her eyes had become dejected, as if she had become incomparably lonely.

As for now, after Qin Lie revealed his true identity, her beautiful face had begun to show an even deeper sadness and helplessness. In addition, her eyes were filled with bitterness.

“So… so you already had someone you loved all this time. Your reason for coming to Armament Sect really had nothing to do with me at all. To think, to think that it was always me misunderstanding you. It was me making something out of nothing this entire time…”

Within the group of people, Tang Siqi was still enticingly beautiful, and her figure was still as sexy and attractive as before… she normally would have been the focus of everyone.

And indeed, she was still the most eye-catching girl atop the plaza.

However, at this moment, standing in the midst of all of the Armament Sect practitioners, she seemed sad, lonely, and helpless.

She looked like someone who had been abandoned within the vast emptiness of the wild...

“Sect Master, I don’t feel so good so I’m going to return to the mountain first.” After standing there for a while, she suddenly felt an intolerable sourness within her heart and discovered that she no longer had the courage to stay here for even another moment. Tossing out this one sentence, she hurriedly turned around and left.

“Sigh…” The nearby Feng Rong sighed, shaking her head. She didn’t know what to say.

“Qi-Qin Lie…” Ying Xingran ignored Tang Siqi’s departure, and after thinking for a while, deeply stared in Qin Lie’s direction, saying, “Half a year prior, I said that Armament Sect didn’t care about your identity or origin, and that as long as you were willing to remain at Armament Sect, the sect would do everything it could to develop you! Right now, let me ask you again, are you willing to stay at Armament Sect? Are you willing… to bear the appropriate responsibilities as a disciple of Armament Sect?”

“If I didn’t, then I would not still be here during the sect’s crisis.” Qin Lie calmly said, “If I didn’t, I would be outside somewhere like Yi Yuan, Pang Feng, and Ouyang Jingjing.”

Ying Xingran’s body convulsed as he energetically nodded and said, “Good!”

“With your words, no matter your past, you are still a member of our Armament Sect!” shouted Luo Zhichang.

As Luo Zichang’s remark fell, Qin Lie suddenly chuckled—this was the first time he had laughed while in Armament City!

He no longer had to deliberately use Frost Arts to protect his “Qin Bing” persona and thus was able to be himself again. Since he no longer had to hide, he was finally able to return to his normal self.

“We will not touch Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan. As for the rest, can we kill them now?” Lang Xie once again looked towards Qin Lie.

This time, Qin Lie grinned and nodded his head.

Thus, Lang Xie waved his hand. “KILL!”

“Qin Lie, I beg you to find a means to let Senior Sister Lu live,” suddenly pleaded Ling Yushi.

“Shut up! I don’t want him to spare my life!” coldy shouted Lu Li.

“Qin Lie, during my time at Dark Fiend Valley, Senior Sister Lu constantly looked after us. She treated us very well, please!” also begged Ling Xuanxuan.

Qin Lie furrowed his brows.

At this time, Lang Xie, seemingly understanding the situation or perhaps understanding Qin Lie’s predicament, took initiative and said, “Lu Li can live.”

Afterwards, the nine experts of Blood Spear, along with even more Blood Spear practitioners, Tong Jihua, and the outer sect elders, as well as Lang Xie himself, all made their moves as they hunted down and killed all of the people of the five now leaderless forces.

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