Chapter 207: Turn the Tides!

Chapter 207: Turn the Tides!

In Qin Lie’s mind, Yuan Tianya had always been his greatest enemy. The reason he didn’t care to expose his identity was mainly to guard himself against Yuan Tianya.

Back at Icestone City, Yuan Tianya was humiliated by Li Mu and lost a subordinate commander. Since he could not see through Li Mu’s true realm, Yuan Tianya had held himself back and endured it.

After that, Yuan Tianya sought out any news relating to Li Mu and him whenever possible. Yuan Tianya’s intentions to kill Li Mu and him had never faded.

That was why he had no choice but to bury his name after entering Armament Sect. He did not dare to expose himself even in front of Ling Yushi.

This was all because of the pressure exerted by Yuan Tianya. The pressure was so strong that he did not dare to let himself go!

Now that he had come to an agreement with Xue Li, the first person he wanted to kill was Yuan Tianya!

“Who exactly are you?” Under Xue Li’s bloody gaze, Yuan Tianya felt as if he was sitting on a carpet of needles. He almost instantly channeled every bit of energy in his body and took out the life-bound spirit artifact he cultivated.

A pair of green feathered wings tore through the clothes behind Yuan Tianya’s back and appeared out of nowhere.

The wings were about one and a half meters long, and they were as wide as an eagle’s. In addition, the numerous dark green feathers were forged from various special metals.

The feathers were light, but were as sharp as blades. It was a perfect match with Yuan Tianya’s spirit art.

Cloud Zephyr Wings, a Profound Grade Five spirit artifact. Yuan Tianya had bought it from overseas.

After the Cloud Zephyr Wings had extended, Yuan Tianya’s body suddenly flew into the air. As he danced about lightly like a huge bird, a terrific wind had also risen as if coordinating with his agile flying in mid-air.

“Zing zing zing!”

Suddenly, a large portion of the dark green feathers turned into life seeking blades that shot towards Xue Li.

The sharp blades formed from feathers had even combined into an awl-like shape in midair. Along with it, there were fierce winds blowing inside the awl until it started to faintly hurt everyone’s eardrums.

Yuan Tianya also swooped down towards Xue Li like an eagle right behind the thin, rain-like feathers.

Xue Li’s body shrunk into a mummy. His skin was light gray with not a bit of luster to be seen. He appeared dead and lifeless.

However, his pair of eyes shone with a terrific, bloody light.

Lifting his head, Xue Li chuckled nastily and said, “You’ve only managed to unleash the beauty of the spirit energy of the wind of the Wind Cloud Art you’re cultivating. However, your cloud art is far from developed.”

He suddenly looked towards the place where Liang Yangzu’s body had exploded.

The crowd had followed his gaze as well.

“Blood Art: Materialization!” Xue Li exclaimed.

Liang Yangzu’s smelly, fresh blood that had splashed everywhere suddenly began to wriggle. On the plaza’s stone ground, it was as if the droplets of blood had turned into innumerable round blood pearls that rolled at a rapid pace before merging into one.

That scene was so bizarre that it caused cold chills to crawl up everyone’s spines. The few droplets of blood that were splashed onto Wu Tuo and Shi Jingyun had also rolled down from their bodies and swiftly beneath their feet. It frightened those two so much that the color on their faces had quietly changed.

In a very short period of time, the pools of blood formed after Liang Yangzu’s death quickly writhed and formed into a person made of blood lying on the ground.

Suddenly, the blood man began to stand up slowly.

“Pwack pwack pwack!”

It was at this moment Yuan Tianya’s green feathers shot down from the sky and stabbed into Xue Li’s body like many sharp blades.

Xue Li had been turned into a porcupine, but there was not a single trace of pain in his eyes as he chuckled at the blood man and commanded, “Go.”

The blood man’s body twisted and actually began to take on the faint appearance of Liang Yangzu. Then, a pungent blood fiend aura was unleashed from it.

The blood man turned into a bolt of bloody light and flew straight into the air, beginning its assault on Yuan Tianya, who was dropping down from the sky.

A ball of brilliant, bloody light exploded in front of Yuan Tianya. As Yuan Tianya groaned dully, the blood light abruptly changed into a large blood sword and slashed, aiming at Yuan Tianya’s neck.

Yuan Tianya’s Cloud Zephyr Wings flapped swiftly and circled around in midair. He seemed to be looking for an opportunity to kill Xue Li’s true body.

However, as if the blood sword had a mind of its own, it chased after Yuan Tianya endlessly without ever giving up.

On the plaza, Shi Jingyun, Su Ziying, Wu Tuo, Lu Li, Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, Armament Sect’s Ying Xingran, and the three great reverends were all looking up at the sky.

Countless shocked faces were colored blood red by the light of the blood sword in the sky. They actually looked a bit scary.

Even with dark green feathers piercing every inch his body, Xue Li never raised his head nor did he look at the sky. Instead, he turned to Qin Lie and asked, “Who else should I kill?”

“That person on the sky isn’t dead yet,” Qin Lie commented sternly.

“It is only a matter of time.” Xue Li appeared careless. “Within two hours, the blood slave I’ve awakened will be a level stronger than even before it died. Before that person had exploded and died, his strength was already comparable to that foe in the sky. The blood slave formed from all of his blood essence would definitely be able to kill that person before the spirit energy within the blood is exhausted.

Shi Jingyun and the crowd’s attention had originally been in the sky. When they heard Xue Li asking who to kill next, their eyes turned cold as they quickly withdrew their gaze from Yuan Tianya and looked warily at Xue Li.

“In that case, that person in the sky is dead for sure?” Qin Lie asked.

“Absolutely dead,” Xue Li chuckled strangely.

Qin Lie nodded before turning his gaze to glance at Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, and Si Ziying. He began pondering in silence.

“Qin Bing…” Ying Xingran suddenly interrupted.

Qin Lie turned his head to look at him.

“They are different from Liang Yangzu and Yuan Tianya. As the tower lord of Shadow Tower, Liang Yangzu deserved to die after he had consumed human blood, whereas Yuan Tianya was not amiable with the grand hall master and second hall master, as Dark Asura Hall’s first hall master. If he’s dead, he’s dead. It doesn’t matter.”

Ying Xingran’s expression was heavy as he explained, “But Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, Su Ziying are truly respectable characters of Seven Fiends Valley, Cloud Sky Mountain, and Purple Mist Sea. If they die, then we must fight to the death against Seven Fiends Valley, Cloud Sky Mountain, and Purple Mist Sea…”

Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, and Su Ziying were slightly surprised upon hearing Ying Xingran’s words.

They could not see through Xue Li’s realm and were still hesitating on the inside, wondering if they should take the plunge.

The truth was that they were already thinking about retreating. They thought of reporting the situation to the higher ups, so the higher ups would send someone else to handle this.

That was why they immediately grew somewhat relieved when they heard Ying Xingran’s words.

They all turned to look at Qin Lie.

At this point, they understood that Qin Lie was the only one who could influence Xue Li.

Neither Ying Xingran nor the three great reverends could do it.

“They have already cleaned out Armament Sect and murdered countless outer sect foreign delegates and Blood Spear’s men outside. It was obvious that they were planning to destroy Armament Sect. What else is there to worry about at this stage?” Qin Lie asked doubtfully.

“Er, this…” Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang said awkwardly.

What he wanted to say was that the profound character they were relying upon hadn’t answered them, and without that person’s protection, how could Armament Sect possibly resist Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance?

That was why they did not dare to eliminate everyone. They still hoped that there was a chance at reconciliation.

Seeing Ying Xingran and the three great reverends’ distressed looks, Qin Lie slowly understood their worries and difficulties.

He suddenly looked at Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, Su Ziying, then glanced once at Xue Li before closing his eyes.

His mind consciousness slipped into the Soul Suppressing Orb and communicated with the other half of Xue Li’s soul, “Senior Xue Li, how big of a problem can you help me resolve? Can you deal with two copper forces on your own?”

The difference between the ten great realms, the Refinement Realm, Natal Opening Realm, Manifestation Realm, Netherpassage Realm, Fulfillment Realm, Fragmentation Realm, Nirvana Realm, Imperishable Realm, Void Realm, and Genesis Realm, was unimaginable.

According to the rank differentiation in Spirit Realm, the forces that reached Copper rank must have Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners. It was possible that they had some Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners as well. If the two great forces, Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance, had sent out Fulfillment Realm or even Fragmentation Realm experts to destroy Armament Sect, then could Xue Li possibly resist them?

That was why he needed to clear this up before making an actual decision.

“Copper rank force? Are there any Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners assuming command?” Xue Li’s soul questioned.

“I don’t know. There may be, there may not be,” Qin Lie answered honestly.

“If there are only Fulfillment Realm experts, then it isn’t hard to deal with them with my current power.” Xue Li pondered for a moment before continuing his answer, “If it were Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners, then in the past I wouldn’t have been afraid either. However, the way I am now, it may be a little problematic… After being sealed for so many years, it takes more than a day or two for me to return to my previous strength.”

“If you can regain your full strength?” Qin Lie asked again.

“If I recover eighty percent of my true strength, then I would not fear those of the Fragmentation Realm.” Xue Li was quiet for a moment before he replied again, “But that will take at least twenty years. If I was able to use all kinds of pills and there is high rank spirit blood for me to refine and fuse, then this time can be shortened to ten years.”

Qin Lie immediately withdrew his mind consciousness.


The sound of flesh being penetrated came from the sky. In response, the crowd raised their heads to look and found a blood sword stabbed into Yuan Tianya’s stomach.

It was only a palm-sized blood sword.

However, that blood sword was sucking out blood madly like the mouth of a fearsome beast!

All the blood in Yuan Tianya’s body began pouring into the blood sword uncontrollably. Like a strange, blood sucking beast, the sword continued fiercely drain every drop!

Terrible cries came out of Yuan Tianya’s mouth. His thick life force gradually left his body along with the mad outpour of his blood. Following it, the light in his eyes was swiftly dying out.

Everyone could see that Yuan Tianya was slowly wilting away. It was likely that he was going to die any moment.

Xue Li did not exaggerate the power of his blood slave. Formed from Liang Yangzu’s blood essence, it was able to kill Yuan Tianya even in the sky.

It did not even need two hours.

Very soon, Yuan Tianya’s cries had stopped, and the Dark Asura Hall first hall master who was the master of Icestone City, with a high chance of becoming Dark Asura Hall’s grand hall master in the future, was thrown down from the sky just like that.

Before he even reached the ground, his life force was already completely gone. There was not a trace of light remaining in his eyes.

The blood slave who was supposed to exhaust all of its blood essence within two hours actually gradually formed into the blurry appearance of Liang Yangzu after absorbing all of Yuan Tianya’s blood. It stood beside Xue Li as if awaiting its next order.

“Kid, what do you want to do?” Xue Li asked.

Everyone suddenly looked at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie paused for a moment before saying, “Every outsider who steps into Armament Sect today will not leave! Imprison them all!”

“You dare!” Su Ziying exclaimed.

“Kid, you want to imprison all of us?” Wu Tuo chuckled, but his expression was slightly unfriendly.

“Kid, we can release Armament Sect today, but if you dare to act recklessly, hmph!” Shi Jingyun exclaimed coldly.

“First Hall Master! First Hall Master!” Dark Asura Hall’s commanders were mad with murder when they saw Yuan Tianya’s death. Someone cried out, “As long as we combine our powers and kill that evil man, Armament Sect won’t be able to resist at all!”

They stared at Xue Li.

However, Xue Li chuckled strangely and instructed the blood man, “Kill them.”

The blood man formed from Liang Yangzu’s fresh blood immediately charged towards the Dark Asura Hall subordinates and began a bloody slaughter.

“Do you think that you can overturn Armament Sect’s fate with just a single evil man?” Su Ziying frowned and said, “The plan to act against Armament Sect was the result of the two higher forces’ negotiations. Your fate was sealed long ago when they had decided their plans. You cannot change anything!”

“Sect Master Ying, I implore you to stop resisting,” Wu Tuo also said.

“You cannot resist!” Shi Jingyun exclaimed solemnly.

“Who says that Armament Sect cannot change their fate?” It was at this moment that Lang Xie’s voice suddenly came from outside, “Both Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance elevated themselves to where they are now from Black Iron forces one step at a time. A thousand years ago, Scarlet Tide Continent did not even have a Copper rank force! Our Armament Sect was founded nine hundred years ago, and at the time, Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance were only the same level as us; they were only Black Iron forces!”

Lang Xie walked in from the outside while carrying a short spear, still covered in blood. As he approached, the pungent smell began to spread out.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that Armament Sect had poured all their hearts into forging artifacts and wasn’t too willing to spend an excessive amount of effort on the martial way, Armament Sect would have become a Copper rank force a long time ago!” The drops of blood on Lang Xie’s body were like red diamonds. These blood pearls formed from them simply stayed on the surface of his skin without falling.

“So what if it’s the Profound Heaven Alliance? What if it’s a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner?” Lang Xie exclaimed in a low tone and exclaimed, “Are they not mortal? Are they not beheaded by my hands?!”

A bloody head suddenly flew out from his spatial ring and was casually dumped at Shi Jingyun, Su Ziying, and Wu Tuo’s feet.

The bloody head rolled and created a long line of blood before finally stopping beneath Su Ziying’s feet.

The eyes of the head was still opened wide with disbelief, and now, it was looking directly into Su Ziying’s eyes.

“Lord… Lord Tu Xi!” Su Ziying lost control and screamed.

Shi Jingyun and Wu Tuo screamed out as well.

Tu Xi, an expert in the Fulfillment Realm had come from Eight Extreme Temple to deal with the most problematic person, Lang Xie.

But now, he had actually been killed by Lang Xie, and his head was rolling on the ground.

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