Chapter 207: Turn the Tides! (Teaser)

Chapter 207: Turn the Tides!

In Qin Lie’s mind, Yuan Tianya had always been his greatest enemy. The reason he didn’t care to expose his identity was mainly to guard himself against Yuan Tianya.

Back at Icestone City, Yuan Tianya was humiliated by Li Mu and lost a subordinate commander. Since he could not see through Li Mu’s true realm, Yuan Tianya had held himself back and endured it.

After that, Yuan Tianya sought out any news relating to Li Mu and him whenever possible. Yuan Tianya’s intentions to kill Li Mu and him had never faded.

That was why he had no choice but to bury his name after entering Armament Sect. He did not dare to expose himself even in front of Ling Yushi.

This was all because of the pressure exerted by Yuan Tianya. The pressure was so strong that he did not dare to let himself go!

Now that he had come to an agreement with Xue Li, the first person he wanted to kill was Yuan Tianya!

“Who exactly are you?” Under Xue Li’s bloody gaze, Yuan Tianya felt as if he was sitting on a carpet of needles. He almost instantly channeled every bit of energy in his body and took out the life-bound spirit artifact he cultivated.

A pair of green feathered wings tore through the clothes behind Yuan Tianya’s back and appeared out of nowhere.

The wings were about one and a half meters long, and they were as wide as an eagle’s. In addition, the numerous dark green feathers were forged from various special metals.

The feathers were light, but were as sharp as blades. It was a perfect match with Yuan Tianya’s spirit art.

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