Chapter 206: A Fiendish Aura That Reaches the Heavens!

Chapter 206: A Fiendish Aura That Reaches the Heavens!

Under the blazing sun and at the bottom of Flame Volcano, the spirit pattern pillars that were standing tall at the plaza caused the land to appear solemn in its silence.

Qin Lie’s eyes were shut. A very clear wave of mind energy emanated from his body while he was still in the process of cracking open the seals inside the pillar.

Under the furthest spirit pattern pillar from him, Blood Shadow’s body, which had been dominated by Xue Li, was sitting straight with his head lowered.

Ying Xingran, the three great reverends, and the seven great inner sect elders were all gathered at the back side of the plaza while looking sternly at the front.


After a while, Tong Jihua and many outer sect disciples, in addition to the Blood Spear martial practitioners all retreated from the front yard.

“Sect Master…” After Tong Jihua had arrived, he said in a low tone with shame, “I could not stop them.”

Ying Xingran waved his hands and motioned for Tong Jihua and the outer sect disciples to retreat.

“Sect Master Ying sure has courage!” Wu Tuo’s hearty laughter suddenly rang out from outside. His chubby body was the first to appear at the plaza.

Pang Feng and many other Cloud Sky Mountain martial practitioners, clad in gray, also followed closely behind Wu Tuo and appeared one after another.

Ying Xingran, Feng Rong, and the others all simmered with anger when they saw Pang Feng appear, giving him a furious glare.

There were even many outer sect and inner sect disciples who couldn’t hold back and began yelling angrily at him, calling him a traitor, cold-blooded, and ungrateful.

His face was incredibly heavy under the crowd’s accusations. However, he did not defend himself and simply stood as still as a rock.

“Ying Xingran! You ignored my questions and covered singlemindedly for a murderer like Qin Bing. Have you ever thought that such a day like this would come?” Liang Yangzu walked over with a dark expression. His eyes were like sharp blades that shot straight on Ying Xingran’s body.

“Liang Shaoyang had ambushed Qin Bing with Eclipse Insects, then ordered Gray Shadow and Black Shadow to kill Qin Bing and Tang Siqi from the shadows. He deserved to die!” Ying Xingran yelled.

“He deserved to die, you say?!” Liang Yangzu roared angrily, “Then everyone at this place today all deserves to die as well! You have only yourselves to blame for Armament Sect’s destruction!”

Yuan Tianya, Su Ziying, and Shi Jingyun led their subordinates and appeared at the plaza. The trio looked deeply at Ying Xingran and the three great reverends. Their faces appeared somewhat embarrassed.

“...Elder Mo Hai, I am very sorry, but this is what the higher-ups want. I am just following orders.” Shi Jingyun’s expression was bitter. He bowed before Mo Hai and said apologetically, “I have not forgotten the favor of you forging a spirit artifact for me. If this wasn’t the plan decided on by all seven valley masters, I would never have entered Armament Sect with such an identity, nor would I dare stand in front of you like this.”

“Elder Mo Hai, Purple Mist Sea will guarantee your safety,” Su Ziying expressed solemnly.

“Before I came over, the higher-ups have specifically mentioned to not harm you no matter what.” Even Yuan Tianya appeared a bit embarrassed in front of Mo Hai. His words were tinged with fearful respect.

Mo Hai was now publically acknowledged as the number one artificer within Armament Sect. Every single spirit artifact he forged was incredibly rare and was desired by every martial practitioner.

It was rumored that Mo Hai was about to break through his current limits, soon being able to forge an Earth Grade spirit artifact.

An Earth Grade spirit artifact was a wondrous item that even Fulfillment Realm and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners desired!

Even Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance had specifically spoken up for Mo Hai, telling the mobilizing forces below to secure Mo Hai’s safety to the best of their ability!

Mo Hai’s reputation was just as well known in Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance. He was a desired talent that both forces wanted to snatch for themselves and the only person who all five forces couldn’t touch!

This also meant that even with the destruction of Armament Sect today, Mo Hai was destined to rise even higher and would be fought over by Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance. He would become one of the most respectable artificers within Eight Extreme Temple and Profound Heaven Alliance.

This was the treatment an excellent artificer would receive.

That was why Yuan Tianya, Su Ziying, Shi Jingyun, and the others had no choice but to restrain their arrogance in front of Mo Hai.

—It was because they might need to beg Mo Hai for a favor someday. In the future, when Mo Hai worked for either Eight Extreme Temple or Profound Heaven Alliance, a single word from him might affect their entire fate and future!

The reason Blood Shadow did not killed Feng Rong earlier was also because of Mo Hai. He did not want to offend Mo Hai and tear down his own path to request spirit artifacts for himself.

“Standing here today, do your words have any meaning at all?” Mo Hai said indifferently.

The crowd’s expressions were ones of slight embarrassment.

After a while, Liang Yangzu led the conversation, “Blood Shadow? What are you doing?”

Everyone looked at the body of Blood Shadow that had been dominated by Xue Li in unison.

With his head lowered, Xue Li let out a strange chuckle and did not answer.

The reason he was chuckling was because he could sense that Qin Lie had broken yet another seal. This caused him to grow happier by the moment.

He was inching closer to the moment where his true body could escape that terrible prison. After being imprisoned in such a lightless place for so many years, he could finally regain his freedom today. Of course he was happy.

“What are you laughing about? Have you finished… your business?” Liang Yangzu snorted coldly before questioning in a stern manner.

He had a secret agreement with Blood Shadow.

Xue Li raised his head. His scarlet as blood eyes focused on Liang Yangzu’s body, and he said, “More garbage! You secretly cultivated the spirit art of our Blood Fiend Sect and didn’t even realize that you have reached the state of fiendish rebound. How much human blood have you drunk recently? Do you feel upset and does your realm feel unstable if you don’t drink human blood everyday now?”

The moment he said this, Liang Yangzu’s entire body shook violently. He exclaimed with shock and terror, “Blood Shadow! What nonsense are you spouting?”

“Drink human blood?” Ying Xingran and the three great reverends matched each other’s eyes.

A jolt flashed through their minds as they pieced together the information , and they almost instantly realized that Liang Yangzu had also cultivated the bloody spirit art from Blood Shadow. He had become just like You Hongzhi at the late stage where he needed to drink human blood in order to stabilize his realm.

“No wonder Liang Yanzu and Blood Shadow had arrived first to ask for a high rank secret cultivation art from the Blood Progenitor. He had the same problem as Blood Shadow…” Ying Xingran and the three great reverends had already figured it out.

“Drink human blood? Liang Yangzu!” Su Ziying’s face paled as she subconsciously took two steps backwards. She looked at Liang Yangzu as if she was watching a monster. “Is what Blood Shadow is saying is true? Do you drink human blood everyday now?”

Lu Li, Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and other female martial practitioners were also shocked and terrified as they looked at Liang Yangzu as if they saw naught but a monster.

Even Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, and Yuan Tianya were in dismay as they looked somewhat fearfully at Liang Yangzu. Yuan Tianya even asked directly, “Tower Lord Liang, are Blood Shadow’s words true? Do those who cultivate Blood Spear’s bloody spirit art need to continuously feed on human blood to keep their realm stabilized at the late stage?”

Everyone’s gaze on Liang Yangzu became filled with disgust. In an instant, they all now viewed Liang Yangzu as an abnormality.

“For the past two years, many brothers in Shadow Tower have died without a single drop of blood remaining on them.” One of Liang Yangzu’s subordinates backed away from Liang Yangzu, one step after another, with shivering lips and extreme fear. “So that’s why. That’s how it all happened…”

The moment he retreated, nearly every Dark Shadow Tower martial practitioner lost the color on their faces and subconsciously backed away from Liang Yangzu as well.

“Blood Shadow! What the hell are you doing?” Liang Yangzu had almost gone insane as he yelled angrily, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

“Hehe, you know what I’m talking about on the inside.” Xue Li’s eyes were taunting him as he continued to scornfully lay more insults. “At your current status, you have at most three years before you will lose your mind even if you suck human blood. Do you know what you will turn into three years later?”

“Blood Shadow!” Liang Yangzu exclaimed sternly.

He finally couldn’t control the irritation in his heart, and after a bloody light had flashed through his eyes, his shadow under the sun instantly turned into three blurry foreign figures that were like the shadows of demons and monsters. They suddenly charged forward, attacking Xue Li with great madness.

An eerie and bizarre aura leaked out from the three bloody shadow demons. These three foreign figures were about ten meters long and dragged long tails with them. Although their appearances were blurry, they looked to be feral beasts from the Nether Realm.

“Heh! You want to kill me with just three shadow fiends formed from the souls of Nether Giant Tail Lizards?” Xue Li grinned wickedly before lifting a hand to catch the mad demonic shadows as they pounced onto him.

The muscles of the left hand he raised abruptly contracted as if the essence of his flesh and skin had been completely sucked away.

It was merely an instant, but his entire left arm had already completely shriveled up and turned into a withered claw. It looked like the arm of a skeleton.

The fingertips of his five fingers were like five eerie, bone-white spurs that suddenly grew out like sharp blades!

Xue Li’s claw-like left arm was dripping with blood as if it was just scooped up from a pool of blood. The crowd looked incredibly frightened by it.

His bone claw made a tearing motion in midair!

But a moment later, terrible cries came from the three demonic shadows pouncing towards him.

Under everyone’s gaze, the so-called shadow fiends were torn into pieces like huge rag cloths!

“Thump thump thump! Thump thump thump!”

Liang Yangzu’s heartbeat abruptly increased. Even Yuan Tianya, Su Ziying, Wu Tuo and Shi Jingyun could hear his rapid heartbeat clearly.

“You’re not Blood Shadow! You can’t be him!” Liang Yangzu pressed his chest as if he was suppressing something. Struggle appeared on his face, “There is no way Blood Shadow can tear apart my shadow fiends! He did not have that kind of power yet!”

“Stop controlling yourself. Let loose all of the blood fiend aura in your heart.” Blood Shadow chuckled strangely and tempted Liang Yangzu like a demon, “My fresh blood is incredibly tasty. Don’t you want to try them? Come, come to me. I will let you drink my blood; I will give you power; I will grant peace to your heart…”

Xue Li chuckled continuously.

“Thump thump thump! Thump thump thump!” Liang Yangzu’s heartbeat was so loud that even a martial practitioner the level of Lu Li could hear it.

“You are not Blood Shadow!” Liang Yangzu pressed a hand against his chest like his life depended on it and cried out madly with a twisted face, “You are the Blood Progenitor! You are the source of all bloody spirit arts!”

Yuan Tianya, Su Ziying, Wu Tuo, and Shi Jingyun noticed that something was wrong and lost the color on their faces when they heard his words. The very next moment, they all looked at Xue Li.

It was at this time that Qin Lie opened his eyes. He glanced at Xue Li, then at Yuan Tianya and Liang Yangzu before saying indifferently, “Kill Liang Yangzu and this man first. Then I will break open your last seal.” He pointed at Yuan Tianya.

Yuan Tianya’s expression changed greatly.

Xue Li chuckled in a low tone and said, “Sure.”

He slowly stood up.

His originally rather meaty body swiftly began to shrivel up as he gradually stood up.

In an extremely short amount of time, Blood Shadow’s original body had been compressed into the form of a mummy. Its bizarre appearance caused everyone to feel a tingle on their heads at first glance.

“Thump thump thump!” Liang Yangzu’s heartbeat grew faster and faster.

Xue Li looked at him as a demonic, bloody light flashed from the depths of his scarlet pupils. “Blood Arts: Explode!”


The second the words left Xue Li’s mouth, Liang Yangzu’s rapidly beating heart exploded. The madly erupting blood caused his body to burst open into smithereens.

It took only an instant for his body to turn into a bloody mush, resulting in his death. He didn’t even have a chance to truly unleash the bloody spirit art he had cultivated with painstaking effort.

“There is one more,” Qin Lie said in a low tone again.

Xue Li grinned and turned towards Yuan Tianya. Like an old demon inspecting delicious prey, he let out a strange chuckle, “If he wants you to die, then you have no choice but to die.”

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