Chapter 205: Bloody Backing

Chapter 205: Bloody Backing

At the plaza, Qin Lie’s body was coated with a robe made of blood. The corporeal body that was forcefully dominated by Xue Li sat beside him just like that.

While Qin Lie was speaking, he had already gathered his mind and guarded the other portion of Xue Li’s soul inside the Soul Suppressing Orb tightly.

He was wary of Xue Li.

Right now, Xue Li’s other half of his soul that was possessing Blood Shadow’s body was putting great pressure on his mind.

Meanwhile, Xue Li’s blood essence had also solidified on the surface of his skin. It was the equivalent of having his entire body controlled by Xue Li!

He could be killed by Xue Li at any second if Xue Li felt like it!

That was also why he had gathered all of his thoughts and channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication at full power, gathering all thunder and lightning energy together. He was ready to eliminate the other half of Xue Li’s soul in the Soul Suppressing Orb at any moment.

The second Xue Li dared to act a little differently, he would risk even the destruction of his soul to eliminate the other half of Xue Li’s soul at all costs.

“What are you afraid of, kid?” A hint of taunting appeared in Xue Li’s scarlet eyes. “Are you afraid that I will kill you even at the risk of losing half my soul?”

Qin Lie did not say anything.

At the side, Ying Xingran, the three great reverends, and the seven inner elders did not dare to say a word. They simply stared fearfully at Xue Li and Qin Lie while listening to their conversation.

They could sense a power from Xue Li that could eliminate them in an instant, so they did not doubt that the moment Xue Li felt like it, none of them would be able to escape even a single hit from Xue Li whatsoever!

That was why they were all as docile as a lamb.

“I know that you didn’t use all of your power when you blasted the other half of my soul. If I really wanted to kill you, you do have the ability to take the other portion of my soul with you.” Xue Li chuckled strangely and said inside Qin Lie’s mind, “One part of this ability came from that thunder spirit art you cultivated, and the other came from that precious treasure in your head. I can feel how terrifying that orb is. Its threat to my soul is even bigger than the soul seal the twelve spirit pillars had applied on me combined!”

As he said this, his voice came from the soul sealed by Qin Lie inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

“If half of my soul is destroyed, I wouldn’t be able to recover even in three hundred years!” Xue Li hmphed coldly. “Which is the better deal between that and being controlled by you for thirty years? I know this far better than you do!”

Qin Lie still did not dare to let his guard down as he continued to gather his mind consciousness while saying, “Please stay a little further away from me. Also, please withdraw the lifeblood essence from my body.”

“Kid, aren’t you being a little too cautious?! If I really wanted to kill you, do you think this little distance would be of any use?” While saying this, the blood essence coated on Qin Lie’s body turned into a bloody light and flew back into the spirit pattern pillar.

“At any rate, I hope you can stay away from me a bit. I still need to unlock the seals trapping you inside,” Qin Lie expressed.

Once he said this, Xue Li glanced at him coldly before standing up again. He then sat down at the spirit pattern pillar furthest away from Qin Lie.

Ying Xingran and the others’ eyes were filled with terror as they watched him come and walk by. They still did not dare to move a muscle.

Once Xue Li sat down, Qin Lie then said under Ying Xingran’s extremely curious gaze, “Sect Master. Allow the masterminds of the forces to come to this place. This senior will… help us solve our problems.”

Ying Xingran shuddered in response.

At the same time, in Armament Sect’s outer sect courtyard.

The leaders of all five forces, Yuan Tianya, Shi Jingyun, Wu Tuo, Liang Yangzu, and Su Zhiyun were leading their subordinates and heading towards the plaza one step at a time.

Liang Yangzu had purposely walked at the head of the group. He purposely slowed his footsteps and watched the outer sect disciples of Armament Sect retreating little by little. He looked to Tong Jihua and said, “Bring me to Ying Xingran.”

“Hall Master Liang, it won’t take us too much time to kill everyone in the outer sect.” Yuan Tianya frowned and suggested that because he felt that Liang Yangzu’s plan was too slow.

His eyes scanned Tong Jihua and the others’ bodies, and he looked like he would attack at any moment. This caused Tong Jihua and the others to feel fearful on the inside.

“We don’t have to rush.” Liang Yangzu turned and said darkly, “The secret arts Blood Spear is cultivating has their own unique properties. Only the outer sect elders would be familiar with these secret arts. If we kill everyone in Blood Spear, then we will not be able to learn their cultivation method. We also need to acquire the training methods of Blood Spear’s martial practitioners and the technique to prepare the blood pool’s spirit blood this trip. That is why we must leave some of them alive.”

When he said this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

Shi Jingyun and Wu Tuo even hurriedly persuaded Yuan Tianya to be less hasty, that he must not kill all of Blood Spear’s martial practitioners.

Everyone knew about the might of Blood Spear. Some of them had even experienced it personally.

They desired Blood Spear’s training art and preparation method of the legendary blood pool’s spirit blood very much. They wanted to increase their own strength using that knowledge.

That was why Liang Yangzu’s suggestion was acknowledged by everyone.

They didn’t know that the reason actual Liang Yangzu was delaying was because of Blood Shadow so that Blood Shadow could acquire the fruits of their labor first.

“Alright!” Yuan Tianya was also moved. “The secret arts that was able to turn Fire Spear into Blood Spear is something I am also very interested in learning as well.”

And that was why they weren’t in a hurry, nor was their speed particularly quick.

Their normal disciples had even caught up to them.

Lu Li, Ling Yushi, and Ling Xuanxuan had rushed over from the streets outside and entered Shi Jingyun’s group.

Ouyang Jingjing did not have the courage to come.

Pang Feng had also arrived from outside Armament Sect and walked beside Wu Tuo. He was here to witness Armament Sect’s fate.

His sister, Pang Shishi, did not have the courage to come either. She chose to stay at the Heart of the Great Earth.

At a faraway tower, Yi Yuan and Lian Rou looked in the direction of Armament Sect from afar. Just the same, they did not have the courage to step back into the sect and could not bear to watch the destruction of Armament Sect.

“Pang Feng?!” Tong Jihua exclaimed in a low tone.

Beside Wu Tuo, Pang Feng’s expression was steady as he watched the familiar faces of the outer sect disciples. His eyes were a little complicated.

However, his tone was incredibly calm, “Elder Tong, I did not expect the sect to experience such a huge change either. I do not wish to see the sect walk towards destruction, but I do not have the power to change the sect’s future. The reason I came was to bear witness to the sect’s fate. If there is anything within my power that I can do, then I will do my best to accomplish it.”

A hint of pain and helplessness flashed across Pang Feng’s eyes.

“You just watch,” Wu Tuo interrupted. “But remember, you must not interfere!”

Pang Feng snorted once with a scowl.

“Very good. You have the courage to step back into the sect and watch Armament Sect walk towards its own destruction with your own eyes. Your heart is truly as tough as steel,” Purple Mist Sea’s Su Ziying praised once before saying, “You are unlike that brat, Yi Yuan. He only knows how to talk about love and would not even bother with what’s truly important!”

“I am Ying Xingran. I invite you all to come and talk at the plaza.” It was at this moment that Ying Xingran’s yell had come from the foot of the mountain of Flame Volcano.

He had actually invited them in.

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