Chapter 205: Bloody Backing (Teaser)

Chapter 205: Bloody Backing

At the plaza, Qin Lie’s body was coated with a robe made of blood. The corporeal body that was forcefully dominated by Xue Li sat beside him just like that.

While Qin Lie was speaking, he had already gathered his mind and guarded the other portion of Xue Li’s soul inside the Soul Suppressing Orb tightly.

He was wary of Xue Li.

Right now, Xue Li’s other half of his soul that was possessing Blood Shadow’s body was putting great pressure on his mind.

Meanwhile, Xue Li’s blood essence had also solidified on the surface of his skin. It was the equivalent of having his entire body controlled by Xue Li!

He could be killed by Xue Li at any second if Xue Li felt like it!

That was also why he had gathered all of his thoughts and channeled Heavenly Thunder Eradication at full power, gathering...

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