Chapter 196: Tease

Chapter 196: Tease

The fragrant scent of orchids came slowly from Tang Siqi’s body. It seeped into Qin Lie’s nose and caused him to grow distracted.

The duo were bent over inside a deep cave while pressing tightly against each other. Qin Lie had even hugged her with one hand.

Hearing her pout, Qin Lie’s expression changed slightly as he immediately noticed that the area he touched with his lips earlier was a little sensitive.

“Don’t talk. Someone’s coming,” explained, having quickly lowered his voice.

In the darkness, Tang Siqi quickly turned silent and began listening seriously as well.

She had also heard the oncoming footsteps of martial practitioners and their impatient conversations. Then, she realized that she had misunderstood Qin Lie.

“Search the place once more. Someone might’ve slipped through the net and hid themselves or turned back,” the leader called out from the outside.

“Got it, my lord,” a martial practitioner answered lazily.

Someone began to pace closer towards the fake mountain behind the stone building.

Qin Lie slowly adjusted his breathing so that his heart rate would slow. He withdrew his soul consciousness and lowered the ripples of his life energy.

He quietly entered the state of Thoughtless Tranquility.

In this state, it was as if he had merged as one with the world and become part of it. It was just like an insect that had entered dormancy and did not catch much attention at all.

Even those martial practitioners who had higher realms than him would find it difficult to detect his presence after he entered the state of Thoughtless Tranquility.

Tang Siqi had never worked hard on the cultivation of the martial way, but her realm was already pretty high in the first place. She was at the Manifestation Realm and was even stronger than Qin Lie.

She might not be able to enter the state of Thoughtless Tranquility to deal with this current situation, but she had her own methods too.

Her method was very simple—swallow a Mind Focusing Pill.

The moment the pill entered her stomach, her heart rate, blood flow, and life energy had all obviously slowed down. She had actually reached a similar state to Qin Lie’s Thoughtless Tranquility.

The duo squeezed tightly against each other inside the cave of the fake mountain with one relying on a strange state and the other relying on a pill.

The sounds of the martial practitioners talking could be heard from time to time. They searched through every room inside the stone building and looked through the yard as well. But no one paid attention to a fake mountain, much less attempting to squeeze into the narrow cave of the fake mountain to search inside.

After a while, the group who had been ordered to search this area discovered nothing amiss and slowly left.

Qin Lie and Tang Siqi did not move immediately.

They leaned closely against each other and moved not a muscle, still waiting because they were afraid that those people would turn back.

After a very long time—Tang Siqi felt that her body was a little stiff already—she finally moved her arms and poked Qin Lie softly. “How are you?” she pursed her lips closer and asked in a small voice.

Sniffing her body’s scent, Qin Lie turned distracted before he regathered his soul and thoughts and answered indifferently, “I’m fine.”

“Shall we keep moving then?” Tang Siqi asked for his opinion.

Qin Lie nodded, “Alright.”

Tang Siqi began to move. Then, she cried out suddenly before falling limp onto Qin Lie’s body. That voluptuous body of hers was pressed tightly against him again.

“I half-crouched for too long there, my legs are all numb…” she said embarrassedly.

Qin Lie did not move or speak. He simply maintained his posture.

A sexy figure was pressed tightly against his just like that. Even though he held no undue thoughts towards Tang Siqi, he couldn’t help but grow restless as well.

His breathing grew a little rapid. He was afraid that he couldn’t control himself, which was why he dared even less to move.

Tang Siqi stopped talking as well after she gave the brief explanation. With her body against Qin Lie’s, she kicked her legs softly.

She was trying to regain the ability to move.

Following her kicking motions, at times her seductive body would suddenly come into contact with Qin Lie. At others they would suddenly grow separate.

It was as if she was teasing Qin Lie’s heart again and again...

Whenever her beautiful figure shifted away from Qin Lie, he would feel a groundless sense of disappointment and reluctance. When she suddenly pressed close to him again, Qin Lie would be shaken and felt a most intriguing satisfaction.

“Junior Brother Qin, tell me. Do you think we can survive this?” amidst the darkness, Tang Siqi suddenly asked quietly.

She had switched to her other leg to stretch and kick, doing just the same to get blood flowing.

Her circulation had turned sluggish after she was trapped by Blood Shadow’s blood sealing arts. Although she had swallowed the Blood Circulation Pill, her blood had not fully returned to normal.

That was also why her limbs had turned numb after crouching just for a little while inside the cave. She almost couldn’t stand properly.

This was the short term after effects of the blood sealing arts.

“I don’t know,” Qin Lie said solemnly.

“Can I ask you a question?” Tang Siqi said again.

“Ask away.”

“Why did you want to kill Liang Shaoyang? Was it for me?”

Inside the darkness, Tang Siqi had stopped kicking her legs. Her eyes were bright, and her spatial ring shone with a faint light.

She looked at Qin Lie’s face in the weak light. Half her body was still pressed against Qin Lie. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry to move away...

“If he didn’t die, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night.” Qin Lie’s expression was calm inside the cave lit up by a trace of weak light. He said indifferently, “He tried to kill me with Eclipse Insects and ambushed me at Free Trade Street later on as well. I nearly lost my life both times. When I came back to Armament Sect, the first thing I did was to kill him because I couldn’t guarantee that my luck will hold for the third time if he ambushed me again.”

“It’s not related to me?” There were immense disappointment inside Tang Siqi’s bright eyes. “It really wasn’t for me?”

“A little.” After a moment of pause, Qin Lie finally nodded, “I do not want to see you leave Armament Sect by yourself. I do not want to see you fall to his schemes either. I wanted to take back those things that were originally yours for you.”

Tang Siqi’ eyes brightened as liveliness brimmed inside them. There was a trace of happiness at the corner of her lips. “S-so, how much of your motivation to kill Liang Shaoyang was for me?” she asked again.

“Maybe twenty or thirty,” Qin Lie replied honestly.

“That is enough!” A beautiful smile spread out from her lips.

Before Qin Lie could react, she suddenly moved forward and pecked Qin Lie’s face once with her full and fragrant lips. She then smiled sweetly, “This is your reward, heh!”

Qin Lie froze instantly.

He stared stupidly at Tang Siqi and subconsciously touched the place she kissed before. He was still a little stunned.

“Let’s go. I can see the rocks blocking the stone passage ahead already.” The attractive smile on Tang Siqi’s face did not disappear. She seemed to be feeling pretty good as she headed once again to the front.

The spatial ring on her hand continued to let out a faint light which faintly illuminated that attractive figure of hers inside the pitch black cave...

Inside the narrow cave, she had bent her waist and lifted her butt slightly. Her butt in the perfect shape of a peach was extremely seductive.

While watching dumbfoundedly from the back, he suddenly realized that there was fire burning inside his heart.

The image of Tang Siqi’s sexy pose as her butt twisted through the cave was imprinted deeply in his mind. The image replayed again and again in his head, and like a naughty child, he couldn’t wipe it away no matter what...

Suddenly his throat felt a little dry.


While he was still in shock, he heard the sounds of falling stones at the front. It was only then that he realized Tang Siqi had moved the rocks away and was happily waving at him.

“Junior Brother Qin! Come over quickly. That secret scripture was completely correct, there really is a stone passage! It looks like Armament Sect’s sect master was not a good person, he dug a stone passage purposely to meet his lover. That old lecher…” Tang Siqi mumbled as if she couldn’t get over her senior’s terrible behaviors.

Qin Lie had no choice but to channel Frost Arts before he could finally suppress the jumbled thoughts in his head.

He sucked in a deep breath and calmed his heart. Then he walked over.

There was a stone passage beneath Tang Siqi’s feet. The stone passage went right underground and was dark. There was even a kind of rotten smell coming from it.

“I’ll go down first. You wait up there until I call for you.” Qin Lie frowned and leaped down into the stone passage.

The stone passage was wider than he thought. At the least it was much wider than the cave inside the fake mountain.

After he landed, there were gemstones shining beside the stone passage, causing it to be much brighter than the cave above.

He looked around for a bit inside the stone passage. Seeing that there was nothing amiss, he finally called out to Tang Siqi above, “You can come down now.”

“Okay,” Tang Siqi laughed softly before jumping down from above.

After a moment of shock, Qin Lie subconsciously extended his hands to receive her. Then, Tang Siqi fell right into his arms.

His hands happened to be holding that perfect, mouth drying butt of hers. The full and smooth touch caused a certain fire in his heart to burn instantly out of control.

He discovered that his mouth was turning drier and drier.

He felt a flame burning his body and mind, burning at away his rationality.

His hands couldn’t help but tighten and grab that beautiful butt which made him feel the blood rushing to his head. There was a mad blush on his face that had lost all rationality under the illumination of the gemstones inside the slightly wide stone passage.

His eyes also shone with a light that only an animal should have.


Tang Siqi murmured softly. A drunken red appeared on her beautiful face. A teary light glittered inside those soul stealing eyes of hers.

“Junior Brother Qin, y-you’re hurting me.” She suddenly bit her lips and rolled her eyes at Qin Lie. Her watery eyes gazed at Qin Lie as she said embarrassedly, “Come on, we still have actual business to do…”

After a moment of shock, Qin Lie suddenly came around and realized that the state he had created with Frost Arts had actually shattered earlier.

He quickly channeled Frost Arts again, going so far as to guide the frost energy inside his Natal Palace to circulate around all of his veins at once.

Only then did the lust inside his body slowly extinguish as he regained true clarity.

However, he realized that his hands were still holding Tang Siqi’s butt...

He quickly released her while looking a little embarrassed. He stuttered, “Just now, just now, I…”

He couldn't say anything. He couldn’t explain it, and he could not find convincing words to explain it either.

“No worries, it’s me, my own fault. I’m the one who was reckless and caused this…” Tang Siqi pursed her lips with a blush, but a hint of a mischievous smile leaked out of her eyes. “Heh, and here I thought Qin Bing could not be disturbed even in a woman’s lap. A year ago, when you were taking the entrance exam, you had looked oh-so-serious, and now… aha, why do I not see any sparks flying in my direction this time, hmm?”

Qin Lie froze.

It had been a whole year already, and she still had not forgotten about that matter. She actually hadn’t forgotten about the grudge all this time.

And this time, she finally found the chance and excuse to counterattack.

“A woman’s heart…”

Qin Lie shook his head with a wry smile, and ignoring her teasing, he turned around and headed deeper into the stone passage.

As if she had won a war, Tang Siqi chuckled all the way and cheerfully followed after him.

It was as if the duo didn’t realize that their sect was at the border between life and death.

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