Chapter 194: Nothing is Certain

Chapter 194: Nothing is Certain

“Where’s Jingjing?” asked Ling Xuanxuan as she watched the events unfold below. “How come she isn’t here with us?”

“She didn’t want to come,” said Lu Li with a cold expression. “After staying at Armament Sect for a year, her temperament seems to have become more gentle as she didn’t want to make any moves at all against Armament Sect’s people.

“No human can be devoid of emotions,” said Ling Yushi gently.

As she looked towards the where Han Qingrui and his group of people were, traces of helplessness appeared on her elegant face as she lamented, “The world is truly unpredictable. Three years ago, we still needed to pay attention to Han Qingrui and Kang Hui’s expressions. Yet in the blink of an eye, here we are, actually in control of their lives. Sigh, it is truly something that I never would have imagined.”

“Look at that little fatty, his name is Kang Zhi. He’s the son of the previous Pavilion Master, Kang Hui,” said Ling Xuanxuan, chipping in. “In the past, when I went to Nebula Pavilion, the guards at the entrance prevented third uncle and me from entering and said harsh words towards us. It was only because of the emergence of this little fatty that third uncle and I were able to enter Nebula Pavilion and meet with Elder Han…”

“He was only giving face to Qin Lie,” quietly said Ling Yushi.

“Yeah. He was giving face to Qin Lie. If not for Qin Lie, our Ling Family would have collapsed long ago.” Ling Xuanxuan fully agreed with Yushi’s statement, continuing, “He also helped us by killing Du Haitian and his entire family, a job which should have been ours to complete. If he hadn’t killed Du Haitian, then he wouldn’t be pursued by Nebula Pavilion, and he wouldn’t have disappeared until now.”

Ling Yushi knit her brows as a feeling of bitterness emerged within her warm heart. She inwardly thought to herself, “Where exactly are you?”

“Huh? It’s Qin Bing!” suddenly shouted Ling Xuanxuan.

Atop Crossroads Street, a shadowy figure suddenly appeared. It walked along the street, carrying someone else on their back.

It was indeed Qin Lie!

Ling Yushi was stunned and couldn’t help but also look down, looking at Qin Lie who was on the street.

“How could it be him?” Ling Yushi was very doubtful as she, for some reason unbeknownst to her, subconsciously felt uncomfortable as she looked at the youth carrying a beautiful girl below her.

“Qin Bing? He’s Qin Bing?” Lu Li’s voice became several times colder as she said, “He’s the Qin Bing who had me refused outside the gate and wouldn’t let me take even a step into Armament Sect?!”

“It seems like it is him…” carefully said Ling Xuanxuan.

“He’s on the execution list!” Lu Li took a deep breath. From within her ice cold eyes, it seemed as if wisps of frigid energy were spilling out. “I’m going to kill him!”

She took out her longsword which was made from rock crystal and suddenly jumped down from atop the tall building, landing right in front of Qin Lie’s figure.

Seeing the sudden change in situation, Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan’s minds were thrown into turmoil. Their minds were completely blank at this moment.

“What should we do?” asked Ling Xuanxuan. “This Qin Bing had previously agreed that he would forge personal spirit artifacts for us, should we help Senior Sister Lu Li kill him or not?”

Ling Yushi’s mind was similarly in distress, but she didn’t know why. As she observed Qin Lie walk across the the street with the girl on his back, she had felt a constant discomfort within her heart.

When Ling Xuanxuan asked if they should help Lu Li kill him, she felt even more uncomfortable, and felt she shouldn’t do that.

“This person treated us sisters rather well. It... it will be hard for me to make a move,” said Ling Yushi.

“Mn, I also feel that although his is extremely cold, he is still a good person.” Ling Xuanxuan nodded in agreement, then continued, “Let’s just watch for now.”

Thus, the two sisters just coldly observed from atop the tall building.

“You are Qin Bing? Armament Sect’s Qin Bing?!” Lu Li landed directly in front of Qin Lie, blocking his way. Her expression was cold as ice as she continued, “Have we met each other in the past before?”

“No,” indifferently replied Qin Lie.

“Have I killed any of your relatives?” asked Lu Li.

“No,” replied Qin Lie.

“Then I am very curious as to why you specifically ordered Yi Yuan to not let me take even a single step into Armament Sect?!” screamed Lu Li.

“It was only because I felt disgust when I heard your name!” coldly exclaimed Qin Lie.

“Good! Very good!” Lu Li laughed erratically as if she were short of breath. The sound of her laughs were as chilly as frigid air and caused those around her to tremble. “There has never been anyone who has dared to treat me like this! Never before!”

Frosty light glimmered off of the crystal sword within Lu Li’s hand.

Qin Lie’s expression was ice cold. He first glanced at Lu Li, then raised his head and looked in the direction of Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan.

A feeling of ridiculousness suddenly emerged within him.

From atop the tall building, Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan looked down on him with vigilant expressions.

Currently, Qin Lie had steeled himself to return to Armament Sect so he could retrieve the spirit materials and furnace within his cavern so he could forge artifacts for these two girls and fulfill his promise.

Carrying another girl on his back, he had actually been spotted from afar by the girl he loved. Furthermore, they were on guard against him...

Regardless of whatever he had predicted would happen, he never would have guessed that Crossroads Street would be cleansed by Seven Fiends Valley. Even less so that the ones responsible would be Ling Yushi, Ling Xuanxuan, and Lu Li.

As he was about to shout out the names of Han Qingrui and the rest, upon seeing that Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan were present, he immediately shut his mouth.

He knew that with Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan’s personalities, if they were to discover that Han Qingrui, Kang Zhi, and the rest were present, they would definitely protect their lives.

Thus, he knew that Han Qingrui and the rest were definitely safe and sound.

This was quite a piece of good news for him.

The bad news was that, although Han Qingrui and the rest were fine, he was now in a bit of trouble.

—Trouble which was in the form of Lu Li.

Frosty light shimmered off of the crystal sword within Lu Li’s hand. Wisp after wisp of icy, frostbitten air also began to emanate from her body. From within the frost, a coldness containing extreme heartlessness and ruthlessness exuded out!

This Lu Li also cultivated frost energy, and her comprehension towards it was just as deep as his.

However, Lu Li, similar to Yi Yuan, Liang Shaoyang, and Pang Feng, was only at the late stage of the Natal Opening Realm. Furthermore, based on Qin Lie’s own sense, Lu Li wasn’t weaker than Pang Feng or Yi Yuan. At most, she was on Liang Shaoyang’s level.

That year in Ling City, Lu Li had also been at the late stage of the Natal Opening Realm.

That year, Lu Li had only opened seven Natal Palaces. Currently, she had opened up all nine, and they were all completely filled with energy. However, it was still the late stage of the Natal Opening Realm.

That year, he had yet to enter the Natal Opening Realm and had been ridiculed by Lu Li’s cold eyes. He had been completely ignored by Jiu Liuyu.

Today, although Armament Sect had encountered a great calamity, he was able to truly stand in front of Lu Li!

Today, he was able to rely on his status as a martial practitioner of the same stage to directly oppose Lu Li!

“You want to stop me? You’re not qualified!” Qin Lie raised his hand.

“Crack crack crack!”

Fragments of ice composed of dense, white frost energy agglomerated and turned into an ice sword. When the sword formed, a frosty air which was even colder than Lu Li’s was suddenly released from Qin Lie’s body.

It was as if Qin Lie’s heart, mind, soul, and thoughts had all formed frost as he instantly entered the concept of absolute zero.

A layer of frost formed atop his body while his two eyes became silvery white. He looked to Lu Li and indifferently said, “If you cannot comprehend the concept of frost, then you will never, ever qualify to be my opponent!”

The ice sword flew forward, turning into a sharp, icy light as it shot towards Lu Li’s chest.

The crystal sword within Lu Li’s hand suddenly began to exude an icy fog. In an instant, Lu Li’s entire person was enshrouded by it. Right at this moment, when her figure faded, one ice flower after another suddenly flew out from within.

Each ice flower was carefully carved and indescribably exquisite, desolate yet beautiful. Moreover, each contained quite a shocking amount of frost energy!

The ice flowers flew out one after another as they were controlled by Lu Li and used to disrupt the frosty light atop the ice sword. From within the icy fog, a pleasant ringing sound could be heard.

Afterwards, Qin Lie was no longer able to sense his energy atop the ice beam.

“Concept, eh? Your comprehension are still too shallow. Your understanding of frost energy is not enough!” coldly shouted Lu Li.

Once lustrous ice flower after another suddenly flew out from within the icy fog. Like a hailstorm which had suddenly turned violent, the flowers began to wildly descend upon Qin Lie.

“Sinkhole!” Qin Lie circulated the Records of Geocentric Magnetism, relying on the energy of the earth within him to cause changes within the earth.

Amidst the icy fog, the earth under Lu Li’s feet suddenly cracked as if a demon had opened its jaws. From the core of the earth, a strong suction force emerged!

Lu Li’s cold, arrogant figure suddenly began to violently tremble within the icy fog as her footsteps became increasingly unstable.

“Bang bang bang!”

At this moment, Qin Lie faced the oncoming lustrous ice flowers with his ice shield as he charged forward while carrying Tang Siqi on his back.

Once he neared the icy fog, he used his ice shield to directly penetrate into the icy fog!


He heard the sound of a heavy collision as well as the sound of Lu Li’s stifled groan. However, he didn’t bother looking as he instead increased his speed and rushed past Lu Li.

“Ling Yushi! Ling Xuanxuan! Stop him for me!” suddenly shrieked Lu Li from within the icy fog.

Atop the tall building, Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan exchanged glances. Their faces both had expressions of helplessness as they bit the bullet and jumped down from the building.

The two of them blocked Qin Lie’s path once again.

“I’m extremely sorry, but we cannot let you go.” Sorrow was written all over Ling Yushi’s beautiful face as the loops atop her snow white shoulders each began to glow at this time.

The corner of Ling Xuanxuan’s dress was seemingly ignited by flames as several clusters of fire appeared besides her. Her expression was also somewhat awkward as she stood there looking uncomfortable. She softly whispered, “About this, I don’t dare ignore Senior Sister Lu’s orders, so I can only stop you. I’m sorry.”

“Ooooooooo!” The obscure sound of a conch horn suddenly emanated out from within the icy fog.

The expression on Ling Yushi’s pretty face slightly changed as she knew what the sound meant. She realized that Lu Li was calling over all the nearby Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners.

She knew very clearly that as soon as the nearby Seven Fiends Valley martial practitioners arrived, Qin Lie would probably not be able to escape.

“Sis, block him!” said Ling Yushi as her bright eyes continuously blinked, seemingly signaling something to Ling Xuanxuan.

The two sisters were thinking the same thing. With just a glance, they were able to know what the other was thinking. Thus, as soon as Ling Xuanxuan saw Ling Yushi’s eyes, she immediately understood, hurriedly circulating her flame spirit art and causing all of the fireballs around her to fly out.

They rushed toward Qin Lie together!

Carrying Tang Siqi, Qin Lie watched as the two sisters rushed towards him, his eyes indifferent.

He didn’t move at all.

Suddenly, his eyes began to gradually brighten as he realized that he couldn’t sense even the slightest bit of killing intent from either of the two sisters...

Right at the moment when he was still distracted, the two sisters who were seemingly charging over very quickly suddenly split, one going left and the other going right, as they bypassed him from his sides.

They had rushed behind him!

“Darn, he dodged us!” loudly shouted Ling Xuanxuan as he hurriedly turned her head around.

“Don’t let him escape!” shouted Ling Yushi in accompaniment.

Qin Lie’s figure slightly quivered as he no longer hesitated and quickly rushed out of Crossroads Street at maximum speed while the two sisters reformed their attack.

Behind him, Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan acted as if they were chasing in pursuit.

Even farther behind, in the distance, Lu Li was still stuck in the fissure within the icy fog, unable to climb out.

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