Chapter 192: Fight to One’s Heart’s Content!

Chapter 192: Fight to One’s Heart’s Content!

“Bang bang bang!”

Under the moonlight, two shadows were constantly assaulting each other like two entangled fierce beasts.

Dazzling rays of golden light and dark, cold pieces of ice flew around in the sky. Occasionally, the angry rumbling of the earth could also be heard beneath their feet.

This area was the one which Cloud Sky Mountain was technically responsible for. Earlier, Wu Tuo, along with his subordinates, had already killed each and every Armament Sect foreign delegate nearby .

Wu Tuo had predicted Qin Lie would make his way to this area, and thus, he had brought Pang Feng and Pang Shishi over with him. Upon seeing Qin Lie actually appear, he naturally had immediately left.

He had left Qin Lie for Pang Feng.

This was because he believed that Pang Feng, the most talented genius of his generation of Cloud Sky Mountain’s martial practitioners, would definitely be able to defeat Qin Lie!

Pang Shishi had also chosen to leave because she too, like Wu Tuo, had absolute confidence in Pang Feng!

“Golden Stone Art: Third Style! Landslide!”

Pang Feng swung both of his hands up, twirling them like a rolling wheel. Clumps after clumps of golden light filled with the sharpness of metal rocks, as though a landslide composed by streams of rolling rocks, violently rolled toward Qin Lie's chest.

“Bang bang bang!”

The balls of golden light were like boulders as they assaulted Qin Lie’s chest, causing all of the bones in Qin Lie’s body to crackle.

The two were standing extremely close together, to the point that any of their attacks would instantly hit. At such a close distance, neither of them were able to dodge the other’s blows.


Qin Lie’s body greatly shook as he took advantage of the moment to grasp Pang Feng’s shoulders with his two hands. Masses of blue lightning suddenly surged out.

Within the lightning, the terrifying explosive power of thunder instantaneously burst out.

“Krak krak krak!”

The golden armor on Pang Feng’s body, which was struck by the explosive thunder energy, shattered as if it were golden glass, revealing Pang Feng’s solid as iron golden skin beneath it.

“Thunder energy, you actually also cultivate thunder energy!” shouted Pang Feng, unable to bear the pain from the wild, explosive thunder energy entering into his bones.

That Qin Lie was able to use earthen energy and create gravitational fields which instantly distorted gravity had already thoroughly surprised him.

As they fought in close combat, the sound of thunder rumbling had suddenly emanated out from Qin Lie’s body. As thunder energy permeated through his body, Pang Feng was shocked once again.

“So incredibly secretive. Not only were you hiding earthen energy, you were also hiding thunder spirit arts!”

On Pang Feng’s calm face, golden light began to gradually condense within his eyes. “But did you truly think that you would be able to beat me just because you cultivated so many spirit arts? Only if you wholeheartedly focus on a single spirit art can you truly wield its immense powers! As for you, who dabbles in everything, you will never be able to sense the true essence of a single spirit art!”

As he said this, Pang Feng tore off all of his golden armor, as well as the clothes covering his upper body.

A completely golden, glowing body which seemed like it was made of solidified molten steel suddenly appeared.

The muscles on Pang Feng’s upper body were like pieces of a puzzle as they glowed with a golden luster reminiscent of molten steel. It gave off a feeling of extreme sturdiness, as if it couldn’t be penetrated by blades nor spears, as if it was invincible!

One vein after another emerged from beneath his muscles like intelligent snakes within his body which had awoken from hibernation.

He removed his golden armor and tore off his clothes. In his half-naked state, his eyes were also glowing with a golden radiance, and his whole body was emanating an unparalleled unrestrained aura.

“Junior Brother Qin, you can still leave if you want to!” Pang Feng’s expression was heavy as his face also turned golden yellow. Observing him now, it was as if he were a man of pure gold.

“You are on the execution list. However, if you conserve your power and take advantage of this chaotic time to escape, you might be able to live.”

After tearing off his clothes, Pang Feng suddenly seemed to have a lot to say. “If you continue to fight with me, even if I don’t kill you, I will definitely severely injure you. If that happens, you will have no strength to deal with any remaining threats and will end up being killed by others!”

Qin Lie became slightly dazed as he was unable to figure out Pang Feng’s true meaning. He couldn’t understand why Pang Feng would say these words right at the peak of battle.

“You are very strong, and because you have been able to fight with me for so long, I feel very content!” A trace of madness flashed through Pang Feng’s eyes as he continued, “Ever since I began on this path until now, whenever I have fought same level practitioners, there has never been anyone who dared to fight against me in close combat! Junior Brother Qin, you are the very first one who could keep up!”

Qin Lie became dazed.

Listening as Pang Feng explained, Qin Lie understood that he had won the respect of this person through battle. Because he had been able to last against Pang Feng in close combat for so long, he had allowed Pang Feng to feel the utmost joy of battle.

This was what caused him to go mad? This was why he had suddenly wasted his breath to speak?

“Today’s fight has brought me joy. A joy I have never felt before!” Even more hints of madness emerged within Pang Feng’s eyes as he continued, “Because I am too joyful, I’m afraid that I will be unable to hold back my strikes. I’m afraid I will be unable to keep my promise with Shishi and will lose control and kill you!”

Pang Feng took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down, then shouted, “Junior Brother Qin, leave Senior Sister Tang and leave now! I don’t want to kill you!”

“Are you even able to kill me?!” exclaimed Qin Lie, stomping his foot on his ground.


Pang Feng’s golden body was unexpectedly thrown into the air by the sudden reversal of gravity.

Qin Lie raised his head to look at the night sky and then finally decided to no longer hold back a single bit of his power. He finally used all of his power to circulate Heavenly Thunder Eradication!

“Rrrmb! Rrrmb! Rrrmb!”

Finger wide bolts of lightning densely twined around Qin Lie’s entire body, one after another, like coils of rope as the sound of thunder continuously rumbled out from within his bones.

An explosive clap of thunder came from within the depths of the Ninth Heavens at that moment as a bolt of lightning pierced through the sky like a giant dragon and descended from amidst the roiling clouds.

“After forming the Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body, one can use the energy that is purely within one’s body to cause the heavens and earth to change and incite the descent of heavenly lightning!” said Qin Shan so many years ago.

After so many years, at this moment, Qin Lie was using purely the energy within his body to attract explosive Heavenly Thunder by inciting the rumbling of thunder within his bones and organs!


An explosive, seemingly world-fragmenting, clap of thunder followed the descent of the giant dragon-shaped lightning bolt which descended directly upon Qin Lie.

At this moment, Qin Lie was covered by interwoven strands of lightning. As the rumbling of thunder shook the heavens, a violent, crazed face looked up at Pang Feng who had been sent flying into the sky by the reversal of gravity.

“You're enjoying this battle, is that right?” asked Qin Lie as the hidden violent madness within him was completely incited. “Well, I haven't started enjoying myself just yet!”


The energy of thunder and lightning began to wildly interweave between his two hands, condensing into an enormous thunder lightning ball. He cupped the thunder lightning ball and fiercely rushed at Pang Feng’s chest.

At almost the same time, the giant, dragon-shaped lightning bolt, which descended from the depths of the Ninth Heaven, and the world-shattering explosion of thunder also fell.

Landing on both Qin Lie and Pang Feng’s bodies!

Intense, dazzling fluctuations of light burst out from Qin Lie and Pang Feng’s bodies as another world-shattering rumble resounded across the sky. Then, like two empty artillery shells, they instantly fell from midair.

“Thump! Thump!”

On the hard gravel street, two human shaped holes appeared out of nowhere. Electricity generated smoke emerged from both of the holes.

The previous intense, constant sounds of collisions suddenly died away at this moment. Not even a clap of thunder could be heard from amongst the clouds.

This area which had been governed by Cloud Sky Mountain was, at this moment, surreally calm. Only Tang Siqi, who had been put in the corner of the street earlier, was watching the two human shaped holes with a twinkling radiance flashing in her eyes.

Tang Siqi’s heart was completely filled with shock.

She had never expected that Qin Lie would actually be able to cause thunder to rumble within his body and cause the heavens and earth to change, thus inciting the descent of a seemingly world extinguishing, giant dragon-shaped lightning bolt.

She had watched as the two bodies fell from midair and, as if made of steel, create holes in the ground, now inwardly clicking her tongue from the results.

“These two aren’t human, they’re monsters made of steel…” she subconsciously thought to herself.

Her beautiful eyes focused on the two holes as she waited, waiting for another round of battle to abruptly erupt—for the two to truly decide a winner.

A hand suddenly emerged from within one of the holes!

Tang Siqi’s pupils shrunk. She tensed up as she instantly yet subconsciously looked at that hand.

It was Qin Lie’s hand!

It was one she recognized!

Because she and Qin Lie had often worked together to forge artifacts, she was extremely familiar with this hand!

Indeed, at this moment, Qin Lie, relying on the strength of his own hand, fiercely pulled himself out of the hole.

Qin Lie’s figure was not pleasant to look at.

His entire body was covered in dust as his head, skin, and shoulders were all black. An unapproachable frost energy emanated out from behind him, giving off a feeling of ruthlessness.

“Let us leave.” Under Tang Siqi’s gaze, Qin Lie quickly walked over and picked her up again.

Although she didn’t know why, after being picked up by such a cold body and held so closely, not only did Tang Siqi not feel the cold at all, within her heart… she actually felt extreme warmth.

Tang Siqi couldn’t move, and thus, could only gaze at their surroundings. Unable to help it, she looked in the direction of the hole which Pang Feng had created.

There was no movement...

Qin Lie walked with large steps towards the other district, gradually leaving the area.

Tang Siqi spent the entire time staring at the hole which Pang Feng was in. However, even by the time Qin Lie left the district while carrying her, she had yet to see Pang Feng climb out from within.

“It seems that one carrying me is indeed the true victor,” concluded Tang Siqi.

And it was indeed like that.

Only a full quarter of an hour after Qin Lie and Tang Siqi had left did Pang Feng manage to climb out of the hole with great difficulty. After getting out, he sat on the nearby fragmented stone ground.

The golden color had disappeared from his skin. His normal skin color was now littered with numerous wounds, many of which were still bleeding.

He swallowed several medicinal pills and began to silently attune his body as he healed his wounds.

A good while later he raised his head and looked at the dark night sky, looking at the clouds which were invisible to the naked eye. He quietly muttered to himself, “That was thunder energy, and he used his body to incite the thunder of the Ninth Heaven. He also condensed and caused the descent of the lightning…”

Pang Feng pondered for a while, then suddenly shouted, “You aren’t called Qin Bing! You’re probably called Qin Lie!”

Pang Feng’s eyes lit up.

After sitting for a while, Pang Feng stood back up. His steps were somewhat unsteady as he staggered towards Heart of the Great Earth.

When he returned to Heart of the Great Earth, he discovered that Wu Tuo was currently instructing a set of Cloud Sky Mountain practitioners, as if he were seemingly arranging something. Furthermore, Pang Shishi was amongst them.

Upon seeing Pang Feng return without Tang Siqi, Wu Tuo astonishedly asked with a slight smile, “What happened? You decided to let her go?”

Wu Tuo thought that Pang Feng himself had decided to let Tang Siqi go. He thought that Pang Feng had decided to stop imposing his will and respect Tang Siqi’s decision.

This was because after Pang Shishi returned, she had already explained what had happened and how Qin Lie had given the choice to Tang Siqi. Thus, Wu Tuo believed that the reason why Pang Feng didn’t have Tang Siqi with him was naturally due to him respecting her decision.

The thought of Pang Feng losing never passed through Wu Tuo’s mind.

“I lost. I lost to Qin Bing.” Pang Feng only quietly said one sentence.

However, he didn’t disclose any of the clues he had obtained in regards to Qin Lie’s identity. He trudged by himself to the back of Heart of the Great Earth and said, “I’m injured and need some time to recuperate. It would be best if you all don’t disturb me.”

Under the room full of shocked gazes, Pang Feng emotionlessly walked out, not bothering to say anything more.

Everyone within the room, including Wu Tuo and Pang Shishi, were somewhat unable to believe it, unable to believe that Pang Feng would actually admit defeat.

This was because from when Pang Feng had begun cultivating until this point, he had never lost when fighting someone who was on the same level as him!

This was the very first time.

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