Chapter 191: Respect

Chapter 191: Respect

Tiny waves rippled within Tang Siqi’s pair of enchanting eyes. Under the gazes of the other three, her eyes suddenly blinked.

Joy emerged on the faces of Pang Feng and Pang Shishi as they relaxed.

“Yeah, in the face of death, no one can feel calm…” thought Pang Shishi.

From her point of view, Armament Sect was most certainly ruined. It was to quietly disappear like Profound Ice Palace had so many years ago.

Tang Siqi originally was to be killed on sight. She was someone who, upon seeing a chance for survival, was like a drowning person seeing a boat. She would grasp it tightly and definitely not let it escape.

To Tang Siqi, these siblings were her boat, one which could bring Tang Siqi away from the sea of death.

Thus, the two siblings believed that, as long as Tang Siqi wasn’t stupid, she would naturally choose to stay behind. She would choose to continue living with them.

Even Qin Lie believed that blinking was a wise decision for Tang Siqi. Thus, following Tang Siqi’s first blink, he nodded and said, “Okay, I shall honor your decision and immediately put you down.”

As he said these words, he prepared to let go of her.

However, he discovered that Tang Siqi didn’t continue blinking. Furthermore, a light was flashing within Tang Siqi’s eyes as she glared at him. An extremely angry expression emerged on her beautiful face.

Qin Lie was stunned. He continued watching Tang Siqi’s eyes, waiting for her to continue blinking.

Tang Siqi didn’t blink another time.

She only stared at Qin Lie. Within her eyes, even a bit of fierceness could be seen as her appearance became tense.

“You deserve to die! Bastard! Asshole! Die by a thousand cuts! My eyes were stinging so I subconsciously blinked. Bastard! A bastard who deserves to die!”

From when Qin Lie had first spoken, she had constantly stared at him, her eyes never blinking.

However, by the time Qin Lie was finished, her eyes were simply feeling too unbearable. She couldn’t help but blink.

Afterwards, before she could even react, Qin Lie had said that he was going to let go of her, that he was going to leave her. This caused Tang Siqi to feel so exasperated that she almost wanted to strangle him.

“Didn’t you say three times? Do you not know how to count! You deserve to die!” thought Tang Siqi in her mind.

At this moment, she didn’t dare to blink another time. No matter how much her eyes began to sting and feel uncomfortable, she continued to stare at Qin Lie. Her eyes which were burning with anger caused his nerves to tingle just from looking at them.

Pang Feng and Pang Shishi in the distance were also dazed. They had also been shocked by this sudden change.

The joy on Pang Feng’s face gradually disappeared. He was unable to understand, unable to understand Tang Siqi’s current response. He couldn’t figure out why Tang Siqi still hadn’t blinked.

“Could it be that she is begging for death?” thought Pang Feng. His expression sank.

Pang Shishi was also startled. She shouted, “Senior Sister Tang, only my brother is able to guarantee your life. If you aren’t willing to go with us, you might not even live past tonight.”

“You’d better think carefully. There’s no way I can promise that I can keep you alive. However, if you go with Pang Feng, you will definitely survive!” whispered Qin Lie.

Tang Siqi continued to intensely stare, her beautiful eyes firmly glued to him. It seemed as if a fire had begun to burn within her eyes.

She endured her stinging eyes, resolutely refusing to blink as she stubbornly kept them open!

Even though it was clear that following Pang Feng meant surviving and following Qin Lie meant certain death, Tang Siqi resolutely and angrily stared at him and bitterly endured her stinging eyes...

Under the gaze of Tang Siqi’s burning eyes, a crack suddenly appeared within Qin Lie’s ice cold heart.

Deeping inhaling, Qin Lie calmly said, “That’s enough, you can stop staring at me now. I understand what you want.”

Tang Siqi’s wide open eyes had long since felt unbearably uncomfortable. Upon hearing Qin Lie’s words, she immediately closed her eyes as her tense expression also relaxed.

“I will honor her decision. What about you two?” asked Qin Lie as he narrowed his brows and looked at the two siblings.

Pang Shishi faintly sighed as she shook her said and asked, “Brother, are you still going to force the matter?”

Pang Feng, like a towering mountain, suddenly moved himself in front of Qin Lie and said in a low voice, “I don’t care how she looks at me. I just want her to live! Thus, whether she wants to or not, as long as I believe that my actions will allow her to live, I shall take action!”

Without turning his head, he suddenly shouted, “Shishi, leave first. Go and find Wu Tuo and the rest. I shall be just a while!”

“Alright.” Pang Shishi knew her brother’s temperament well so she didn’t continue to try and persuade him. Before she left, all she said was, “Brother, Junior Brother Qin is the sect’s hope, don’t kill him.”

She knew knew how strong her brother was, so she had a biased confidence towards Pang Feng and believed that Qin Lie was not Pang Feng’s match.

“Mn, Brother promises you that he will leave Junior Brother Qin alive,” said Pang Feng as he nodded. “However, even if I don’t kill him, there will be others that will. There is absolutely no way that he will be able to escape from Armament City.”

“Whatever, he just cannot die by your hands! I won’t allow you to kill even a single person of the sect!” shouted Pang Shishi.

“Alright, I promise!” heavily relented Pang Feng.

Pang Shishi glanced at Qin Lie and Tang Siqi one last time, then sighed again as she nodded before turning around and leaving.

As soon as she left, the imposing aura on Pang Feng’s body suddenly became even heavier.

He stood in front of Qin Lie like a towering mountain, causing Qin Lie to feel as if he had encountered an impassable object.

Qin Lie pondered for a moment, then put down Tang Siqi in a safe, nearby corner.

His eyes gradually became cold as his entire body began to exude an extremely frigid frost aura. One step after another, he walked towards Pang Feng, the acclaimed number one disciple of the outer sect!

“Crack crack crack!”

With his every step, the stone ground beneath his feet froze. In the wake of his advancement, the blazing flames on the buildings situated on the sides of the street gradually died away.

Due to his movement, the blazing red street slowly dimmed.

“Junior Brother Qin, I shall ask you one last time, must you take her with you?” heavily asked Pang Feng.

“She doesn’t want to stay, so I will take her with me. This is her own choice. Whether it is right or wrong doesn’t matter, I will respect her choice.” Qin Lie’s footsteps stopped.

“To seek life is the right choice. To seek death is ignorance!” shouted Pang Feng.


A terrifying fluctuation accompanied by a dazzling golden light suddenly exploded out from Pang Feng’s body like a landslide.

As Pang Feng charged over, one golden, rocklike fist after another wildly condensed in the night sky above Qin Lie’s head and explosively descended like shooting stars.

These golden, rocklike fists all contained fierce, unbreakable metal energy. As they plummeted down from within the depths of the stratosphere, they reached an astonishing critical velocity!

“Bang bang bang!”

As the golden stones fell, the area surrounding Qin Lie froze, and each of his steps resulted in it fragmenting.

Translucent slivers and fragments of ice swirled around in the sky under the moon’s bright luminescence.

Each piece was equivalent to a cold blade!

“Ice Crystal Shield!”

Qin Lie’s eyes became even colder as his arms quickly became encased in ice and frost energy surged out from within him, forming a giant ice shield as thick as a glacier in front of him.

Qin Lie raised the thick ice shield which was a big as a millstone, blocking his head.

It was used to guard against the rapidly descending golden stone fists!

“Bang bang bang! Bang bang!”

The golden colored fists were like meteors, were like giant hammers, and were like falling stones as they violently collided with the ice shield!

Fragments of ice shattered atop the ice shield, sparkling under the moonlight. Under the barrage of the descending golde meteors, a crack suddenly appeared, one which became increasingly wider by the moment!

Qin Lie’s body, which was holding up the shield, suddenly bent, as if his knees were no longer able to withstand the fierce blows and was about to break under the power.

So powerful!

Seeing the sky filled with descending golden stones and having felt the violent force from the impact of these stones with his ice shield, Qin Lie trembled in the depths of his heart.

Pang Feng was indeed worthy of being called Cloud Sky Mountain’s martial genius, for he was harder and fiercer than others. Not even Liang Shaoyang was comparable to his vigorously unending attacks.

Qin Lie believed that if Liang Shaoyang had dared to come into conflict with Pang Feng, he would definitely have been unable to endure Pang Feng’s crazed, unrestrained offensive.

Within the darkness of night, one enormous golden fist after another explosively descended like meteors. Pang Feng’s figure was like a golden cyclone as he constantly struck out with his golden fists.


The ice shield was finally unable to withstand the constant barrage of attacks any longer and burst into pieces. Its icy fragments flew in every direction.

Pang Feng’s figure was like a giant hammer as he suddenly appeared and viciously threw a punch at Qin Lie’s chest.

A violent energy which felt like it would crush everything in its path and would shatter the world surged out from within his fist. The energy was one which would cause any timid practitioner to immediately flee.

“Tectonic Shift!” Qin Lie’s foot stomped on the ground.


A rumble emanated out from within the depths of the earth as a gravity field suddenly arose, distorting the gravitational pull in the area.

Pang Feng’s body, which was flying through the sky, suddenly plummeted as if he had instantaneously been pressed down by someone.

Upon falling to the ground, the explosive energy he had gathered immediately scattered. The astonishing energy fluctuations surrounding his fist also turned chaotic.


Qin Lie grabbed fragment after fragment of ice. Applying pressure, the ice crystals mysteriously formed into a sharp ice sword.

Taking advantage of Pang Feng’s body being strewn into chaos, Qin Lie took the ice sword and fiercely stabbed at Pang Feng’s chest!

“Crack crack crack crack!”

As the ice sword viciously charged forward, a golden light emanated out from Pang Feng’s chest. Right when it was about to pierce him, it suddenly exploded at the tip!

Pang Feng’s body was blown back by the attack.

However, at this moment, his entire body was golden. Flashes of a golden armor could be seen beneath his clothes, and even his skin had actually turned golden!

It was as if his body and the golden armor were one.

“Instructor Feng said that out of the practitioners who entered the blood pools to temper themselves, there was one person whose body was stronger than mine, and that was you.” Pang Feng had been blown backwards by Qin Lie’s attack, and the ice sword at his chest was still exploding into many fragments, yet at this time, he was still able to speak.

He looked at Qin Lie and exclaimed, “Your flesh or mine, I want to find out whose is stronger!”

The golden light around Pang Feng’s body suddenly grew brighter. He didn’t pull away, and instead, decided to take Qin Lie head on in close combat!

It was as if he had deliberately allowed Qin Lie to come close, as if he had deliberately let Qin Lie stab at him with the ice sword just so that he could compete with Qin Lie over whose body was stronger!

“Bang bang bang!”

At such a close distance, a golden fist, like a meteor, fiercely struck Qin Lie’s chest.

A feeling of terror was birthed as Qin Lie felt as if he had been struck by a chariot. His chest was jolted, causing a violent explosion to sound out, and what accompanied it was the violent fluctuation of thunder.

Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body had been directly triggered!

“Boom boom boom!”

The sound of rumbling thunder emanated out from within each of his body’s bones and began to pulsate within his five viscera and six organs. However, the sound was so withdrawn that only Qin Lie himself could hear it.

“Zzzt zzzt!”

Within Qin Lie’s pupils, streaks after streaks of fine lightning began to form and wildly fluctuate like dragons!

“Since you want to know so badly, I'll gladly fulfill your wish!” roared Qin Lie.

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