Chapter 190: Two Affectionate People

Chapter 190: Two Affectionate People

As Yi Yuan left, the sharp aura emanating from his body was even more terrifying than Liang Shaoyang, who had been killed by Qin Lie!

Liang Shaoyang had also been in the late Natal Opening Realm with nine completely filled Natal Palaces, but even so, from Qin Lie’s point of view, Yi Yuan was at least a full level stronger!

Qin Lie had never crossed blows with Pang Feng; thus, he had no idea how strong Pang Feng was. However, he was certain that Yi Yuan was probably not any weaker than Pang Feng.

As for Pang Feng, he was one of Cloud Sky Mountain’s geniuses who only came along once every hundred years. He was a youth Cloud Sky Mountain’s mountain master had even attempted to personally persuade to not leave.

If Yi Yuan’s strength was on the same level as Pang Feng’s, then his status within Purple Mist Sea must not have been even slightly inferior to Pang Feng’s status within Cloud Sky Mountain.

“You, for Lian Rou…”

Qin Lie was still standing atop the stone building, still carrying Tang Siqi in his hands. His expression was solemn.

Towards Yi Yuan, Qin Lie couldn’t explain his feelings. However, he felt some admiration, admiration towards the deep love Yi Yuan showed to Lian Rou.

For love, Yi Yuan was willing to travel a thousand miles to Armament Sect and give up his respected status within Purple Mist Sea. He was willing to take up the lowly identity of an outer sect disciple just to be beside Lian Rou so that he could take her away in case a day came where Armament Sect met trouble.

In this manner, he was like Qin Lie, who, regardless of the reward and how many times he failed, had covered all the costs of the spirit materials which would be used to forge the Ling sisters’ spirit artifacts.

He was the same as Yi Yuan, he also did it out of love.

And when he had learned that Tang Siqi and Lian Rou had encountered difficulty, even though he clearly knew that he probably wouldn’t be able take a single blow from Blood Shadow, even though he clearly knew there was the possibility of him being killed by Blood Shadow, he had still personally acted as a bait...

This was because of gratitude!

It was because of the kindness that Tang Siqi and Lian Rou had shown him.

Lian Rou had cured him of the Eclipse Insect’s poison and saved his life. As for Tang Siqi, she had, regardless of her prior dislike for him, taught him the techniques of smelting artifacts and let him act as her assistant, allowing him to coordinate with her as she forged artifacts. From this he was able to learn multiple smelting tricks from her

Thinking about it from Yi Yuan’s point of view, Qin Lie greatly admired Yi Yuan’s deep love towards Lian Rou.

However, he also felt extremely angry! He was angry at Yi Yuan for ruthlessly betraying him, Lang Xie, and Feng Rong for Lian Rou!

On this matter, Yi Yuan had conflicted with Qin Lie’s bottom line!

For Lian Rou’s sake, Yi Yuan was not afraid of death. He was willing to go crazy, to kill people on her behalf. However, Yi Yuan shouldn’t have forsaken those beside him as the price for saving Lian Rou!

If Yi Yuan had explained to him in advance, perhaps Qin Lie would have been able to accept it and even would have been willing to cooperate.

However, Yi Yuan had tricked them. He had played them for fools, and that caused Qin Lie to be unable to accept it! Nor was he able to forgive it!

“Yi Yuan, we will definitely meet again, and when we do, I shall see what your true strength is and just how powerful you are!” coldly thought Qin Lie.

He lowered his head and glanced at Tang Siqi, and as soon as he did, he discovered that a glowing sheen was exuding out of her beautiful eyes, as if she had a lot to say.

Reaching out, Qin Lie removed the cloth bundle within Tang Siqi’s mouth. Then, he narrowed his brows, waiting for her to speak.

Tang Siqi’s full, lustrous, and fragrant lips moved as if she wanted to say something, but no sound came out.

Qin Lie froze, then immediately reached out and touched an extremely thin meridian on Tang Siqi’s neck. Using his spirit energy, he felt it out.

A few seconds later, his expression subconsciously became solemn. “The stagnation of blood within your body is extremely great. This kind of blood sealing restrainment technique is not something that I have the ability to disperse, and thus I have no way of allowing you to speak.

Tang Siqi’s eyes rapidly moved as she stared at Qin Lie, seemingly trying to convey her meaning through her eyes alone.

Qin Lie carefully observed her for a while, but realized that he was unable to discern her message from her eyes.

Afterwards, Qin Lie shook his head, saying, “I can’t unlock the restraining technique on you. I can only bring you back to the sect and have the outer sect’s elders help you.”

Finished speaking, he didn’t even wait for Tang Siqi’s eyes to move in acknowledgement as he jumped down from atop the stone tower with her still in his arms. Discerning his bearings, he began moving towards Armament Sect.

Walking out of the secluded alley, Qin Lie arrived at the entrance to a formerly bustling street. Upon peeking out, his expression slightly changed.

Tonight, atop this street which had probably been bustling during the day, fiery light constantly flickered between the tall buildings on both sides as the sounds of battle echoed over.

At the exit of this street, which was the fastest way to Armament Sect, three people calmly stood under a burning building.

It was Pang Feng, Pang Shishi, and the owner of “Heart of the Great Earth,” Wu Tuo. The three stood under the gleam of the burning building, as if they were waiting for something.

Flames flickered, illuminating Pang Feng. Atop his face, deep, seemingly rock-solid creases could be seen. His body was like a rock, emanating an immovable aura.

When Qin Lie appeared holding Tang Siqi, Pang Feng raised his head, his two profound eyes suddenly landing on Qin Lie.

Qin Lie suddenly felt his shoulders sink. He felt as if Tang Siqi had suddenly become several times heavier and a bit more difficult to carry.

“Pang Feng, I have found the person for you. Don’t forget our promise.” Fatty Wu Tuo chuckled as he casually patted Pang Feng’s shoulder and said, “I still have other matters to attend to and will be leaving first. Remember what I said earlier.”

Wu Tuo chuckled at Qin Lie and Tang Siqi as he nodded and calmly left.

As soon as Wu Tuo moved, several shadows suddenly sprang out from within the burning buildings on both sides of the street.

Those shadows were all shop attendants of “Heart of the Great Earth” and were practitioners which Cloud Sky Mountain had sent to be in Armament City.

A portion of them followed Wu Tuo into the distance.

The other portion brandished their spirit artifacts as they continued slaughtering the practitioners who were within the buildings on both sides of the street.


A javelin was thrown out by someone, nailing a practitioner who had run out of a burning building nearby to a stone wall.

Qin Lie concentrated his mind and observed. He discovered that the person who had just been struck by the attendant of “Heart of the Great Earth” was someone he had previously met before in Armament Sect.

It was the outer sect foreign delegate who had visited the sect with Han Qingrui. At the time, this fellow had been walking together with Han Qingrui and conversing with him.

This discovery caused Qin Lie to immediately realize what type of people were presiding within these buildings.

They were all the outer sect’s foreign delegates!

He had also immediately understood why Wu Tuo would bring Cloud Sky Mountain’s practitioners here and what exactly had occurred.

“Is Han Qingrui here?!” Qin Lie’s expression suddenly became extremely cold. Atop the burning street, someone suddenly loudly cried out.

“Old Han, Old Han is at Crossroads Street…” The person who had been nailed to the stone wall firmly stared at Qin Lie. He said this one sentence, then took his last breath.

“Has everything been tidied?”

“Yes, it’s all clean.”

“Mn, then let us go.”

The sound of a few simple words emanated out from the nearby buildings. Very quickly, numerous human figures walked out.

These people had just emerged all respectfully saluted Pang Feng and Pang Shishi. Afterwards, they moved in the same direction that Wu Tuo had just left to.

In the blink of an eye, there were no longer any people who drew breath within the buildings which lined the two sides of the street. Under the burning buildings, Pang Feng stood like a mountain.

“Junior Brother Qin, leave Senior Sister Tang here and flee.” A look of helplessness emerged on Pang Shishi’s little face. “As Dark Shadow Tower, Dark Asura Hall, Cloud Sky Mountain, and Purple Mist Sea have all moved, Armament Sect is definitely finished. It’s impossible to rescue the sect. Leave Senior Sister Tang to us and take this opportunity to flee from the city. Perhaps you will be able to survive, sigh…”

Qin Lie’s face was as cold as ice.

Pang Feng and Pang Shishi were originally from Cloud Sky Mountain. It was clear that these two were the same as Yi Yuan and had been sheltered by Cloud Sky Mountain.

He now also understood why Cloud Sky Mountain’s Wu Tuo had suddenly entered Armament City and had become the master of “Heart of the Great Earth.”

“One of you was a part of Blood Spear while the other was an inner sect disciple. Is this how you two are going to repay the sect?” coldly said Qin Lie.

A trace shame appeared on Pang Shishi’s cute little face as she lowered her head. She didn’t dare look Qin Lie in the eye as she faintly responded, “We had no other options.”

“What happens if I don’t hand Senior Sister Tang over?” coldly exclaimed Qin Lie.

Pang Feng’s still body suddenly walked out from beneath a burning house. Narrowing his brows, he said, “Shishi, go find Wu Tuo. Leave this matter to me.”

“Don’t! Brother, Junior Brother Qin is also one of the sect’s people. He is possibly even the future hope of the sect.” Pang Shishi anxiously pleaded, “The sect has nurtured us for so many years and I don’t want to see it disappear just like that. Please, leave just a flickering flame as hope for the sect! Brother, I beg you!”

“As long as he is willing to put down the person he is holding, he can leave,” lowly said Pang Feng.

“Junior Brother Qin, put Senior Sister Tang down. I beg you!” nervously pleaded Pang Shishi. “Armament Sect is finished, I’m telling the truth! You and Senior Sister Tang are both on the execution list. If you bring her with you, death is all that awaits you. Wu Tuo promised my brother that as long as my brother was willing to return to Cloud Sky Mountain, he would protect Senior Sister Tang’s life. If you leave Senior Sister Tang with us, she will live, but if you insist on taking her away, she and you will both be walking atop a road of despair!”

“I’m very curious as to why you want Senior Sister Tang so badly.” Upon hearing Pang Shishi’s words and seeing her expression, Qin Lie suddenly began to hesitate.

He currently believed that Pang Shishi’s words were not false.

As he and Tang Siqi were both on the execution list, no matter how he fled with her, he might not be able to preserve her life. If Pang Shishi’s words were true, however, and the two siblings could let Tang Siqi walk on the road of life, should he actually give her away?

He needed a reason.

“My brother loves Senior Sister Tang. He has always loved her! He’s already loved her for many years, but only I have known!” shouted Pang Shishi.

Qin Lie was stunned.

The eyes of Tang Siqi, who was sealed by the restrainment technique, upon hearing these words, suddenly became a mess. Clearly, her heart was also in turmoil.

Upon hearing Pang Shishi say those words, a trace of embarrassment which seemed out of place emerged on the tough face of Pang Feng, who had been as calm and steadfast as a rock the entire time.

Qin Lie immediately knew that Pang Shishi wasn’t spouting nonsense.

Pang Feng indeed had an unrequited love for Tang Siqi, and it seemed like it had indeed been going on for quite a while. Qin Lie had never expected that a guy who generally spoke so few words would actually have the same kind of deep feelings as Yi Yuan.

Qin Lie became increasingly hesitant.

“Whether I leave her or not is not for me to decide. Let’s see what Senior Sister Tang herself wants,” said Qin Lie after thinking for a while. He looked Tang Siqi in the eye and said, “If you want to go with Pang Feng and Pang Shishi, blink three times and I shall let you go. If you want to flee with me, don’t blink. However, let me say in advance that if you choose to flee with me, I cannot promise that we will make it out alive. Meanwhile, if you choose Pang Feng, you will definitely live… the choice is yours.”

After these words, Pang Feng and Pang Shishi all suddenly tensed up as they concentrated on observing Tang Siqi.

They were all looking at a pair of alluringly beautiful, charming eyes.

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