Chapter 189: I'll Be Waiting for You to Kill Me in the Future

Chapter 189: I'll Be Waiting for You to Kill Me in the Future

Feng Rong pulled out a palm sized blood knife from between her eyebrows and grabbed onto it.

“Blood Arts: Soul Shackle!”

Feng Rong waved her knife as the knife drew crimson streaks. The streaks of blood intersected in the air to form a bloody net.

A soul shackling, mind consciousness suspending bloody aura was unleashed from the bloody net.

“Cover!” Feng Rong pointed at Blood Shadow.

The blood colored net fell on Blood Shadow, attempting to nail down his soul and restrict his consciousness.

Both Qin Lie and Yi Yuan felt their souls tighten as the thought of being imprisoned inside a cage spawned terror within their hearts right after the net had formed.

While watching the blood colored net fall onto Blood Shadow, Qin Lie’s mind shook as he realized that every soul type mind energy seemed to have been shackled as soon as the bloody net was formed.

The blood was obviously aimed at Blood Shadow, yet he had felt his own soul tighten as a strange feeling caused him to feel uncomfortable all over.

“Qin Bing! Yi Yuan! Take one each and leave this place as soon as possible!” Feng Rong yelled coldly. Her beautiful eyes shone with a faint bloody light.

If someone looked at them carefully, they would realize that there seemed to be droplets of blood shaking deep inside her pupils.

“Take care, Instructor Feng!”

Yi Yuan had planned to leave a while back. The moment he heard Feng Rong’s words, he immediately scooped Lian Rou in his arms and rushed outside immediately.

After a moment’s hesitation, Qin Lie made up his mind as well and ran towards Tang Siqi.

The battle between the Netherpassage experts was definitely not something he could interfere with. Before Blood Shadow’s blood slave had returned to his true body, he only had thirty percent of his strength. Moreover, after Blood Shadow had been assaulted by the Terminator Profound Bomb’s explosion, Qin Lie could even beat him while Blood Shadow was down and slightly had the upper hand while he was severely injured.

But now that the blood slave had returned to Blood Shadow’s body, the broken bones on Blood Shadow’s body vanished and his aura’s strength grew many times over...

Qin Lie knew very well that it would be incredibly difficult for him to pose a threat to Blood Shadow right now. If he really pushed himself to stay, he would only become Feng Rong’s burden.

And so, just like Yi Yuan, Qin Lie carried Tang Siqi with him and headed in the direction Yi Yuan had left.

Dark Asura Hall’s Yuan Tianya was here, Dark Tower’s tower lord, Di Shijiu, was also here, and even Shadow Tower’s Liang Yangzu was hiding in the shadows. Even Blood Spear had missed the three entering the city. Their careful plotting was obviously not aimed at a tiny Natal Opening Realm martial practitioner like him, but to destroy Blood Spear itself!

They had come for Lang Xie and Feng Rong!

Qin Lie had seen through this fact very quickly.

“Yuan Tianya, Di Shijiu, Liang Yangzu… who else? Blood Shadow did not kill Yi Yuan and said that Purple Mist Sea had wanted Yi Yuan to be alive. Could it be that Purple Mist Sea has joined this battle as well?”

Qin Lie’s expression was serious. A bad premonition slowly grew inside his heart as he thought of tonight’s events.

He suddenly recalled the letter Liang Zhong had sent over. Liang Zhong had told him that Armament Sect was not a good place to stay for long and that he better leave as soon as possible.

“Liang Zhong is from Dark Asura Hall. He should’ve known about today’s matter for a while now. Perhaps even Seven Fiends Valley and Cloud Sky Mountain was also in on this!” The more Qin Lie thought, the colder he felt.

At this moment, he was carrying Tang Siqi’s voluptuous and lush body in his arms, but there was not the slightest bit of lust in his mind. He only felt chilled to the bones.

“If the five great forces had joined hands to attack Armament Sect, then where in the world should I go?” Qin Lie was at a loss.

“Qin Bing!” At the alleyway, Yi Yuan exclaimed with a serious expression while standing and holding Lian Rou.

Qin Lie walked over while holding Tang Siqi.

“Listen.” Yi Yuan said.

Qin Lie focused his mind, channeled the Records of Geocentric Magnetism and, with his soul probing for the fluctuations on the ground, listened to surroundings.

He heard the cries of fighting, the messy footsteps of martial practitioners, the intense sounds of combat...

“There is a stone building this way. Let’s go up and take a look.” Yi Yuan seemed to have predicted something and, after a sigh, led the way up the stone building.

Qin Lie followed right after him.

At this moment, the duo had left the secluded district where Shadow Tower was. They could not hear the sound of Feng Rong and Blood Shadow fighting either, much less Lang Xie’s current condition.

The location they were in right now could also be considered rather secluded. It was still a ways away from the bustling city area.

While holding a woman each, they climbed the tallest stone building and looked into the distance from the top.

They could see many houses were on fire and many martial practitioners slipping by swiftly at the faraway bustling districts.

“They’re not from Armament Sect,” Yi Yuan sighed softly.

Qin Lie frowned. He channeled his spirit energy and attempted to look at Armament Sect’s entrance, to look inFlame Volcano’s direction.

However, both Armament Sect and Flame Volcano were pitch black under the night sky. Because he was too far away, he could not see the situation over there.

“Qin Bing, to tell you the truth, I came to Armament Sect purely for Lian Rou. I have no interest whatsoever in artifact forging, and I only cared a little bit about Blood Spear’s blood pools, but now…” Yi Yuan shook his head bitterly, “Blood Spear probably won’t survive this.”

Qin Lie’s face was solemn.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t be returning to the sect anymore because it will be suicidal.” Yi Yuan looked at Lian Rou and said gently, “Lian Rou is with me now anyway. I’ll be taking my leave. I want to bring her safely away from Armament City.”

Qin Lie continued to stay silent.

He knew that Yi Yuan had always been a very smart and rational person. It was only in front of Lian Rou that he would become impulsive and show a kind of madness only a young person would have.

Most of the time, Yi Yuan had concealed himself. He was very good putting up that harmless facade in front of other people.

The fact is, Yi Yuan was never a good person.

This could be seen when he had attacked all the outer sect disciples at the food hall when he first entered the sect.

Qin Lie even felt that Yi Yuan’s true strength might be slightly stronger than Pang Feng’s. That feeling was now growing stronger and stronger.

“Five years ago, when Lian Rou had come to Purple Mist Sea, it was one of the lowest points in my life. My muscles and veins had fallen into disorder because I went against my seniors and cultivated a forbidden art in Purple Mist Sea. Not only would my realm not be able to grow, it would even deteriorate over time.” Yi Yuan looked at Lian Rou gently.

“Then I was demoted from the most talented martial practitioner of Purple Mist Sea to a mere door guide. Everyone taunted and jeered at me that year. I was looked down upon by the people I once thought to be garbage, and I had disappointed the senior who had expected great things from me.”

“It was also that year that Lian Rou came to Purple Mist Sea. As her guide, I was ordered to take her to visit all of the beautiful places in Purple Mist Sea.”

“She had assumed that I was just a common doorman in Purple Mist Sea, but she did not look down on me. While I took her to visit those places of beauty, I felt tranquility from her happiness, and that tranquility was just the right thing that soothed the frustration and worry in my heart and helped me cultivate that forbidden art successfully in the end.”

“I met her during the lowest point of my life where her tranquility calmed my heart. That is why I have come from Purple Mist Sea. I have come to take her with me to leave Armament Sect alive!”

Yi Yuan looked at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie frowned. “Why are you telling me this? Is this your special way of saying goodbye?”

Yi Yuan’s expression was a little complicated. After a moment of doubt he revealed, “In truth, before I had come from Purple Mist Sea, I already knew that Armament Sect would face this danger. The fact is, I had told you about this and brought you to Lang Xie and Feng Rong because I was hoping that you could bring Lang Xie and Feng Rong to meet Blood Shadow together…”

He paused for a moment at this point, and under Qin Lie’s cold gaze, he finally continued, “This was what Purple Mist Sea wanted me to do from the beginning.”

Qin Lie’s expression changed greatly.

Shock also appeared in both Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s eyes, whose bodies’ spirit energy were shackled. It was as if they could not believe Yi Yuan’s identity was this complex.

“Purple Mist Sea wanted me to do this, but they did not order me. But I know their thoughts.” Yi Yuan took in a deep breath and elaborated, “I know that if I had done it, then Purple Mist Sea would seek them out and negotiate with them to protect Lian Rou’s life. The fact is my judgement was not incorrect. They allowed me to take Lian Rou and leave. This means Purple Mist Sea recognized what I have done for them.”

He looked at Qin Lie and said very calmly, “In my opinion, as long as Lian Rou is alive, I don’t really care too much if Lord Lang Xie, Lord Feng Rong, and you die. Qin Bing, I’m leaving. The reason I have told you everything I did was because I think of you as half a friend. I don’t want to lie to you, and I don’t want you to be kept in the dark, to let you know nothing…”

While carrying Lian Rou, Yi Yuan jumped down from the stone building and looked at Qin Lie one final time from below. “I’ll be waiting for you to kill me in the future.”

Once he finished, Yi Yuan opened his umbrella as a shocking sharpness abruptly emanated from his body. It was as if a sharp blade was hidden inside his body, giving off a feeling of great danger.

Qin Lie’s pupils shrunk as he looked deeply at Yi Yuan’s departing visage. He said indifferently, “So this is your true power.”

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