Chapter 188: Split Earth!

Chapter 188: Split Earth!

Blood Shadow’s chest crumpled inside. Almost every bone in his body had shattered instantly. There were even many of them protruding out of his flesh.

That appearance was incredibly terrible to look at. It was as if he had been torn by demons and monsters. His entire body was filled with broken bones, and these very bones were all from his own body.

Blood Shadow had underestimated the terrifying might of the Terminator Profound Bomb.

After the Terminator Profound Bomb had detonated, not only did the super powerful shockwave instantly deal a grievous blow to Blood Shadow, it had also shattered the frozen land around them.

The ice frozen land, the thick ice, the spirit snakes that had turned into ice crystals, they all turned into icy smithereens after the explosion.

A huge hole in the ground, several meters deep, was forcefully formed at the center of the yard. It was like the gaping mouth of a gigantic beast.

“Krak krak krak!”

While the earth shook, the shattered ice on top of Tang Siqi and Liang Rou’s heads fell down like hailstones from the trees.

The ice smashed into Yi Yuan’s body, shocking him greatly as he instantly turned around to look behind him.

Yi Yuan froze shortly after.

Bones covered in blood were protruding from every corner of Blood Shadow’s body. Surprisingly, despite being hurt so severely, his body somehow wasn’t bleeding too much at all.

His hideous mask had also been blasted away, revealing Blood Shadow’s true face—it was a terrifying face which had its nose and ears cut off!

“Yi Yuan! Take Senior Sister Tang and leave this place!” Qin Lie’s icy cold voice suddenly came from underground.

When Yi Yuan focused his gaze, he realized that Qin Lie was now inside the exploded big hole in the yard since who knew when.

A powerful earth aura was unleashed again from Qin Lie’s body, causing his temperament to change all of a sudden. He became as sturdy as a mountain, and his body was emanating a heavy yet relieving feeling.


Qin Lie stood in the middle of the large sunken hole, channeled the Records of Geocentric Magnetism, and shouted suddenly.

Inside the hole, an incredibly immense and powerful energy suddenly shook once like the heart of the earth.

“Kachak! Kachak!”

Shocking cracks suddenly appeared on the ground Blood Shadow was on. A powerful suction force poured out of the center of the earth.

Blood Shadow’s grievously injured body was abruptly devoured by the powerful gravitational field after the earth had cracked open a ravine.

He fell into the deep seams of the earth!

Yi Yuan’s expression had changed yet again. Shock appeared in his eyes as if he had just met Qin Lie for the first time.

“Take Senior Sister Tang and Lian Rou away!” Qin Lie cried out again, “I’m not sure why, but this Blood Shadow is incredibly weak. The blood aura inside his body is not even comparable to a Manifestation Realm expert! This is probably not his true strength, so don’t daze off right now. Otherwise, the moment he escapes danger, both you and I are going to die for sure!”

Qin Lie had an incredibly strong intuition that the current Blood Shadow was definitely not at a normal state. He was definitely not at his best condition!

This was because Li Mu had told him before that, although the Terminator Profound Bomb’s explosive power was terrible, it was not too realistic to expect that it could severely hurt a Netherpassage Realm expert.

Moreover, when he had ignited the Terminator Profound Bomb earlier, Blood Shadow had not even caught the profound bomb with his hand.

That was to say, Blood Shadow had not suffered the full explosive shockwave of the Terminator Profound Bomb at all.

But even then, Blood Shadow was still gravely injured to the point where he looked like he could die at any moment, considering the bones inside his body had shattered. This was obviously illogical.

Once reminded by Qin Lie, as if suddenly remembering something, Yi Yuan took out a blue dagger from his lap and cut off the spirit snake tightened around Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s waists. Then he cried out, “Blood Shadow has unleashed his Blood Arts: Materialization, so his true body didn’t even have thirty percent of his true power. That Blood Arts: Materialization came into existence with seventy percent of his blood, with half of his soul as the core and his shadow as the body. That shadow has taken away seventy percent of his blood and power!”

While he was speaking, Yi Yuan carried Lian Rou on his shoulders and immediately discovered that a forbidden art had bound Lian Rou’s body.

As he extended his other hand to carry Tang Siqi away as well, a scarlet red blood shadow suddenly howled violently before rushing back at top speed!

Feng Rong had also came back together with that blood shadow!

“Not good!”

Yi Yuan was shocked when he saw that blurry, blood red shadow charging in his direction. He hurriedly withdrew his hand away from Tang Siqi and opened his big umbrella.

Bits of purple light danced on the umbrella like beautiful, purple starlight.

That big umbrella that was seen by Yi Yuan as his second life abruptly began to spin, and while it spun, bolts of fearsome purple light shot out from the sides of the umbrella.

Those bolts were like a flock of purple blades!

“Zing zing zing!”

The purple lights shot everywhere. On the blood shadow’s way back, it was struck by the purple lights. Traces of bloody red mist appeared from it.

“Blood slave! Kill all of them!” Blood Shadow’s true body shouted fiercely from within the crevice.

“Close!” Qin Lie madly channeled the power of geocentric magnetism.

The split open crevice in the ground was actually closing, bit by bit, with a strength that could crush even a mountain!

The bones of Blood Shadow’s true body trapped inside the crevice were already broken, so after it was squeezed like that, more explosive cracks like the sound of frying beans came from inside.

Blood Shadow let out an inhumane scream, “Brat, I’m going to grind you into dust!”

“Good job!” Feng Rong rushed over and took out a silver hairpin. There was immense mind energy and constrictive power emanating from it.

She waved the silver hairpin and continuously used her mind to lock onto the blood slave. She wanted to seal it with its restrictive power.

With full concentration, Yi Yuan continued to wave his big umbrella, and many sword-like purple beams shot at the blood slave without end.

Under the purple light’s assault, the blood slave steamed with wisps of blood smoke while it avoided being imprisoned by Feng Rong. It was obviously flying towards Yi Yuan, but because Qin Lie had used the power of earth to crush Blood Shadow’s true body, it seemed to have been affected greatly as well. It finally turned into a clump of bloody light that shook continuously in the air.

“Return with Blood Escape!” Seeing that the blood slave could not return after a while, Blood Shadow shouted again.


As he cried out, the blood slave exploded into seven streaks of bloody lights and plunged towards the underground crevice from different directions.

Each and every one vanishing toward Blood Shadow’s true body!

Every time one of the lights entered his body, his dying consciousness would recover somewhat. When all seven bloody lights had merged into his true body, all the protruding bones on Blood Shadow’s body were actually forcefully withdrawn back into his flesh.

Those weak eyes of his had also regained his terrifying, bloody gleam. It was as if his strength had completely returned.

“I’m going to kill all of you!”

Blood Shadow howled angrily at the sky before morphing into crimson smoke and flying out from the crevice.

A terrifying sphere of power that was as thick as blood suddenly pressed down from the sky and covered the entire yard.

“I’d like to see who’ll die first!” Feng Rong laughed coldly, “Do you really think you can beat me after withdrawing your blood slave and fighting me with your true body?”

Feng Rong bit open her finger and pressed a drop of fresh blood between her eyebrows. Then, she slowly pulled out a palm sized blood knife from between her eyebrows.

The moment the blood knife had come out, Feng Rong’s aura abruptly changed as her body actually unleashed an even thicker stench of blood than Blood Shadow’s.

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