Chapter 186: Old Grudge

Chapter 186: Old Grudge

“Who are you?”

Feng Rong’s expression also changed as she coldly stared at the mask wearing Blood Shadow. Her eyes slowly turned solemn.

Under the sky of this dark night and within secluded district, this lonely mansion was filled with an extremely oppressive atmosphere.

Lang Xie had already started to leave, but because of Blood Shadow’s one sentence, he had suddenly turned around.

“Who are you?” Lang Xie asked again.

Thick hatred flowed out of Blood Shadow’s poisonous eyes. “You don’t need to know who I am, all you need to know is that I respect Master! All these years, the reason I have persisted through them was to kill you, Lang Xie, you who killed your own master!”

“Sky Lock!” Blood Shadow suddenly exclaimed.

Thick, blood colored clouds suddenly pressed down as though the sky itself were falling.

A murderous intent that would destroy a person’s soul shot out from the clouds. Amidst the bolts of bloody red light, a gigantic hawk that looked like it had been formed from fresh blood rushed out and swooped down on Lang Xie for the kill.

At the same time, a thin and shriveled figure quietly appeared on this stone tower.

This person looked to be about sixty to seventy years old. He wore a gray brown robe, and his left hand that was like a withered claw that was carrying a long sword made from white bones.

The bone sword was only three fingers wide with not the slightest bit of luster on it. It did not appear to be eye-catching in any way.

“Di Shijiu!” However, the moment Feng Rong saw him, she instantly cried out, “Careful Lang Xie!”

“Di Shijiu!” Lang Xie exclaimed solemnly as his eyes turned blood red. A strong pungent stench of blood so thick it filled the air suddenly spread out from his body.

“Rise!” Lang Xie pointed a finger at the giant hawk.

A dot of blood red flew out of his sleeves. It instantly transformed into a bloody stained spear, and as the spear was unleashed, an extremely mournful, whistling sound suddenly rang out from space itself.

It was as if countless evil ghosts and evil spirits were crying out and howling madly from the depths of hell’s purgatory.

These whistling sounds all came from a single blood spear!


The blood spear pierced the giant hawk, and amidst the spreading stench of blood, it continued to stab at the blood cloud in the sky.

Lang Xie no longer looked on top of his head. Instead, he bit open his finger and dripped a single drop of fresh blood on his chest. From the drop, a bloody light shined like a spark that was slowly setting the the grasslands alight.

A few seconds later, the bloody light blinking at Lang Xie’s chest had solidified into blood red spirit armor.

As the bloody light continued to blink, the spirit armor solidified all over his body, covering his chest, back, shoulders, arms, stomach, and thighs. In an extremely short amount of time, the blood red spirit armor had covered his entire body.

The spirit armor was like a turtle shell. Its surface was inscribed with tight and complicated yet delicate patterns. The patterns were like many veins, and in these very veins, lines of fresh blood flowed.

It took only a glance for people to know that the spirit armor was extraordinary. It made people feel that the interior of the spirit armor must be imbued with some kind of magic.

“Lang Xie, I can’t walk away today.” Yuan Tianya’s laughter came from underground. “Blood Spear is Armament Sect’s armor. Once Blood Spear is eliminated, Armament Sect will instantly crumble. The normally distinguished artificers will instantly become the captives of all forces and be imprisoned in their cages, forging artifacts for us.”

“We had enough of the shitty tempers of those artificers!” Yuan Tianya walked out into the open while laughing.

Like a will o’ wisp, he appeared in front of Feng Rong and Yi Yuan. He even smiled leisurely at the duo before suddenly departing.

He was also headed towards Lang Xie.

“Blood Shadow, you only need to trap Blood Spear’s Instructor Feng. You can leave Lang Xie to us,” Yuan Tianya instructed.

It was at this moment that the bone sword gripped in the hands of Dark Tower’s tower lord, Di Shijiu, was suddenly swung at Lang Xie.

Like a rainbow, the sword swung down, completely unstoppable..

“Pak pak pak!”

Every stone building that was in front of the bone sword's path, each more than ten meters tall, suddenly shattered and collapsed.

Amidst the exploding stones, there was an eerie white sword beam that billowed like an earth dragon. It rammed and shattered the stone buildings in its way, pounding straight for Lang Xie.

Meanwhile, Di Shijiu, who was swinging the sword, suddenly disappeared while the eerie white sword beam rushed forward with unstoppable power.

Surprisingly, Yuan Tianya followed right behind the eerie white sword beam, just like a will o’ wisp once more amidst a sky of stone chips. He was also heading towards Lang Xie.

“Who are you, Blood Shadow?” Feng Rong demanded coldly with a frigid expression, “I’d like to know if I should call you Junior Brother, or Senior Brother?”

Blood Shadow’s evil, snake-like eyes suddenly shone with a hint of bizarre gentleness. He looked deeply at Feng Rong before saying, “You should call me Senior Brother.”

“I know who you are now!” Feng Rong’s entire body turned cold before she shouted fiercely, “Why haven’t you died yet?”

“The master murderer, Lang Xie, hasn’t died yet, so how can I die first?” Blood Shadow chuckled oddly, “We were all raised and taught by our Master since we were young. Not only did Lang Xie forget his kindness, he had even treacherously killed him. After being taught for so many years by Master, I do have an obligation to obtain justice for him!”

“Master deserved to die,” Feng Rong snorted coldly.

The gentleness in Blood Shadow’s eyes earlier completely disappeared as soon as he heard Feng Rong’s one sentence. He instantly shouted in irritation, “Bitch! You deserve to die too!”

Once finished, his shadow formed under the moonlight shine suddenly started to wriggle eerily, and as if it had turned into a blood colored demon, it abruptly swooped down onto Feng Rong with killing intent.

“Blood Arts: Materialization!” Shocked, Feng Rong abruptly jumped backwards and rushed out of the courtyard.

The blurry blood colored shadow zoomed past, barely a hair away from Yi Yuan’s body, and headed straight for Feng Rong.

As the blood colored shadow passed by Yi Yuan, a bloodthirsty and violent aura seemed to have seeped into Yi Yuan’s body, causing him to shudder all of the sudden. The evil thoughts and murderous intent inside his heart seemed to have been activated instantly.

Yi Yuan wordlessly took out his big umbrella, opened it, and suddenly headed towards Tang Siqi and Lian Rou.

Blood Shadow still stayed inside the yard and did not pursue Feng Rong. He seemed to be very confident with the shadow he let out.

Seeing Yi Yuan approaching, Blood Shadow suddenly said eerily, “The people from Purple Mist Sea want you alive, but that is assuming that you stay obedient. If you plan to join into the fray, then I won’t give that face to Purple Mist Sea.”

“I don’t care about your grudge with Blood Spear, and I don’t care how you’re going to split Armament Sect among yourselves…” Yi Yuan stared at Blood Shadow with a surprisingly calm tone, “I only want this woman to survive!” He pointed at Lian Rou.

Blood Shadow suddenly frowned and turned around to look at Lian Rou. After a moment of thought, he asked, “Not this woman?” pointing at Tang Siqi.

“The one I want is her!” Yi Yuan’s eyes looked straight at Lian Rou. He did not spare Tang Siqi a glance.

Blood Shadow was obviously surprised for a moment before he chuckled strangely and nodded. He responded, “You relinquished the pretty girl and purposely chose the ugly one. In my opinion, you’re either blind or stupid.”

Yi Yuan scoffed once and only looked at Lian Rou.

“That ugly girl has no value to me, and I’m not interested in her either. If you want her, then take her and leave.”

Blood Shadow waved his hand. He obviously did not think anything of Lian Rou, and he did not want to kill Yi Yuan for a completely useless Lian Rou either. That was why he generously gave out Lian Rou; one could say that he was selling Purple Mist Sea some face as well.

His poisonous eyes lurked around Tang Siqi’s voluptuous body. From time to time he would chuckle.

It was obvious that the sexy and seductive Tang Siqi was his to be his true meal.

It was at this moment—

—an icy light appeared inside the yard. After the icy light had faded, Qin Lie, who had vanished earlier in a bizarre manner had once appeared again in the same manner.

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