Chapter 185: Caught in a Trap

Chapter 185: Caught in a Trap

It was deep in the night at a secluded district in a large mansion filled with cobwebs.

This was the base Shadow Tower had set up in Armament City.

Half a year ago Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong had brought Dark Asura Hall’s experts to this place to hunt down Liang Shaoyang. They had exterminated so many of Shadow Tower’s death knights that they had essentially cleaned the place with blood.

Black Shadow also ended up being killed in this mansion by Blood Spear’s experts later on.

It was now half a year later. The floor was covered with dust, and there were spiders everywhere. The mansion appeared to be deathly still under the bright moonlight.

Amidst the huge trees surrounding the yard, Blood Shadow, thin and short, sat quietly on the dusty floor with a hideous mask on his face.

Beside one of the trees, Tang Siqi and Lian Rou were tied up by a snake at their waists to the root of a tree. Cloths had been stuffed into their mouths.

Blood Shadow’s closed eyes opened as he stared in the direction of the entrance. A terrifying, cold light flowed from the pair of eyes that was as poisonous as a venomous snake.

“Sss, sss! Sss, sss!”

A great number of little crimson snakes slithered out of the dark corners of the yard. Under the bright moonlight these little snakes appeared to be incredibly colorful.

The small snakes flicked their tongues as a portion of them gathered beneath Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s legs. The other portion slithered out of the door.

Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s mouth were stuffed. Seeing the small snakes gathering towards them, horror shone out of their beautiful eyes as they let out muffled cries, bodies shaking around violently.

But no matter how hard they tried, they could not break free from the spirit snake’s bind.

Under the night sky, the desolate mansion appeared somewhat dark and scary as Blood Shadow had merged completely with his surroundings. It was as if the darkness and frightening atmosphere were all caused by him.

“Half a year ago I killed Black Shadow here. Unexpected, I thought I wouldn’t have to come back here anymore.”

Feng Rong’s expression was calm as she helplessly shook her head. It looked like she didn’t like this place too much, but she was still the first person to force herself to enter the wide courtyard.

Qin Lie and Yi Yuan followed behind her side by side.

Meanwhile, Lang Xie had hidden himself within the darkness and quietly observed the situation.

“Blood Spear’s Instructor Feng?” Blood Shadow’s raspy voice came over.

A hint of terrifying hatred flashed across his eyes filled with venom. “Very good. It’s good that you’ve brought him.”

He looked at Qin Lie and Yi Yuan before his gaze finally focused onto Qin Lie. He nodded and said, “Your life for the two girls’ lives. Have you thought well and hard about this exchange?”

Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s eyes abruptly lit up. They had not expected that Qin Lie and Yi Yuan would actually come.

As Armament Sect’s inner sect disciples, they knew Ying Xingran’s behavior very well. They knew Ying Xingran would sacrifice himself for the prosperity of the sect, much less the two of them.

Ever since they were caught by Blood Shadow and heard that he would trade them for Qin Lie, they had thought that their lives were already lost.

That was because they knew that Ying Xingran would definitely abandon them. He would never allow Qin Lie to risk himself in this manner.

In truth, their guesses were completely correct. Ying Xingran did abandon them.

But Qin Lie had actually appeared. This greatly confused Tang Siqi and Lian Rou. It was unlikely that Ying Xingran would have acted differently, so they quickly understood that this course of action was not what Ying Xingran intended.

Therefore, they both looked towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie did not answer. He turned around to look at Lian Rou once before walking straight to Blood Shadow.

He raised both of his hands to indicate that he had come empty handed. He even opened the clothes in front of his chest so that Blood Shadow could see that he wasn’t wearing any armor, to show that he was here to die.

Blood Shadow’s eyes were sinister as he let out an odd chuckle, “Brat, you don’t need to do this. With your Natal Opening Realm, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing armor or wielding a godly weapon. You’ll be dead in the blink of an eye if I wanted to kill you.”

Qin Lie did not utter a word. With an indifferent expression, he walked unhurriedly towards Blood Shadow one step at a time.

“Where is Lang Xie?” Blood Shadow suddenly asked as he looked at Feng Rong, “Lang Xie is nearby isn’t he? I know he wants to kill me. I know he will definitely be here!”

A hint of madness suddenly appeared in Blood Shadow’s eyes as he laughed hideously, “Lang Xie, I’m waiting for you to kill me!”

The moment his voice fell, hundreds of spirit snakes formed from pure spirit energy rapidly gushed out of Blood Shadow’s body.

Each of these spirit snakes were at least three to five meters long and about two fingers wide. Like rainbows or cold lightning streaking through the air, they let out a shocking whistling noise as they moved.

Out of the hundreds of snakes that were scouring the entire yard, some of them rushed at Feng Rong and Yi Yuan as well.

Of the remaining snakes, only ten spirit snakes hissed and rushed towards Qin Lie’s chest, eyes and stomach.


A terrible pressure suddenly pressed down from the sky and instantly trapped Qin Lie.

That energy was like a mountain sitting on his body, causing his knees to bend and nearly forcing him to the ground in but an instant.

Under the pressure, he was unable to do anything at all. The only thing he could do was watch the ten spirit snakes flying towards him as they were about to shoot through his chest.

“Eye of Frost!” Qin Lie inwardly shouted.

Icy light suddenly surrounded Qin Lie. Before the ten spirit snakes could fly in, Qin Lie’s body suddenly exploded like a ball of ice before he disappeared along with the shattered icy light.

He had teleported to the underground area beneath the Arctic Mountain Range!

This was the solution that he had finally come up out after thinking long and hard along the way there!

If he could not take even a single blow, then he just need to not to take it at all!

The next moment, Qin Lie appeared at the area underneath the Arctic Mountain Range and vanished from Armament City. He had slipped away right under Blood Shadow’s nose.


Blood Shadow’s cruel eyes froze when he looked at where Qin Lie was just a moment ago.

His expression changed as he spread out his mind consciousness and began searching the area around him.

There was not the slightest fluctuation of energy or trace of life at all!

Qin Lie had disappeared entirely!

Blood Shadow was greatly shocked. “How did he disappear without any warning? How did he suddenly teleport away? This land’s area below ground and the surrounding regions have been sealed off with barriers. How did he escape?”

Blood Shadow could not believe it.

It was at this moment Lang Xie’s voice suddenly rang out from the top of a tall building beside this house, “Feng Rong, Yi Yuan, leave this mansion and return to Armament Sect immediately!”

Shock appeared in the eyes of Feng Rong, who was holding all the spirit snakes back with the Hundred Flower Round Shield.

Lang Xie told her to retreat? Lang Xie actually told her to retreat?

She couldn’t believe it!

“Di Shijiu is here. Liang Yangzu is here. Yuan Tianya is also here.” At the tall building, Lang Xie looked down on Blood Shadow with not a trace of emotion in his voice, “They did not set up this trap for Qin Bing. They came for you and me.”

Feng Rong was shocked.

Yi Yuan was also so shocked he could faint.

“You are called Yi Yuan, correct?” A voice came from underground, “You may leave. Purple Mist Sea wants you alive, so you may live.” The voice came from Dark Asura Hall’s First Hall Master, Yuan Tianya.

“Senior Brother Lang Xie, are you really going?” All of a sudden, Blood Shadow’s raspy voice turned sharp and piercing. That voice was very strange, like iron needles scratching against the surface of a knife. It was incredibly unpleasant to listen to.

Lang Xie, who was already ready to leave abruptly paused his footsteps and turned around. He asked in a solemn manner, “Who are you?”

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