Chapter 1839: Soul Twining!

"I was not able to refine the Spirits of Annihilation or absorb the laws of the Destruction Race because they rejected me."

"Because they thought of you as their hope of defeating me, they willingly merged with you of their own accord."

"My existence gave you the chance to merge with the Spirits of Annihilation and the Destruction Race."

"I created you!"

"Since that is so, I only have to refine your soul to replace you and merge with everything they have!"

"That is much simpler!"

Abandoning his body, Thamur entered the Soul Pavilion and instantly took over Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast subsoul.

Qin Lie could not sense the presence of that subsoul.


Thamur moved the Soul Pavilion and moved quickly to enter Qin Lie's body.

In the next moment, Qin Lie sensed something extra above his Soul Altar—the Soul Pavilion!

Thamur's soul power made from millions of strands turned into threads of soul light that wrapped around his Soul Altar.

His Soul Altar seemed to suddenly have another master. Thamur's power continued to take over.

This was a battle between two powerful souls!

This battle only concerned the soul. The Sea of Annihilation and the Light of Destruction were unable to participate.


Qin Lie's thoughts shifted. The Soul Suppressing Orb flew out of glabella and landed on the Soul Altar.

In the soul sea, that one-level Soul Altar floated with the Soul Suppressing Orb and the Soul Pavilion.

Numerous advanced ancient diagrams and soul lights shot out of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Those soul threads also wrapped around the Soul Altar and fought Thamur's soul power.


Many blue bolts of light shot out of the Soul Altar as Qin Lie's thoughts shifted.

A corner of the Soul Altar imprinted with the law of thunder and lightning twisted furiously.

"I am also a master of the power of thunder and lightning!"

Thamur smirked. Lightning formed along the lines of threads he released.

He used the thunder and lightning power laws to cover his soul arts. This way, the lightning and thunder that Qin Lie had released could not affect his soul.

The soul threads belonging to him and Qin Lie criss-crossed on the Soul Altar. The memories, intelligence, knowledge, comprehension of power, and life experiences belonging to him slowly branded themselves onto Qin Lie's Soul Altar along those soul threads.

Qin Lie suddenly felt that he had become two souls, and was forced to absorb Thamur's memories and knowledge.

Thamur, because he had traveled the stars for many years, had extremely rich experiences, and the laws and concepts he had comprehended were as vast as the ocean.

This caused Thamur's memories and knowledge to far surpass the understanding of a single lifetime. The enormous vault of knowledge merged into another sea to form an enormous ocean.

But because Thamur's life was so rich, when his soul sea took over the Soul Altar and filled Qin Lie's memories and consciousness, he would be the one in command.

Different scenes, all kinds of laws of power and knowledge appeared in Qin Lie's mind in layers.

In this moment, Qin Lie felt oddly as though he was enslaving a soul servant and was turning an expert into his subordinate.

But he knew this was a false feeling.

The real situation was that Thamur was using the method he usually used against soul servants to refine his soul.

His Soul Altar was filled with billions of soul energy lines. The lines criss-crossed and formed a majestic and mysterious diagram.

The memories, knowledge, and comprehension of power of his and Thamur's souls tangled together.

He lost track who he was.

He gradually lost himself...

The battle between his soul and Thamur's soul continued. There was no sign of victory being achieved anytime soon.

Time slowly passed.

During this process, the experts led by Tian Qi had killed the ten Saints of the shadow beings.

Without Thamur, the Dark Shadow Worlds could not gather together or flee to another universe.

Hundreds of experts from different races hunted the shadow beings inside different Dark Shadow Worlds.

All of the invading shadow beings were being chased and killed in those Dark Shadow Worlds.

The universe gradually calmed down.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Tian Qi, Qin Hao, the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, Assad, patriarchs of the five God Race families, many rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss, and the leaders of powerful races were flying through the chaotic streams of space.

Under Tian Qi’s leadership, they’ve eventually found the ends of their universe.

"Qin Lie is up ahead."

Tian Qi stopped. He looked toward the region with the flowing lights from thousands of meters away.

The Sea of Annihilation floated in that region with the Light of Destruction dancing around it.

The Light of Destruction had absorbed some of the power belonging to their galaxy at the end of the void and was filled with terrifying power.

"We cannot go forward. Only those who have reached the ultimate realm will survive there. That is the intersection of different universes. At our power level, if we are struck by the flowing lights, we will die immediately."

"I can sense that Qin Lie is still fighting the Saint God. We can only wait for the result now."

Tian Qi warned everyone.

"His soul and the soul of the Saint God are intertwined together. Their knowledge and memories are colliding and merging."

Ling Yushi, who had merged with the Geocentric Motherlode, Qin Shan, and Qin Hao stood side by side. They said, "I do not know what has happened, but I know that the Saint God of the shadow beings is attempting to take over Qin Lie like Castor did."

"The two of them are too strong. They are the most skilled of soul power in the universe. They are at the border of the universe with the Lights of Annihilation and Destruction protecting them."

"No one can interfere with this battle. We can only wait."

Ling Yushi had an expression of helplessness.

Qin Shan murmured, "Then we will wait for Qin Lie to wake up."

"Or the Saint God will emerge instead, having taken over Qin Lie," Tian Qi said bitterly.

"That way, even if all the shadow beings are dead, we have no solution against the Saint God." Assad sighed deeply.

"There’s nothing we can do anyway." Tian Qi shook his head gently.

The strongest experts of this universe were almost all converged at one point near the end of the universe. They looked toward the Sea of Annihilation and Qin Lie's ten-thousand- meter-tall body.

The only thing they could do was pray for Qin Lie’s survival.

Even as powerful as they were, they didn't dare to enter the chaotic streams of space. The intersection of many universes was not a place that their power could withstand.

By now, all the patriarchs knew that Qin Lie was the reincarnation of the Imperial Soul Monarch.

Regardless of whether they accepted this, they all knew that Qin Lie had been trying to protect the universe they were living in.

"In the end, you must be the one to wake up, and not the Saint God!"

This was what all the experts thought.

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