Chapter 1838: Thamur's True Identity!

"Dead, all dead..."

Inside the Sea of Annihilation, Thamur looked at the rays of the Light of Annihilation returning to the Sea of Annihilation from the Dark Shadow Worlds with a dazed expression.

He had a mysterious soul connection to the ten Saints of the shadow beings. When those Saints were killed under Tian Qi, Auston, and Qin Hao's attacks, he immediately felt it.

He knew that because of the destruction of the thirty-five avatars and natural energies once again filling the universe, the victorious experts would quickly replenish their power.

On this side, when the six Spirits of Void and Chaos pulled the Sea of Annihilation out of the Dark Shadow World and started to disrupt his connection to it, he already expected a catastrophe.

The reason for that was because many shadow beings relied on the power within the Sea of Annihilation. They needed it to replenish their energy reserves during fights.

The universe that they had previously been in had been destroyed long ago.

All the shadow beings relied on the Sea of Annihilation and needed the dense world energy produced within.

"You only have this one body now."

Qin Lie's half-transparent body stood proudly in the Sea of Annihilation, unharmed by its light.

Nearby, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos and rays of the Light of Destruction were furiously assaulting Thamur.

Thamur’s thirty-five avatars and his body made from this universe’s laws had been destroyed.

He could only rely on this body that was constructed from the laws of the shadow beings’ universe.

But he needed to face the Spirits of Void and Chaos and the Destruction Race that he had once killed, as well as Qin Lie at his peak!

"So what if they died? Even if all the shadow beings went extinct, it is nothing to me. They are of no importance. As long as I am alive, I can create a new race again."

Thamur's eyes were filled with indifference as though the death of the shadow beings could not affect him.

As long as he was alive and still standing, he did not worry about future.

"Yiya! Yiyayiya!"

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos shouted at the same time. Led by the fire spirit, they suddenly abandoned absorbing the power of the Sea of Annihilation and burrowed into Thamur's body.

The fire qilin turned into the recently-comprehended ultimate flame and burned Thamur's unique body.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Many seemingly-sentient rays of the Light of Destruction took this opportunity to drill into Thamur's body.

Seeing the Spirits of Void and Chaos and the Light of Destruction moving, Qin Lie no longer hesitated.

With a thought, hundreds of criss-crossing rays containing law concepts flew out of his body like nebulas and shrouded Thamur.

Qin Lie looked closely and found that Thamur's body, made from the power laws of the shadow beings, was gradually being chipped by the attacks of the Light of Destruction and Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"You should thank me."

Thamur, his body being consumed, did not make any unusual actions. He only looked silently at Qin Lie.

He seemed to know that when the Spirits of Void and Chaos, Light of Destruction, and Qin Lie worked together, his body's demise was inevitable.

"How so? Why should I thank you?" Qin Lie frowned and said.

"The universes of Spirits of Annihilation and the Destruction Race were both close to your universe.”

"You should understand; if the Spirits of Annihilation appeared in your universe, they would have consumed all of its energy."

"Also, the Destruction Race's existence was all about destroying all creation."

"Without me, the Spirit of Annihilation Race and the Destruction Race would have invaded your universe one day, just like I did."

"Also, as far as I know, before I even attacked them, they’ve already made plans for that."

"It was my invasion that stopped them from having the attention to spare for you. I spent a long time killing the Spirits of Annihilation and the Destruction Race."

"Without me, they would have entered your universe millions of years ago."

"Therefore, if I didn’t act, you would have been killed already."

"My existence caused you to exist for millions of years longer. Is that not something to thank for?" Thamur said coldly.


Thamur's body finally turned into light under the attacks of the Spirits of Annihilation, the Light of Destruction and Qin Lie's attacks.

"Do you think the Spirits of Annihilation and the Destruction Race are good?"

Thamur snarled as his soul suddenly flew out of the exploding body.

"Take a close look at who I am!" Thamur's wisp let out a shriek.

Qin Lie looked closely and he gaped.

Flying out of the spraying light was a Soul Tree!

That was the Soul Tree exclusive to Soul Race clansmen!

"My father was originally a Soul Race clansman. He accidentally landed in the Dark Shadow World when exploring the borders of the universe and died soon afterward!"

"I fortunately survived. I grew up in the Dark Shadow World, comprehended the power laws and concepts there to create the new shadow being race!"

"I am their creator. The shadow beings grew and prospered because of me!"


As Thamur spoke, the other ultimate treasure of the Soul Race, the Soul Pavilion, uncontrollably flew out of the distant Infinite Soul Sea.

A moment later, the Soul Pavilion, and some of the Infinite Soul Sea's water were guided to the ends of the universe.

Thamur's Soul Tree immediately fell into the Soul Pavilion and in a flash, invaded Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast subsoul.

Qin Lie immediately sensed that his Blood Soul Beast subsoul was completely taken over.

Thamur's Soul Tree had successfully entered his subsoul and become the master of the Soul Pavilion.

"Returning to the Soul Race and the Infinite Soul Sea is just returning home!"

"Since I have gone to the Soul Pavilion, with my power and knowledge of the soul, I can naturally take over the Soul Pavilion!"

"Because I've been a member of the Soul Race to begin with!"

Qin Lie had a disbelieving expression.

Only now did he realize why he always felt that the souls of the shadow beings were so similar to the Soul Race.

So the shadow beings had evolved because of Thamur's existence.

Thamur had used secret arts of the Soul Race!

Due to this, newborn shadow beings had their race's bodies, but their souls were similar in origin to the Soul Race!

Thamur was not a shadow being so he did not care about the deaths of the shadow beings.

As long as he was alive, with his power, terrifying intelligence and knowledge, he could create another race!

He possessed such abilities and power!

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