Chapter 1835: One Divide Into Two

Five-colored light flowed through space in streams.

Qin Lie used the Galaxy Mirror to reopen the black holes, letting the natural energies Thamur had manipulated to return to his universe.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

As the different kinds of energy returned, stars lightened up, brimming with energy once again.


Tian Qi, who was fighting one of the Saints, was the first to feel the phenomenon. His expression grew excited.

He knew that Qin Lie's battle with the Saint God must have taken a turn!

This was the only explanation for why the natural energy taken away by the Saint God returned.

He finally felt reassured. The foundation of the worlds and realms lay in their natural energies.

Once these natural elemental powers were lost, their universe would collapse and disappear forever, with no hope of ever recovering.

Right now, while many realms and world had collapsed due to losing too much energy to Thamur, once those energies returned, millions of years into the future, new realms would form.

As long as the fundamental energy was present, the universe would not die.

"Lucky, lucky..."

Indigo also sensed the shift in the universe.

She was not actively participating in the battle and used the power of fate to detect minuscule changes in the balance.

When Thamur's thirty-five avatars wildly absorbed the power of the universe, all the warriors fighting against the shadow beings could not quickly replenish the energy they had used.

Bloodline power of all experts was just another manifestation of universal natural energy.

When this energy was quickly slipping away, the peak experts had no way to swiftly recover.

If this continued, the experts fighting the shadow beings would eventually run out of energy!

All of them sensed the gradual shift in the density of natural energy. Embroiled in a fight, they couldn't know the reason, but they could guess Qin Lie must have turned the tables.


This was what they all thought!

At the borders of the universe.

All the natural energies of their universe disappeared into the portals Qin Lie had made with the Galaxy Mirror.

The black holes suddenly disappeared.

While Qin Lie was dealing with the universal energy, Thamur’s avatars were constantly being attacked by the outer universes’ light beams.

In Qin Lie's eyes, the only opponent remaining was Thamur himself!

Thamur's body that seemed to be half-rooted in the Dark Shadow World trembled lightly and screamed atop of its lungs.


An ocean of light flowed out of the Dark Shadow World. The ocean seemed to be composed of many rays of light.

"The Sea of Annihilation!"

Qin Lie only needed a glance to know the strange ocean of light rays was the Sea of Annihilation, and its contents, the Light of Annihilation.

Within the Sea of Annihilation, Qin Lie saw six enormous balls of light constantly expanding and quickly gathering its power. Clearly, their actions caused the ocean of light to grow turbulent and chaotic.

Those six balls of light were naturally the six Spirits of Void and Chaos. They had all entered the Sea of Annihilation after flying out of Qin Lie's body and seemed to want to use the Sea of Annihilation to increase their own power to the extreme!

"Your soul presence is on their bodies. It seems that you've reaped some benefits in our last fight to be able to produce these six young Spirits of Annihilation."

Thamur looked at the Sea of Annihilation that left the Dark Shadow World with downcast expression.

"Good, you have prepared for this battle. I just knew that you were not so easy to defeat. Otherwise, I would have killed you last time and consumed your universe!"


Thamur's body suddenly separated into two.

One of the Thamurs was made from the power concepts of the shadow beings; the other, from the power of the thirty-five returnees.

The dark shadowy Thamur headed into the Sea of Annihilation to fight the six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The shining Thamur stepped across space towards Qin Lie.

"Yiya! Yiyayiya!"

At this time, Qin Lie once again heard the soul call of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

He understood. The six of them had been working together to take the Sea of Annihilation out of the Dark Shadow World and bring it closer to their his universe.

But they were also intelligent enough to know they weren’t Thamur’s match.

Thus, they hoped to work with Qin Lie and use some of his power to fight Thamur!

"I will naturally not disappoint you."

Qin Lie grinned. He immediately headed towards the shining Thamur and engaged in combat.

As he grappled with this avatar, the secret bloodline arts that came from the Perfect Blood in his body collided with the power concepts that Thamur had comprehended from the returnees.

Countless energies containing different laws flashed and intersected with one another creating star-like patterns on Thamur and him.

"Boom boom boom!"

At the ends of the universe, a world-shaking explosion reverberated. Qin Lie's bloodline power formed lines arranged into different profound ancient diagrams from the Soul Suppressing Orb, causing Qin Lie's presence to constantly grow stronger.

He could easily use all kinds of secret arts against Thamur's body made from the power concepts of the thirty-five returnees.

Each time their bodies touched, bright light would appear. Those lights were all imprinted with the meaning of mysterious bloodlines and laws of power.


Qin Lie held the life crystal of the Flame Devil King in his hand and pressed it against Thamur's body.

Thamur's shining body seemed to burn under the heat power of the crystal.

"Extreme Freeze!"

Thamur snorted. Millions of icy lights wriggled inside his body and formed a layer of mysterious laws of frost.

When the laws of frost formed, Thamur's body seemed to have become a vast, ancient glacier that stood for billions of years.

The arctic presence that came from within caused the flames from the Flame Devil King’s life crystal to quickly go out.

"Spatial Cut!"

Translucent glittering layers of space formed from the refraction of the Galaxy Mirror. The layers of space seemed to penetrate Thamur, splitting him into countless pieces.

"I also know secret spatial arts!"

Thamur's voice came from the shredded patches of space. His body, seemingly neatly separated by layers of space, gathered back together into a figure that resembled a giant coming out of an icy cavern.


On the other side, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were sending terrified calls from inside the Sea of Annihilation.

Qin Lie looked and noticed that the Thamur who had flown into the Sea of Annihilation exuded a destructive presence.

It was the power of destruction Qin Lie was so familiar with.

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