Chapter 1833: Light At the End of The Tunnel!


Thamur continued to pull in more light beams from outside and continued to strike Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s ten-thousand-meter-tall body instantly became riddled with holes, blood dripping profusely.

He was the protector of this universe, and his body contained the blood essences of all races and all kinds of natural energy of his universe. Normally, it would be very difficult to hurt him.

However, these unknown beams of light came from distant universes he had no idea about.

Knowing nothing about the laws of those universes, he had no way of dealing with them.

As a result, Thamur’s attack dealt severe damage to him.

The barrage had only lasted for a moment, but he was afflicted by at least a dozen or so unknown energies already.

It was clear that they didn’t originate from his universe.

Every one of these unknown energies contained truths of power from another universe. Currently, the only way he could remove them was to expel them by force.

However, he would lose too much energy in the process.

Another method he could use was to study the new truths of power, understand how they function and deal with them accordingly.

With his cultivation and level of intelligence, it was only a matter of time before he analyzed all the foreign energies that were afflicting his body.

However, Thamur obviously wasn’t going to give him the time he needed.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The moment Thamur saw that he was trying to analyze the unknown energies, his thirty-five avatars immediately closed in on him.

They unleashed their powers and abilities on Qin Lie before he could react.

“Swhoosh swhoosh! Rumble!”

Nearly a hundred different attacks bombarded him all over—blood, ice, lightning, fire, water, meteorites, asteroids, shock waves, and so on.

The thirty-five returnees hadn’t just learned one type of power of each. Farid of the Spirit Race alone was a master of three types of power—space, life and time.

The other experts also knew two or three types of powers and laws as well.

Qin Lie suddenly felt like he was fighting against all the experts of the entire universe!

“Crackle! Rumble!”

Almost a hundred different powers of all shapes and sizes attacked him from every direction, instantly overwhelming him.

Thamur had enveloped him in a terrifying web of power before he was able to analyze and master the unknown energies completely.

Since he couldn’t heal himself yet, the attacks worsened his preexisting wounds even more.


He could even hear his own bones breaking.

In many corners of the desolate universe.

The Spirit Race, the Bone Race, the God Race, the Abyss Devils, and other races were attacking the shadow beings while clad in enhanced spirit armors.

Thanks to their protection, they were able to fight against the shadow beings without worrying about the Light of Annihilation. So far, both sides were going even.

There were rank ten bloodline warriors fighting against the shadow beings in every piece of the Dark Shadow World.

Due to the power of destruction, Qin Hao on his nine-level Soul Altar was able to kill many shadow beings with ease.

Tian Qi, Assad, the seven Devil Monarchs, and the five God Race patriarchs were also working together to fight against the ten Saints of the shadow beings.

At the beginning, the upper hand was theirs.

But after Thamur started absorbing their universe’s energy from the ends of the chaotic streams of space, they soon discovered that they were recovering slower and slower.

When an entire portion of the entire universe’s energy was lost, the same realization entered everyone’s mind.

Their universe was rapidly losing the energy it needed to survive!

Some realms were already starting to break apart and disappear. Countless lives were lost in just the blink of an eye.

“Something’s wrong.”

Clad in silver armor, Tian Qi easily created millions of spatial blades with a swing of his hand. However, his eyes looked stern and worried.

He realized that Qin Lie’s fight against the Saint God wasn’t going smoothly.

If this situation continued, their universe would be permanently damaged no matter what the outcome of their battle against the shadow beings might be. It would shrivel up and die like a plant once it ran out of energy.

Even if they somehow managed to kill all the invaders despite that, they wouldn’t be able to change the fate of their universe.

“What in the world is going on over there?” Tian Qi muttered anxiously to himself.


He made a strange hand gesture mid-combat and activated a fate secret art by force.

A slightly blurry image entered his eyes.

He saw Qin Lie being attacked by thirty-five Thamurs. The giant Abyss Devil was covered in wounds.

He could see that Qin Lie was in grave danger.

He tried to open a spatial entrance to catch a glimpse of the battle with his own eyes.

However, he quickly noticed that the end of the chaotic streams of space was crawling with unknown energies.

He stopped himself. He knew that he would die immediately if Thamur managed to hit him with even a single beam of those unknown energies. In the end, he wasn’t an ultimate realm expert.

Moreover, it was impossible to study another universe’s powers and laws without entering the ultimate realm.

He knew this better than anyone because he made many travels across the chaotic streams of space.

He immediately noticed that neither he nor the Saints of the shadow beings would be able to survive the end of the chaotic streams of space once it was filled with the unknown energies of other universes.

As a result, no one could interfere with the Saint God and Qin Lie’s battle, not unless they’d entered the ultimate realm!

“Please hold on and find a way to solve this. You’re the only one we can rely on now,” Tian Qi thought to himself.

At the brink of the chaotic streams of space.

Fire suddenly became reflected in the eyes of the thirty-five Thamurs attacking Qin Lie.


The fire-attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos appeared next to Qin Lie.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The rest of the Spirits of Void and Chaos also flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb and let out an immediate scream when they entered the chaotic streams of space. They quickly consumed all the rays of Light of Annihilation scattered around them.

The Light of Annihilation Thamur had brought out of the Dark Shadow World quickly became their food; a great source of energy.

That wasn’t all. Qin Lie discovered in shock that after consuming Light of Annihilation, the Spirits of Void and Chaos were absorbing the energies from other universes.

“Yiya, yiyayiya!”

The Spirits of Void and Chaos screamed from the bottom of their souls. Then, they immediately burrowed into the other half of Thamur’s main body. Even the Saint God himself was stunned by this unexpected turn of events.

But Qin Lie was their master. He could sense their infinite hatred toward Thamur!

“I see now! The Sea of Annihilation wasn’t the shadow beings’ to begin with! You destroyed their universe and took away the Sea of Annihilation!”

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