Chapter 1832: Unknown Energy!


Thamur looked a bit caught off-guard. He found it hard to believe that Qin Lie had defeated his giant lightning dragons so easily.

“The first power I cultivated after I was reborn was the Thunder Emperor’s Heavenly Thunder Eradication."

Qin Lie appeared calm and collected as the rampaging thunder and lightning was retracted, returning to his body.

He had been cultivating Heavenly Thunder Eradication since his stay at Ling Town. This was the very first power Qin Lie had mastered. 

His body had been refined with it too. It was why his giant Abyss Devil form was mostly immune to lightning attacks. He could even absorb some of it into his dantian’s spirit sea.

It was one of his special traits.


He took action, charging into Thamur’s world of lightning.

Any lightning bolt that hit his body was absorbed, as though his body was sponge and the lightning was water.


Lightning danced on his body. In fact, his lightning aura was even stronger than Thamur’s lightning avatar.

“I guess you haven’t been idle all these years just like me,” Thamur said with a smile on his face.

“It’s useless though. My avatars are still absorbing the natural energy of your universe. Once my avatars have absorbed most of it, your universe will naturally collapse!”

As he was speaking, the energy in the thirty-five black holes was growing at an alarming rate!

Things were going exactly as Thamur had said they would. The large scale energy drain was causing countless realms to crumble!

“You really are a liar!” Qin Lie let out a snort. “You never planned to share our universe’s natural energy with your ten subordinates! You never planned to let them reach your realm! Everything you’ve ever done was to get stronger yourself!”

“As long as you live, your ten Saints may never have a chance to enter the higher realm for their entire lives!"

“You are a lot more selfish than I am!”

“Space Splinter!”

Qin Lie growled, and billions of starlight specks burst out of the black holes created by the thirty-five Thamurs.

The starlight came from the spatial barriers that had been corroded by the Light of Annihilation earlier. It was the star energy he had gathered with Galaxy Mirror.

The starlight specks joined together to form many ancient spirit diagrams that depicted the will of the universe.

The spirit diagrams containing countless truths and laws wriggled slowly.


The spatial black holes Thamur had created exploded all at once, as they couldn’t endure the overwhelming amount of spatial energy inside.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

The explosion resulted in a torrent of spatial blades sharp enough to cut right through Thamur’s avatars.

Their bodies were immediately cut into pieces.

Without the spatial black holes siphoning the energy from the universe, they couldn’t draw any natural energy into themselves. They couldn’t even reform their bodies.

When Qin Lie paid closer attention, he discovered that light beams made of special truths of power were dancing wildly like snakes.

“I have other powers,” Thamur said from behind his avatars. His bright and dark face looked unusually stern.

Gray shadows flew out of the dim half of his body and sewed the severed parts of his avatars back together like tailors.

It only took a dozen or so seconds for his avatars to turn back to normal.

“Three-Eyed Race, Gravity Change!”

A dark green eye emerged from Thamur avatar’s glabella.

It was the famed third eye of the Three-Eyed Race!

Qin Lie immediately felt the unfathomable presence of gravity the moment the eye was opened.

This was the end of the chaotic streams of space. Gravity didn’t exist, and everything was floating aimlessly.

However, everything started falling when Thamur’s avatar executed a bloodline secret art of the Three-Eyed Race and formed a terrifying gravity field around Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s ten-thousand-meter-tall body was the heaviest object in the whole place, so the pulling force was stronger for him than for anything else in the vicinity. He dropped downward like a meteor.


At the same time, many light beams from outside were being pulled toward Qin Lie by the artificial gravity field.

“Boom boom boom!”

The light beams exploded fiercely on Qin Lie’s body. Every single one of these beams contained chaotic energies of unknown origin.

They were powerful enough to kill even a rank ten bloodline expert.

Even Lieyan Yuan and Tian Qi avoided making contact with these as much as possible while travelling across the chaotic streams of space.

Evidently, they were afraid of these stray light beams too.

Normally, Qin Lie wouldn't fear these rays. He was the master of the Galaxy Mirror after all.

But after Thamur had suddenly produced a gravitational field out of nowhere, the light beams’ trajectory suddenly turned chaotic and unpredictable.

Qin Lie bled profusely after the attack. As he inspected his body, he discovered that the light beams had been filled with chaotic energy of both this universe and the other universes.

The chaotic streams of space were a strange place that connected all universes together. Occasionally, energy that didn’t belong to their universe would seep in.

Even he didn’t know what these energies are. All he knew that they were strange, deadly, and could deal severe damage to him in an instant.

“Did you figure out why I chose to build my new body here? It’s because there are many foreign energies in this place, and you’re unfamiliar with most of them!”

“We, the shadow beings, have roamed the infinite multiverse for a very, very long time.”

“We’ve devoured at least a dozen or so universes. You don’t know most of the energy that wounded you just now, but I do!”

“You can’t defend yourself against an attack you don’t know, but I can. This knowledge alone puts me in a massive advantage in the chaotic streams of space!”

“With how strong you are, you should’ve overcome the limits of your universe and venture outside a long time ago.”

“Unfortunately, you are obsessed with protecting your universe. Your horizons are limited because you were never able to explore beyond.”

“This is the gap between you and I!”

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