Chapter 1831: All Out War!

Qin Lie and Thamur’s battle might be taking place at the end of the chaotic streams of space, but the tremors still reached every expert in the universe.

It was because many realms and worlds were losing energy rapidly.

Thanks to Sky Bearing City, the peak experts already knew that a great change would affect the universe the moment Qin Lie and the Saint God began their final battle.

The fact that realms and worlds were crumbling everywhere meant that that battle had started already!

In the Soul Realm.

Nearly a hundred rank ten bloodline warriors made of the God Race, Spirit Race, Winged Race, and the Bone Race were waiting for something at the Infinite Soul Sea.

Glittering armors were being pulled out of the Infinite Soul Sea by Vik.

The surface of these armors was engraved with a mysterious ancient diagram. The water of the Infinite Soul Sea could be seen circulating around it.

“It’s done! Now you can put on the armor and fight against the invading shadow beings!” Vik declared.


Lartigau of the Bone Race, Kermit of the Winged Race, and Assad of the Spirit Race were soon clad in armor from head to toe. They looked both spirited and eager.


Assad and the experts of the Spirit Race circulated their spatial secret arts and tore open many spatial rifts.

“Let’s go!”

The armored experts then flew through the spatial rifts and disappeared from Soul Realm.

Meanwhile, at an icy, cold galaxy belonging to the Spirit Race, a huge Dark Shadow World was devouring the stars.


There was a flash of starlight, the Spirit Race warriors led by Tian Qi and Assad charged into the Dark Shadow World instantly!

“Leave that Saint to me!”

Tian Qi took the heaviest responsibility and charged one of Thamur’s Saints immediately. He swam through the Dark Shadow World with ease while unleashing his full power.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The rest of the rank ten bloodline warriors also followed Assad’s lead and attacked the shadow beings.

“Deploy the Light of Annihilation!”

Light of Annihilation crawled out of the depth of the Dark Shadow World in response to the Saint’s order.

The Light of Annihilation streaked toward the Spirit Race warriors as if it had a mind of its own.


Sparks appeared when the Light of Annihilation came into contact with the closest warrior’s spirit armor.

The Spirit Race warrior immediately felt the mysterious power of the Infinite Soul Sea defending his entire body from harm.

It was exactly as Vik had promised. The water of the Infinite Soul Sea kept the Light of Annihilation in check.

No one was corroded by the Light of Annihilation.

“Vik was telling the truth! The Light of Annihilation can’t harm us as long as we’re protected by the water of the Infinite Soul Sea!” a rank ten Spirit Race warrior shouted excitedly.

“Kill them all!”

“They’re just like us without the Light of Annihilation! They’re not invincible!”

“Kill them!”

The Spirit Race experts immediately calmed down when they discovered that the effects of the Light of Annihilation had been nullified.

They immediately threw out mysterious spirit artifacts and unleashed their bloodline power of space, time, life, and fate to damage the shadow beings’ bodies.

They were in no way inferior to the shadow beings!

“Vik was right. The armor is definitely an effective shield against the Light of Annihilation!”

Assad quickly informed the patriarchs of all other races about this fact through a mysterious soul communication art.

The experts of the other races were currently waiting for Assad’s news at Soul Realm. They were all wearing the new spirit armor.

When they heard that the armor was effective against the Light of Annihilation, their spirits skyrocketed immediately.

More powerful experts vanished into the spatial rifts and appeared at galaxies that were being invaded by Dark Shadow Worlds.

They charged right into the Dark Shadow Worlds and engaged the shadow beings in combat.

They quickly discovered that the Light of Annihilation the shadow beings were extremely reliant on were incapable of melting the armor on their bodies.

Everyone’s spirit was sky high.

More and more rank ten bloodline warriors put on the spirit armor of the Infinite Soul Sea and charged into the Dark Shadow Worlds.

Every peak expert in the universe was fighting against the shadow beings while Qin Lie and Thamur were battling it out.

The war between two universes finally drew its curtain.


Meanwhile, the spatial barriers Qin Lie had created using the Galaxy Mirror swiftly lost their effectiveness after being corroded by the Light of Annihilation.

Thamur’s avatars started drawing energy from the spatial black holes once more.

The thirty five avatars had the returnees’ auras in them. They all felt like the absolute masters of the universe.


The Thamur made of thunder and lightning laws slowly approached Qin Lie.

“Thunder and lightning must be a pretty tricky law for you to defend against, am I right? You are the Imperial Soul Monarch, and you know almost every law of soul power there is in the universe. However, lightning is the perfect counter against your power.”

The gigantic lightning storm slowly condensed into giant lightning dragons as he walked toward Qin Lie.

The dragons looked like they were made from the thunder and lightning essences of the universe. Any soul that came into contact with the giant lightning dragons would perish instantly.

The thirty five vile souls floating around Qin Lie felt afraid as the lightning dragons charged them.

They knew that these “dragons” containing the ultimate power of Heavenly Thunder Eradication were the absolute bane of their existence.

“Come back!”

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and summoned his one-level Soul Altar.

If someone were to look closer at the mirror-like Soul Altar, they would notice that eight Nether Rivers were flowing inside it.

The eight Nether Rivers originally belonged to Castor, but now they were one with Qin Lie’s Soul Altar. They looked like the crystalline veins of his Soul Altar.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

The thirty five vile souls quickly flew into the Nether Rivers after Qin Lie’s order.

Their damaged bodies immediately healed back to full when they came into contact with the Nether Rivers.

Trillions of wraiths and souls were screaming and crying inside the eight Nether Rivers. They were the dead souls Castor had spent millions of years to gather.

The dead souls represented the pure energy of death. They were also a fountain of strength for the vile souls.

Thanks to them, the thirty five vile souls were able to recover to full in almost no time at all.

In fact, they were a tad stronger than they used to be.

“It’s no use. There’s nothing your soul secret art can do against this body, an avatar stronger than even the Thunder Emperor himself!” Thamur said confidently.

“You’re not the only one who has the power of lightning,” Qin Lie said calmly.

Qin Lie changed his bloodline power after the Soul Altar suddenly entered his pupils.

His pupils suddenly turned dark blue color as mysterious lightning patterns crawled all over them.


Thick lightning instantly covered his entire body like chains.

The giant lightning dragons Thamur had unleashed to tear his body to pieces mysteriously vanished into his body instead.

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