Chapter 1830: Unpredictable

Lightning poured from the border of the chaotic streams of space like rain.

The thirty five vile souls Qin Lie controlled tried to taint the Saint God with the aura of death.

Qin Lie wanted to turn Thamur into a mindless dead soul just like he did with the returnees.

However, he had clearly underestimated Thamur.


The Thunder Emperor’s Heavenly Thunder Eradication filled the entire area and damaged the vile souls severely before they even got close to Thamur.

Thunder and lightning were the bane of all souls, whether it be dead or alive. Without a physical body, they had little resistance against the terrifying might of heavenly lightning.

The howls of the vile souls were all Qin Lie needed to hear to know their pain.

“Come back.” He he had no choice but to order their retreat.

The shrunken vile souls immediately flew back to his side as if they had just been pardoned from a death sentence.

Blue smoke could be seen rising from the vile souls’ bodies. Some of them were still baring their teeth and screeching in pain.

Qin Lie stared at the space between himself and Thamur. It was completely filled up by thunder and lightning.

If he wasn’t mistaken, they were even more powerful than the Thunder Emperor’s own.

“Inside the returnees’ mind, I was just a soul imprint without a body of my own. Naturally, I couldn’t use the power of thunder to retaliate at the time,” Thamur said calmly while staring at Qin Lie from afar. “Your power of dead souls is mysterious and powerful inside the domain of pure soul but it won’t be enough to defeat my new body.”

“I knew from the start that the Thunder Emperor’s spirit art is the bane of all souls.”

“If you dare attack me with just your soul, then you will face the fury of a million thunderbolts!”

“You may be the Imperial Soul Monarch, but I doubt you’ll be able to gain any advantage on me with just your soul arts.”

“Not only did I make improvements to the Thunder Emperor’s lightning art, I’d absorbed a lot of lightning energy to construct this body of mine!”

“The reason I absorbed so much lightning energy is because I know you’re good with soul power. This will stop you from trying to use any soul power against me!”

Thamur tone was cool.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Light started converging at one point as if it was being drawn in by some unknown force.

Thirty five spatial black holes appeared next to Thamur in just a couple of seconds.

All kinds of natural energies were being drawn from Qin Lie’s universe and into the thirty five spatial black holes.

Suddenly, Thamur’s body split in half.

Then, thirty five Thamurs walked out from inside the body in the blink of an eye.

Each of the Thamurs moved next to a black hole before absorbing the natural energy of Qin Lie’s universe like a whale would inhale water.

Dense beams of light wrapped around the Thamurs and began the construction of thirty five new avatars.

Qin Lie could sense the aura of the Bone Race, the Spirit Race, the Winged Race, the Three-Eyed Race, the Star Moon Race, and many others from the avatars.

Since his soul consciousness covered every corner of the universe, he could also sense the natural energies that made up the worlds and realms of the universe suddenly flowing toward Thamur uncontrollably.

It almost felt as if the returnees he turned to dead souls had come back to life to continue their unfinished goal in Thamur’s image—to enter the ultimate realm! 

When Lieyan Yuan tried to enter the ultimate realm, the fire energy of the entire universe started flowing into the chaotic streams of space.

Lieyan Yuan had extracted nearly one quarter of the universe’s fire energy when he created the ultimate flame. Countless realms had crumbled as a result.

If he hadn’t killed Lieyan Yuan before he entered the ultimate realm, the old man could’ve extracted half of the universe’s fire energy!

It meant that at least half the realms with fire energy in them would’ve disappeared forever because of him.

Right now, Thamu was using his mastery over the bloodlines to gather over thirty types of natural energies from all over the universe!

The moment he began, Qin Lie could feel mountains crumbling, grounds sundering, and beings dying everywhere!

If he allowed Thamur to continue like this, the scale of damage would be over thirty times the damage Lieyan Yuan could’ve done!

Thamur could single-handedly destroy millions of realms in just a short time.

If he succeeded, Qin Lie’s universe would be dead without the rest of the shadow beings needing to lift a finger.


Thamur smiled arrogantly and said, “I’d spent the past million years or so communicating with those idiots who slipped into the Dark Shadow World and planting my soul imprint in their soul consciousness. I’d long since mastered their powers and laws.”

“Their deaths suit me well. Now that they’re dead, I can use their truths of power and their desires to suck your universe dry!”

“Much of your universe will be destroyed during this time.”

“At least half of its energy will become my fuel!”

“Who knows, maybe some of my avatars will be lucky enough to enter that so-called ultimate realm.”

“If that reality comes true, then my avatars alone will be enough to kill you.”

Thamur chuckled softly and hid behind his avatars while they continued to absorb massive amounts of energy from Qin Lie’s universe.

Qin Lie realized that the reason Thamur was able to absorb the energies of his universe so easily was because he had mastered Farid and Shang Mou’s spatial secret arts.


The Galaxy Mirror flew up to his head, and the multifaceted mirror spun slowly and fired off billions of rays of starry light.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

An infinite amount of star energy transformed into dazzling meteors that passed through Thamur’s spatial black holes.

Suddenly, the energy flowing into Thamur’s avatars slowed. It was as if the black holes were clogged by the meteors.

Webs of star energy had transformed into mysterious spatial barriers that cut off Thamur’s connection to the realms.

The avatars’ attempt to drain Qin Lie’s universe dry was interrupted. They immediately stopped growing in size.

“Heh, as expected from my rival, you are so much stronger than you used to be. To think that you’d be able to use spatial power so easily.”

Thamur didn’t seem too surprised by Qin Lie’s counter. He seemed to believe that Qin Lie should be this powerful.

“Very good, it’d be boring if you couldn’t stop something this simple. The current you is worthy to be my opponent.”


Suddenly, Light of Annihilation flew out of the gray half of Thamur’s body and entered the spatial blackholes.

Qin Lie’s spatial barriers were corroded to nothing as a result.

“Did you forget that I’m the Saint God of the shadow beings? The powers and laws of both universes are mine to control!”

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