Chapter 183: Moved

Chapter 183: Moved

Inside the cavern, Qin Lie held a spirit tablet and focused on inscribing the spirit diagram.

His finger abruptly shivered.

“Crack!” The spirit tablet instantly shattered.

“No, that’s not right. The amplification method of the Nine Winding River Diagram isn’t too right. I need to try again with a different method.” Qin Lie’s eyes glittered with motes of light as he picked up a new spirit tablet and tried yet again.

The shattered pieces of spirit tablets beside him had already formed a small mountain. At least a hundred and more spirit tablets had exploded.

He was constructing a compound diagram, familiarizing himself with the process inside the spirit tablet to confirm that the spirit tablet could endure the conflict of the compound diagram.

This was going to be the first time he himself forged an artifact.

Ling Yushi wanted a hoop-shaped artifact forged, and she cultivated a water spirit art. In order to make a spirit artifact that was perfectly compatible with her spirit art, he needed to construct a special compound spirit diagram so both the spirit weapon and spirit art could unleash their full potential.

The main diagram Qin Lie chose was the Nine Winding River Diagram.

The spirit diagram he had learned from this spirit pattern pillar was like many flowing long rivers with nine curves and eighteen bends.

Therefore, not only was the Nine Winding River Diagram suitable for a water spirit art, it could even enhance the hoop-shaped spirit artifact’s flying maneuverability and also allow the hoop to suddenly curve and twist and turn like a river which possessed the very nine curves and eighteen bends while flying.

After confirming that the Nine Winding River Diagram would be the main diagram, he also needed to combine the basic Amplification, Spirit Gathering, Spirit Storage and Strengthening diagrams with the main diagram to enhance the Nine Winding River Diagram’s power.

As for Ling Xuanxuan, since she was cultivating a fire spirit art and the spirit artifact she wanted was a fire hammer, Qin Lie had chosen the Soaring Sky Birds Diagram as the main diagram.

Inscribing the Soaring Sky Birds Diagram inside the hammer would reduce the weight of the hammer and cause the flames to float out of it. It could form the shape of a spirit bird and greatly enhance the fire’s power.

Qin Lie believed that the Soaring Sky Birds Diagram was most suitable for the current Ling Xuanxuan. It would allow her to unleash her true power.

But before he actually started forging the artifact, he needed to construct the two compound spirit diagrams to confirm that there were no issues. Only then he would be able to truly start.

However, it was not an easy task to construct a compound spirit diagram. It required repeated analysis and continuous experimentation.

He first needed to inscribe it successfully inside the spirit tablet and confirm that there were no issues at all. Only then would there be a chance of success when he did the same on the spirit artifact.

Therefore, the first step was to successfully inscribe the compound diagram inside the spirit tablet.

He tried it again and again in attempt to construct the two compound diagrams, trying to imprint them inside the spirit tablet with no issues.

But this time, the inscription of the spirit diagrams was significantly more difficult. Every one of his ideas would fail when he actually attempted to inscribe them.

He continuously adjusted it and used the spirit tablets to confirm his thoughts and then sought out the problem amidst countless exploding spirit tablets.

He improved one step at a time as he failed time and time again. Slowly, his recognition of compound spirit diagrams grew deeper, and he gradually began to get the hang of it.

Nine days later.

Inside the dark cave, a spirit diagram in Qin Lie’s hands abruptly flew up, suspended midair. There, it unleashed a bright light while twisting and bending.

Qin Lie’s looks were haggard and his face had dust covering it. But his eyes were filled with high spirits.

“I took nine days to successfully construct the first compound diagram. Not too bad.” He slowly got excited, lifted a hand, and retrieved that spirit tablet back into his palm.

“There is still Ling Xuanxuan’s left.” He lowered his head and began seriously inscribing again.

Qin Lie lost himself in the work.

Outside the cave, a beautiful figure stood there as a complex look appeared on her beautiful face. Her heart wrenching eyes were clouded with a trace of resentment.

That figure, of course, was Tang Siqi. She had been standing outside Qin Lie’s cavern for a while now.

She had been waiting, waiting for Qin Lie to hear her footsteps and open the door himself. She was waiting for him to come out and meet her.

Unfortunately though, Qin Lie did not open the door...

As if a bottle with various flavors were spilled over her heart, all kinds of emotions welled up inside her chest, causing her to feel a little suffocated.

Ten days ago, at the entrance of the ninth private room, she had said that she wanted to talk about some matters with Qin Lie. After that, because she couldn’t stand Qin Lie giving the Ling Sisters special treatment, she had turned her head and walked away.

In her mind, Qin Lie would automatically seek her out, come to her cavern, and apologize before inquiring what she wanted to discuss before.

And Qin Lie did go to her cave and stand there for a moment, but just when she thought that Qin Lie would knock on the door, he had suddenly turned around and left.

At the time, she was inflicted with a terrible sense of loss.

For the longest time she was heaven’s precious child. Be it Armament Sect or anywhere else, she was always the focus of everyone’s eyes, the partner every man sought out.

She had long gotten used to being pampered and carefully loved by someone else. She had never been give the cold shoulder before.

Her current feelings towards Qin Lie were growing weirder and weirder. She was slowly losing control of her own heart...

A year ago, she had played a trick on Qin Lie, thinking that he would be distracted just like Liang Shaoyang.

As a result, Qin Lie had used the fire sparks to shoo her away. Since she had never imagined that a man would treat her this way. She wasn’t careful, and thus, her clothes were lit with fire.

From that, she was met with a most embarrassing situation.

At first she had hated Qin Lie right down to the bones, which was why she had chosen Qin Lie as her assistant out of the many outer sect disciples.

Naturally, she had ill intentions towards him.

After that, she had arranged many difficult tasks to embarrass Qin Lie, to make him realize the consequences of offending her.

But to her surprise, Qin Lie was always able to complete the difficult tasks she gave him on time, without cutting corners.

Moreover, everything Qin Lie did was scrupulous, so scrupulous that she could not even find the slightest flaw to complain about. It far exceeded her expectations.

After that she had asked Qin Lie to assist her in forging artifacts as her assistant, to help her along the way and handle some trivial matters.

She realized that she and Qin Lie actually had an incredible tacit understanding with one another. More often than not she only needed a glance to make Qin Lie understand what she wanted and how to satisfy her. He was always able to reasonably carry out her ideas on time.

Qin Lie was able to perfectly cooperate with her in every aspect.

That was why she was getting more and more comfortable with Qin Lie...

Liang Shaoyang’s appearance had caused her to feel a hint of danger. While she was still used to the past, Liang Shaoyang had repeatedly attacked and forced her into an awkward situation. He had nearly succeeded in forcing her out of Armament Sect in the end.

At this moment, Qin Lie had suddenly appeared and promised take back everything that was hers.

And he really did it. He ignored Armament Sect’s rules, ignored Liang Shaoyang’s status and identity in the sect, and killed Liang Shaoyang at the entrance in front of countless martial practitioners!

Qin Lie had fulfilled his promise.

When Qin Lie’s Frost Blade had pierced through Liang Shaoyang’s heart, her heart was shaken to the core.

It was at this moment that how she viewed Qin Lie had undergone a massive change!

It was also at that moment that she no longer viewed Qin Lie in the same light. From that moment onwards, there was a cold and chilly figure etched inside her heart...

She had thought that these beautiful days would continue forever, that everything Qin Lie did was because he had a special place for her in his heart.

But now she thought that it might just be her one-sided delusion. Qin Lie was just the same as ever; he was just as chilly towards people.

She had never felt anything odd from Qin Lie’s body language or his eyes.

“Maybe I am just deluding myself. Maybe it is all just wishful thinking,” Tang Siqi whispered to herself in her heart as a trace of bitterness appeared at the corner of her lips. “If you think nothing of me, then why did you throw away everything to kill Liang Shaoyang. Why did you let me see that incredible moment when you killed him, why did you stir my heart…”

“Siqi,” Lian Rou’s voice came softly not too far away.

Tang Siqi turned around. The smile on her beautiful face appeared a bit forceful. “Sister Lian Rou. How long have you been here?”

“I’ve been here for a while now.” Lian Rou sighed softly, “Oh, you. You have never fallen for anyone for so many years nor have you ever thought of any man seriously. Why have you suddenly grown obsessed?”

“Sister Lian Rou, what are you saying?” Tang Siqi curled her lips and feigned a natural expression, saying, “I am here to look for Qin Bing, but he seemed to be forging artifacts, so I hesitated for a moment.”

“Never mind, you know what I was referring to.” Lian Rou did not expose her either, “When it comes to relationships, those who act first will almost always become the one who is acted against later. Whoever was moved first, whoever put in the most emotions would also suffer the most in the end… I would advise you to get over it. Don’t think of Qin Bing. Just act however you wanted just like in the past. Only then are you truly Tang Siqi, the eye-catching genius girl.”

After pausing for a moment, Lian Rou said softly, “The current you is looking less and less like you right now. You have changed to the point that I’m slightly disappointed by you right now.”

“Is that so…” Tang Siqi murmured once before a smile appeared on her face once more. “I understand. Thank you, Sister Lian Rou. I will become better. You are right. I’ve been too obsessed about a certain matter during this period of time. I myself hate the way I am right now.”

“If you can understand then it’ll be great.” Lian Rou smiled and said, “Let’s go. Let’s go shopping today and relax a little.”

“Mn!” Tang Siqi also smiled brightly.

The two girls then descended down Flame Volcano and went out of Armament Sect. They went, side-by side, to Free Trade Street.

Free Trade Street was just as lively as ever. It appeared that they weren’t affected by Dark Shadow Tower and Armament Sect’s war. It was just as crowded as ever.

However, just as Tang Siqi and Lian Rou entered Free Trade Street, they immediately felt an almost solid, ruthless aura focused directly on them.

A crimson cloud carrying the immense aura of murder descended onto them from above.

The two of them could not move.

Beneath the cloud, an incredibly thin and small man wearing a blood red mask slowly became visible.

There were many martial practitioners at Free Trade Street, but the moment the crimson cloud and that man appeared, everyone’s expressions turned to ones of shock as they withdrew subconsciously.

“Who are you?” Lian Rou cried out.

“I come from Shadow Tower. I am Blood Shadow. I will use the two of you and exchange your lives for that Qin Bing’s.” The thin and small man’s voice was raspy as he slowly walked towards the duo.

A dark green snake flew out of his sleeves and tied itself around Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s waists like a rope.

With that, Blood Shadow walked forward as the snake began to twist, causing Tang Siqi and Lian Rou to follow his footsteps against their will towards a secluded alley.

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