Chapter 1829: At The End of The Chaotic Streams of Space!

“The Saint God’s soul imprint had backed out of the Thunder Emperor and Senior Shang Mou’s mind on its own.”

Ling Yushi’s soul figure suddenly appeared when Qin Lie was about to ask his question.

“Don’t worry, the Thunder Emperor and Senior Shang Mou are fine now. They regained their reason the moment the Saint God’s influence was gone.”

“Both of them had given up on entering the ultimate realm after I told them everything. They won’t be a problem to us anymore.”

“That’s wonderful!” Qin Shan said spiritedly.

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor also let out sighs of relief when they heard the good news.

“We’ll leave the Saint God to you. We’ll take out the other shadow beings and prevent them from interfering with your battle against the Saint God,” Ling Yushi declared confidently.

Qin Lie looked at her for a long time before saying, “Thank goodness you’re around.”

Ling Yushi gave him a warm smile in response.

“The real battle between me the Saint God has just begun!” Qin Lie declared solemnly.

A star door appeared, and his Dark Soul Beast avatar passed through it instantly.

Flaming Sun Purgatory.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Qin Lie’s true body surfaced from the Origin Sea completely. Tiny threads of purple lightning could be seen dancing across his ten-thousand-meter-tall body.

Thirty five savage-looking vile souls were also floating next to him. They were the souls of the returnees that had been subjected to the power of dead souls. 

They were now his to command.

“I know where you are now!”

Qin Lie made a grabbing motion while grinning and muttering to himself.

The Flame Devil King's life crystal immediately flew out of the heart of the Vermillion Bird Realm’s volcano and landed in his palm.

The Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race’s Galaxy Mirror also descended from the sky and landed in the other hand.

Even the six Spirits of Void and Chaos had flown out of their territories and entered his body.

“Open a path for me!”

The Galaxy Mirror grew bigger, shining bright like a star. Its light looked sharp enough to pierce the sky.

A dazzling passage of light slowly opened in front of Qin Lie.


Qin Lie’s subsoul left the Dark Soul Beast avatar at Flaming Sun Purgatory before merging with his main body’s True Soul.

Finally, the giant Abyss Devil that was Qin Lie entered the dazzling passage of light with the Galaxy Mirror, the Flame Devil King's life crystal, and thirty five vile souls.

Qin Lie appeared at a strange world filled with racing light.

It was at the border of the chaotic streams of space. It looked like it was connected to a dark, unknown realm.

It was as if behind the chaotic streams of space was a bordering world that separated their world from the shadow beings’. 


A foreign figure who was as tall as Qin Lie could be seen standing in the mysterious space.

One part of the person’s body was gray and dark. It looked like it was fused with the mysterious Dark Shadow World.

The other part of his body was shining brightly. It presented itself proudly in Qin Lie’s world.

No world energy should exist in the chaotic streams of space. However, the border looked a little strange.

All kinds of natural energies were converging on the strange person. Both sides of their body seemed to be pulling the energy of the universe to solidify its form further.

The giant body drawing natural energy into itself looked like it was constructed using special laws and powers. It looked like it was based on a network of truths of power.

Qin Lie could sense the Bone Race, the Spirit Race, the Winged Race and many more races’ bloodline aura and truths of power from the foreign figure.

He abruptly realized that the Saint God had stolen the returnees’ knowledge and power while they were trapped inside the Dark Shadow World.

The giant body of shadow and light was clearly the Saint God of the shadow beings!

One half of his body was made using the shadow being’s truths of power, and the other half was made using the thirty five returnees’ bloodline secrets and the infinite energy of Qin Lie’s universe!

“Heh, you finally found me, but it’s already too late.”

Thamur’s face slowly appeared on the giant figure’s head.

“There are two reasons I released the returnees back to your universe. One, I hoped that they would be too much for you to handle and bleed you dry before our battle even began.” Thamur’s eyes and face was completely devoid of emotion. “Two, I was buying time for myself so I can finish constructing this new body. This body is a fusion between the truths of power of the shadow beings, and the truths of power I stole from those idiots! This is the ultimate avatar I’d created for myself!”

“Just like you, I have been reborn into a whole new body!”

“This is a masterpiece made using all the knowledge of my universe and yours!”

At the end of the chaotic streams of space, Qin Lie stared at Thamur’s avatar with a dark expression on his face.

He realized that Thamur was the Saint God’s true name, and that he hadn’t released the returnees just to give him trouble.

If the thirty five returnees hadn’t held his attention for far too long, he would’ve noticed this a long time ago.

If the returnees had never returned, he would’ve shown up here and attacked Thamur before he could finish creating the other half of his avatar, the part that could only be created using the energy of his universe.

Thamur wouldn’t be able to complete his body so easily if he showed up earlier.

However, everything had gone as Thamur planned. He had spent too much time and effort on the returnees, and he couldn’t afford to pay attention to the outside at the same time. As a result, Thamur was able to succeed in his goal while Qin Lie was busy.

Thamur’s new body was a fusion of the power of his universe and the shadow beings’ universe. It was both deadly and mysterious.

“Get him!”

The thirty five vile souls he had brought with him let out a soundless roar and rushed Thamur like Abyss Devils or berserking deities.

“The power of dead souls is an incredibly evil soul art. I admit that I am unfamiliar with it.”

“However, just because I’m unfamiliar with it doesn’t mean I’m helpless!”


The eye on the glowing side of Thamur’s avatar shone brightly before blue lightning bolts as thick as dragons burst into view.


The border of the chaotic streams of space was filled with billions of gigantic lightning bolts in an instant.

The thirty five vile souls screamed painfully under the attack.

They immediately started smoking and shrinking in size.

“The Thunder Emperor’s Heavenly Thunder Eradication! The bane of all souls!” Qin Lie exclaimed in shock.

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