Chapter 1826: Reap What You’ve Sown

"Are you searching for me?"

Thamur's disdainful voice resounded from within Qin Lie's main soul.

That soul voice seemed to be one but Qin Lie could clearly that it actually contained more than thirty overlapping voices!


Countless bright energies flashed in the minds of the returnees. Thamur's hidden soul marks immediately grew clear.

At this time, he sensed all the returnees were using the secret art of the Saint God to attack his soul with all their power!

"You are the Imperial Soul Monarch!"

"The sage said long ago you will appear during my breakthrough!"

"I will use the secret art of the sage to kill your soul!"

"Do not even think of stopping me!"


In this moment, all the returnees recognized Qin Lie's true identity and mounted a powerful counterattack.

Qin Lie could sense that the danger to his subsouls had just increased by tenfold.

For some unknown reason, when those returnees were certain of his identity as the Imperial Soul Monarch, they seemed to grow in power.

In the soul consciousness of those returnees, as Thamur appeared, the returnees seemed to get stronger. His soul however became stiff.

The soul seas of returnees turned extremely odd. His subsouls’ mobility was limited.

He could no longer dodge as he pleased.

At this time, if he wanted to keep going, he would have to engage the returnees in combat!

Unless he completely left their souls.

The Saint God no longer hid and appeared in Thamur's form

The Saint God chose the first battleground, the minds of all the returnees. Peak experts of this universe were standing on Saint God’s side.

He would have to face attacks of these experts and Saint God at the same time!

"You did not expect this?"

The Saint God of the shadow beings floated in the minds of all returnees with Thamur's appearance.

The returnees seemed unable to hear the conversation of the Saint God and Qin Lie. They seemed to be ignorant of the Saint God’s existence.

Only Qin Lie's main soul could clearly feel the Saint God and knew that the time was up.

"I really had not thought of this. It’s been millions of years. Did you spare the experts trapped in the Dark Shadow World just to prepare for today?" Qin Lie responded.

"Only you are qualified to fight me. We want to consume your universe. You are my only opponent, the greatest obstruction to my race!" The Saint God's gaze seemed to gather on Qin Lie's main soul from more than thirty different spaces. "Last time, you stopped us by yourself. Back then I understood. You are an obstacle that we need to overcome to consume your universe. In order to defeat you, I’ve schemed for millions of years and even abandoned my dignity to pretend to be one of you."

"I hadn't expected those idiots were so easily tempted by the ultimate realm."

"They are lost in the temptation of the strongest power. Even without me, they would have eventually lost their minds."

"I only used their obsession towards power and lured them a bit. They completely lost control."

"You know, the trouble you encountered, I... also think it troublesome."

"The birth and growth of the shadow beings, and our breakthroughs all require endless energy."

"Our universe could no longer support our development a long time ago, and so we went ahead first."

"In order to lengthen the life of our race and find a path for others, we could only attack other universes."

"I have ten Saints under my command. They want to become as strong as me, and need to gather unfathomable amounts of energy."

"Our Dark Shadow World cannot withstand all their breakthroughs."

"For this, we could only walk out and consume other realms, and invade other universes."

"The destruction of other universes and the eternal silence will give birth to more of us."

"You are just one of the sacrifices."

"Even you, as powerful as you are, can only stop the experts from reaching the ultimate realm so that your universe wouldn’t be destroyed. You know universe has a fixed amount of energy and can’t house too many peak experts."

"The birth of too many experts will cause the universe to die prematurely, all beings inside perishing."

"But your constant obstruction made you an eyesore in the eyes of those experts."

"In their heads, you became their biggest enemy!"

"Faced with the same problem, I’ve found a solution. I promised the ten Saints that for each universe they conquer, one of them would reach my level."

"I guided them to attack other universes and nourished them with their destruction."

"In the end, their success or failure depends on their own talent and abilities."

"At least I gave them a path rather than obstruct them. This way, I was able to maintain the unity within my race."

"You are inferior to me, unable to find a way to travel between universes. Therefore, in order to save your universe, you’ve chosen a wrong method."

"You are inferior."

"You can only reap what you have sown."

The Saint God of the shadow beings laughed strangely. The imprints he had left in the minds of the returnees started to take effect.

Qin Lie immediately felt those returnees seemed to be filled with energy as they furiously attacked his souls.

The returnees seemed to all be using the secret methods of the Saint God.

Inside the soul seas of the peak experts, Qin Lie’s souls took a defensive approach and fought against the brainwashed warriors.

At this time, he was enduring the soul attacks of all returnees on his own!

He could no longer dodge.

"Power of dead souls!"

Qin Lie's thoughts shifted. All his subsouls suddenly seemed to be covered by a layer of deathly energy..

Each of his subsouls seemed to contain secrets that could convert all souls

The presence of death immediately filled the soul seas of the returnees.

Dragon Realm, by the cold pond where Abrit's body was.

Abrit's body exuded dark aura of death. The dragon who had been rolling on the ground all this time suddenly quieted.

"What is it on Father's body?"

Mitchell's enormous demon dragon body suddenly flew towards the cold pond from his coiled position.

He could feel that Abrit’s soul was slowly being consumed by the deathly presence.

Abrit's lifeforce was quickly slipping away.

"Qin Lie!" Mitchell howled furiously.

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