Chapter 1825: Tumor?

As the races were occupied, Qin Lie's subsouls were still inside the soul seas of those that had returned.

Each returnee's soul sea was like a different world that recorded the experiences of their life and the laws of power they had comprehended.

The soul sea of the returnees were worlds that their souls had created, so they had natural advantage within.

If Qin Lie hadn't been the Imperial Soul Monarch, an expert of the ultimate realm and master of almost all truths and laws of the soul, he wouldn’t have had any hope of fighting the souls of the returnees.


"No matter who you are, if you dare to rampage through our minds, we will slowly drag you to death!"

"Who are you? What do you want?"

"You do not fight, you only hide from my attacks, what is the meaning in your actions?"


Qin Lie's main soul, in the Flaming Sun Purgatory, was being attacked by the furious emotions of the returnees every second.

His soul listened to the barrage of the many souls and felt somewhat lost.

In Abrit's soul sea.

A thread of Qin Lie's soul floated among the millions of dragon-shaped runes. He was being chased by Abrit and he continued to use up soul energy.

From beginning to end, he could not sense the mysterious imprint of the Saint God.

Without realizing it, he was deep in Abrit's soul sea and had used up a fifth of his soul energy.

He gradually became irritated and impatient.

Abrit was determined in his pursuit and continued to shout and curse, making Qin Lie even more irritated.

But he knew that if he attacked back and fought Abrit in his soul consciousness, he would offend the three dragon brothers that were protecting Abrit.

He had promised Barett, Scott, and Mitchell he would not harm Abrit and find an appropriate solution.

Due to this, regardless of how Abrit shouted and threw insults, he could only dodge and avoid fighting.

If he lost his calm and attacked Abrit, Barett and his brothers would definitely feel it.

At that time, he would lose the trust of the three brothers.

Therefore, the only thing he could do was dodge.

Similarly, his other thirty-something subsouls were suppressing their irritation and anxiousness as they searched in futility.

In order to stabilize the returnees and have them and the races they’ve come from not descend into chaos, he was enduring great pressure.

He seemed to faintly feel the existence of the Saint God as though... the Saint God was silently looking at him from the shadows.

From when he split his soul and entered the soul consciousness of the returnees, the Saint God knew his every action.

The imprints left behind by the Saint God were actively avoiding him in the souls of the returnees.

Their goal was to use up his soul energy to weaken him significantly before the fight.

One day, if he used too much soul energy and was powerless to search through the souls of the returnees, the Saint God would appear.

There was another possibility. When his battle with the returnees reached the last moment, the Saint God may cross space and start to attack his main body when he was grappling with the returnees.

That would be very dangerous to him.

"I must get a result soon. I cannot afford to linger." He gradually realized.

His struggles with the returnees would not use up too much of the Saint God's soul power. The Saint God only needed to use a bit of power to elude his search.

The Saint God had no need to dodge the returnees’ attacks.

Because, according to their senses, Saint God and they… were already one and the same.

The returnees would only think of Qin Lie as the enemy.

In another soul sea, billions of icy blue crystals were floating in the sky. Those crystals belonged to Farid of the Spirit Race, and contained his experiences and his understanding of universal laws.

A thread of Qin Lie's soul moved through Farid's soul world and flashed between the icy blue crystals.

He gradually captured portions of Farid's memories and experiences.


His soul suddenly flew into a blue crystal, and a clear soul scene appeared in front of him.

In a dim unknown realm, sat a Spirit Race clansman. He was so thin he was nothing but skin and bones, evidently from using too much of refined flesh and blood energy.

He knew that Spirit Race old man was Farid of the Satorius Family.

That was the scene of Farid being trapped in the Dark Shadow World.

He could feel Farid's terror and anxiousness...

A strange being made from light suddenly appeared like a wisp of holy flame in the world of darkness.

The figure of light started to attract Farid's powerful attacks at the start. But Farid's attacks were ineffective against that being in the unknown realm.

Farid gradually sensed the friendliness of that being and created a soul connection with it...

That unusual being called itself "sage" and told Farid the reason he was not able to reach the ultimate realm in Spirit Realm was because a powerful being was obstructing him.

The sage told Farid if he really wanted to reach the ultimate realm, he had to face that powerful being.

That powerful being was the Imperial Soul Monarch.

The sage communicated with Farid and learned laws of time, space and life from Farid.

Farid listened to the sage describing the secrets of the soul and told him what tactics to use in order to fight the obstructor.


That clear scene suddenly disappeared. It meant that the memory recorded by the icy blue crystal had reached the limit.

That thread of Qin Lie's soul came out of the icy blue crystal, urgently wanting to find the next memory connected to the crystal.

But at this time, countless blue lights quickly gathered and turned into Farid's soul shadow.

Farid's soul shadow suddenly formed in front of Qin Lie's soul and created layers of spatial barriers.

"I know who you are..."

Farid's blue eyes stared at his soul shadow. "The sage said long ago you would appear when attempting to reach the ultimate realm. The Imperial Soul Monarch of the Soul Race has stood at the top of the universe and used his power to prevent everyone else from reaching the ultimate realm. For millions of years, you’ve been killing anyone who attempted to reach the ultimate realm. Your existence caused our universe to never produce another expert like you."

"You are a tumor on the path to advancement of our universe!"

"Only when the tumor like you gets removed will various experts be able to take that last step!"

"At that time, our stars will grow even more prosperous!"

"I am willing to help our stars take a step to enter a new world!"

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Many floating icy blue crystals turned into stars. They overflowed with laws of space, time and life.

Farid’s energy exploded outwards, performing a unique restraining secret art that filled his entire soul sea.

Qin Lie suddenly felt that his mastered soul secret art suddenly stopped.

At this moment, he could clearly sense the existence of the Saint God.

Within those icy blue crystals, there was a slightly dim light.

Thamur's soul shadow slowly appeared from within that dot of light.

He could see Thamur laughing wildly, but could not hear a thing because of Farid’s art, that seemed to have been taught to him by Thamur.

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